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Look out! A Tornado!

1. What is the shape of a tornado?

2. Tornadoes happen when
meets with , which causes
the wind to swirl upward.
3. Two states in the area called Tornado Alley

4. Name two safety tips shown in the video:


Mission: Mini Mayflower

Directions: Build a mini Mayflower using only one sheet of
aluminum foil. See how many pennies your boat can hold.

Imagine: What are my ideas?

Draw them in the box.

Plan: This is the plan I will follow.

Be sure to include detailed steps of how you will create your
mini Mayflower, and describe the materials you will use.

Create: This is how my completed mini Mayflower looks:

Prediction: I think my mini Mayflower will hold
pilgrims (pennies)

Actual: My mini Mayflower actually held pilgrims


Difference: The difference between my prediction and the

actual total was pilgrims (pennies).

Improve: This is how I could improve my mini Mayflower.


Directions: Work as a group to create an

invention or a solution for people who are
experiencing either a drought or flood.

Problem Solution

Invention Illustration

Directions: Use what you have learned throughout our unit

on Weather to create the Wackiest Storm to ever hit
Titusville, New Jersey.