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Tutor(s) Level 2 LP Ref Industry-Wk5T2

Subject/Unit Unit 8 - Performing Arts Industry Course/Qualification - Level 2 Certificate in
Performing Arts
Date/Time 28/11/17 Location No. of Learners on No. of Learners Present
11:45-1:00pm Theatre
The class consists of 5 females, 1 male and 1 gender fluid student. One of the students has
cerebral palsy but is encouraged to partake in as much physical work as possible and to
independently find alternatives if required. However, the tutor is available if she needs
assistance (she also has a V.I - yellow paper is needed.) This session is working towards the
criteria needed to complete Unit 8 (Performing Arts Industry) for their level 2 certificate in
Performing Arts.
Learning Aims
To identify the purpose of 3rd sector funding.
Learning Outcomes
ALL students will be able to:
Recall 3 3rd sector funding organisation.
MOST students will be able to:
Restate the application process for a 3rd sector funding organisation.
SOME students will be able to:
Build a detailed investigation report on their 3rd sector funding organisation.
Development of Maths/English/ICT
ICT- Displaying information in alternative formats.
English- Anagrams.
Maths- Addition and sorting of data..
Any naturally occurring opportunities to further embed Math/English/ICT should be utilised
where possible.
Positive Promotion of Equality and Diversity
A safe and efficient learning space will be provided. Students will have the opportunity to receive
feedback during the learning process. More able students will be given the opportunity to give
their ideas for feedback to peers. Students will be encouraged to have discussions about
naturally occurring examples of equality and diversity.
Additional Support (ALS)
Daniel Brown - Eleanor requires a scribe and all printing on yellow paper. Encourage reaching of personal
targets found on her ECHP.

Time Learning Activities Assessment Resources

Lesson Introduction
5 Mins On arrival students are to rearrange the letters of -Teacher 1 x whiteboard
Private/Public Funding to create the longest word observation 1 x Whiteboard
possible. Students get 3 points for words over 6 letters. -Student led pen
2 points for words between 4 and 6. demonstration 1x projector
1 for less than 4 letters. 1x computer

*Embedding maths and English* (students are to

provide pens &
5 Mins Recap the difference between Private and Public -Student led
funding. Students are to make 2 facts about both and snowballing
then share them with another, this repeats in a snowball
10 Mins Outline what are 3rd Sector Funding agencies. -Teacher led
E.g. Trusts and foundations. lecture
Ask students to think-pair-share their answers. -Think-pair-

45 Mins In pairs, look for more information about third sector -Completion of 7x Laptops
funding. Students should identify different organisations, padlet column
and then investigate how to apply to them, what area -Teacher
they specialise in (productions, performers, theatres, observation
etc.), the minimum/maximum amounts available, and -Think-pair-
the application process. Visit the following links for the share.
names of some important third sector funds. Write these -Student led-
up in the students own words. discovery
5 Mins Students are to pick a number from the PowerPoint and -Student led Review
answer the appropriate question, not repeating a feedback. PowerPoint,
previous students point.