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Indian Scientific Traditions

India has a rich scientific tradition. It has been a

scientific country right from vedic to modern times
with usual fluctuation that can be expected of any
country. Knowledge and science are accorded and
exalted place through out. It is universally
recognised that the world owes much of its
mathematical knowledgeto india.However the
period of decline in india coincided with that of
ascendancy in Europe

And this made European first believe that all

modern science is European. But recent researches
have brought to light the great contributions of
Egypt, china and especially india to civilisation and
science. In the last century also European scholars
who worked in india and then indian scientists
themselves made rich contribution to science .Scince
the spirit of science had alredy existed in india it did
not take long for india scientists to absorb the
modern developments and to start afresh making
their own advances in science. This is how india has
again caught up with front ranking countries in
sciences and technology.

The technology of indus valley civilisation reached a

standardised stage. The layout of the cities, well-
baked bricks of controlled size and domestic pottery
reveal a methodical system of mesures and weights.

The vedic seers recognised nature working through her various

phenomena.The deified and worshipped them for welfare.They also
perceived a constant principle behind them ,an order in the events and
called it Rita. Vedic literature gives us scattered information regarding
early stages of indian science.

The organization of vedic hymns and precaution taken to preserve them

was itselfs a highly systematised science. It culminated