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Portfolio Introduction

HDFS 421
Breawn Colen
Throughout my time in the HDFS 421 Assessment of Young Children course I have

learned a lot of useful information that I plan to utilize throughout my professional career. There

were many assignments that helped me gain knowledge on different forms of assessments. In

doing so I gained the understanding I need to execute assessment successfully and get the most

out of my teaching experience. Assessments are a very important part of giving children a quality

education and ensuring that they reach their full potential. Conducting assessments not only

helps improve your students but also helps improve your teaching, the environment and your

overall classroom experience.

In general assessments are used to screen, plan, monitor, diagnose, and evaluate. There

are tremendous benefits to be gained for young children by engaging them in assessment

(Dr.Vallotton, 2017). By efficiently assessing children you are ensuring that the activities and

program they are actively engaged in are promoting developmental growth. If it is not done

thoughtfully, there are risks to assessment that jeopardize the best interest of children

(Dr.Vallotton, 2017). There are many different forms of assessment so it is important to grasp a

clear understanding on what each assessment can help you evaluate and plan accordingly.

The purpose of this course is to provide students with the proper information they need

on assessments. Seeing as though assessment are an imperative part of health related, child

development and medical settings it is important to have ample information on how to conduct

them and get the most out of your results. This course introduces different forms of assessments

used on children and guides you on how to implement them appropriately. This portfolio serves

as a testimony to display how Ive learned how to utilize the information that was given to me

and improve in implementing the skills.

Portfolio Introduction
HDFS 421
Breawn Colen

Vallotton, D. (2017, September 14). Why We Assess Children I: Purposes of Assessment .
Lecture presented at HDFS 421 in MSU Union, East Lansing.