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Student Outcomes Performance Evaluation Exceeds Meets Below Not Score Equivalent
Indicators Criteria Expectations Expectations Expectations Acceptable Weight
(4) (3) (2) (1)

k. Ability to use k.1. Demonstrate Use of software Chosen the most Chosen the Performed the No tools used in
techniques, skills, skills in the use for the recent software appropriate manual graphing the presentation
and modern of modern presentation and for the software for the for the and analysis of
engineering tools engineering analysis of data presentation and presentation and presentation and data.
necessary for tools and (8%) analysis of data. analysis of data. analysis of data.
engineering practice. techniques
necessary for
b. Ability to design b.1. Design Experimental Experimental Experimental Experimental Missing several
and conduct procedures to procedure procedures are procedures are procedures are important
experiments, as well obtain data (8%) well-written in written in written in experimental
as analyze and through paragraph format, paragraph format, paragraph format, details or not
interpret data. experiments all experimental important with missing some written in
according to details are well- experimental important paragraph format
standard detailed. details are experimental
protocol. covered, some details
minor details
b.2. Analyze Analysis of data All important Results have been Some of the Incorrect
data from (24%) trends and data correctly results have been interpretation of
experiments comparisons have interpreted and correctly trends and
conducted. been interpreted discussed, only interpreted and comparison of
correctly and minor discussed; partial data indicating a
discussed, good improvements are but incomplete lack of
understanding of needed understanding of understanding of
results is results is still results
conveyed evident
b.3. Interpret All figures, All figures, Figures, graphs, Figures, graphs,
results from Data presentation graphs, tables are graphs, tables are tables are OK, tables contain
experiments and interpretation correctly correctly drawn, missing some errors or are
conducted. (24%) presented, but some have important or poorly
numbered and minor problems or required features.constructed, have
contain could still be missing titles,
titles/captions improved captions or
with appropriate numbers, units
units. missing or
incorrect, etc.
g. Ability to g.1. Prepare Abstract/ Abstract contains Abstract lacks one Abstract lacks Abstract does not
communicate written Summary all components of the components some components contain the
effectively. documents (12%) (Objectives, (Objectives, (Objectives, components and
according to Methods, Methods, Methods, is not properly
technical Significant Significant Significant written.
specification. findings, and findings, and findings, and
Conclusion) and Conclusion) and Conclusion) and
properly written. properly written. properly written
Introduction All sections are in All sections are in Sections are not in Sections out of
(8%) order, well- order and well order and not order, sloppy
formatted, very formatted but properly formatted formatting.
readable. could still be but readable.
Conclusions and Conclusions have Conclusions have Conclusions have Conclusions did
Recommendation answered point answered some answered some not answer point
(8%) by point all the points in the point in the by point all the
research research research research
questions/objecti questions/objectiv questions/objectiv questions/objecti
ves with es with es but no ves and no
recommendations recommendation. recommendation. recommendation.
d. ability to function d.1. Contribute Teamwork Everybody Seventy-five Fifty percent of Less than fifty
on multidisciplinary ideas and skills dynamics (8%) contributed ideas percent of the the members of percent of the
teams as part of a and skills in the members of the the team members
multidisciplinary activity. team contributed contributed ideas contributed ideas
team. ideas and skills in and skills in the and skills in the
the activity. activity. activity.