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If we truly see Jesus and where He sits, and we know that we have been sent by Him , how could we

fear anything or anyone on this earth? The Lord Jesus Himself walked this way , seeing what the
Father was doing, and He gave us His Holy Spirit so we could walk the same way . Being born again is
just the beginning of our newcreation life, just as being born is the beginning of our lives in the
natural realm . Our spiritual nature is something we must grow up intowhich in truth is growing up
into Christ and becoming a functioning member of His body on the earth. We cannot see the
kingdom without being born again, but not all who are born again see the kingdom . Many who are
born again refuse to see for fear or other reasons, and they may mature somewhat but will remain
quite blind spiritually . This must change. The reason these prophetic experiences are being poured
out by the Holy Spirit in the last days is because we are going to need this kind of guidance
through the times. We must have our eyes opened to see, and we must mature in our spiritual
nature. The way that Jesus preached the kingdom was to demonstrate its authority over any
conditions on the earth. Jesus Himself was God touching the earth with heaven. In heaven, there are
no cripples, so when Jesus touched a cripple on the earth with heaven, he was healed. There is no
lack in heaven, so when the great need of more than five thousand hungry people with only one
little boys lunch to feed them arose, the Lord just gave that little lunch a touch from heaven, and it
multiplied until all were fed and a lot was left over. In the time to come, when the last great trumpet
of God is sounded, which is the preaching of the gospel of the kingdom , those who preach it will do
so with the power to demonstrate the kingdom of heavens authority over the earth and any
conditions here that the Lord wants to touch with heaven. When Peter got out of the boat and
walked on water, he was not literally walking on the water, he was walking on the Lords Word when
He said, Come (see Matthew 14:29). The Word of the Lord has more substance than the
firmament. If the King of heaven said to a mountain for it to be plucked up and cast into the sea, and
we were used by Him to do this, the whole world would be astonished, but the angels in heaven
would probably be bored. They have seen much greater things than thisthey have seen Him
stretch out the heavens like a tent curtain. We do not have in human language the terms that can
describe just how awesome our God is. It is His gentleness with us that allows His kingdom to be
declared by the foolishness of preaching (see I Corinthians 1:21 KJV). When the Jews asked Jesus
for a sign from heaven, they wanted Him to do something in the sky , such as stop the sun like He did
for Joshua or something of that nature, which in no way could be done by a mere man. The Lord
could have easily done this, but it was not the Fathers time for that, so He did not. However, at the
end of this age, we can expect much of that type of demonstration of heavens authority over the
earth, which is what the rest of the text in Acts 2:19-20 makes clear: