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Tutor(s) Daniel Brown Level 1, 2 & 3 LP Ref RC_2

Subject/Unit Rock Choir Course/Qualification Enrichment
Date/Time 15/11/17 Location No. of Learners on Register No. of Learners Present
3:15-4:30pm Media Studio

The students from a variety of courses on a variety of levels. They are learning a range of music
theory elements alongside musical numbers for the end of year awards show. Some students
are on a performing arts or music course and will have more experience than others. The
students are diverse in their strengths regarding singing and theoretical knowledge. One student
has cerebral palsy but is encouraged to partake in as much physical work as possible and to
independently find alternatives if required. However, the tutor is available if she needs
assistance (she also has a V.I - yellow paper is needed.)
Learning Aims
To explore 4 of the 7 elements of music and begin rehearsing Where is My Mind?.
Learning Outcomes
ALL students will be able to:
Partake in the rehearsal process and recall 2 elements of music.
MOST students will be able to:
Define 2 elements of music and what they do.
SOME students will be able to:
Partake fully in the rehearsal process and move on to at least 1 stretch and challenge task in the
Development of Maths/English/ICT
ICT- Questioning previous knowledge, finding audio recordings and finding information online.
Maths- Fractions, Multiplication and addition.
English- Understanding written maths questions, adjectives, mnemonics, usage of the alphabet
and spelling of subject specific vocabulary.
Any naturally occurring opportunities to further embed Math/English/ICT should be utilised
where possible.
Positive Promotion of Equality and Diversity
A safe and efficient rehearsal space will be provided. Students will have the opportunity to
receive feedback during the rehearsal process. More able students will be given the opportunity
to give their ideas for the piece. There will be a change of activities frequently, so each student
has the chance to do the part they feel they are better in. The carousel has an element that
looks at ethnomusicology, there is also the chance for discussion on the musical heritage of
todays popular music.
Additional Support (ALS)
Students are to bullet point a statement that defines each element of music and find the names
of the missing elements.

Time Learning Activities Assessment Resources

Lesson Introduction
10 Mins Students are to complete the Kahoot quiz whilst the -Teacher 1 x Computer
teacher sets up the carousel lesson. (dbrown login) observation 1 x Projector
Correct errors as they occur. -Directed 1 x whiteboard
Talk through the final kahoot question to check the Questioning 1 x Whiteboard
numbers. If there are 3 quartets, 2 sextets and a duet pen
at a concert, how many musicians are performing?
**Embedding ICT, (Questioning previous Students are to
knowledge) Maths (Multiplication and addition) and provide mobile
English (Understanding written maths questions)** phones.
3x4 = 12
2x6 = 12 12+12+2 = 26
1x2 = 2

If a student doesnt have a mobile phone, they are to

pair up.
3 Mins Put the learning outcomes and a timer on the board.
Explain the learning outcomes to the students to ensure
their understand the aim for the session
2 Mins Students are put into 5 groups. Today the students will -Teacher led
carousel between the 5 activities exploring the elements discussion.
of music. One of the activities is not an element of
music and the students are to keep note of which one
they believe it to be to report back at the end of the
session. After 5 minutes on each section the students
will moving on to the next activity and recap at the end
as a group. Teacher is to check before each group
moves onto the S&C Task.
5 min - Rhythm - Create a 4 bar rhythm in 4/4 time. S&C Task: -Teacher -Cardboard box
Activity 1 complete a 6 bar rhythm in 3/4 time. observation values.
-Student led -Question Card
**Embedding Maths (Fractions)** practical (Students
-Teacher led provide rock
Teacher to check for use of bar lines and breaking total feedback. choir booklets
rhythmic length. and pens)
5 min - Tempo Students are to use the information provided -Teacher -Question Card
Activity 2 to create a table describing the tempo of 2 pop songs of observation -Mobile Phones
their choosing. S&C Task: Find and add 1 song -Student led -Headphones
in each of the following genres to the table: Rap, research (Students
Baroque, Ska, Jazz and thrash metal. -Teacher led provide rock
feedback. choir booklets
**Embedding ICT (finding audio recordings online) and pens)
and Maths (Presenting information in a table)**

Teacher to check that a table has been accurately

completed before S&C task.
5 min - Timbre & Tonality Students are to use adjectives to -Teacher -Question Card
Activity 3 describe the tonality and timbre of Tomorrow Never observation -Mobile Phones
Knows by The Beatles. S&C Task: -Student led -Headphones
The students are to choose a song of their own and exploration (Students
describe it again. -Teacher led provide rock
**Embedding English (Adjectives)** choir booklets
and pens)
Teacher to check only adjectives are being used,
identify and give positive feedback for more obscure
5 min - Pitch Students are to complete the cross word using -Teacher -Question Card
Activity 4 the notes of the treble clef. S&C Task: Create a observation -Cross Word
mnemonic to help remember the notes on a treble clef -Completion of Worksheets
then complete the bass code breaker worksheet. worksheets -Code breaker
-Teacher led worksheets
**Embedding English (Mnemonics)** feedback.
provide rock
choir booklets
and pens)
5 min - Style Students are to find and name a musical style -Teacher -Question Card
Activity 5 beginning with each letter of the alphabet. observation -A-Z Worksheet
They may use their mobile phones to find 5 but must -Completion of -Mobile Phones
mark these as such. S & C Task: They are then to name worksheets
2 from every continent. -Teacher led (Students
feedback. provide rock
**Embedding English, (Alphabet usage & spelling) choir booklets
E&D (Music of different cultures) and ICT (Finding and pens)
information online.) **

Teacher to give positive feedback on obscure genres

3 min - Students are to think-pair-share and write 1 line defining -Think-pair- 40
recap each activity and the one they believe is not an element. share.
They are then to feed this back to the class. (Style is not -Student led
a formal element of music.) feedback.
5 Min- Begin vocal warm ups scales, arpeggios and finally -Tutor -Chairs
the cup song. observation -1x Keyboard
-peer and tutor
feedback. (Students
provide rock
choir booklets
and pens)
10Mins Break down each line of the piece syllabically in 8 bar -Teacher
chunks. Vocal line by vocal line. observation
Then pairings Soprano with men, Alto with Men. -Peer
Then all together. demonstration
Encourage students to be self-reflective and identify -Group self-
areas for improvement as the session progresses. assessment
10 Mins Teacher led feedback and run through with the backing -Teacher led 1x Computer
track. Encourage good behaviours and ensure all feedback 1x Projector
students receive at least one positive comment.
5 Mins Explain the homework task and allow students to review Student led
if they have met the learning outcomes on a scale of 1- feedback.
10. 10 being they completed all 3. Students are to
identify one way in which they can improve.