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If your family is in crisis

If you are feeling overwhelmed

The mission of the
Family Support Center is
With Hope
If you do not know how to handle the situation to protect children,
If you are afraid you might hurt the child you love strengthen families, and
prevent child abuse.
There is Help
PLEASE CALL 801-955-9110
A clinician is on-call 24 hours a day to answer your questions, 801-955-9110
to listen, to care, to help you with your children. For hearing impaired, please call Relay Utah 711.
Other language translation services may be arranged with notice.

Midvale Crisis Nursery Sugar House Crisis Nursery West Valley Crisis Nursery

There is Healing
777 West Center Street 2020 Lake Street 3663 South 3600 West
You are not alone. Midvale, Utah 84047
SLC, Utah 84105
WVC, Utah 84119
Administrative Offices LifeStart Village
1760 West 4805 South 801-255-6921
Taylorsville, Utah 84129

Three out of four abused and For information on volunteering with the Family Support Center,
neglected children within our please call 801-955-9110 or visit our website.
community were harmed at home
by someone they love and trust.

Parents do not usually want to hurt

their children. They are often
overwhelmed by problems and
stresses inside or outside the home.

Children can become the targets of There is...

misdirected parental anger or
despair. Partially funded by the Utah Division of Child and Family Services

Protecting children, strengthening families, and preventing child abuse.

Serving the Salt Lake Valley
Through prevention, education, and treatment programs, we are here to help. Since 1977

LifeStart Village
Counseling Services
Supporting someone escaping the tragedy of poverty and
Crisis Nurseries Once a crisis situation has been defused, a family needs to develop positive, effective
homelessness requires more than just putting a roof over
their head. At LifeStart Village, single parents with young
ways of overcoming old patterns. Through counseling, parents can learn ways to
children are enrolled in an intensive three-phase self-
Sometimes a family is in a crisis or emergency situation and no enhance relationships and improve their family's functioning in order to prevent child
sufficiency program to help support their effort to leave
other suitable child care is available. Through the Family Support abuse and neglect.
homelessness, drug-dependency, or domestic violence.
Center (FSC) Crisis Nurseries, we offer FREE 24/7 childcare for The Family Support Center offers counseling for children, families, and individuals.
children from birth through age 11, for up to 72 hours. While at LifeStart Village, these single parents work to
Services are provided in English and Spanish at multiple locations around the Salt Lake
improve their overall economic and personal independence, meet regularly with case
Crisis Nurseries offer a safe, home-like atmosphere with a Valley. Other languages are available upon request. managers and counselors, attend educational classes, learn to promote a safer and
supportive, comfortable space where children are able to Charges are based on a sliding-scale fee. Medicaid and a variety of other insurances more stable home for their families, and work to heal from past wounds and
participate in a variety of healthy and nurturing activities. The
are accepted. dependencies.
Crisis Nurseries can be used for preventing abuse and neglect of
children, stress breaks, medical emergencies, appointments, legal Situated on a Private Four-Acre Campus in Midvale
obligations, job searching, interviews, family emergencies, and Educational Classes 23 Transitional Housing Units in Phase I
other crisis situations. 31 Permanent Supportive Housing Units in Phase II and III
Please call one of our Crisis Nurseries to schedule care. Parenting classes provide knowledge and understanding about the needs of children, Income-Restricted Property
realistic goals for their relationship building, communication skills, and effective
Midvale Crisis Nursery Sugar House Crisis Nursery West Valley Crisis Nursery behavior management strategies.
Monday - Saturday* Monday - Saturday* 7 Days a Week* Adoption Respite Care
Classes run for an average of six to ten weeks and most are
8:00 AM to 8:00 PM 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM 24 Hours
offered in English and Spanish. Fees vary depending on the Adoptive families often face unique challenges in creating a
777 West Center Street 2020 Lake Street 3663 South 3600 West
class. cohesive family atmosphere. The Family Support Centers
Midvale, Utah 84047 SLC, Utah 84105 WVC, Utah 84119
801-255-6881 801-487-7778 801-967-4259 Classes: adoption respite caregivers are trained in meeting needs such
Parent Education - Love & Logic as adjustment issues and attachment disorders that adopted
*Nurseries are closed for certain holidays and training days. Please call or visit our website for exact dates.
Anger Management children may exhibit. Minimal cost-per-hour childcare is
Womens Domestic Violence Survivors Classes provided in the familys home for all children in the immediate
In-Home Parenting Programs Smart Steps (For Blended Families) FREE family; as long as at least one child adopted through the state
Teen Parenting (Available upon Request)
is present.

The Family Support Centers Family Mentor program offers a peer-to-peer approach
for helping families in distress. Families receive individual, one-on-one collaboration to Volunteer
improve parenting skills, increase home management skills, and gain access to essential
and appropriate community resources. Volunteer participation with the Family Support Center is necessary and vital to
Families self-refer, or are referred to FSC by the community, social service providers, ensuring we meet the needs of our clients and community members. Volunteers not only
school personnel, or hospital social workers. provide a critical human resource, but they ensure that the clients and children we
Services are offered free-of-charge and in the comfort and convenience of the serve are cared for and protected. There are a variety of ways to engage. Call us
familys home. today to learn more.