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A four (4) block multi-occupancy residential building has the following loading.

i. 8770A for the residents apartments per block

ii. Owners load on each block 220 A
iii. Owners load on the complex 270 A

The Supply system consists of:

i. 1 PH, 3W, 220V supply for the occupants

ii. 3 PH, 4W, 220V supply for the owners load per block
iii. 3 PH, 4W, 220V supply for the owners load on the complex
iv. Each block is supplied from its own pad mounted transformer
v. Owners load on each block is fed from pole mounted transformer
vi. Owners load on the premises is fed from pole mounted transformer

a. Complete a one line diagram designof the entire power distribution of the complex using JS21


An office has the following features:

I. Dimensions: 65m x 35m

II. Special purpose 120V outlets @ 700 W: 10
III. 125 kVA UPS
IV. Aircon. Two (2) each with: 1 compressor 50 kW, 3 PH, 208 V, 90% p. f. 90% eff.

2 fans 10 kW, 3 PH, 208 V, 90% p. f. 90 eff.

Using the NEC Standard to perform the following aspects of the electrical design of the office.

a. Calculate the current demand.

b. Select an appropriate supply system with which the utility company will supply and metre power
for the office.
c. Describe how the power will be distributed within the office.
d. Select all the conductors and circuit breakers to be used in the installation.

Question 3

The following represents calculations that were completed on a commercial complex in Jamaica using a
220 v system for both single and three phase.
Complete the following using the method of having single phase loads separated from three phase
loads: (JS21 method only)

a. Power requirement inclusive of transformer/s sizes for the complex.

b. How the power will be distributed along with panel arrangement and metering arrangement for
the complex.
c. Draw one line diagram of the complex providing full emergency supply to the 110 kVA customer
and 75% emergency supply to the others.


1 2 3
110 kVA, 3 ph 1
95 kVA, 3 ph 3
75 kVA, 3 ph 3
30 kVA. 3 ph 5
40 kVA, 1 ph 5
20 kVA, 1 ph 10