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1 If I have enough money, I will buy a new skateboard. (have)

2 If you help your mother, she will be very happy. (be)

3 If Mary helps (help) in the kitchen, she will get more pocket money.

4 She will be angry if you do not tell the truth. (not tell)

5 You will have to walk if you miss the bus. (miss)

6 If Tom is at home, he will watch TV. (watch)

7 The baby will sleep if you are more quiet. (sleep)

8 If he is in San Francisco, he will see Golden Gate Bridge. (see)

9 He will go to the doctor's if he doesn't feel well tomorrow. (go)

10 We will not get good marks if we don't learn. (not get)

11 I will travel to the USA if I have enough money. (travel)

12 If they buy a car they will drive to Italy. (buy)

13 If I work harder I will pass the exam. (pass)

14 If he sells his car he won't get much money for it. (sell)

15 If he tells me the truth I will be glad. (be)


1. If I was offered the job, I think I would take (take) it.

2. If she was (be) hungry, she would eat something.

3. If he studied, he would pass (pass) the exam.

4. I would send (send) you a postcard, if I had your address.

5. What would happen (happen), if you didnt go to work tomorrow?

6. If she has enough money, she will buy (buy) a new car.

7. What will John do, if he does not get (not get) the job?

8. She would be terribly upset, if I lost (lose) her ring.

9. Many people would be out of work, if the factory closed (close) down.

10. What would you do, if you were (be) the president of your country?

11. If he hurried, he would catch (catch) the train.

12. If he has (have) time, he will come.

13. He rang (ring) the bell, the waiter would come.

14. If I have some money I will buy (buy) a new car.

15. If I work (work) harder I will pass the exam.


If she sets the alarm clock she will not oversleep (not oversleep).

2 We would go (go) swimming if it was warm enough.

3 If you help her in the garden she will be (be) happy.

4 If you paid him well he would come (come).

5 If it was (be) warmer we would go for a walk.

6 He would buy that house if he had (have) some money.

7 If you studied harder you would write (write) a good test.

8 If he was (be) here we would play cards.

9 If I was (be) you I wouldnt do that.

10 I will go (go) to see him if he has time.

11 If he doesnt go back now he will be (be) late.

12 What will you do if you lose (lose) the way?

13 That box would look (look) better if you painted it blue.

14 They would be glad if the rain stopped (stop) soon.

15 If you asked us we would help (help) you.


1 If I hear the thief I will catch (catch) him.

2 I would go (go) to the cinema if I had more time.

3 I will call her if I find out (find out) her number.

4 If they were (be) rich they would stay in a more expensive hotel.

5 She will feel (feel) ill if she eats so much.

6 If he skis too fast he will break (break) his leg.

7 You will get (get) wet if you dont take an umbrella.

8 He will cause (cause) an accident if he drives too dangerously.

9 They would get drunk if they drank (drink) too much beer.

10 If you steal the purse they will arrest (arrest) you.

11 If she explains (explain) him the situation he will understand it.

12 If he offered me a job I would take (take) it.

13 If I invite (invite) Linda I will have to invite Bob.

14 I won't visit him if he (be) angry.

15 If I find the book I will send (send) it


1. If I were you, I would start (start) now.

2. If Charles visited (visit) me, I would lend him my tools.

3. If I am (be) at home, I will learn my words.

4. If Sam has a hammer, he will lend (lend) it to me.

5. If Mary helped in the kitchen, she would get (get) more pocket money.

6. If you came (come), you would see her.

7. If we go to London, we will see (see) the Tower.

8. Susan will help you, if she gets (get) more pocket money.

9. I would tell (tell) you, if you asked me.

10. He will wash (wash) his hands, if you give him some soap.

11. If you close the door, nobody will see (see) you.

12. If we ate (eat) too much, we would get fat.

13. I will travel to the USA if I have (have) enough money

14. If you got (get) up early you would catch the bus

15. If I have some money I will buy (buy) a new car.


1 If Mr Brown had sold (sell) his car last year, he would have got more money for it.

2 If Susan takes her driving lessons regularly, she will pass (pass) her driving test.
3 If Mr Jones watched (watch) the news every evening he would know more about politics.

4 If Charlie does not stop (not stop) eating these green apples hell soon feel sick.

5 If you had told me the truth I would have helped (help) you.

6 If old Mrs White heard a strange noise she would call (call) the police.

7 If I had had (have) good luck I would have won the first prize.

8 If I was (be) you I would throw away all this old junk.

9 If I got the earlier bus I (can) come home at 5 oclock.

10 If mother makes (make) apple pie Ill give you a piece.

11 If Peter did not leave (not leave) earlier he would miss the bus.

12 If we missed the train we would take (take) a taxi.

13 If he wins (win) a lot of money he will fly to Paris.

14 If she is ill she will not come (not come) to our party.

15 We would play (play) tennis if it stopped raining.


1 If I hear a thief I will catch (catch) him.

2 He would go to the cinema if he had (have) more time.

3 I would phone (phone) her if I knew her number.

4 If they were rich they would stay (stay) at a hotel.

5 I would have been glad if he had visited (visit) me in hospital.

6 I would pass the exam if I learned (learn) harder.

7 If she explains him the situation he will understand (understand) it.

8 If we had gone to London we would have seen (see) the Tower.

9 I will have to invite Bob if I invite (invite) Linda.

10 If I did not visit him he would be (be) angry.

11 If he had offered me the job I would have taken (take) it.

12 If it stops (stop) raining we will play tennis.

13 If I have (have) some money I will buy a new car.

14 If he offers me a job I will take (take) it.

15 If he drove (drive) more carefully he would not cause an accident.


1 We wont stay indoors if the weather (be) fine.

2 I would tell (tell) you if you asked me.

3 She would feel better if she ate (eat) less.

4 If she had explained (explain) him the situation he would have understood it.

5 If we miss the train we will take (take) a taxi.

6 She would have given (give) you an answer if you had asked her more politely.

7 If he won a lot of money he would fly (fly) to Paris.

8 If you had asked me I would have told (tell) you.

9 If I am at home I will watch (watch) the movie.

10 If we eat (eat) too much we will get fat.

11 If I was (be) you I would start learning now.

12 If Jack meets Tom he will tell (tell) him the truth.

13 His sister would have been glad if you had phoned (phone) her.

14 The Millers would have moved (move) to the seaside if they had had children.

15 If Nelly rides her bike more carefully she will have (have) less accidents.

16 If they take their medicine they will feel (feel) better.

17 If Jack had come (come) to my party I would have danced with him.

18 If she meets (meet) him she will talk to him.

1 They built these houses in 1902.
these houses were built by them in 1902.

2 She bakes a cake every Sunday.

a cake is baked by her every sunday.

3 He broke the vase yesterday.

the vase was broken by him yesterday.

4 I clean the shoes every Friday.

the shoes are cleaned by me every Friday.

5 We wrote the exercise an hour ago.

the exercise w as w riten by us an hour

6 They use this road very often.

this road is used by them very often.

7 Thieves stole his car.

his car was stolen by thieves.

8 They cancelled all the flights.

all the flights were cancelled by them.

9 Brian told the truth.

the truth was told by Brian.

10 She always loads the dishwasher.

the dishwasher is always loaded by her.

11 He sometimes does the shopping.

the shopping is sometimes done by him.

12 The ambulance took Peter to hospital.