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Student Nurse
Letter of Recommendation

Student: John Fernandez

My contact with this student: I had the pleasure of working with Mr. Fernandez during the fall semester of 2016 as his pediatric
clinical instructor working with him in the classroom and on the pediatrics unit at Tucson Medical Center.

Instructor Evaluation of Student

Outstanding Above Average Average Below Average Unknown
Academic Achievement X
Clinical Competence X
Critical Thinking Skills X
Leadership Ability X
Interpersonal Skills X
Working With Patients/ Families X
Organizational Skills X
Problem-Solving Ability X
Flexibility X
Ability to Work Well With Others X

Additional Comments:
What are the applicants major strengths?
Mr. Fernandez is a motivated student who is a self-directed, independent learner and seeks clinical experiences which challenge
him to grow in the delivery of integrated nursing care. He has novice critical thinking skills and problem solving abilities with
complex patient problems. He approaches his nursing care with a genuine compassion for others and is developing into a patient
advocate. He has honed his leadership skills as a retreat leader through the Catholic Church and as a mentor for high school
students. He also has studied and teaches in the martial arts. Lastly, he has shown great leadership ability by being a teaching
assistant and precepting for the university physiology and chemistry classes.

What areas need further improvement?

Mr. Fernandez demonstrates solid novice medical-surgical nursing skills and is able to integrate pathophysiology, pharmacology,
and nursing science at the novice level and continues to grow in this area.

What is your overall evaluation of this student compared with others at the same level in your program?
Mr. Fernandez is an above average student who has demonstrated the development of a solid nursing skill set across a wide variety
of adult and pediatric patients. He is committed to excellence in nursing practice. Mr. Fernandez is a strong candidate for the
VALOR program this summer. I recommend him without reservation and believe that he will be an asset to your institution.

If you have further questions concerning this applicant, please feel free to contact me at 520-395-5809.

Sincerely, Date: 02/13/2017

Amber J Price, RN, MSN-Ed

Pediatric Clinical Instructor
College of Nursing
The University of Arizona