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Final Project American Literature 11 Fall Semester

Research and find your own idea of an iconic American image. Create a three minute PowerPoint Presentation
that identifies the tone of the image, the significant historical event the image represents, and what made the
image iconic. Submit your PowerPoint presentation to Schoology and present findings in front of the class on
the day of Finals.

1. Intro:
How will you grab the audiences attention to begin your presentation?
How is this topic historically relevant for most Americans?
Thesis Statement:
Why did this image become iconic?

2. Argument:
Provide a brief background of the significant historical event the image represents
Identify the tone of the photo by analyzing specific elements of the photo and using them as evidence to
show how you came to that conclusion
Analysis should explain how the tone of the image supports your argument (thesis statement)
General Tips:
1. Presentation should have a minimum of 3 - 4 sources:
(1) Iconic Image
(2 3) sources that provide research on the significant historical event and additional information
on the image and/or what made the image iconic

2. PowerPoint should have:

a. Title Slide with:
i. Title for your Presentation
ii. Name
iii. Date
iv. Period
b. Parenthetical Citations on each slide
c. Works Cited Slide at the end of the presentation

3. Submit PowerPoint to Schoology on: _____________________________________________________

(Date varies based on scheduled Final Exam Date)