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Anfal Mohammed AlDahmani

Anfal Mohammed Saleh AlDahmani |Ras AlKhaimah- Southern AlDhait- Block 4- Villa No.:
49| (Mobile) 0509582993| (Email)| Nationality: Emirati|
Date of birth: 17/2/1996| Gender: Female| Social state: Single.


- To become an effective Primary School Teacher.

- I am a productive and good teacher who had two years experience teaching in different
schools such including teaching on private and government schools and teaching students of
both male and female gender. I have taught students at different levels from Kindergarten to
Upper Primary. In addition, I have taught a range of subjects including English, Math, and
Science (delivered in the English Language).

Ras Al Khaimah Womens College (RKWC)

Bachelor of Primary Education- 2015 Present (Graduation expected in 2018)

Related Courses:
o Intro Theories of Learning.
o Learning Teaching for the Classroom.
o Academic Reading and Writing.
o Math and Science in the Classroom.
o Practicums 1A-3B
o English for Classroom Management.
o Language and Development & SLA Principles.
o Language Arts A, B, C, & D.
o Teaching Learners with Special Needs.
o English for Academic Purposes.
o Math for the Primary School Teacher.
o Math Teaching Methods.

Al Dhait High School (2013-2014)

- Art Section Score: 91.4%

- Common Educational Proficiency Assessment (CEPA) Score (172).

Higher College of Technology (HCT) (2017)

- International English Language Testing (IELTS) Band (6).

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Student Teacher (2015- 2017)

Completing Teaching Practice in five different schools for 3-5 weeks in each semester.

- Al Dhait High School for girls- (Government)- ( March 2015).

- Al Mansour Primary School for boys- (Government)- (October 2015).
- Herra Primary School for girls- (Government)- ( February 2016).
- Ras Al Khaimah Academy British Curriculum (Private)- (October 2016).
- Ras Al Khaimah American Academy for Girls (RAKAAG) (Private)- (March 2017).
- Emirates National School (ENS)- (Private)- (October 2017).

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Skills and Accomplishments

- Strong Communication Skills.

- Good Presentation Skills.
- Effective Time Management Skills.
- Effective Classroom Management Skills.
- Native Arabic Language Speaker.
- Highly Proficient English Language Skills in both Written and Spoken English.
- Proficient user of different learning tools, technology, and methods in the classroom.


- Reading English stories.

- Using new technologies.
- Creating tools for teaching.


- Available upon request.

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