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Republic of the Philippines)

City of Cabadbaran)S.S

I, JEAN VINATERO UNABIA of legal age, with residential address at
Palanas, Damulaan, Albuera, Leyte and home address at P-2A Brgy. Soriano,
Cabadbaran City, Agusan del Norte, after being sworn to in accordance with
the law do hereby depose the following:

1. That I have been employed at Rural Bank of Cabadbaran with business

address at Cabiltes St. cor. Garame St., Brgy 1, Cabadbaran City,
Agusan del Norte;
2. That the period of my employment was from September 2002 to October
3. That I can no longer secure a Certificate of Employment due to the
reason that the Rural Bank of Cabadbaran was already closed for
Rehabilitation sometime on year 2016 by the Philippine Deposit
Insurance Corporation ( PDIC);
4. That I have No Pending Criminal, Civil or Administrative Case filed
against me;
5. That I am executing this Affidavit of Employment to attest to the truth of
the foregoing to support my application for my job application before any
government agencies.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto affixed my signature this

________________ day of ___________ 2017 at Cabadbaran City, Agusan del
Norte, Philippines.



SUBSCRIBED AND SWORN to before me this __________ day of October

2017, affiant exhibiting before me her Identification Card________________ at
Cabadbaran City, Agusan del Norte, Philippines.

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