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Take Control of your

Blood Pressure
Cro works to improve the quality of life for
all through the prevention and control of
heart disease, stroke, diabetes and obesity.

Our specialist health team equip people

with lifesaving skills; provide rapid
access cardiac diagnostics; and develop
and deliver innovative cardiovascular
health care in the areas of prevention and
rehabilitation, helping thousands of people
throughout the region make measurable
improvements to their cardiovascular
health and wellbeing.

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Blood Pressure and your body 2

What is Blood Pressure? 2

How do I know if I have

high Blood Pressure?

What causes high Blood Pressure? 4

What should my Blood Pressure be? 4

How can I reduce my Blood Pressure? 5

Blood Pressure medications 9

Blood Pressure

Blood Pressure and What is

your body Blood Pressure?

High blood pressure has many Blood pressure is the force

harmful effects on the body. It of blood against the walls of
increases the risk of having a heart the arteries when the heart
attack or stroke. contracts. Everyone has blood
pressure. While a certain amount
By taking control of your blood
of pressure is needed to keep
pressure you can make a positive
the blood flowing, this pressure
step towards reducing your overall
can increase if the blood meets
risk of developing cardiovascular
resistance in the arteries. Blood
flowing through the arteries
Ireland has one of the highest at high pressure can damage
incidence rates of Stroke and artery walls. If this pressure
Coronary Artery Disease in Europe, is persistently high, this is
with one in seven of all Irish adults called high blood pressure or
having high blood pressure. High hypertension.
blood pressure can cause silent
High blood pressure is a sign that
damage to the blood vessels and
the heart and blood vessels are
the heart. If left untreated the
being overworked.
damage may progress and result in
a stroke or a heart attack.

Blood pressure is recorded as two numbers

The systolic pressure is the pressure exerted on the arteries
when the heart is beating.
The diastolic pressure is the pressure present in the arteries
when the heart relaxes between beats.
Blood pressure is expressed as the systolic pressure over the
diastolic pressure. For example, a blood pressure measurement of
120/80 is expressed as 120 over 80.

How do I know if I have High Blood Pressure?

Take control of your Blood Pressure

A consistent blood pressure reading of 140/90 mmHg
or higher is considered high blood pressure.
You may not know you have high blood pressure, as usually there are no
warning signs or symptoms. The only way to know if your blood pressure
is high, is to have it checked by your GP. Therefore, it is very important to
have your blood pressure checked once a year.

Initial assessment: Repeat assessment:

Having your blood pressure Most doctors will diagnose a person
measured is quick and easy, and with high blood pressure on the
can be done by your doctor or basis of a number of readings.
nurse. However sometimes your GP may
recommend 24 hour blood pressure
Blood pressure is measured
monitoring. If so:
using a special instrument called
a sphygmomanometer. This This monitor must be worn for 24
involves a cuff being wrapped hours and will inflate and check
around your arm just above the your blood pressure every half
elbow, which is then inflated. hour.
Automatic blood pressure
Your blood pressure will vary
monitors are commonly used. In
at different times of the day
these cases the blood pressure
depending on your activity levels,
reading appears on a small
therefore it is important to carry
out your normal daily activities
Blood pressure is just one of the while wearing the monitor.
risk factors for heart disease or
This method of blood pressure
stroke, therefore your doctor
monitoring is particularly good
may decide to do some extra
for patients who only experience
blood and urine tests to identify
high blood pressure when they
other risk factors that
visit the doctors surgery. This is
you may have.
called white coat hypertension.
Blood pressure can rise when a
person is nervous or anxious.

Blood Pressure

What causes High Blood What should my Blood

Pressure? Pressure be?

In the majority of people there is It is very important to know the

no single clear cause of high blood recommended target level for
pressure. However, there are a blood pressure.
number of factors that contribute
to high blood pressure. These
include: Target Level
Family history of high blood Less than 140/90 mmHg*
Age (as you grow older, blood
pressure tends to rise). If you have Diabetes, Heart
Disease, Kidney Disease, or if you
Being overweight.
have had a Stroke your doctor may
A high intake of sodium (salt) prescribe a lower target level.
in the diet.
To help you track your blood
Physical inactivity.
pressure readings please contact
A high intake of alcohol. Cro for a copy of the Safe Heart
Ethnic Origin: people from Card.
African-Caribbean and South
Asian communities have
a higher predisposition to
developing high blood pressure.
In the remainder of people who
dont fit into the above category,
high blood pressure can arise as
a result of other diseases such as
a kidney disease, disorders of the
adrenal gland etc.

* These targets are based on European

Society of Cardiology Arterial Hypertension
Guidelines 2013.

How can I reduce my Consult with your GP/Nurse to

Take control of your Blood Pressure

set realistic achievable goals for
Blood Pressure? weight reduction.

Everyone can benefit from taking

measures to lower blood pressure. 10% weight reduction can
Even if you have a healthy blood lower your BP by
pressure you can still take steps to 10-20mmHg.
ensure it remains healthy.
The following lifestyle
modifications can help
Smoking can increase your
significantly lower your blood
pressure: risk of developing high
Maintain a healthy weight Blood Pressure!
Stop smoking If you smoke, stop! Smoking is
Reduce salt intake another major risk factor for heart
disease and stroke. Once you quit,
Drink alcohol in moderation
your risk of having a heart attack
Increase fruit and vegetables will be halved within two years.
Become more physically active There are lots of different methods
Try to manage stress to help make quitting easier.
Consult with your GP/Nurse to see
what is suitable for you.
Maintain a healthy weight
It is well researched that being Reduce your salt intake
overweight can lead to an
increased risk of high blood If everyone in Ireland reduced
pressure. Maintaining a well salt intake by half a teaspoon
balanced diet can considerably (2.4 grams per day), this could
reduce your blood pressure. prevent approximately 900 deaths
Losing as little as 10% of excess each year from stroke and heart
weight can lower blood pressure. disease.

Being overweight is also a risk

factor for heart disease and

Blood Pressure

People in Ireland take too much

salt and this is directly linked
to high blood pressure. It is the
sodium in salt that affects blood
Tips for cutting down on your
salt intake
Do not add salt to your food at
the table.
Avoid adding salt to food while
Cut down on processed foods
that are generally high in salt.
Increase your intake of
Try flavouring your foods with
fruit and vegetables
pepper, spices or herbs as
alternatives to salt. High blood pressure can be
Sea salt, rock salt, garlic salt reduced by following a healthy
and table salt all have the same eating plan that is high in fruit
sodium content. and vegetables. Adults should
eat at least 5 pieces of fruit and
vegetables every day. Buy lots of
fruit and vegetables in a variety of
Many food labels show the
sodium value, rather than
the salt value. To calculate Fruits and vegetables have been
the salt value multiply the significantly proven to help
sodium value by 2.5. prevent diseases such as heart
disease and stroke.
For more information on healthy
eating contact Cro for a copy of
The Balanced Guide to Healthy
Eating booklet.

Drink alcohol in Become more physically

Take control of your Blood Pressure

moderation active
Excessive alcohol consumption Being physically active is one of the
is associated with high blood most important steps you can take
pressure. It can harm the liver, to prevent or control high blood
brain and heart. Many people find pressure. It also helps to reduce
that their blood pressure improves your overall risk of heart disease.
when they decrease their alcohol Aim for a minimum of 150 minutes
consumption. of moderate intensity aerobic
activity per week. One way of
Alcohol is measured in units. The
achieving this is a 30 minute brisk
recommendations for both men
walk 5 days per week.
and women are shown below.
Tips for being more active:
Men Use the stairs instead
Maximum 17 units over 1 of an elevator.
7 days
Get off the bus one or
2 two stops earlier.
Women Park your car at the far
Maximum 11 units over 3 end of the car park.
7 days
Remember any activity that
4 leaves you warm and slightly
1 UNIT OF ALCOHOL out of breath is good!

pint of beer

a small glass of wine


1 pub measure of spirits

Blood Pressure

Taking a brisk walk every

day for 30 mins can reduce
your BP by 4-7mmHg.

Try to manage your stress

Anxiety and stress may raise your Try to develop methods of coping
blood pressure in the short term. with stress that you can practice
This is a normal response and anywhere, a way of switching
healthy blood vessels can cope off for 5-10 minutes. Relaxation
with these changes. However, if exercises can help to release brain
your blood pressure is raised for chemicals that act as your bodys
long periods of time due to stress, natural brain tranquilizers, helping
this will eventually damage the to lower blood pressure, heart rate
walls of your arteries. and anxiety levels.

Blood Pressure medications

Take control of your Blood Pressure

If lifestyle changes alone are
not effective in keeping your Remember, do not stop
blood pressure controlled, it taking your medication
may be necessary to combine without seeking the advice
these changes with taking blood of your doctor.
pressure medications. Once you
have been prescribed medication,
you normally have to take this
medication for life. For some people blood pressure
can be difficult to control and
When prescribing medication your therefore it not unusual to have
doctor has a large selection of blood your medication dose adjusted or
pressure medications to choose to have to try several medications
from. While there is no one drug before you find the one that works
better than another, your Doctor for you. Your blood pressure
will prescribe the medication medication may also be changed
most suited to you based on your to a generic brand, which has the
medical history. same ingredients and works in the
Blood pressure medications have same way, but is less expensive.
few side effects and if they are to For blood pressure lowering
occur, they will usually happen in medication to be most effective,
the first few months of taking them. you must continue to make
If you think you are experiencing lifestyle changes.
side effects or if you have any
concerns about your medication it It is important to understand your
is important to discuss these with medication, so please take time
your GP immediately, as there are to read the patient information
alternative options. leaflet with your medications and
to discuss any queries that you
may have with your GP, Nurse or

Blood Pressure

Advice for taking your Blood Pressure medications

Take the medicines exactly as Always keep a list of your
prescribed by your doctor. medication in your wallet.
Take your medication regularly Do not stop taking your
and at the same time every day. medication without consulting
with your doctor first.
Make sure you do not run out of
tablets. If you develop a reaction or
an allergy to your medication,
If you are going on holidays,
contact your doctor
do not forget to bring your
medication. Always carry your
medication in your hand luggage
just in case your luggage gets lost!

For more information on blood pressure

medication, please contact Cro for
a copy of the Advice for Patients on
Heart Medications booklet.

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