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3. There is a strong economic case for this reclamation project, according to MGDC.

disagrees and points reasons why the costs of the development outweighs its benefits, and in
particular arguing that it is a needless development.

Although the goal of the entertainment city that will be build on top of the proposed area to be
reclaimed is to boost tourism. And along with the boost of tourism comes more job opportunities and
economic growth. But it will greatly affect negatively the present and existing establishments and
landmarks near the area. Manila doesnt need new attractions for tourist. It already has existing tourist
spots that needs improvement. Anything that can destruct the environment is not to be considered as a
tourist attraction. Manila is due for redeveloping and revitalizing but it doesnt have to be in the way of
putting up another reclaimed area to attract more tourist and for more economic growth. The proposed
reclamation will just add to the existing problem of flooding. It just creates the plug from the city. It is an
ambitious project that can destroy the marine life and biodiversity present in the manila bay the MGDC
alleged that there is no marine life at the proposed site. But environmentalist concluded that there is a
small variety of marine life at the site. If it is enriched and supported it may give livelihood to fisherfolks
in Manila bay.

Source: Pia Ranada, February 1, 2013


The budget being used for the reclamation comes from the fund of the government and peoples tax.
The local government says that it will boost and generate more jobs for the people. Also, it will generate
more revenue for the government to be used for the citys social program. Which is not visible and
alleged to be a ghost project that will only fatten the pockets of the corrupt officials.