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Animal Farm Daily


Animal Farm Monday, March 18, 1929 2 pages five cents


Meeting Turned of the crowd. Napoleon then

ordered that any other animals
the animals quietly dismissed
themselves and walked over to the
Massacre who had committed crimes should remains of the windmill and laid
come forward and confess, and down. Everyone but Boxer, who
despite seeing the pigs be decided that the solution to their
The oppressive leadership of problem was that they weren't
executed, several animals came
Napoleon and his fellow pigs working hard enough. He
forward to confess and were all immediately started working on the
continues to rain terror over our executed on the spot. Violence
once great farm. Just yesterday, windmill.
like this has been unknown since
Napoleon executed 4 pigs, 3 hens, the expulsion of Jones and it is Local Horse Boxer
a goose, 3 sheep, and many more
animals who admitted to having
now worse, because it is Murdered
happening amongst ourselves.
committed crimes. Some of these Since jones had left the farm,
crimes were as minor as eating one until today, no animal had killed More corruption of our leader has
extra ear of corn, and some were another animal. (Orwell 85). We been exposed after the obvious
as major as working with Jones yet have strayed so far from the murder of local horse, Boxer.
no animal was shown mercy. This original belief of animalism, yet Boxer was working on building
massacre began as an unexpected nobody seems to have noticed. the windmill when eyewitnesses
meeting one thursday afternoon, We have now disregarded our Muriel saw him collapse to the
Napoleon appeared in front of most important rule which was set ground. She immediately
everyone with his hounds who in place when we founded informed Clover and Clover ran
looked more agitated than ever. animalism, No animal should kill to where Boxer fallen. When she
People expected him to give a any other animal. (Orwell 25). had reached where he had fallen,
speech or address a problem on the Napoleon gave no trial and no she found him lying on the
farm, however Instead of speaking mercy, these animals were murdered, ground with blood running from
Napoleon let out a squeal and all yet nobody will do anything about it. his mouth, but still alive. It is
of his bloodthirsty dogs leaped The four pigs murdered also believed that his lung had
forward and grabbed four pigs happened to be the same four pigs collapsed from exhaustion and he
from the crowd and drug them who protested the abolishment of the was immediately cared for as
back. Napoleon ordered that they sunday meetings. What was most much as they could and put in his
were to confess their crimes and odd about them was their confession. stall to recover. Our leader
immediately they all admitted to Each pig confessed to being in
Napoleon told the people that a
being in contact with snowball and contact with Snowball and to
collaborating with him on destroying veterinarian would arrive in the
helping him hand over the farm to next few days to bring Boxer to a
the windmill, which was obviously
Fredricks. They also said that destroyed by the wind but yet they Hospital and give him the care he
Snowball was helping jones from claimed Snowball did it just like needed. Boxer remained in his
the very beginning. They were Napoleon. After the executions, all stall for the next three days while
then executed on the spot in front once great land. These strategies of propaganda
the rest of the animals continued are being used to persuade us into
to work on the windmill. Local
Horse and good friend of Boxer, believing that napoleon is a great
Clover, says that Boxer Intended Squealer Feeds the and powerful leader, when in
to devote the rest of his life to reality he is a tyrant.
learning the remaining twenty-two public Lies
letters of the alphabet. (Orwell 25).
But onn the third day Boxer had been Local Man Leaves
in his stall, it was reported that a Squealer is a well known pig Bad Tip
buggy with the words Alfred around animal farm, most known for
Simmonds, Horse Slaughterer and his speaking on behalf of Napoleon.
Glue Boiler, Willingdon. Dealer in But if you take a closer look at
Hides and Bone-Meal. written on the A local man at Harbaugh's left a
squealer, you will start to realize the
side, picked up Boxer and drove off. tip that was, Not to good
puppet that he is. Napoleon rarely
Animals trailed behind it screaming shows himself in public or speaks to reported sources yesterday
for Boxer to get out and kick the door the people, it always squealer. evening. The man, who was out
open, but he was unable to do to his Squealer has been delivering eating breakfast with his family,
injury. After all of this Napoleon gave Napoleons wishes and making us has been described as tall with
the unconvincing excuse that the believe that Napoleon is a much dark hair and a face that looks like
buggy had actually been bought from better leader than he is. He has he wants to ruin somebodys day,
the slaughterhouse by the hospital and twisted the truth, altered the record as reported by the waitress who
that it Just hadn't been painted over of past events, and flat out lied to us had served him that morning. I
yet. The animals excepted this all for the sake of keeping had been a pretty good server,
explanation without even giving it Napoleon's name great. Squealer has
any further thought. It didn't seem as said Molly Grey, the unlucky
used a number of glittering
though Napoleon would have any waitress, I only messed up two
generalities, such as giving Napoleon
reason to send Boxer to the knackers credit that he doesnt deserve. This peoples drinks, and i thought i
until just yesterday when a grocers happened when the battle for the deserved at least a 15% tip The
van with Willingdon written on the farm ended with Frederick.the battle man left a $2.50 tip for a family
side arrived with a crate of whiskey had been won by the valiant fighting meal that cost a little over $40.
for the pigs. Napoleon had exchanged of the animals here on the farm, but
boxer for whiskey since he lacked the as we stood on the land Frederick
money needed to pay for it. Before had taken from us, squealer gave all
the shipment had arrived however, the credit to Napoleon saying,
Squealer had appeared in front of the Thanks to the leadership of
animals and spoke of how Napoleon Comrade Napoleon - we have won
had paid for all the special care and every inch of it back again! (Orwell
medicine needed to treat Boxers 105) Squealer has also used several
injuries without even thinking of the associations such as when he said
cost, but that it hadn't been enough to Signs show the man is probably at
that it wasn't snowball that had
save Boxer. He said that Boxer had his house right now, plotting
attacked Jones in the first battle, but
died. Napoleon appeared himself the that it was Napoleon. This is an another attack on a different
next sunday meeting and gave an obvious lie since we had actually restaurant. It is unknown which
oration of Boxer, and claimed that witness the event, yet animals still establishment he will be at, but
they had not been able to return the believe Squealer. He has also created eyewitness reports that he looks
remains of boxer to the farm, but that a euphoria by crediting Comrade like the kind of guy to eat at long
there would be a great wreath made in Napoleon for every good thing that john silvers so we have posted
honor of him. Napoleon has filled this happens on the farm. Things as several reporters there waiting to
once great farm with lies and simple as a sunny day are being get the scoop on the situation.
deception, and we must end this credited to Napoleon. All When asked why She thought he
tyranny before it brings an end to our
would leave such a poor tip the
man's wife, whose name has been
kept anonymous, said I had no
idea he was even capable of doing
such a thing. Just the thought
sends shivers down my spine
Several eyewitnesses reported
that they saw him leave only
dimes and quarters on the table as
he left. However it is unknown
whether or not this is true.