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Stygian Timeline

WtO - Wraith the Oblivion
GB:A Guildbook: Artificers
GB:M Guildbook: Masquers
GB: S Guildbook: Sandmen
TH The Hierarchy
W:TGW - Wraith: The Great War

Before Common Era

? - Time before Time - The boundaries between the living and the dead were weaker. Living and
Dead could pass across [WtO, p60]

~50,000 Wraiths of the Dark Kingdom of Clay begin to weave their sacred thread into the
Dreamtime. [GB:s, p 26]

8000 In the Jordan Valley a Neolithic culture comes into being which leads to the Israelite tribes
evolving. [WoD, p67]

6000 Agriculture in the Nile valley begins.

4245 Lower Egypt conquers Upper Egypt.

? - in the time of Egypt, Greek, Roman and Hebrew mysticism, nomadic Sandmen plied their trade
[GB:S, [p 20]

4000 Farming is brought England and the surrounding areas. [WoD, p9]
3006+ Athens and Troy are built at this time. Humans begin abstract mathematics.

c3000 The Sundering - The Shroud is drawn between the Living and the Dead. [WtO, p60]
The Lady of Fate read the Skein of Fate and foretold the coming of a great guide, Charon
who would sail the River of Death. [WtO, p60]

2800 Stonehenge is built

2650-2190 The Pyramids are built
2000 The start of the Bronze Age
The rise of the Egyptian pharaohs. The Middle Kingdom of Egypt flourishes.
Nearly all of England and the surrounding areas were under cultivation. [WoD, p9]

Charon of Mycenae dies and comes to the Underworld. Presented with a reed boat by the
Lady of Fate, he commenced navigating the River of Death. [WtO, p60]

1728-1686 Hammurabi rules in Babylon

c1540 Charon comes to the Isle of Sorrows, inspired by the Lady of fate he presents himself to the
Dead that dwell their and they acknowledge him as their leader. He teaches them how to
make reed boats out of the from the plants growing alongside the delta, he taught them how
to navigate in the Tempest and make their way to the Isle of Sorrows and the Far Shores.

Some came to him and he taught them the ways of the River Styx. Many went about their
own journies with what Charon had taught them but those who chose to remain and guide
others became the first of the Ferrymen.
[WtO p61]

1500 Agriculture improves to the point human populations start increasing steadily.
Charon comes to the Sunless Sea and the Isle of Sorrows. [WtO, p61]
The founding of the Ferrymen and the departure of the Shining Ones [WtO, p61]
The First Descent and the coming of Nhudri [WtO, p61]

1380 Akhenaton and Nefertiti rule Egypt.

Return of the Shining Ones and Charon's departure for the Far Shores [WtO, p 62]

1200 Trojan War occurs.

The New Kingdom - Egypt rules from the Sahara to the Euphrates.

1000 The Iron Age begins.

The Greek city states begin to flourish.
Egypt loses control over the Near-Eastern provinces.

814 Carthage is founded by the Phoenicians.

900 Mesopotamia gains control over Assyria.

753 Rome is founded.

Founding of the Empire & formation of the Stygian Republic. Charon becomes Consul of
Stygia and his eight closest became the Senators. Each Senator was given control over a
different part of the world of the dead. [WtO, p 63]
Nhudri selects and trains his Three Apprentices, who would come to be called Ferrum,
Smoke and Macabah, and subjected them to the first Soulforge Rites [GB:A, p20]
648 Assyria conquers Babylon
Emissaries from the Dark Kingdoms come to Stygia.
Day of Nhudri's Rage as he punishes the failed Artificers [GB:A, p 22]

612 The capital of Assyria, Nineveh, falls to Nabopalasser of Babylon.

Tithe of two coins taken from all dead, as permitted by the Lady of Fate. Those wraiths that
could not pay forfeited their eyes or hands. Word spread across the Shroud and few were
buried without the tithe pressed into their eyes. [WtO, p 63]

600 The Himalayan Wars end.

598 Babylonian occupation of Jerusalem (the 1st Exile)

587 Destruction of Jerusalem

539 Cyrus II of Persia conquers Babylon.
~500 England and the surrounding areas progressed to tribes of farmers and herders, guarded by a
warrior elite. [WoD, p9]

457 The age of Pericles starts in Greece. [CbN2, p62]

431-406 Peloponnesian Wars Sparta did not want Athens to over take their city in political
influence. [Cb-To,p11]

420 Possible first appearance of the Rom (Gypsies) in India. [Cb-G, p12]

336 Alexander the Great begins his conquest.

331 Alexander the Great conquers Babylon.

256 The Great Wall is Built.

149 The Third Punic War begins

146 Carthage is betrayed and sacked.

55 The first expedition of Julius Caesar reaches England [WoD, p9]

46 Caesar is appointed Emperor of Rome

Charon, with Nhudri's aid, built a vast network of roads throughout the Shadowlands.
Nhudri followed Rome's mortal legions, laying down roads to Britain, Gaul, Rome, Thrace,
Jerusalem, Damascus, Egypt, Armeniaand Iberia. [WtO, p 63]
45 Caesar was named Dictator for life of Rome
43 Claudius undertakes the conquest of Britain [WoD, p9]
30 Egypt becomes a Roman province and, as a result, Cleopatra commits suicide. [Cb-S, p17]

27 Octavian becomes the first Roman Emperor

6 Birth of Christ
Lux Veritas The Light of Truth; Stygia pledged itself to the collection and preservation of
the greats works of humanity. [WtO, p 64]

Current Era
1 Most of Britain was more or less peaceful, and numerous Roman towns started to form.
[WoD, p10]

33 Death of Christ

37 Caligula becomes the Emperor of Rome. [WoD, p71]

43 Claudius undertakes the conquest of England. [WoD, p9]

79 Mt. Vesuvius erupts and destroys Pompeii.

106 Emperor Trajan finally conquers the Nabataeans. [WoD, p71]

117 The Roman Empire is at the height of power.
200 Mayan Society starts to flourish.

180 Rome declines into a kingdom of rust and iron

As Rome faced decline in the Skinlands, the rise in the number of malcontents who had
crossed the Shroud increased and the first Renegades made their presence known. [WtO,
p64 ]
Arrival of the Fishers [WtO, p 64]
With the growth of Christianity in the Skinlands, Sandmen lose much of their influence on
mortals when they are cast in the role of Demons and Incubi. Sandmen turned inwards to
Stygia and the basis of the Guild was formed [GB:S, p21]

410 Roman influence over England all but dies. [WoD, p10]

476 Rome falls to attacking barbarians

The First Great Maelstrom [WtO, p 65]
The Sandmen learn Spectres have mastered Phantasm, something previously unknown
[GB:S, p20]

500 The beginning of the dark ages.

The Age of Resurrection - Charon names himself Imperator (Emperor) and his Senators
named Deathlords; each assigned command over the souls of those who died according to
the manner of their deaths. Many Ferrymen resign their commissions. Charon ordered them
banished. [WtO, p 65]

541 Bubonic Plague hits Europe.

594 The Bubonic Plague ends after killing half of Europe's population.
597 Saint Augustine goes to England to convert the people. [WoD, p10]
~600 Mayan society suffers a period of decline.
632 The prophet Muhammad dies. [WoD, p68]
771 Charlemagne begins to form his empire.
793 The first recorded Viking raid on England takes place off the Northumbrian coast. [WoD,
800 Charlemagne is crowned emperor of all Europe by Pope Leo III.
The Reconquista begins
900 The Mound-Builder empires centered on Cahokia in the Mississippi valley starts to flourish.
976 The Artificers Guild came into being along with the Masquers following shortly after
[GB:M, p 29]
~1000 For the first time the whole of England was under the control of a single ruler, Cnut the
Great, who also ruled Noway and Denmark. [WoD, p11]
Viking world accepts Christianity. [WoD, p11]
Mayan civilization begins to rise again in the Yucatan.
Leif Ericson discovers Vinland
1066 Edward the confessor dies in England leading to war. [WoD, p12]
The battle of Hasting places William the Conqueror on the throne as the first Norman king
of England. [WoD, p12]
1072 The Crusades begin.
The Hierarchy formed as Charon remakes Stygia to mirror the social structure of the Quick.
Charon and the Deathlords at the pinnacle, followed by Legions and Knights (former
Equitaes) and Ferrymen still loyal to Charon.
1086 All of England is subdued under Norman rule. [WoD, p12]
Charon ratifies the Guilds made up of Freewraiths with specified talents. The Guilds found
themselves a place in the hierarchy just below Knights and Legions.
1096 The War of the Guilds starts, and last for another 150 years. [VTDA, p257]
Conflict between Artificers and other servants of Stygia continues until 1354 [GB:A, p 24]
1099 Jerusalem falls to the Christians.
1198 Pope Celestine II dies and is replaced by Pope Innocent III. [VTDA, p50]
1199 King Richard is killed in battle and succeeded by his vicious brother John. [VTDA, p49]
~1200 Italian Renaissance. [Cb-To,p14]
Increase in the number of Renegade Sandmen, who begin to dominate the Guild
[GB:S, p 21]
1201 Pope Innocent III calls for the Albigensian Crusades.
1207 The Menemoi draw the Sandmen into the War of the Guilds when the Menmoi reveal
Charon's plan to replace many of Stygia's Stages with Forges [GB:S, p 21]
1215 King John signs the Magna Carta. [WoD, p12, p19]
1229 The start of the Spanish Inquisition.
The Inquisition is instituted. [VtM2,p49]
1231 Pope Gregory IX officially founds the Society of Leopold. [Cb-V, p20] [ANT, p22]
1233 The Albigensian Crusade winds down.
1252 Pope Innocent IV authorizes the use of torture in the Spanish Inquisition after becoming
aware of the existence of Kindred, Werewolves, Ghosts and Mages. [ANT, p22]
1300 The Mound-builder empire declines.
1313 The Inquisition winds down. The Society of Leopold takes up the slack.
The Templars are denounced for heresy. [VTDA, p241]
1331 The Aztecs begin to build their empire. Shaitan orders the deaths of all shape-shifters found
through out Mexico.
1347 The Second Great Maelstrom as the Black Death sweeps through Europe [WtO, p 68]
Charon conducts a census and extracts tithes to cope with the influx of Restless.[WtO, p 68]
1350 The Fishers revolt against Charon's new tithes. After several months and failed attempt to
storm the Onyx tower, the Fishers leave the Isle of Sorrows bound for the Far Shores.
[WtO, p 668]
Vast hoarded wealth is discovered in their abandoned temples. [WtO, p 69]
1354 Compact of Guilds ratified by the 13 major Guilds and the Council of Guilds was formed
(Mnemoi, Solicitors and and Alchemists were excluded) [GB:A, p 24]
The Sandmen were one of the first Guilds to sign the Compact with Charon [GB:S, p22]
1381 The peasants revolt takes place in England. [WoD, p16]
~1399 By the end of the 14th Century, Oneiric Theatre peformances by Sandmen had become a
valued art form. [GB:S, p22]
1438 The Incan civilization starts to rise in Peru.
1450 The Mayan civilization comes to an end.
The Renaissance period begins.
Oneiric Theatre perfomances by Sandmen command vast sums of Obili [GB:S, p 22]
1460 The Wars of the Roses takes place in England. [WoD, p12]
1462 Constantinople falls to Muslim Turks.
1492 Columbus reaches America. [Cb-La,p22]
The Jews are expelled from Spain. [Cb-La,p22]
~1500 In the early 1500's Renegades conduct a massed attack upon the walls of Stygia,
penetrating to the Onyx tower and stealing the Spear of Longinus until they were beaten
back by Charon and his Equitaes.
1517 Luther's 95 theses set up things for the Christian Reformation.
1519 Cortes arrives in Mexico with 600 men, a cannon, Helena, Quetzalcoatl, Cortes claims
Mexico for Spain
1520 A revolt kills 400 Spanish and the Aztec empire is reestablished.
1521 Hernan Cortes returns and retakes Mexico in 75 days. He brings with him weapons and the
1528 Franscico Pizarro conquers the Incans.
1529 Siege of Vienna lasts 12 months
1533 The reign of Ivan the Terrible begins in Russia.
1558 Elizabeth I ascends the throne in England.
Charon declares the Shining Ones Heretics and makes the Proclamation of Reason. The
Magisterium Veritas is formed modelled on the Inquisition [WtO, p 69]
1560 The Spanish and Portuguese claim much of South and Central America [Cb-S, p18]
1563 A general outbreak of Bubonic plague strikes Europe.
1584 Ivan the Terrible dies ending his reign in Russia.
1588 The Spanish Armada moves to attack England and is decimated in a freak storm.
[WoD, p13]
1590 The Roanoke Colony vanishes.
1598 6 April, the Guilds attempt a coup. Scores of Guild members are destroyed including the
three Apprentices of Nhudri [WtO, p70]
During the conflict the Masquers and Usurers abandon the other rebel guilds [GB:M, p32]
Charon makes the Decree of the Breaking, disbanding the Guilds. [GB:A, p 25]
Finally able to rid themselves of the cripplingly expensive Sandmen, many Dreamcrafters
fell into poverty as patrons who felt wronged vented their anger [GB:S, p 23]
1601 Authorities in Germany shut down many brothels due to the spread of venereal disease
[TH, p31]
1602 Plague breaks out in England [TH, p31]
1604 Galileo proves the laws of gravity.
1605 The Catholic Gunpowder Plot takes place in England. [WoD, p20]
1606 Guy Fawkes and companions sentenced to death for participation in the Gunpowder Plot to
blow up the House of Lords in London [TH, p31]
1609 Galileo builds the first telescope.
1613 Circulation of copper coins. Globe Theatre in London destroyed by fire. [TH, p31]
1618 The 30-year war starts in Europe
Former Artificers guild members reinstatetd after they swear on Siklos they have abandoned
the Guild. [GB:A, p 26]
1622 Richelieu is made a Cardinal.
1626 Richelieu makes a powerplay in France.
1631 Naples wracked by earthquake. Vesuvius erupts. [TH, p31]
1642 Pascal creates the Pascaline, the first adding machine.
The English Civil War begins. [WoD, p13]
1648 The 30-years war ends.
1649 Charles I is executed in January. [WoD, p13]
1650 Archbishop James Ussher of Armagh concludes that Creation occurred in 4004 BC.
The native population of the Americs has plummeted by 80% since 1492
In the Underworld, the Dark Kingdom of Obsidian is believed destroyed by Renegades and
Heretics falling to their Shadows [WtO, p71]
The Third Great Maelstrom and the rise of Coldheart [WtO, p71]
1652 The English Civil War ends. [WoD, p13]
1660 The Stuart King Charles II comes to the throne. [WoD, p13]
1665 Great Plague of London causes death of 68,000 people [TH, p31]
1666 The Great Fire of London takes place. [TH, p31]
First Necropolis outside of Stygia established in London [WtO, p 72]
1676 Influenza reaches epidemic proportions in England; in France, Louis XIV's disatisfaction at
a feast given in his honour prompts suicide of famous chef, "Le Grand Vatel" [TH, p31]
1683 Second siege of Vienna. (Pg 27 CbR-A)
1688 Earthquake destroys Smyrna; France at war with the Holy Roman Empire [TH, p31]
1689 Baden-Baden burned by French; Heidelberg Castle destroyed [TH, p31]
1692 Clan MacDonald massacred at Glencoe, Scotland [TH, p31]
1697 London's Whitehall Palace put to the torch [TH, p31]
1745 The word 'vampire' first appears in the Oxford Dictionary.
1750 The first mechanical limb is built.
1754 The start of the French-Indian war
1763 The Treaty of Paris is signed ending the French-Indian war and ending any chance of France
becoming a power in the new world.
1776 The start of the American revolution.
1783 The end of the American Revolution.
1788 The British convict fleet settle in Sydney Cove, Australia. [Cb-S, p19]
1789 The start of the French Revolution, the first mortal anarch true victory. [Anar, p15]
As Sandmen are persecuted throughout Stygia, the Sandmen strike back with the War of
Proscenium; stinging satires of Hierarhcy Lords and Ladies led to many troupes going to the
forges [GB:S, p 24]
1793 The Reign of Terror begins in France. Many vampires flee.
1799 Napoleon gains control of France.
1800 Muskets with interchangeable parts invented by Eli Whitney [TH, p37]
1801 Robert Fulton's "Nautilus", one of the first submarines, created [TH, p37]
1802 Prussia signs a rather short lived treaty with France.
1803 Britain and France go to war.
The US makes the Louisiana Purchase.
1804 Napoleon becomes Emperor of France.
1805 Use of rockets reintroduced into the British Army [TH, p37]
1812 The War of 1812 begins.
Napoleon invades Russia.
1814 The Canal Project is halted.
Construction of steam locomotive by George Stephenson [TH, p37]
1816 The War of 1812 ends.
1816-1820 Byron/Polidori's Vampire Lord Ruthven meets popular acclaim
1817 The Erie Canal is resumed.
1818 Solomon Junean founds Juneatown, which will become Milwaukee.
~1820 Charon and the Deathlords have lost all their Fetters by the late 1820's [W:TGW, p 30]
1821 Mexico finally is a free nation from Spain.
1822 Charles Babbage creates the difference engine.
1823 The French restore the Spanish Monarchy
1825 First passenger-carrying railroad runs from Darlington to Stockton [TH, p37]
1829 Era of electoral reform starts in England.
1831 Cholera pandemic reaches Europe [TH, p37]
1833 The US decide to establish a city along the Des Plaines River, called Chicago. [UBRM, p16]
1837 Start of Queen Victoria reign. [WoD, p14]
1839 England starts the Opium Wars with China.
1840 Reform Judaism develops.
1841 The Opium wars end with England getting Hong Kong. [WoD, p88]
1844 The Whigs and Nativists elect an anti-catholic mayor in NYC.
Anti-Catholic riots in Boston
1845 Potato blight strikes Ireland, leading to great famine.
Poe publishes the poem, "The Raven"
1846 Mexico is forced to sign over a third of Mexico to the U.S. for $15 million.
Marx and Engels issue a Communist Manifesto.
The California Gold Rush starts.
First year of famine in Ireland [TH, p37]
1851 Spain suppresses revolt in Cuba
~1850 The Sandmen establish the Dream Ring, a small Necropolis in New York State which
barboured both Guild and free-lance Renegade Sandment [GB:S p 24]
1852 The second French republic ends with Louis Napoleon proclaiming the Second French
1854 The Whig party is torn apart from within.
1858 The Sepoy Rebellion is crushed. Britain takes over India.
1859 Charles Darwin publishes Origin of the Species
Drilling of first oil well in Pennsylvania [TH, p37]
1860 England acquire Kowloon, the tip of China across from Hong Kong. [WoD, p89]
1861 Lincoln is elected president as the Civil War starts.
1862 Richard J. Gattling creates the revolving Machine gun.
1865 The American Civil war ends.
"Sultana" explodes on the Mississippi, killing 1,700 [TH, p37]
1866 Dynamite invented by Alfred Nobel [TH, p37]
1867 America buys Alaska from Russia.
1871 Great Fire in Chicago [TH, p37]
1873 The US is plunged into depression by the stock market panic of 1873.
1875 The start of the Sioux War.
1878 The depression of 1873 ends.
1879 Edison creates the light bulb.
1880 America reaches 50 million people.
1886 - The Statue of Liberty is unveiled in NYC Harbor
1888 Jack the Ripper strikes. [WoD, p41]
Tesla builds electric motor [TH, p37]
1895 X-rays are discovered.
1890 Worldwide influenza epidemics [TH, p37]
1891 Famine in Russia [TH, p37]
1894 Plague bacillus discovered [TH, p37]
1901 End of Queen Victoria reign. [WoD, p14]
1911 The Mexican Revolution begins
1914 The Panama Canal opens.
1914-1918 The Great War. [GttS,p19]
1 August Europe entered into the Great War. [WtO, p 73]
Stygia expands into the Iron Hills to cope with the masses of dead. [WtO, p 73]
1916 The Fourth Great Maelstrom, its largest Nihil being at the Somme Battlefield [W:TGW, p
1918 The First World War ends, with a death toll exceeding 10 million and 20 million maimed
[W:TGW, p 28]
The Spanish Flu sweeps across the globe, killing 21 million people by 1919, more than 1%
of the world population [W:TGW, p 28]
1920 The Mexican Revolution comes to an end
1921 Albert Einstein wins the Nobel Prize.
1922 Mussolini comes to power in Italy.
1924 Lenin dies and Joseph Stalin takes control of Russia. He starts a program of purges that
leave 10 million people dead. [Cb-B, p20]
Hitler writes Mein Kampf.
1926 The General Strike of London. [WoD, p14,p21]
Hirohito becomes emperor of Japan.
1929 The Wall Street stock market crashes. The Great Depression begins. [WoD, p122]
Latran Treaty. The Vatican is created.
Gandhi's civil disobedience campaign begins.
Necropoli are invaded by Spectres who feed upon the chaos ond suffering [WtO, p 74]
Charon founds the Doomslayers, bounty hunters of Spectres [WtO, p 74]
1930's Stalin signs the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact with Hitler [Cb-B, p20/21]
1931 India gains independence from England.
1933 Hitler comes to power in Germany.
1936 Beginning of the Spanish Civil War. Over 200,000 people are executed by both sides in the
1938 Orson Wells Invasion From Mars broadcast is heard.
1939 WWII begins in Europe. [WoD, p15]
End of Spnaish Civil War
1940 Allied forces evacuate Dunkirk, the Battle of France is over, the Battle of Britain begins.
[WoD, p15]
1941 Hitler breaks the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact [Cb-B, p21]
Pearl Harbor is bombed (by the Japanese) and America enters WWII. [WoD, p15]
1942 Japanese relocation camps are created in America.
The first self-sustaining nuclear reaction is achieved.
1945 WW II ends. [WoD, p15]
The United Nations is formed.
The Fifth Great Maelstrom as Hiroshima and Nagasaki are bombed [WtO, p 75]
Casualties are estimated at 150,000 people in both cities
Charon entraps Gorool in a whirlpool and both are lost to certain knowledge [WtO, p 75]
1948 Israel is created. The first Israel-Arab war occurs.
Ghandi is assassinated.
1949 NATO is created.
Russia gets the atomic bomb.
1950 The start of the Korean War.
The beginning of McCarthyism in the USA
1952 The first American Hydrogen bomb.
1953 Stalin dies. Krouchtchev arrives.
The Korean War ends.
~1960 During the following decade, Guild Sandmen propagate folk tales of heroic Renegades
[GB:S, p 24]
1961 The Bay of Pigs invasion of Cuba fails.
Berlin Wall is built.
1962 The Cuban Missiles crisis.
1963 JFK is assassinated.
1965 America gets involved with Vietnam.
Malcolm X is slain at a Nationalist Rally.
1970's Lesser Maelstroms dominate this decade as the Fifth Great Maelstrom winds down
2001 19 Hijackers crash planes into the Twin Towers of the World Trade Centre, killing 2,977
[V][W] Although it takes Queensland some years to recognise the threat, the nine-year
drought begins in winter of this year. ChillThirst has begun his move against the Living

2003 US and allies invade Iraq, leading to up to 100,000 civilian deaths over the next ten years
2004 Tsunami triggered by earthquake under the Indian Ocean kills 230,000 people

2008 The drought in Queensland is now in its 8th year, mortals are living under Category 5 water
restrictions and the state government is considering what it can realistically impose as
Category 6 restrictions. Brisbane languishes under the most severe water control of any
capital city in Australia.

[V][W] ChillThirst is funnelling what moisture he can directly into the Labyrinth, feeding
Oblivion with once life-giving water. His agents cause dissension in the living world, the
government plan to build a water exchange pipeline is beset by accidents and delays.
Commercial water vendors ignore the drought conditions and suck more water from the
dams, largely because there is no regulation on their access.

2009 May 22 - Torrential rain over just two nights breaks the drought. More water than the 1974
floods falls on south east Queensland, raising dam levels to over 70%. The water also pushes
into the ailing Murray River system.
[W] ChillThirst suffers a major setback when his agents in the Living World are sent
howling back into the Labyrinth. Ferryman Alistair visits the Brisbane Necropolis.

2010 December - severe flooding across Queensland continuing into early 2011; with 75% of the
state declared a disaster zone.

[W] An influx of relics causes momentary boost in wraith numbers as many younger
wraiths come from Stygia to participate in the winnowing.

2011 Severe Tropical Cyclone Yasi crosses the Queensland coast at about midnight on Wednesday
2 February 2011, leaving many families homeless.

Brisbane River floods

[W] A force 2 Maelstrom sweeps through Brisbane. During the storm, Renegade elements
take possession of the Cauldron Haunt somehow holding it against the stormriding Spectres.
While a moderately strong Haunt, it is exposed by nature of its structure and a poor location
to defend against airbourne attackers.


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