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About Milk Vita

The dairy sector of the country is one of the principal agricultural industry. Since the
basic national objective is to provide inputs to farmers at low cost and to reduce the income gap
between rich and the poor, the present Government is keen to undertake Programmes in the light
of the objectives outlined. In the tune, it has been recognized that some rural benefits are already
flowing to a group of co-operatively organized small farmers through the Bangladesh Milk
producers Co-operative Union Limited (BMPCUL).

History of Milk Vita

In 1946, a Dairy Plant with a capacity of 2,000 liters per day was established
atL a h i r i m o h a n p u r , P a b n a ( p r e s e n t l y ) w i t h t h e t a r g e t t o s e n d m i l k p r o
d u c t s t o Calcutta (India) market that was within the easy rail communication system.
After t h e p a r t i t i o n o f In d i a a n d P a k i s t a n, E a s t e r n m i l k P r o d uc t s Li m i t e d , a p r i
v a t e company purchased this dairy in 1952 from the original owner. In 1965, the first
milk producers co-operative was formed under the name Eastern Milk Producers Co-operative
Union Limited (EMPCUL) through Government patronization
over t h e p l a n t a t Lh i r i m o h a n p u r . A b ou t 10 0 0 v i l l a ge m i l k p ro d u c e r s c o -
o p e r a t i v e societies were formed through a development scheme and the federal union
was termed as Milk Union.
T h e r e w a s a n o t h e r da i r y p l a n t , A S T O Da i r y a t D h a k a r u n b y t h e N a t i o n a l
C o - operative Marketing Society which was amalgamated with the EMPCUL in 1974.The
debts, assets and liabilities were transferred to the Eastern Milk Producers Co -
operative Union Limited. The organization was renamed as Bangladesh Milk
Producers Co-operative Union Limited in 1977.

1. Our Mission is to gain self sufficiency in the dairy sector with in 2025.
2. To fulfill the nutritional demand.
3. The activities of milk vita is contributing a bondage between the rural and urban areas by
way of marketing the rural products to city dwellers and on the other hand
re-investing back the money received against milk and milk product sale to the rural area
for re-investment in milk purchase. This creates positive impact on national economy
along with materialization of the program for countrys self-sufficiency through white

Supporting the hardcore poor, landless & marginal farmers & the villagers with the best
logistic support in Milk sector to enhance countrywide milk production &collecting the
milk, making more milk based products Our objective is-
1. To raise subsidiary income of the hard-core poor, landless and marginal farmers living in
relatively remote rural areas of the country by way of purchasing their produced milk at
reasonable price through guaranteed market under the co-operative fold.
2. Ensuring the regular supply of safe, hygienic and nutritious milk and milk products to
city dwellers at a fair price.
Supply Chain Model of Milk Vita

Distribution Network
Manufacturing Process
1. Arranging of balance cattle feed at on profit no loss basis.
2. Human resources development for society members.
3. Cow loan for society members.

1. They have many competitors.
2. A lack of retailers who can work face to face with the customers to generate product

1. Free Medication, vaccination facilities for the society members.
2. Unique supply of milk and milk products augmenting consumers satisfaction.
3. Green grass seeds & grass cutting facilities for the farmers.
4. Extension services, Training.

1. Future competition from already established market participation.
2. A slump in the economy that could has a negative effect on peoples spending
of discretionary income on these products.
About New Zealand Dairy Product Bangladesh
New Zealand DAIRY PRODUCTS Bangladesh LTD registered and incorporated in
1992. Today we are one of the biggest milk powder importers and marketers of Bangladesh. Its
business worth more than USD 35 million per annum. This company employed around 122
people permanently and another 200 people contract basis, which are directly connected with our
operations. This company existing products grow through innovation and renovation while
maintaining a balance in geographic activities and product lines. Long-term potential is never
sacrificed for short-term performance. The Company's priority is to bring the best and most
relevant brands to people, wherever they are, whatever their needs, throughout their lives, in our
terms, Dairy for Life. This company represents brands like: Anchor, Anlene, Prolene, Diploma,
Redcow and Farmland which brings a top FMCG company image.

Supply Chain of New Zealand Dairy Product Bangladesh

Distribution Network
Manufacturing Process
Figure: The Dairy Simulation Sub-Model

Problem of Powder Milk in Bangladesh

1. Lack of technical know-how.
2. No quality standards.
3. Not innovative (wait and see)
4. No stimulus for improving the value addition of producers.
5. Competition from innovative and/or large scale manufacturer.

Solution of Those Problems

1. Subsidies to milk vita.
2. Extension and training services.
3. Breed management.
4. Feed management and education.
5. Public awareness and economics.
6. Improve extension services.