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This chapter presents the research and design and methodology used in
this study. It includes the design of the study, sources of data, sampling module,
instrumentation and validation, data gathering procedure and statistical tools

The researcher decided to do in experimental method as the objectives is

develop and discover another recipe with the variety of different variables with
nutrient content and will click to the publicity. And in order to understand the use
of statistics, one need to knows a little bit about experimental design how a
researcher conducts investigation.

Research Design

The experimental design of the study entitled Squash Siomai with Carrots
and Sweet Potato, was shown in figure 1 included in the table were the
activities, the researchers had done during the data gathering.

The researchers gathered information by conducting a questionnaires that

content ratings of the product Squash Siomai with Carrots and Sweet Potato.
The formulated products underwent standardization and the subjected for
sensory evaluation, such as color, texture, flavour and general acceptability. The
respondent being chosen to rate this product comes up in random sampling. A
simple random sample is a subset of a statistical population in which each
member of the subset has an equal probability of being chosen, by this kind of
done sampling the respondent our likely rumbled and pick it one by one. 1
The Product

Siomai is a well-known food that you may buy in streets, which is said to
originated in China, but in this research the usual siomai that you think in which
the product made of pure ground meat, was likely mixed with squash, carrots and
potatoes. Each sample was conducted through surveying/rating the acceptability
of the product in making it. They were given rating a questionnaire where it
focuses in the raw materials/ ingredients used, process of making Squash
Siomai with Carrots and Sweet Potato distribution as well as marketing.


The research formulated three (3) products such as Squash Siomai with
Carrots and Sweet Potatoe with kilo grated squash and of meat, kilo
grated squash and kilo meat, kilo grated squash and kilo of meat. This
products were conducted by selected panellist composed of faculty and students
of Home Economics. Their components served as basis to reformulate the
original recipe.

Sensory Evaluation

The samples were subjected to sensory evaluation by 5 panelist who were

randomly selected from the instructors and students.