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Recommendation for Banner Preceptorship

Student: Dominguez Alejandro Date: 5/18/17

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My contact with this student:

I, Kathleen Olivarez, had the pleasure of working directly with the above student during the 470 course in the spring
semester of 2017 at The University of Arizona College of Nursing in the Baccalaureate Program.

Faculty Evaluation of Student

Evaluation ratings are based on the students Outstanding Above Average Below
comparison with other students at same level in the Average Average
in the program
Academic achievement X
Attitude toward learning new concepts X
Computer and technology competence X
Critical thinking skills X
Leadership ability X
Dependability X
Interpersonal skills X
Verbal communication X
Written communication X
Organizational skills X
Problem-solving ability X
Innovative thinking X
Flexibility X
Ability to work well with others/Team Player X
Collaboration on group projects X
Ability to accept and utilize constructive feedback X
Professionalism X

Additional Comments:

Mr. Dominguez did exceptional in NURS 470, he was able to provide quality are for critically ill patients and always
sought out opportunities to improve his skills and knowledge. The nurses at Carondelet provided excellent reviews
of Alejandros work ethic and desire to improve his skillset. He is extremely motivated to gain knowledge. His
desire to succeed and passion of the field will make him an asset to your organization. Mr. Dominguez is an
excellent candidate for a preceptorship at Banner University Medical Center.
If you have further questions concerning this applicant, please feel free to contact me at 520-240-1995 or via email

Kathleen Olivarez, RN, MSN

Clinical Faculty