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1. State Avogadro Law. (1)

2. What are the reasons for the failure of the Bohr model? (1)

3. Write the general outer electronic configuration of d-block elements.


4. Write the IUPAC name of: tert-Butylalcohol (1)

5. H2O2stored in wax-lined glass or plastic vessels in dark. Give reason (1)

6. Draw the Lewis Representations for the following:


i) CO

ii) NO3-

7. Calculate the amount of water (g) produced by the combustion of 115 g of



8. State:i) AufbauPrinciple ii) Pauli Exclusion Principle (2)


Write the sub-shell configuration of: i) Cu+ ii) V3+

9. Differentiate between Nucleophiles and Electrophiles. Give examples. (2)

10. Differentiate between classical and photochemical smog.