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Amareswaran, N. (2008). Privatization of professional education in India.

Journal on

Importance of Education.

In this article the author criticizes the privatization of prefessional education. He believes

the talent hidden in students is not been getting the encouragement from schools. For this

scenario Mr. Amareswaran stated the example about Indian students getting the top ranks

in foreign universities. And at the same time Mr. Amareswaran gives the blame to

politicians for not able to support the education system in meeting the world class

standards. From the underlying theme of this article, I understand that Indian education

system has a keyrole to play in rising global economy.

Choudaha, R. (2010, March 21). INDIA: Foreign universities - a reality check. Retrived from

This article gives the information about the foreign universities looking for an opportunity

in India. The author talks about the recent gpvernment bill which has many twists in the

content. The bill stating that the gates are open for non profitable universities and not for

profitable universities. In authors argument he is raising his dilemma on how far this is

going to attract the non profitable schools.

Dr. Rahul supports his statement by showing some examples from history where the

schools were not able to support their own campuses (University of New Southwales).

Universities may start their campus as well to gain reputation if everything works out. But

this is too early to talk about the impacts as the bill is still in developing stage. Dr. Rahul

believes like universities should hire genuine professors to maintain the quality. If things

turn out in favor, foreign universites can be a threat to Indian universities and schools.
Menardi, R. (2010, March 05). India's University System Struggles with Growth. Politics Daily.

Retrived from


In this article author talks about deamed universities and implementation of UGC act.

According to Riane, the main intention behind starting a deamed universities is been

deviated with politicians engaging in to education systems. The Under Graduate

Commission (UGC) rules and regulations were misleaded and colleges cheated the

governement to become a deamed university. This issue has been focussed a year ago, the

department of education has considered seriously and UGC started a committee to take an

action on those universities. In their action UGC has noticed 44 universities as unworthy

of their status and got demoted to college status. Demoting of these universities is to

maintain the high education standards in India. For getting UGC certified a college has to

show high technological labs, enough space, faculty, infrastructure and library.

Arya, S. (2009). Education in India - Enriching the Nation's Future. Journal of distance learning.

This article gives a detailed view on the education system in India. Author Sonal talks

about the impact of education on nation’s future. She addresses the interest shown by

lower strata of the community towards the education especially on distance learning.

Distance learning is providing an opportunity to higher degrees for working professionals

as well. Governement is taking some steps in enhancing the standards in distance and

online courses as well. This article shows the gaining of importance for distance education

which is minimal over a couple of years back.

Altbach, P. (2005, April 12). Higher education in India. The Hindu. Retrived from

This article describes not only about the Indian education system to grow up – Mr. Philip

concentrated more on draw backs of education system where the universities are not

getting grants for research work from government and concequences are leading to the

lose of students migrating to foreign universities and not coming back. And the other

main disaster of this is – the highly talented students moving themselves from science to

management and technical fields for making more money. Mr. Philip stated the capability

of medical scientists in India is just sticking on to laboratories and not leading to new

inventions. This article shows the importance of reformation needed in education system.

Desouza, S. (2010). Distance Learning In India Is a Boon For Under Privileged Candidates.

Journal of distance and inline learning.

The article discussed the recent trends in education patterns in India. With the

opportunity of gaining education through distance and online learning, the gap between

the rural people and education system is coming down gradually. The reasons for the

interest in distance learning are well analyzed. The online learning is providing the

opportunity to meet the interaction as well, so that the student can clarify their questions.

But as per the article it is clear that the distance and online learning would certainly show

impact in nearest future.

Belur, R. (2010, January 21). Bangalore University will start four-year integrated Bachelor of

Science. Daily News and Analysis. Retrived from


This article discussed about the change in the model of degree education in India. Mr.

Rashmi, the author talks about the Integrated Bachelor of Science, which is a new born

baby, plan getting introduced for the first time in Bangalore University. Author saying

this specific degree gives an opportunity to do the masters degree in a year and Phd

program in two years. No wonder, this program can attract many international students

who are curious in education. Author explaned, the curriculam is a group of content from

humanities, social or engineering. Bangalore University opened the applications for the

interested colleges to apply for.

Rataul, D. (2008). Schhol Infrastructure redefinewd: Class-rooms and slack-boards. Journal on

Government schools in India.

In this article the writer talks about the situation of government schools and colleges. The

reasons for people sending their children to private organizations are well anlyzed by Mr.

Dharmendra. Author stated that the instuctors are not showing up for the school and they

are redefining the definition of a school as just class rooms and black boards. “There is

much role to be played by government to take an action on this issue” stated by author.

Poor people preferring to send their children to private organizations show their statrving

for education and the importance for education in their view.

Khedam, S. (2010). Emotional Abuse In the Name of Academic Success in Indian Schools.

Journal of education system in India.

This journal reveals about the work load which students are getting from schools. As per

the author, the emotional abuse is happening in terms of academic goals and

performance. The Indian government has announcec it as illegal to abuse children; well it

is still taking place in private schools. The author talks about the burdan which is been

given to students in the form of assignments. He says the intention of schools and parents

is not bad because they wish to offer best education for their children. But the pattern

should change; the practical knowledge needs to be incorporated with book knowledge.

Cnathanson. (2010). Coaching Vs. Managing. Journal on management in corporate companies.

In this article author describes the importance of coaching and managing. He states that

a manager will be successful when he is a good coach. Craig compares with the life and

says that coaching can develop the personality of life and makes a better person. He adds

that a good coach/manager should be a good listener as well. When we implement these

practices in life a person can be successful in their business life as well.

Conlin, M. (2009). Is Optimism a Competitive Advantage? Journal on employee’s relations in

work place.

In this article the author talks about the employee’s engagement and concequent results

on success and competitive advantage. The author Michelle states that the employee’s

interaction has increased the sales for Best Buy and she adds that the more optimistics

will have good interactions that can support the organization to perform in a great way

than their competitors. She talks about the concequences of layoffs on disturbances in

strategic management of an organization.

Garner, R. (2010, August 05). The great higher education squeeze. Retrived from


In this journal, author mentioned about the demand for admissions coming down over

many universities. Mr. Richard states that the recession affect, the fine system from the

schools and lack of funding from the government is making the students to loose interest

in going to schools for higher education. Loosing jobs and not able to pay the tution is

the main reason he is stating. This can be an impact of unemployment in coming days.

The economy and recession affect will be a threat for the universities in next years.