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1. INTRODUCTION .................................................................................................................. 6
2. PERSONAL INFORMATION .............................................................................................. 6
3. RESUME ................................................................................................................................. 6
4. MIND CONTROL TECHNOLOGY .................................................................................. 15
4.1 FUNCTIONS DEVICES DESCRIPTION.................................................................................... 17
4.2 HACK TECHNIQUES APPLIED TO MIND CONTROL ............................................................... 21
4.3 PATENTES DE CONTROL MENTAL ......................................................................................... 22
4.3.1 US PATENT 4,717,343. Method of changing a persons behavior........................... 22
4.3.2 US PATENT 5,270,800. Subliminal message generator ........................................... 22
4.3.3 US PATENT 5,123,899. Method and system for altering consciousness ................. 23
4.3.4 US PATENT 4,877,027. Hearing system .................................................................. 23
4.3.5 US PATENT 6,011,991. Communication system and method including brain wave
analysis and/or use of brain activity....................................................................................... 23
4.3.6 US PATENT 4,858,612. Hearing device ................................................................... 23
4.3.7 US PATENT 3,951,134. Apparatus and method for remotely monitoring and altering
brain waves ............................................................................................................................ 23
4.3.8 US PATENT 5,159,703. Silent subliminal presentation system ............................... 24
4.3.9 US PATENT 5,507,291. Method and associated apparatus for remotely determining
information as to a persons emotional state.......................................................................... 24
4.3.10 US PATENT: US5629678. Implantable transceiver. Apparatus for Tracking
and Recovering Humans. ....................................................................................................... 24
4.3.11 US PATENT 5,539,705. Ultrasonic speech translator and communication
system 24
4.3.12 US PATENT 5,629,678. Personal tracking and recovery system ................. 24
4.3.13 US PATENT 5,760,692. Intra-Oral tracking device ..................................... 25
4.3.14 US PATENT 5,905,461. Global positioning satellite tracking device.......... 25
4.3.15 US PATENT 5,935,054. Magnetic excitation of sensory resonances .......... 25
4.3.16 US PATENT 6,006,188. Speech signal processing for determining
psychological or physiological characteristics using a knowledge base ................................ 25
4.3.17 US PATENT 6,017,302. Subliminal acoustic manipulation of nervous
systems 25
4.3.18 US PATENT 6,051,594. Methods and formulations for modulating the
human sexual response .......................................................................................................... 25
4.3.19 US PATENT 6,052,336. Apparatus and method of broadcasting audible
sound using ultrasonic sound as carrier ................................................................................. 26
5. DEVICES AND OPERATIONS ......................................................................................... 26
5.1 INSERTING DEVICES TO MY FAMILY .................................................................................... 26
5.1.1 Accident of my grandmother .................................................................................... 28
5.2 NOELIA ADN PORTERO AND BROTHERS............................................................................ 28
5.3 POSSIBLE MIND CONTROL OPERATIONS IN MADRID .......................................................... 29
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5.3.1 Javier Ruiz Sobrino and family ................................................................................. 30
5.3.2 Rubn Gonzlez Abad............................................................................................... 31
5.3.3 Rebeca Yanguas Pinilla ............................................................................................. 32
5.3.4 Jos Miguel Moreno Romero.................................................................................... 33
5.3.5 Ral Martnez Ruiz ................................................................................................... 35
5.3.6 Diana Barroso Jimnez ............................................................................................. 35
5.3.7 Paula Prez Bestilleiro .............................................................................................. 35
6.2 MENTAL CONTROL TESTS: AGAINST WILL ...................................................................... 37
6.2.1 Escaping from home between 1986 and 1987 .......................................................... 37
6.3 CONTROL AGAINST WILL: STOLE OBJECTS 1989 AND 1991................................................ 38
6.4 ONE TEST PER YEAR BETWEEN 1988 AND 2004 ................................................................... 38
6.4.1 Concrete test against will in 1997 ............................................................................. 38
6.5 COMMUNICATION AND ACTION CONTROL 1989-1990 ........................................................ 39
6.6 ACTION CONTROL, BASQUE COUNTRY / NAVARRA: 1997 .................................................. 39
6.7 SPEECH CONTROL. JANO REPORT? 1985-1987 ................................................................... 40
6.8.1 Control into dressing rooms in the school and sports teams 1987-1997 ................... 41
6.8.2 Dressing rooms at University 2000-2003 ................................................................. 41
6.9 CONTROL TO AVOID HIGH LEVEL SPORT 1989-1991 AND 2000........................................... 42
6.10 CONTROL TO AVOID FIGHTS 1995-2017 ............................................................................... 42
6.11 VISUALIZATION OF MENTAL CHARACTERISTICS ................................................................ 43
6.11.1 Mental characteristics: 1986-1994 ............................................................... 43
6.11.2 Psychopath in classroom 1990-1993 ............................................................ 43
6.12 TEST OF RESISTANCE TO STRESS: SUBSTANCES 1995-2002 ................................................ 44
6.13 WEAKENED SENTIMENTAL AND SEXUAL RELATIONSHIPS 1995-2007................................ 44
6.14 ALLOWED SEXUAL RELATIONSHIPS 1998 AND 2001 ........................................................... 45
6.14.1 First sexual relations 1998 ........................................................................... 45
6.14.2 Second girl with sex 2001 ............................................................................ 46
6.15 RESULT OF MY PSYCHOLOGY IN 2002.................................................................................. 46
7.1 SHOCK AND CONTROL: SHOCK DOCTRINE ...................................................................... 47
7.1.1 Main information ...................................................................................................... 47
7.1.2 Chronology and details of the operation ................................................................... 47 Day 0: ......................................................................................................... 47 Day 1 .......................................................................................................... 48
7.2 BEHAVIOR MODIFICATION: CONTROL OF THE NERVOUS SYSTEM ..................................... 49
7.2.1 Main information ...................................................................................................... 49
7.2.2 Chronology and details of the operation ................................................................... 49 Day 1: ......................................................................................................... 49 Main information ....................................................................... 49 Day 2 .......................................................................................................... 50 Main information ....................................................................... 50
7.3.1 Main information ...................................................................................................... 51
7.3.2 Chronology and details of the operation ................................................................... 51

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Day 0 .......................................................................................................... 51
Day 1 .......................................................................................................... 52
Day 2 .......................................................................................................... 52
Day 3 .......................................................................................................... 53
Day 4 .......................................................................................................... 55
Day 5 .......................................................................................................... 55
Day 6 .......................................................................................................... 56
Day 7 .......................................................................................................... 57
Day 9 .......................................................................................................... 58
Day 10 ...................................................................................................... 59
Day 11 ...................................................................................................... 59
Day 12 ...................................................................................................... 60
Day 13 ...................................................................................................... 60
7.4 IMPLANTING FALSE MEMORIES: SISTER RAPE.................................................................... 61
7.4.1 Chronology and details of the operation ................................................................... 62 Day 0 .......................................................................................................... 62 Day 1 .......................................................................................................... 62 Day 2 .......................................................................................................... 63
7.5 SUMMARY OF MONARCH PROGRAM OPERATIONS ............................................................. 63
8. SEXUAL TORTURE RECEIVED ..................................................................................... 64
8.1 CONTROL OF SEXUALITY IN ADOLESCENCE AND YOUTH ................................................... 64
8.2 SEXUAL ACTS ALLOWED BY CESID..................................................................................... 65
8.3 WITHOUT SEXUAL AND SENTIMENTAL RELATIONSHIPS ..................................................... 66
8.4 SEXUAL SODOMIZATIONS ..................................................................................................... 66
8.5 SEXUAL ABUSES (350) RECEIVED DURING COUPLE RELATIONSHIPS ................................. 67
8.6 SEXUAL ABUSES (600) DURING MASTURBATIONS ................................................................ 68
8.7 ELECTROMAGNETIC (2) RAPES............................................................................................ 68
8.8 FORCED SEXUAL ACTS 7-8 TIMES ........................................................................................ 69
8.9 SEXUAL HARASSMENT ......................................................................................................... 70
8.10 SENTIMENTAL RELATIONSHIPS ........................................................................................... 70
9. MENTAL TORTURE .......................................................................................................... 71
9.1 WITHOUT PRIVACY BETWEEN .............................................................................................. 71
9.2 HUMILIATION AND VEXATIONS ............................................................................................ 71
9.2.1 Forced to perform humiliating acts ........................................................................... 71
9.2.2 Tens of thousands of humiliations............................................................................. 72
9.3 THOUSANDS OF VEXATIONS ................................................................................................. 72
9.4 THREATS ............................................................................................................................... 72
9.5 EXPERIMENTAL PAVLOV NEUROSIS ON DISEASES............................................................... 73
9.6 E.L.F STIMULATION TO BLOCK THINKING .......................................................................... 74
9.8 CLOSED INTO A PSYCHIATRIC .............................................................................................. 76
9.9.1 Mobbing, Stalking, Neurosis and pressure at work .................................................. 77
9.9.2 Drugged with barbiturates and BZO ......................................................................... 78
9.9.3 Pederasty stalking ..................................................................................................... 78
9.9.4 Other stalking ............................................................................................................ 80
9.9.5 Dis-information, infiltration, pressure and stalking on surroundings ....................... 80
10. PHYSICAL TORTURE ....................................................................................................... 80
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10.1 TORTURE OVER THE DIGESTIVE SYSTEM ............................................................................ 80
10.2 MOLARS TORTURE................................................................................................................ 81
10.3 TORTURE OF JOINTS AND MUSCLES ..................................................................................... 82
10.3.1 Muscular and articular injuries..................................................................... 82
10.3.2 Tiredness or fatigue chronic ......................................................................... 82
10.4 TORTURE WITH BONE BREAKS............................................................................................. 82
10.4.1 Hand broken in forced accident ................................................................... 83
10.4.2 Broken toe .................................................................................................... 83
10.5 CARDIAC TORTURE .............................................................................................................. 83
10.5.1 Modification of breathing to influence heart rhythms.................................. 84
10.5.2 Electromagnetic arrhythmias in sports efforts.............................................. 84
10.5.3 Brutal heart torture ....................................................................................... 84
10.6 BRAIN TORTURE.................................................................................................................... 85
10.6.1 Burned brain with electromagnetism ........................................................... 85
10.6.2 Torture on brain and nerves.......................................................................... 85
10.6.3 Brain hematoma ........................................................................................... 85
10.7 IMMUNE SYSTEM .................................................................................................................. 85
11. OTHER ................................................................................................................................. 86
11.1 SPORT AND HOBBIES ............................................................................................................. 86
11.1.1 Sports ........................................................................................................... 86
11.1.2 Trips ............................................................................................................. 87
11.1.3 Relation ........................................................................................................ 87
11.2 STUDIES AND JOBS ................................................................................................................ 87
11.3 RESUME OF SPORT, HOBBIES AND WORK ............................................................................. 90
12.1 COMPLAINTS SUBMITTED .................................................................................................... 91
12.1.1 Courts of Plaza de Castilla (Madrid) 2008 ................................................... 91
12.1.2 Committee against Torture of the United Nations (CAT) ............................ 91
12.1.3 Courts of Plaza de Castilla (Madrid) 2017 ................................................... 92
12.2 REQUESTS FOR HELP AND INFORMATION ............................................................................ 92
12.3 OFFENSES COMMITTED BY THE SPANISH INTELLIGENCE SERVICE ................................... 97
12.4 FEATURES .............................................................................................................................. 97
12.4.1 Psychopathy ................................................................................................. 98
13. POSSIBLE HOMICIDES OR RELATED DEATHS ....................................................... 98
13.1 EARTHQUAKE OF LORCA ..................................................................................................... 99
13.2 MADRID FLOODING .............................................................................................................. 99
13.3 MARGARITA LVAREZ HERNNDEZ ................................................................................. 100
13.4 SAN MARTN AND TUDELA ................................................................................................. 101
13.5 BRUNO HERNNDEZ VEGA ................................................................................................ 103
13.6 ARONA BUILDING - LOS CRISTIANOS ................................................................................ 103
13.7 ALFREDO NIETO CENTENO................................................................................................ 104
13.8 SUICIDE OF NSTOR GC..................................................................................................... 105
13.9 GAS EXPLOSION AT PREMI DE MAR ................................................................................ 107
13.11 REINA NIGHTCLUB ATTACK................................................................................................ 108
13.12 ESTEBAN SANTIAGO RUIZ ..................................................................................... 109
13.13 ADRIANA.................................................................................................................. 110
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13.14 FIRE PEDROGAO GRANDE ...................................................................................... 110
13.15 ATTACK MANCHESTER ARENA .............................................................................. 111
13.16 BARCELONA ATTACK (BARCELONA, SPAIN) .......................................................... 112
13.17 JIHADIST ATTACK TURKU (FINLAND) .................................................................... 114
14. KNOWLEDGE AND ABILITIES FOR SECRET SERVICES ..................................... 115
14.1 KNOWLEDGE ........................................................................................................................ 115
14.1.1 Knowledge of geopolitics and intelligence services ................................... 115
14.1.2 Knowledge of torture and psychophysical torture with electronic devices . 115
14.1.3 Psychology of terrorism .............................................................................. 115
14.1.4 Psychopathy ................................................................................................ 116
14.1.5 Body, facial and eyes movement analysis ................................................... 116
14.1.6 Mind abilities analysis and personal psychology analysis .......................... 116
14.1.7 Analysis of information (best characteristic or skill) .................................. 116
14.1.8 Knowledge of coercive group psychology, authoritarianism, morality,
harassment 116
14.2 OWN PSYCHOLOGICAL CHARACTERISTICS ....................................................................... 116
14.2.1 IQ ................................................................................................................ 116
14.2.2 Resistance and resilience............................................................................. 117
14.2.3 Group .......................................................................................................... 117

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1. Introduction

I want to write about my own case of human experimentation by CESID and C.N.I from 1986 to the
present day for testing of communication devices "Brain-To-Brain-Link-Radio-Interface" or better known as
mental control devices. The devices are located into the brain itself (parietal nerves) and are better known as
"Synthetic telepathy" or "Artificial telepathy" and as Stimoceiver or nervous system control device.
Experimentation consists of psychological, physical and sexual torture.

Since years ago the own agents not only torture me but even they gave me information of
intelligence prior it occur, from terrorist attacks (analytic information of intelligence or even false flags
attacks), to suicides (very possibly induced by secret services) or deaths in strange circumstances, 178 deaths
with possible link with my operation.

2. Personal information

Name: Ruiz Sobrino, Javier

DNI: 51087279R

Date of birth: October 6, 1981

Gender: Male

Profession: analyst and developer of computer applications, the work that would perform under
normal conditions.

Telephone: 600760155

Passport: AHH-267236.

3. Resume

The Spanish intelligence service CESID carried out an implantation of brain devices of
psychophysical control more commonly known like mental control devices without consent or notice for
tests of experimentation with humans from at least the year 1988 and very possibly from the year 1986 or
before. Between about 1986 and 2002 the CESID executed on me operations of human experimentation of
mental control and from 2002 the C.N.I made operations of human experimentation of psychological,
physical and sexual torture.

The implantation of devices was done in a place unknown to me, It had to be being subconscious or
before the age of three years where the memories are not stored. The torture is executed continuously
because the transmission, I think, is by satellite (XStarEur and SpainSat) on band "X" or "Ka" and in places
without coverage like the subway I think are being used special police and military channels or even fits the
possibility of multiband devices as well as mobile equipment that can use the transmission frequencies (X,
Ka) on the devices to transmit on areas without coverage (military type devices in backpack or similar). Also
the frequencies E.L.F and U.L.F penetrate several kilometers into the ground. The transmission has been
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uninterrupted throughout "Europe" (Spain, Portugal, Italy, France, United Kingdom, Germany, Czech
Republic, Slovakia, Austria, Denmark, Switzerland, Norway, Rusia and even other airspace) as well as
outside the continent as in United States, Mexico, Turkey, Thailand, Cambodia, Syria, Israel, Egypt and
Morocco and in overhead airspace of countries.

From approximately 1986 to 2002, CESID test the "mind control" devices. The devices have the
control functionality for controlling the nervous system and Brain-To-Brain/Link-Interface or synthetic
telepathy communication. They were implanted without consent or advice.

Between 1986 and 2002 I suffered a loss of intimacy at the level of thought through the device
known as "synthetic telepathy"; loss of physical intimacy through visualization with retinas micro-cameras
or artificial telepathy for visual processing; loss of intimacy for listening of my conversations; loss of
intimacy at the level of body sense.

CESID use mind control devices to avoid acts of sexuality and sentimental relationships. In order
to justify the subsequent torture they have to generate a sensation of a strange person in some way, so agents
that could be said with psychopathic personality generate on disinformation operations ("handlers") false
proofs or information that enable torturers with second level of knowledge to torture without remorse, these
second level agents who would be more authoritarian profiles indoctrinated in following the order do not feel
torturing people who believe monsters or who believe they have done something terrible. Handlers whom
have a full level of information prepare false evidence or even make that the people under mind control
perform acts through mental control, so that agents with second level of knowledge believe that the torture
are justified. In reality we are chosen to receive mind control and torture by high than average mental
coefficient at least (possibility of experimentation, like hypnosis, pineal gland power), ability to imagine
genetically inherited or even to dissociate and ease of subconscious control: talking during sleep, ease of
hypnosis, high IQ, powerful imagination.

The sexual theme is one of the most used to generate operations of disinformation before the person
himself knows about the devices. The CESID carried out tests of mental control from childhood (1986) with
a few verifications, almost distributed temporarily (one per year approximately), to validate the state of mind
control and the devices, which were always rare acts, always against my usual desires, only one time each
type of act and that I did not repeat for the rest of my life. I was forced to perform these acts that also were a
test of the devices until the beginning of the mental control with open devices on January 6, 2005, until I
knew about the technology.

From 2002 to January 6, 2005 I received a "Monarch" operative, trauma-based mind control program
or sock and control operation. In these first three years of torture I did not know of the existence of such
technology into my body. The CESID generated an initial shock in an operation of shock doctrine or shock
and control by brutal cerebral electromagnetism at terribly intense levels, inducing me to use chemical
products that potentiate by a hundred every sensation or time of suffering (ecstasy, last time in my life,
unique time this year), electromagnetism on muscles to make both quadriceps and both twins were with a
cramp for four hours (without getting cramp), electromagnetism on the heart to 170 or 180 heart beats and
electromagnetic heart pressure until leaving the veins on garnet color and they appeared near to explode,
C.N.I cut communication with the rest of the people to be able to indicate my state with the device of control
of the nervous system and trying with the devices of artificial telepathy that I get crazy with theoretical angry
without base of reality (implanted with the synthetic telepathy device) on my surroundings until leaving me
in shock after it, I was on shock for weeks or even months.

After C.N.I got me in shock began operations of control: shock and control. The control was based
on the modification of the behavior at the gestural level, causing that with the control device of the nervous

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system that did not know that I had that my head and eyes made movements towards the tits of all the
women around me including friends, girlfriends of friends and even relatives like sisters, aunts controlling
me the C.N.I directly with the mind control devices in each gesture making people around me might seem
me a problem of a sexual nature and making me think that there was no such sexual problem but in a loss of
control of my own nervous system because of some deterioration or disease that generated these involuntary
movements, such as schizoid nervous system.

After a time of controlling my nervous system the C.N.I began in parallel a second operation of
mental control trying to make me believe carrier of the H.I.V virus and in turn the operation to make me
believe that I have infected all my surroundings (without doing anything) by using psychological techniques
of brainwashing in the conscious with the device of synthetic telepathy, electromagnetism with cerebral
E.L.F frequencies, brainwashing/Pavlov techniques also in the subconscious and possible influences to
surroundings. The C.N.I tried to make me believe, and got after years of operation, in the veracity of having
H.I.V and that my whole environment was infected being I the supposed initial focus. The C.N.I managed to
make me believe that I had this disease although I had only one contact that could have any risk of
contagion, with a girl who had a lot of relationships for her 16 years of age when I was 17 years old, we
broke an old condom. The C.N.I with control techniques was introduced progressively by Pavlov's
conditioning/operations adding methods to provoke "association" or paranoia by "synthetic telepathy" with
impersonation of interpretation of the speech of the people and "Stimoceiver" (also called "nervous system
control ", Nervous system controller and able to emit brain electricity with drug-like effects through E.L.F
frequencies) trying, and not getting during the first year, to make me think of an supposed plot in which my
surroundings was hiding me information or knowledge of a contagion of H.I.V, something that they did not
reach to do initially, I repeat, but later modify the direction of the plot making me believe that my
surroundings did not hide the information in a "bad plot" but they did it to protect me against a terrible truth,
in a "good" plot, all was infected and I was the initial focus. They implanted into me the idea that I had H.I.V
and everyone around me had it and that they were aware of the alleged situation of H.I.V infection and I
knew about no by diagnostic tests but through supposed knowledge obtained from my surroundings that the
C.N.I was implanting into me by the psychological techniques thought modification of thinking with mental
control devices, Pavlovian conditioning in the conscious and the subconscious (hypnosis and brainwashing)
and brain E.L.F electromagnetism generated by the "Stimoceiver". From late 2003 or early 2004 C.N.I
definitely make me believe in the plot.

I could not tell anyone or talk to anyone because I should not know and they was supposedly
protecting me although it would not have any logic, not tell someone who has H.I.V, but by
electromagnetism E.L.F the brain process or thinking can be reduced to nothing, stimulation of all the brain
areas, including areas of logic, processing, memory until you cannot use the abilities. The attempt to involve
in supposed plots nearby surroundings is carried out to separate from them, it is better to torture isolated
individuals, which in my case they did not succeed and they continue to try after 15 years of torture, I have
good friends.

From 2004 C.N.I added a third operation of psychological torture in parallel for the implantation of
false memories. These false memories were to have committed a rape on my little sister starting from an
accident that she had in the genital area years before a morning in a park, time in which I found myself
sleeping in the family home where she also resided; starting from the fact of the accident in the genital zone
occurred at a time when I was subconscious the C.N.I began to implant the idea that I had violated her being
asleep by brainwashing techniques in the conscious and the subconscious with the device of synthetic
telepathy and frequencies E.L.F. At the end of the 2004 year I had a real doubt of have committed a rape over
my sister.

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During the three years of operations the C.N.I forced me to smoke hashish in a compulsive way and
without associated enjoyment; I estimate that to keep me in a psychological or chemical state that facilitated
the mental control.

All this operations caused me a deplorable physical state and totally psychological traumatic level in
which I only expected the confirmation of the information on the massive H.I.V transmission to commit

Resuming a little the Monarch program, I was not knowing even the existence of this technology,
and even less of this technology into my body and then the C.N.I gave me a brutal shock to pretend that I had
lost my head, made me believe that I had infected H.I.V to all my surroundings, made me think to all my
surroundings that I had sexuality problems to me "simply", ironically speaking, that I had lost control of my
nervous system besides the suffering that for me represented to be disturbing to surroundings near by the
generated strangeness for my supposed gestures that made me seem almost depraved until I reached a point
where I could hardly open my eyes because they controlled the movement with "nervous system control" at
any moment to end up implanting false memories making me believe my sister's rapist . All this led me to an
extreme mental situation in which the suicidal idea needed only for its implementation, to clarify the
situation, to make the information real, which my environments confirmed the H.I.V contagion.

Since January 6, 2005 to the present C.N.I torture me but I know about the devices. On January 6,
2005 at 23:59:59 C.N.I began with open devices torture emitting infrasound through the V2K device
(infrasound: audible only cerebrally, auditory post-processing) making me aware of the existence of
technology in my head. They began the operation after the end of the day of magic kings (Spanish Saint
Nicklaus) cloning or imitating voices of my friends and relatives to continue the operation of the H.I.V
infection trying to make me believe that it was the end, that they was going to tell me the plot. All this under
high levels of E.L.F brain electromagnetism that are the equivalent of drugs of any type as they can cause
any mental state (adrenaline, psychoactive, depression, sexual desire, relaxation ...) added to the brutal
impact of knowing that you have brain devices.

C.N.I made me "discover" the different devices/capabilities installed into my head, initially as
example the first communications of synthetic telepathy marking that I had it I attributed to a conditioning
with trigger, to an implanted trigger of idea to appear when I was going to perform a determined action until
after being done continuously, even I tried random actions to escape from triggers, to the point of the validity
of the existence of "telepathy by devices or artificial. After a few days of open devices I performed the
diagnostic tests on H.I.V giving a negative result: I had not and I have not any sexual disease.

After the initial impact of the first few days the C.N.I continued with very powerful stimulations
with cerebral electricity to high powers with frequencies E.L.F changing from adrenaline, psychoactive,
sexual desire, depression for thousands of hours in continuous without rest, vexations during acts of intimacy
such as showers, the realization of physical needs like poo, sodomizations of a sexual type through
psychoactive frequencies E.L.F and sexual stimulations until I masturbate: at first times I did not want to do
it. I received mental tortures like not letting me generate thoughts through E.L.F, like forced to perform the
inspiration-expiration thinking as the torturers using devices "with control of the physical part forced the
muscular-type respiratory stop and I had to control my autonomic nervous system voluntarily (I have read
that this is done to detect frequencies of the autonomic nervous system), physical stimulation or controls
during sleep to injure joints, physical stimulation that made me feel that I did not weigh and they tried to
move me in the direction of throw me out the window, I had to grab to not do it, I received a brutal
stimulation with the "Stimoceiver" at very high power or even there even the possibility that they were
"microwave weapons" to burn or make me bleed on brain that caused the brain blood fell through my throat,

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a hemorrhage that did not stop for about 15 days and It caused blood droplets to accumulate in the back of
my throat when I was in a horizontal position (Spring 2005).

All the torture was done systematically and without rest, 24 hours a day. In the spring of 2005 I tried
to find devices evidences by means of x-rays in the Clnica la Luz, pretending to be dizzy by a hit during a
sporting event, the X-ray did not seem to contain anything or the doctors I did not know to see or the tests
were manipulated. The devices are a chip, I imagine silicon material, about 5 millimeters of body and
another 5 millimeters to nail in the area, area of the parietal nerves by the nose.

In August or September 2005 I decide to go to report the case to the Spanish National Police which,
after I provided technical documentation of the devices and it seems to give some truth to the matter but they
only indicated to me: "you should do an electromagnetic resonance". I asked the agents to be accompanied to
perform the resonance to have any credibility because it was subject of this nature, mind control devices, but
they refused because they needed proofs before helping me." In September I went to the University
Hospital of Alcal de Henares to try to get these tests, just the day I was doing the papers to recover the
university studies lost in the Monarch program, but I was not taken in account seriously, after hours there
waiting and confirming that I wanted to continue with the realization of the scan I was transferred to the
psychiatric wing of the Hospital Ramn And Cajal in Madrid where I was taken by a schizophrenic person. I
insisted on the performance of the tests although this seems rare but they only tried to perform a brain CT
and then the C.N.I during the CT generated with the devices a powerful and brutal movement on my jaw and
tongue until it almost twisted out of the mouth and out of control, losing the possibility of communication,
and adding a brutal E.L.F-like electromagnetism on the brain so that I imagine altered results would appear.
After 2 days in the Ramon and Cajal I was transferred to the psychiatric Doctor Leon where I continued to be
treated as a schizophrenic. Initially I continued denouncing the situation even from the own psychiatric by
telephone to the National Police, to the 900 number of dispatch of patrols, which did not take me seriously as
expected. Faced with this situation I decided not to talk about the devices again. Both in the psychiatric
(September - November 2005) and throughout the following year I was forced to take medical drugs for
schizophrenics so that any defense against mental control was very reduced in addition to the continuous
torture, I entered a very depressive period for the powerful medicines and the E.L.F frequencies that
practically left me nothing more than to move the leg sitting on a sofa watching the television without
processing the information.

At all times the agents of the C.N.I continued with humiliations, vexations, threats, brain frequencies
mixed with the medical drug, sexual abuses and abuses of all kinds. The state of the medical drugs was
diminishing besides that I tried to avoid taking medicines. The total recovery from the medical chemistry
was approximately at the end of 2006. From the beginning of 2007 I entered a situation of relative "stability"
finding a job within the own operations of mental control even being always tortured and controlled even in
the job title. I tried to reactivate my life within the torture by adaptation to suffer it in addition to lower levels
at some times as the first weeks as a computer developer in 2007 or other brief periods where I was allowed
to process the information with a quite more capacity. In all jobs except these few moments I was always
under continuous effects of psychoactivity and adrenaline with E.L.F frequencies and electromagnetism of
all kinds causing cuts of the zones of logic, reduction of the capacity of memorization or thought until
arriving almost I wasnt able to generate ideas , to be able to think, adding interrogations and fights against
the C.N.I when they were trying to attribute to me the operations that they had done to me years ago,
looking for the origin information of the operatives and the devices of the torture I had received or asking for
help to get out of the mind control to all agencies that are responsible like the Spanish National Police, Civil
Guard, Spanish Army, Interpol, Europol, Spanish Ombudsman and even those are not responsible in a
Spanish case such as the FBI, Human rights associations, political parties and other corpses.

Pgina 10 de 117
The torture or experimentation is also performed in a physical way since I was deprived of physical
rest for at least one year (the time I measured it) where the average loss of mass of approximately 600 grams
during my average sleep of 5.5 hours per night: six hundred grams of sweat weight is approximately
equivalent to a 4 hours interrogation under E.L.F electromagnetic effects comparable to drugs. Along with
the lack of rest C.N.I increased the electromagnetic adrenaline pressure, the situational pressure suffered by
the torture itself and the electromagnetic pressure during sports events which generated a very high level of
physical tension. For example in sports activities in which they provoked me from control or dis-control of
the cardiac area and breathing, playing with electromagnetic heart recoveries, modification of the way of
breathing with devices of psychophysical control for modification of the cardiac rhythms, electromagnetic
arrhythmias, one time a very sudden physical impulse by "Stimoceiver or Nervous system control" on the
heart to provoke me a very powerful arrhythmia during a maximum power effort (at gym, with weights that
also had done prolonged more time than usual to support the effort on 110%). The C.N.I caused me injuries
during sports acts forcing sprained gestures on knees, shoulders, wrists that coupled with the lack of rest has
caused me non-recoverable injuries. As a result of the adrenaline forced mainly after ingesting foods they
caused continuous digestion cuts on me during 8 years (2005-2013) that ended up in what looked like
stomach ulcers or perforations that seemed to cause the gases to expand throughout my body.

I received thousands and thousands of humiliations and humiliations with the enhancement of
sensation with E.L.F electromagnetism.

In the period of greater stability within torture, 2007, C.N.I continued experimenting with humans in
the way of reach people under mental control across, who also had devices, to use them in a joint
experimentation. Maybe my classmates of the university are mind control cases, there are in a perfect
perimeter around Madrid city and one was under mind control and two possible cases with circumstantial

In April 2007 I get into a sentimental relationship in which it initially seemed that C.N.I did not
intervene exaggeratedly and at 6 months, the day after the "Hallowen" party of 2007, my ex-girlfriend
(Noelia Adn Portero, Noelia Hades of Cerberus) began the torture over both; I began to perceive behavioral
and gestural changes, frequency sensations and information in her body and mind that could only indicate
mental control, she also has inserted devices thus initiating the CNI experimenting with humans in
relationships. There are different roles in the experimentation with humans as for experimentation of torture:
mine was a role of mental control and was changed to role of torture, role to commit assassinations, role of
social or group experimentation, role of sexual slaves, role for relations with other people under mental
control or relationships. The relationship became even more chaotic when I decided to tell Noelia what I
knew of her own "case" in addition to making my first attempt at political asylum in Damascus (Syria) in
July 2008, shortly after I told her what caused , after being rejected the same, that my surroundings
considered me with a relapse into "schizophrenia".

The asylum in Damascus I believe was denied by special relations at exteriors or even intelligence
level, It was strange to me that I was denied having a device of "synthetic telepathy" in "my power"; my
initial intention was to attempt asylum in Iran which the C.N.I stopped on two occasions, one before Syria
and another after, canceling the payment of the credit card while I was already at the airport trying to "check-
in"; the idea of Damascus "appeared" thanks to the agents of the C.N.I who tortured me "telling me" softly,
dropping the information, through the devices that Syria was a truly anti-Western country, and that month I
had a lower budget and the flight to Syria was half price that Iran; I went to Syria accepting the possibility of
receiving asylum there was certain, even though it was "subtly" suggested by the torturers agents of C.N.I;
years later, in 2010, appeared Wikileaks wires that spoke of better relations between Spain and Syria than
usual at exterior level, maybe intelligence level also?. From that instant, from my political asylum attempt,
my family tried to make me take medicine again, pressing me even through Noelia who was my girlfriend,

Pgina 11 de 117
lived with me and therefore could have some control over me. I also tried to help through several embassies
in Madrid to process the asylum but I was not taken into account.

The relationship with Noelia was chaotic, with the C.N.I controlling her to have me controlled or
pressed and continuing into it by the own control and I was maintaining the relationship because I saw that
C.N.I was making impossible it with the mental control over her. The C.N.I did not leave me, and continues
without leaving me, to be a normal person in the relations; the C.N.I did not let me make her laugh, think, or
have a conversation, which in the relationship I could only be "good person" but not a couple; it was a
psychological hell for both of us even though we were treating each other well and I think it was a release for
both of when ending in September 2009. I have a good relationship with her.

I have been sexually abused during couple relationships since 2007 and have reached a number of
more than 250 with Noelia and another 100 with other women. I describe sexual abuse as physical
intervention by the nervous system control apparatus forcing to ejaculate and not feel pleasure in addition to
loss of intimacy at the level of thinking by artificial telepathy and visual level by the same telepathy device
for visual processing. A metaphor for an electromagnetic sexual abuse would be a group of people locking
someone up in a room with cameras, drugging her with LSD, with remotely vibrators in the genital areas,
stimulating them with LSD effects until the person has sexual acts with herself (masturbate) for later on
based on a false confidence implanted with mind control on the nonintervention with thirds parties to
introduce to these third parties, as girlfriends or friends, in the room and star to play with both during the
couple sex relations, besides the capacity to read and write thoughts during the sexual acts over the person,
also to have control of the nervous system at the level of a perfect puppet also receiving the body sense of the
nervous system as if it were its own. The total taking of control by the torturers over the entire nervous
system during acts of sexuality is what I call "electronic raped" or electronic violation making your own
nervous system is perceived practically in the third person perspective, making it impossible to control the
body itself; It is done by electromagnetically blocking the brain zone of will and body movement with the
E.L.F and using the artificial telepathy device with control over the nervous system making it impossible to
control the movements themselves, an override of computer programming of the body functions.

From 2005 to 2012 they continued with conscious and subconscious Pavlovian conditioning for the
generation of Pavlov's experimental neuroses, trying to make me believe that I was sick with something
contagious although I had carried out specific diagnostic tests for this type of diseases. Experimental
neuroses reached a point where I was faced with a double truth, it was true that both had something
contagious (conditioning) and did not have (diagnostic tests) and at times of possible contagion (such as
sexual practices, semen or blood appearance) stimulated with very high levels of psychoactive with E.L.F
frequencies in addition to adrenaline "blows", with E.L.F also, brutal by stimulation of the adrenal gland
leading me to situations that could be called shock, which in people not very resistant could reach be
traumatic, I think this neuroses could make people lose their heads or even commit suicide. The neuroses
were performed on numerous cases. Pavlov's conditioning says that something repeated 65,000 times does it

As of September 2009 when I had not a stable partner C.N.I tried and in some cases got, through
Pavlov's conditionings through sexual abuse, that I had unsafe relationships with girls he had just met. The
conditioning of Pavlov with abuses was made forcing always the ejaculation with which was my girlfriend
and "forcing me" after that to perform oral sex in order to continue the sexual practices. The abuse was
committed on hundreds times in the same way generating a conditioning or forced habit. At the time when I
did not have a girlfriend, the CNI forced ejaculation during the beginning of the sexual practices, disinhibited
me with the devices (E.L.F frequencies) and forced me even the gesture in some cases, all this added to the
own dis-inhibition of a normal person being under the influence of alcohol. It is very possibly this
conditioning through sexual abuse was carried out not only to abuse sexually but to try attribute me the

Pgina 12 de 117
operation of H.I.V in which I was accused of possible condom breaks and tried the intelligence services thus,
that forcing the ejaculation, that I gave a few "wiggles" and the condom was broken or dropped, which did
not happen in 350 attempts or sexual abuses, or even try to make I contract a venereal disease through the
unsafe sexual practices that I had been forced to perform, which also has not happened to me never. What
they did sometimes was to be able to perform some of Pavlov's experimental neuroses on venereal diseases,
adding the uncertainty of unsafe sex, even pressing my environments with theoretical contagious some times.
The CNI on 7 or 8 times totally forced not already the type of sexual act of performing oral sex without
precaution if not already the act in itself short-circuiting the cerebral zone of the decision making with E.L.F
electromagnetism so that I maintained relations against my will.

In addition the C.N.I committed two electromagnetic rapes; the first with Noelia at the end of 2007
or at the beginning of 2008 in which C.N.I agents took total control of my body making me see it practically
third person perspective, without control of my own movements; In 2011 the second electromagnetic rape
was carried out with a girl I had met in a bar with whom CNI agents forced me to act, the type of act and also
took total control of my body, just after performing diagnostic tests for detection of venereal and thus the
CNI was be able to continue with the neurosis over diseases and the harassments on my surroundings. I have
done more than 25 tests for venereal or blood donations (validly made) and I have had nothing but a very
mild type of fluid contagion disease including salivary, cytomegalovirus, from which I already detected the
equivalent of the vaccine in early 2013 and does not require medication except cases of very depressed
immune system. My last analysis I made on November 8, 2016.

As of autumn 2009 the CNI began to torture me in the sense of not letting me communicate with
anyone through brain electromagnetism, they began to cut my thinking totally. At the beginning of the
electromagnetic E.L.F waves on the processing area in fall 2009 the CNI completely blocked my ability to
think shorts periods of time and the remaining hours were electromagnetically reduced, meaning I was
unable to think for a while and the rest being able to think on 30% of my capacity, thinking very hardly and
from there the C.N.I started to cut totally my thinking more time each day reaching at the end of 2016 and
2017 where I only can perceive situations, I have not listened my voice since years ago.

The cuts in the ability to generate ideas were increasing at levels that in 2015 could only think a few
times and reduced capacity and in 2016 even more coming to not being able to generate ideas for weeks. As
an example of the inability to create thoughts I can indicate that I could think 6 to 8 hours speaking to
someone since 2002 at full capacity, overall since 2009, and I had counted 28 or 29 sentences, phrases,
completely done by myself. As second example I could think and work 2 journeys of the last 120 days and
work 6 days automatically, so that the dismissal, almost at my request, in June 2016 of the last computer
company or consultancy where I worked was very logical and so since then neither I have tried and I wont
try to work in Spain as a computer programmer, because the CNI really incapacitates me by E.L.F type
frequencies to the possibility of it.

In parallel the C.N.I increased the power of the digestive cuts that made on the beginning of 2012
that I had the sensation of holes in the stomach; I have sensation that the gas expand throughout the interior
of my body and causing as a result all the torture on my digestive system that valves do not close normally
passing much more air than normal and actually preventing a normal life.

Cardiac pressure was also increased until it reached its apogee in 2013, along with psychological
pressure, electromagnetic adrenaline, torture itself, moobing and event an experimental neurosis at work with
information of the mental control. The C.N.I promoted the pressure at work recruiting people, with resources
of HUMINT, doing they collaborate in the operations. I do not know if they help the secret services by
pressure, by false information or because they wanted, doing that at the work I was not only under the C.N.I
torture but also under stress of moobing and even an experimental neurosis by my own work fellows. I think

Pgina 13 de 117
the C.N.I use devices of microwaves focused around the own company to play with mind control. Parallel to
the torture and work pressure the C.N.I began an explicit heart torture generating arrhythmias in the heart in
each sport effort cardiac recovery between 2011 and 2012, I do not know whether to damage my heart or
even to test muscle Pavlov with arrhythmias to modify the heart rhythms by implanting the arrhythmia.
Between autumn 2012 and early 2013 C.N.I increased cardiac torture to brutal levels by causing my heart to
be consistently electromagnetically induced to arrhythmias with E.L.F (0 to 2 Hz), electromagnetically
forcing the duration in the systole of the heart leaving the muscle compressed in this movement much longer
than normal and coming out of the said movement with the arrhythmia, stimulating my heart with
microwaves or powerful E.L.F frequencies with a pain, like a concentrated stinging burn, in areas very close
to the heart or the heart itself, I do not know whether to burn or to injure specific points of the cardiac area, .
All was on same time: the lack of rest, the stress of moobing and neurosis at work, continued tension by
electromagnetic adrenaline torture, brutal interrogations and pressure, fights through the devices against the
agents of the C.N.I where I reached levels where I was without breathing, without cannot get air physically;
all was done in parallel for months and without rest making the heart pressure, I repeat, was brutal. It was in
those moments of cardiac torture where appear the idea of getting out of this, including through intelligence
services from other countries, from "friendly" countries allowed by the CNI itself or through "rival"
countries although I believe it would mean my death prior to the attempt. I made these help requests calling,
sending my case or a summary of my abilities (curriculum) to MI5, MOSSAD, CIA and SVR in order to
save my life.

In parallel also, the physical torture was increased in addition to the accumulation of years leaving
my body in a terrible state. As an example my teeth have been broken progressively; from the beginning of
2005 until 2008 were I had "only" three broken fillings that I cleaned at the dentist but did not replace the
pieces by the C.N.I's own mental control, the torturers made me believe in a possible insertion of new mental
control devices in dental implants, existing technology known as "teeth implants" of which I do not know
capabilities but it appears in information of secret services in www like real, perhaps old but real; between
2008 and 2015 were another fifteen teeth that the C.N.I broke to me making I practically cannot chew. At
this time I really havent go to the dentist because I require maxillofacial surgery with general anesthesia and
I should not do it because C.N.I could take advantage of that moment to remove the intracranial devices that
are the only tangible evidence of torture or even to kill me during general anesthesia (C.N.I threat me about
that). Things like a bicycle accident forced by the intelligence service in which I broke a hand and late 6
months to recover, many joints injured forcing movements during exercises, muscles shattered throughout
the body pressure, electromagnetic tortures of cerebral and nervous pain that have caused that even lose
some sensitivity in the left hand.

From 2014 the C.N.I began to torture increasing the control over my parents and sisters, they also
have mental control devices inserted. I noticed C.N.I forcing the speech were I hear the voice of the torturer
who is taking control with the mind control devices of the nervous system as it is the cavity or resonance of
the controlled person together with the frequency of control of the movement of the tongue, mouth and throat
emitted by the torturer from his device to that of the tortured or controlled with greater power than the own
cerebral emission with the which overlaps it, overwriting the physical function ("override programming").

The apparent pressure or harassment on nearby surroundings has been increasing as much on my
family, as on my different groups of friends, as the girls I knew when I met girls before 2014, as at work
when I was still working, as on sports environments and maybe even over the neighborhood in a clear
attempt to completely isolate me.

I have never had love relationships and all my sex has been abused, I am having 15 years under
torture and 30 years under mental control, the torture that I have received at the heart level very probably
will do I have not a very long life and the psychological, physical and sexual torture will make that if I still

Pgina 14 de 117
alive I do not have a full life in any case because of that my situation is desperate. The physical state in
which I am and the psychophysical control that I am receiving makes it impossible for me to live, without
the ability to communicate or think in addition to the torture and control over my family, the pressure on my
surroundings, the non-possibility of work that leaves me without the economic capacity to subsist without
help, so that I am unable to live itself, I am forced to die without doing anything or to try political asylum or
another risk feat.

The subject of trying political asylum in a country not aligned with the geopolitics of Spain: I do not
know if I will be allowed or It will be prevented by C.N.I; my parents were going to take a vacation trip to
Russia without knowing their own brain technology implanted and on the other hand I appeared on
international lists of people who say they are under mental control, people from around the world who have
asked for help in the same situation and unified in lists on the internet, and specifically three days before my
parents started this trip my grandmother had an accident walking with them, then I have the doubt if the
C.N.I controlled my parents so that she fell or used some kind of control technique of the nervous system
with external devices (external E.L.F focused) to make it fall and ultimately prevent the trip, which
happened. My grandmother spent six years in her bed without being able to practically leave it until she died;
she rejected the hip prostheses and could not walk again.

The other "option" I have is to perform a feat such as working for foreign intelligence agencies that
are "friendly" with the Spanish and so allow me at least to try it. Since all these years of torture I have
dedicated all my time to initially study about the operatives, techniques, intelligence services and their
operations and from there I made the leap to psychology in fields such as psychopathy where I am an expert
or a great connoisseur, in fields such as information analysis, political discourse analysis, analysis of the
gesture and the speech, the psychology of terrorism, the coercive psychology, the authoritarian psychology in
groups, the analysis of psychological characteristics with what at the end I am valid for an intelligence
service and that I think will be the really difficult also maybe the only possibility that I have to escape from
the torture, it has given the competent authorities do not believe or do not want to intervene in something like

I have made other attempts to ask for help in recent years with less intensity because I do not believe
in an intervention like in 2014 where I tried both political asylum in Tel Aviv (Israel) and Moscow (Rusia) in
summer of 2017. I travelled also to the United States to try to work for the CIA, incredible, with the intention
of freeing my relatives of this psychological torture of the C.N.I in exchange for my work doing half good
operations/jobs: no response.

I indicated for future attempts that being a US / Spain manufacturing technology of the 80's I do not
know if they let me arrive depending of the country or instead will stop my heart with E.L.F frequencies to
avoid the arrival of devices, they are old but perhaps valuable.

I indicate lastly that they are producing deaths or homicides that could have some type of relation or
at least links of information with the Spanish intelligence and my operation: 178 deaths.

4. Mind Control Technology

The technology was developed in the United States in the 70s with Jos Manuel Rodrguez Delgado
(Ronda, Spain) as one of its greatest exponents. The first telepathic communication was made in 1974. Jos
Manuel Rodrguez Delgado was during those years combining his work for the American Intelligence (CIA)
with the chair of physiology at the Universidad Autnoma de Madrid and with his work at the Ramn y Cajal
Research Institute for the CSIC (state development).

Pgina 15 de 117
As estimation, the technology came to CESID in the 1980s through CIA / US intelligence or through
Jose Manuel Rodrguez Delgado and was inserted without consent over small groups (families) for mental
control experimentation operations. The insertion of devices is done by transsphenoidal surgery.

As a "basic" chronology of mind control:

Between 1950 and 1960: mental control programs with drugs, conditioning Pavlov and
brainwashing on the conscious and the subconscious. As an example the well-known
MKULTRA represented in the film "Shutter Island".

Between: 1960 and 1970: mental control programs with drugs, brainwashing on the
conscious and the subconscious and electro-convulsive type on brain. As example the
program known as Phoenix I performed on Vietnamese during the USA-Vietnam War.

Between 1970 and 1980: mental control programs based on shock, shock and control,
personality modification after shock using drugs or chemicals, brainwashing on the
conscious and the subconscious and brain electromagnetism ELF frequencies, Synthetic or
artificial telepathy devices and nervous system control devices with into-brain implants as
example the Phoenix II program aka "Monarch" program called also trauma based or shock
and control based. Mental control programs for one individual people.

Between 1980 and 1990: mental control programs with the use of small groups of people
with intracranial devices such as artificial telepathy and control of the nervous system. It was
mental control over families or small control groups. The first countries to do it: USA, UK,
Germany, Italy and Spain, which seem to be a continuation of the Cold War relations of the
1970s, the continuation of anti-communist or NATO-type relations in Operation Gladio,
same countries and years but apparently channeled through the intelligence of the different
countries rather than their armies. Devices were developed in the USA at 70s/80s that
apparently were shared with their allies and these made the same type of projects in each
country itself. Russia had parallel investigations on devices and frequencies of mental
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Between 1990 and 2000: theoretical operatives of mental control over medium population
groups such as the use of towers type GWEN to modify behavior with E.L.F waves or even
artificial telepathy, using E.L.F or synthetic telepathy communication on radio
broadcast/A.R.P computer broadcast of communications.

Between 2000 and today:

o Theoretical operations of mental control over large population groups with the use of
E.L.F frequencies in a massive way using like HAARP type devices.

o Real operations of electronic harassment with external devices with capability to

generate V.2.K/infra-sound frequencies, E.L.F (sensations or nervous system) and non-
invasive artificial telepathy (emission with same or higher power to the brain at
frequencies of thought that over-write the own brain functions). They are external type
devices which have not reading capability on synthetic telepathy/nervous system level
(micro volts brain power) they have only emission capability over human systems.

4.1 Functions devices description

Dispositivos insertados intracranealmente en los nervios parietales.

Explico a continuacin algunas de las funcionalidades de los dispositivos a partir de grficos o


Pgina 17 de 117

MEMORY BLANKING: frecuencias E.L.F (0-200Hz) sobre el cerebro que provocan que no se
pueda acceder a memoria o memorizar en s.

INDUCES CHANGES HEARING: frecuencias electromagnticas E.L.F con estimulacin sobre


SUDENT VIOLENT ITCHING EYES: control electromagntico sobre el sistema nervioso

controlando el movimiento ocular, pestaeo

FORCED SPEECH: habla forzada con control electromagntico de la frecuencia de utilizacin

de la boca, garganta y lengua. Genera un sonido que es una mezcla entre el controlador o
Pgina 18 de 117
torturador y el controlado y torturado por ser las frecuencias de control de la garganta propia (del
torturador) sobre la cavidad del torturado.

WINDLY RACING HEART: control del sistema nervioso autnomo con posibilidad de bloqueo
de msculos autnomos as mismos utilizando las frecuencias relacionadas o incluso la
posibilidad de hacer OVERRIDE (sobre escribir la orden automtica cerebral de latido con
mayor potencia que el cerebro propio) haciendo sstole o distole continuo, con capacidad as
mismo de generar arritmias de forma electromagntica o incluso hacer que no lata.

GENITAL AREA, ITCHING, FORCED ORGASM: frecuencias E.L.F sobre la zona genital. Se
puede hasta forzar la eyaculacin sin contacto fsico, estiramiento muscular del pene y creacin
de deseo sexual mediante frecuencias sobre el cerebro estimulaciones E.LF.

STINGS: potentes estimulaciones con el dispositivo sobre el sistema nervioso.


muscular a nivel de sensaciones, control fsico a nivel de presin venosa o arterial pudiendo
hasta llega a dormir miembros.

ELECTRICAL SHOCKS: estimulaciones muy potentes sobre el sistema nervioso.

READING AND BRADCASTING THOUGTHS: comunicacin de telepata sinttica mediante

dispositivo en el cerebro que capta frecuencia de pensamiento y la emite tipo radio sobre
interfaces receptores de la seal. Con canal de entrada y salida.

VIVID CONTROLLED DREAMS: sueos vvidos controlados con el dispositivo de telepata

sinttica, el torturador visualiza o imagina o recuerda algo y emite sobre el torturado durante el
sueo que recibe la visualizacin que percibe como sueo.

FORCED WAKING VISIONS: el torturador imagina de forma potente utilizando el entorno del
torturado con lo que lo percibe como una imaginacin a ojos abiertos, no una visin como tal.

MICROWAVE HEARING (V2K DEVICE): procesamiento interno del sonido posterior al

auditivo, frecuencias no audibles, la vibracin de la parte interna del canal auditivo.

TRANSPARENT EYELIDS: estimulaciones E.L.F sobre el procesamiento visual.

ARTIFICIAL TINITUS: ruidos generados con el V2K o por el sonido del propio dispositivo


movimiento de la mandbula haciendo que golpee contra s misma.

FORCED MUSCLE QUACKING: temblores musculares generados electromagnticamente

produciendo vibraciones sobre msculos.

BATERIES DYINGS: frecuencias E.L.F sobre los msculos haciendo tener la sensacin de falta
de fuerza o energa.

Pgina 19 de 117
FORCED MANIPULATION OF HANDS: control sistema nervioso sobre todos los msculos
del cuerpo, incluyendo manos.


frecuencias sobre el sistema nervioso para impedir el sueo, adrenalina, forzar el sueo,
temperatura corporal y otros.

IRRESISTIBLE COMMANDS: comunicaciones E.L.F sobre el cerebro en la zona de toma de

decisiones sumado a frecuencias de insercin de idea o control directo del sistema nervioso.

Dibujo donde aparecen las funciones de los dispositivos de forma no tcnica:

VOICE TO SKULL (V2K): procesamiento interno del sonido posterior al auditivo, frecuencias
no audibles, la vibracin de la parte interna del canal auditivo.

EMOTION CLON: clonacin de emociones, frecuencias E.L.F. Se graba una emocin o se emite
de forma directa sobre el torturado por parte de un torturador.

MEMORY KILL: frecuencias E.L.F para el acceso o el bloqueo del memoria.

IDEA KILL: frecuencias E.L.F para el impedir el procesamiento de datos, el pensar.

IDEA PROG: dispositivo de telepata sinttica desde el torturador al torturado.

HOLOG IMAGE (WAKING VISIONS): el torturador imagina de forma potente utilizando el

entorno del torturado con lo que lo percibe como una imaginacin a ojos abiertos, no una visin
como tal.

VIEW TARGET EYES: captacin de la onda cerebral del procesamiento visual.

LISTEN TGT HEAR: captacin de la onda cerebral del procesamiento auditivo.

Pgina 20 de 117
READ THOUGHTS: dispositivo de telepata sinttica.

FORCE SPEECH: habla forzada con control electromagntico de la frecuencia de utilizacin de

la boca, garganta y lengua. Genera un sonido que es una mezcla entre el controlador o torturador
y el controlado y torturado por ser las frecuencias de control de la garganta propia (del
torturador) sobre la cavidad del torturado.

FORCE HATE: todas las sensaciones son generables incluyendo la sensacin mental de odio.

ELECTRIC SHOCK: estimulacin potente sobre el cuerpo.

4.2 Hack techniques applied to mind control

Secret services are using hacking tactics applied to the control of the mind, the person is seen as a
system that can be attacked with frequencies, internally (invasive brain device) and externally (external
focused device); with a part that would be like the operating system, software or processes over the brain or
the thinking and the hardware part, the body.

Types of attacks that are performed:

Man in the middle (with invasive device): as an example could be agents that receive the vision
of the person through the device of the controlled and emitting synthetic telepathy to third parties
or sensations (type ELF) pretending to be the exit of such channels of the person who is under
mind control through an invasive device into the brain. It would make man in the middle and
could supplant the exit to third parties, as example on CNI agents with lower level of
information of the operations that would receive the real vision of the tortured or controlled and
the telepathy or thought or feelings of the "Man in the middle" agent; If this man in the middle
were a depraved, pederast, psychopath, criminal, ... could cause those third people to believe that
he is the mind of the tortured, the person under mind control, making possible that agents who
are not psychopaths, more secret services/army authoritarian profile, help them in the operations.

Spoofing (with invasive device or external device of short-medium range). It is an

electromagnetic overwriting functions (OVERRIDE in programming) above the own control of
the nervous system with more power or intensity than the own cerebral orders / nerves. It can be
done at the level of sensations (E.L.F), thought (synthetic telepathy) or direct nervous system
(movements) which could mean misinformation for third parties about the behavior of the person
receiving the control frequencies.

Overflow (sensory overflow, synthetic telepathy ...): internal or external attack devices saturating
at the mental or physical level with over-writing frequencies of the nervous system.

Trojan: Intracranial internal devices.

Other hack/computer relationships with mind control:

o Attack with external hardware / software: external short-range devices such as

electromagnetic "flashlights" (meters, focused on a zone), electromagnetic shotguns
(hundreds of meters, focused on a zone) or electromagnetic frequency emission
towers (emission as a radio/A.R.P protocol: in all directions, massive).
Pgina 21 de 117
o No firewall or very complex to deploy: shielding from 0 Hz to 500 Hz would be
required for short-range E.L.F attacks, short-range shielding for synthetic telepathy
frequencies, V2K short-range shielding (voice to Skull) and if you have an
intracranial device, like me, shielding against communication frequencies of the
device with the satellite or receiver.

o The person seen as a system with memory (areas of brain memory or frequencies per
memory area), processor and associated characteristics (thinking, association,
abstraction by frequency or zones), control of abilities (psychic and physical), device
control of hardware for control of the nervous system with capturing and
overwriting functions realizing a direct electromagnetic control of all the functions
of the body, both autonomous and non-autonomous nervous systems.

4.3 Patentes de control mental

Dejo una pequea descripcin de patentes de dispositivos utilizados en control mental, indicando que
la tecnologa es real (en ingls).

4.3.1 US PATENT 4,717,343. Method of changing a persons behavior

A method of conditioning a person's unconscious mind in order to effect a desired change in the
person's behavior which does not require the services of a trained therapist. Instead the person to be treated
views a program of video pictures appearing on a screen. The program as viewed by the person's
unconscious mind acts to condition the person's thought patterns in a manner which alters that person's
behavior in a positive way. SOURCE: Judy Wall, Mike Coyle and Jan Wiesemann. Paranoia Magazine Issue
24 Fall 2000 -Article -'Technology to Your Mind' - By Judy Wall.

4.3.2 US PATENT 5,270,800. Subliminal message generator

A combined subliminal and supraliminal message generator for use with a television receiver permits
complete control of subliminal messages and their manner of presentation. A video synchronization detector
enables a video display generator to generate a video message signal corresponding to a received
alphanumeric text message in synchronism with a received television signal. A video mixer selects either the
received video signal or the video message signal for output. The messages produced by the video message
generator are user selectable via a keyboard input. A message memory stores a plurality of alphanumeric text
messages specified by user commands for use as subliminal messages. This message memory preferably
includes a read only memory storing predetermined sets of alphanumeric text messages directed to differing
topics. The sets of predetermined alphanumeric text messages preferably include several positive
affirmations directed to the left brain and an equal number of positive affirmations directed to the right brain
that are alternately presented subliminally. The left brain messages are presented in a linear text mode, while
the right brain messages are presented in a three dimensional perspective mode. The user can control the
length and spacing of the subliminal presentations to accommodate differing conscious thresholds.
Alternative embodiments include a combined cable television converter and subliminal message generator, a
combine television receiver and subliminal message generator and a computer capable of presenting

Pgina 22 de 117
subliminal messages. SOURCE: Judy Wall, Mike Coyle and Jan Wiesemann. Paranoia Magazine Issue 24
Fall 2000 -Article -'Technology to Your Mind' - By Judy Wall

4.3.3 US PATENT 5,123,899. Method and system for altering consciousness

A system for altering the states of human consciousness involves the simultaneous application of
multiple stimuli, preferable sounds, having differing frequencies and wave forms. The relationship between
the frequencies of the several stimuli is exhibited by the equation g=s.sup.n/4 .multidot.f where: f=frequency
of one stimulus; g=frequency of the other stimuli of stimulus; and n=a positive or negative integer which is
different for each other stimulus. ALSO SEE: US PATENT --5,289,438 --METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR
ALTERING CONSCIOUSNESS SOURCE: Judy Wall, Mike Coyle and Jan Wiesemann. Paranoia Magazine
Issue 24 Fall 2000 -Article -'Technology to Your Mind' - By Judy Wall

4.3.4 US PATENT 4,877,027. Hearing system

Sound is induced in the head of a person by radiating the head with microwaves in the range of 100
megahertz to 10,000 megahertz that are modulated with a particular waveform. The waveform consists of
frequency modulated bursts. Each burst is made up of ten to twenty uniformly spaced pulses grouped tightly
together. The burst width is between 500 nanoseconds and 100 microseconds. The pulse width is in the range
of 10 nanoseconds to 1 microsecond. The bursts are frequency modulated by the audio input to create the
sensation of hearing in the person whose head is irradiated.

4.3.5 US PATENT 6,011,991. Communication system and method including brain wave
analysis and/or use of brain activity

A system and method for enabling human beings to communicate by way of their monitored brain
activity. The brain activity of an individual is monitored and transmitted to a remote location (e.g. by
satellite). At the remote location, the monitored brain activity is compared with pre-recorded normalized
brain activity curves, waveforms, or patterns to determine if a match or substantial match is found. If such a
match is found, then the computer at the remote location determines that the individual was attempting to
communicate the word, phrase, or thought corresponding to the matched stored normalized signal.

4.3.6 US PATENT 4,858,612. Hearing device

A method and apparatus for simulation of hearing in mammals by introduction of a plurality of

microwaves into the region of the auditory cortex is shown and described. A microphone is used to transform
sound signals into electrical signals which are in turn analyzed and processed to provide controls for
generating a plurality of microwave signals at different frequencies. The multi-frequency microwaves are
then applied to the brain in the region of the auditory cortex. By this method sounds are perceived by the
mammal which is representative of the original sound received by the microphone.

4.3.7 US PATENT 3,951,134. Apparatus and method for remotely monitoring and altering
brain waves

Pgina 23 de 117
Apparatus for and method of sensing brain waves at a position remote from a subject whereby
electromagnetic signals of different frequencies are simultaneously transmitted to the brain of the subject in
which the signals interfere with one another to yield a waveform which is modulated by the subject's brain
waves. The interference waveform which is representative of the brain wave activity is re-transmitted by the
brain to a receiver where it is demodulated and amplified. The demodulated waveform is then displayed for
visual viewing and routed to a computer for further processing and analysis. The demodulated waveform also
can be used to produce a compensating signal which is transmitted back to the brain to effect a desired
change in electrical activity therein.

4.3.8 US PATENT 5,159,703. Silent subliminal presentation system

A silent communications system in which non-aural carriers, in the very low or very high audio
frequency range or in the adjacent ultrasonic frequency spectrum, are amplitude or frequency modulated with
the desired intelligence and propagated acoustically or vibrationally, for inducement into the brain, typically
through the use of loudspeakers, earphones or piezoelectric transducers.

4.3.9 US PATENT 5,507,291. Method and associated apparatus for remotely determining
information as to a persons emotional state

4.3.10 US PATENT: US5629678. Implantable transceiver. Apparatus for Tracking and

Recovering Humans.

4.3.11 US PATENT 5,539,705. Ultrasonic speech translator and communication system

A wireless communication system undetectable by radio frequency methods for converting audio
signals, including human voice, to electronic signals in the ultrasonic frequency range, transmitting the
ultrasonic signal by way of acoustical pressure waves across a carrier medium, including gases, liquids, or
solids, and reconverting the ultrasonic acoustical pressure waves back to the original audio signal. The
ultrasonic speech translator and communication system (20) includes an ultrasonic transmitting device (100)
and an ultrasonic receiving device (200). The ultrasonic transmitting device (100) accepts as input (115) an
audio signal such as human voice input from a microphone (114) or tape deck.

4.3.12 US PATENT 5,629,678. Personal tracking and recovery system

Apparatus for tracking and recovering humans utilizes an implantable transceiver incorporating a
power supply and actuation system allowing the unit to remain implanted and functional for years without
maintenance. The implanted transmitter may be remotely actuated, or actuated by the implantee. Power for
the remote-activated receiver is generated electromechanically through the movement of body muscle. The
device is small enough to be implanted in a child, facilitating use as a safeguard against kidnapping, and has
a transmission range which also makes it suitable for wilderness sporting activities. A novel biological
monitoring feature allows the device to be used to facilitate prompt medical dispatch in the event of heart
attack or similar medical emergency. A novel sensation-feedback feature allows the implantee to control and
actuate the device with certainty.

Pgina 24 de 117
4.3.13 US PATENT 5,760,692. Intra-Oral tracking device

An intra-oral tracking device adapted for use in association with a tooth having a buccal surface and
a lingual surface, the apparatus comprises a tooth mounting member having an inner surface and an outer
surface, the inner surface including adhesive material.

4.3.14 US PATENT 5,905,461. Global positioning satellite tracking device

A global positioning and tracking system for locating one of a person and item of property. The
global positioning and tracking system comprises at least one tracking device for connection to the one of the
person and item of property including a processing device for determining a location of the tracking device
and generating a position signal and a transmitter for transmitting said position signal.

4.3.15 US PATENT 5,935,054. Magnetic excitation of sensory resonances

The invention pertains to influencing the nervous system of a subject by a weak externally applied
magnetic field with a frequency near 1/2 Hz. In a range of amplitudes, such fields can excite the 1/2 sensory
resonance, which is the physiological effect involved in "rocking the baby".

4.3.16 US PATENT 6,006,188. Speech signal processing for determining psychological or

physiological characteristics using a knowledge base

4.3.17 US PATENT 6,017,302. Subliminal acoustic manipulation of nervous systems

In human subjects, sensory resonances can be excited by subliminal atmospheric acoustic pulses that
are tuned to the resonance frequency. The 1/2 Hz sensory resonance affects the autonomic nervous system
and may cause relaxation, drowsiness, or sexual excitement, depending on the precise acoustic frequency
near 1/2 Hz used. The effects of the 2.5 Hz resonance include slowing of certain cortical processes,
sleepiness, and disorientation. For these effects to occur, the acoustic intensity must lie in a certain deeply
subliminal range. Suitable apparatus consists of a portable battery-powered source of weak subaudio acoustic
radiation. The method and apparatus can be used by the general public as an aid to relaxation, sleep, or
sexual arousal, and clinically for the control and perhaps treatment of insomnia, tremors, epileptic seizures,
and anxiety disorders. There is further application as a nonlethal weapon that can be used in law enforcement
standoff situations, for causing drowsiness and disorientation in targeted subjects. It is then preferable to use
venting acoustic monopoles in the form of a device that inhales and exhales air with subaudio frequency.

4.3.18 US PATENT 6,051,594. Methods and formulations for modulating the human sexual

The invention is directed to improved methods for modulating the human sexual response by orally
administering a formulation of the vasodilator phentolamine to the blood circulation and thereby modulating
the sexual response on demand.

Pgina 25 de 117
4.3.19 US PATENT 6,052,336. Apparatus and method of broadcasting audible sound using
ultrasonic sound as carrier

An ultrasonic sound source broadcasts an ultrasonic signal which is amplitude and/or frequency
modulated with an information input signal originating from an information input source. If the signals are
amplitude modulated, a square root function of the information input signal is produced prior to modulation.
The modulated signal, which may be amplified, is then broadcast via a projector unit, whereupon an
individual or group of individuals located in the broadcast region detect the audible sound.

5. Devices and operations

5.1 Inserting devices to my family

Insertion of devices between I bore (1981) and I was 7 years old (1988). I knew about the devices
from 6 January 2005 at 23 hours 59 minutes 59 seconds. I had only slept with my family, my friends or
friends of my family before I had knowledge about devices. There have not been unconscious or
subconscious days with people out of these environments until 2007. There are not girls with whom I spent
the whole night before 2007, CESID controlled me avoiding that I had sexuality: I only did 4 days sex
previous 2007 by mind control because CESID broke all my relationships. It is very possible that some
CESID agent would get into the house to insert the devices to all the family or even as a more remote
possibility some CESID agent who was close to my surroundings that would gain access to the house. The
insertion of devices could be only possible in my parents 'house, my relatives' houses (friends 'houses, family
friends' houses) and in holiday homes (many places in Spain and a couple in Portugal). Prior to 2005 I have
only been to the hospital at birth so the devices had to be inserted during sleep or before the age of three,
before to the existence of memories.

Pgina 26 de 117
Possibility of the use of distributed geographic profile for the insertion of devices on groups of
people, families, who did not have previous contact with each other and then secret services carried out
operations of mental control where the families crossed at life throw the own mental control, then the
possible insertion of the devices could be due to the bad luck of having fallen near to intelligence agents,
psychopaths in this case, who was seeking for families for human experimentation in those areas with
psychological characteristics of IQ at least half/high (>100-120), with at least four members in the family
and without contacts in the secret services.

As coincident themes in proximity and names or operations of the Spanish intelligence services that
could be related to the insertion of the devices:

The restaurant of Cervera 1 (Cervera 21 since the modification of numbers) is called the
"Lobato", the breeding of the wolf. The possible coincidence, wolves (secret services agents)
looking for people in that area was in Lobato Restaurant and saw Cervera 3 Street I get
inspired by the Cerbero cave (very very similar spelling is Spanish language Cerberus is
Cerbero, the street is Cervera), 3 heads was the dog that keep the hell, the Hades, and they
looked for a family there to insert the devices because in that area they were seeking for one
group of control.

Then there was really near to Cervera 3 at 80's a rock bar / snooker where heroin was
occasionally consumed, which, although not binding, I left here information by the
theoretical information crossing with the "Mengele" operation where former and actual
members of Spanish intelligence were accused: kidnap and drugs junkies to test the drugs for
future operations against terrorist groups (some deaths).

The famous JANO report of the same years approximately uses mythological symbology
also, the two-sided Roman god who looks to the past and to the future: Jano. In 1986 the
CESID carried out a control of the nervous system over me with the speech control
technology or artificial telepathy that would coincide with the type of operations of the Jano
report. In addition E.A. Manglano (former chief 1981-1995 of CESID) was known as first
"Ra" (Egyptian god) also rest of intelligence chief later him, Isis was used (Egyptian god)
for a daughter of a chief. The Spanish intelligence services like a lot the mythologies,
symbologies and numerologies.

Pgina 27 de 117

I add as a coincidence that in my family environment my political uncle, Juan, I think he likes topics
related to numerology since he wrote a book entitled "13". Also I can indicate that there was a person in my
childhood who dressed in the same way, very striking colors, and that coincides in the sexual tendency with
him; The person with whom I agree in style is with an object of conscience (person who didnt military
service) in my childhood school, Pinar del Rey, I think it was in the late 80's.

5.1.1 Accident of my grandmother

It is possible that C.N.I would break my grandmother's hip when my parents were to travel three
days later to Russia, my parents have mental control devices (USA / Spain manufacturing). They were
walking with her the day she "fell" and was bedridden until her death six years later. I doubt whether the
C.N.I used external nervous system control devices to make it fall and prevent travel; I had asked for
international help previous the trip, it was on lists of internationally tortured of Targeted Individuals and
Russian intelligence would have information of possible people with mind control implants, so they could
estimate that my parents could also have them, and perhaps devices of this type should not reach Russia.
Three days before the beginning of the trip, my grandmother suffered the accident and prevented her from
walking again, since she refused prostheses, my parents did not go to Russia.

5.2 Noelia Adn Portero and brothers

I repeat that I am a Cerberus in this operations, secret services possibly put on me the devices
because I lived with my family in Cerberus street number 3 (Cervera 3), the dog with three heads who
keeps the doors of the hell, the Hades; then my unique girlfriend, although both was boyfriends by mind
control, Noelia Adan Portero is Noelia Hades of Cerberus; in Spanish language Portero has the meaning
doorkeeper and Adan and Hades has a similar spelling.

Noelia was my girlfriend between April or May of 2007 and September of 2009. She has devices
inserted. I met her in April 2007 in a bar in the area of Paseo de la Castellana in Madrid (Torre Europa).
According to Noelia, not 100% reliable because she was under mental control without knowing it, her former
roommate, Tamara Gutirrez Fuentes, noticed a classmate (Ral Martnez Ruiz) who was with me that day
saying "look at the bald" and then Noelia noticed me "I like the tall"; We have devices then may be binding
in case that the information were true.

Pgina 28 de 117
I suspected of their devices or control after the six months of relationship: the first time of doubt was
the day after the 2007 "Hallowen" party for their behavioral changes, changes in their psychology, what
seemed to be electromagnetic stimulation over her, control with "nervous system control" and control with
"synthetic telepathy".

She told me that she escaped from the hospital under anesthesia and this could be, as my estimation,
a possible control under the effects of substances because the intelligence services usually do it under effects
to hide the tests or devices communications and mental control itself.

I have sensed in her control with the device "synthetic telepathy", control with the device "nervous
system control" even during sexual acts, and cerebral electromagnetism E.L.F on her.

She is being controlled and tortured without knowing of her own inserted devices.

My sister Esther said in 2003 or in the beginning of 2004 "I'm going to go or maybe I'm going to go
skiing to Andorra (country)" and in my head without knowing about the inserted devices appeared an idea
that I considered strange, was external communication 100% possible through artificial telepathy, saying
"Andorra boy". As estimation I think that a C.N.I remembered his brother, Alberto Adn Portero, although it
may be another type of link; they come from the Spanish city: Andorra (Teruel province, Aragon State).

There was a possible mental control over Noelia and her sister to have a very strong discussion at the
final of the Santiago road in Santiago de Compostela. The discussion was strong even for the character of
both sisters. It left me surprised and after the discussion, Estela only said with face/eyes gestures: "I'm
beautiful!" on me and without intentional gestures of another type, without be like a sexual relationship
attempt (I am expert in reading facial expressions). It is possible that the agents of the C.N.I was trying made
her the attempt. I made my surnames heraldry and my second, Sobrino, comes from Labata (Aragon) and the
shield legend says "Two foxes of their natural color one over the other" and I made a composition of erotic
photos representing this with two women on one over another. The C.N.I like to play with these types of
coincidences with what it gave me to think if they wanted to represent my heraldry making me maintain
relations with the two Aragonese (both sisters from Aragon) women as a "joke" in addition to test the mind

As example of mind control: in a Lisbon trip Noelia remembering his former "boyfriend" cried and it
seemed electromagnetic stimulation type E.L.F and transmissions from the C.N.I. Another electromagnetic
control on Lisbon trip that I perceived on her was on the train backing to home with psychoactive
frequencies type E.L.F as well.

As other example it is very possible mental control in Burgos, Ribadesella and Granada on Noelia
during sexual acts.

A lot of mind control more over her, all the time.

To see details of our relationship go to the point of couple relationships.

5.3 Possible mind control operations in Madrid

The group of people that we became friends at the University of Alcal de Henares formed a circle in
the external perimeter of Madrid, as I leave here attached an image, so that at least another person in that
circle being or certainly at least having suffered mental control (J.M.M.R) it would indicate the distribution

Pgina 29 de 117
of operations on families that did not come into contact with each other and then put them together in a
"super-operation" of mental control, making them all relatives.

I add an information that I do not give very much importance to another classmate who was not of
this main core of classmates, lvaro (Aluche district), because they gave puncture in the heart and coincides
in the area; I repeat that I do not think this have any relationship with the possible mind control cases but I
prefer write here the information. I have been electromagnetically tortured in the heart and arrhythmias can
be generated with E.L.F waves.

5.3.1 Javier Ruiz Sobrino and family

My parents (Fernando Ruiz Cuevas and Mercedes Sobrino Gutirrez) and sisters (Esther Ruiz
Sobrino and Beatriz Ruiz Sobrino) are under mental control as me.

We are five members in the family.

I entered to the university a year after the normal age to carry out the career of Technical Engineering
in Computer Management at the University of Alcal de Henares.

In the case of my family the motivation has been very clearly the name and number of the street
"Cervera number 3" as Cerbero the dog of 3 heads, that was changed to be number 33 without much sense in
the distribution of numbers of the street in the early 90's. From the change there is as a number in the
doorway of the building with a 3 over a 33 forming a perfect triangle of 3, an "Illuminati" triangle. We are
three brothers, the three heads of Cerberus and the last sister was unexpected. My sisters and parents are
increasingly tortured and controlled with intra-cerebral electromagnetic devices without know about their
own technology.

I sent mental control documentation to all the people in my environment via email with "25/09/2007
12:55" and "08/02/2008 18:54" dates, including my classmates of the University.

Pgina 30 de 117
I've had mind control technology since at least 1988 and I estimate this since 1986 or before. I
entered with the exact cut qualification (5.81 vs 5.80) to the career and I was "waiting" (selectivity exam
access) one more year of my age. The computer career was not vocational for me and I entered without
thinking about it.

The first two years of university went well for me (good qualifications) and since the third year
(2002) I was under torture. The CESID also forced me to smoke cannabis ("hashish") compulsively and
without associated enjoyment that was promoted to facilitate mental control: I did not enjoy smoking almost

I prepared a lot the joint classwork (group of 6-8 people), the exhibition that I arrived late by
reprography, I imagine that the CESID made that I didnt at the time to lose people at level of studies.

I received mental control in the rural house in the province of Guadalajara with my friend of the
University between 2002 and 2003. Did anyone of my classmates have the idea to wake me up the first day?
A strange idea 100% inserted with the device "synthetic telepathy" forced me to stay naked because someone
was going to do it. The C.N.I lowered my clothes 2 or 3 seconds with mind control and when they let me
process the information again I dressed quickly.

I do not know if my colleagues from the University remember the second day of the same weekend
when I said "I do not even walk". I bet for a brainwashing E.L.F during the subconscious or E.L.F very
powerful that night. The C.N.I tried to blame this day for the implantation of the mental control devices.

In the dressing rooms of Alcal de Henares after the soccer matches CESID gave me small head
movements or rather I would say eyes on other genital areas, it was a short and rare gesture for me that I tried
to counteract quickly, without any sexual thought; I have never had a gay thought or act, it was a slight
gesture of head or eyes that left me astonished by the movement itself and because I could do that others
"misunderstand" my behavior and the I would appear as something that I am not. It may be verifiable by
someone else but there were really short and quick movements.

Hortaleza district.
5 members.
One year later of the normal entrance to the University.
Under mind control since at least 1988.

5.3.2 Rubn Gonzlez Abad

He was my classmate in the U.A.H. There are circumstantial themes that could indicate mental
control or influences from CESID and C.N.I.

We went to a party in Alonso Martinez district in 2000 or 2001 with more people from the U.A.H
and we consumed LSD, maybe forced by CESID itself to perform tests during the effects thing that has been
done on other occasions, and there was a possible communication of the "synthetic telepathy" (artificial
telepathy) used under the effects of LSD, a high percentage of what it really was. The alleged communication
was during an attempt to communicate between us by grunts, like Neanderthals, in which the quantity of
information with only grunts seemed very high for that type of sounds. If he is a real case of mental control it
is possible that the secret services "play" to inter-communicate information between the devices or
operations. I told to a third person, who was present and totally sober (Rebeca Yanguas Pinilla) that the
contents of information was very high for grunts but given the moment, under the effects of LSD it was
nothing at the end. I imagine the theoretical interconnection or flow of information between operations like:
Pgina 31 de 117
- AgentSadisticPsychopathCESID_1: eiii we have already made them take LSD! We could
make them growl to talk and we transmit it through artificial telepathy!.

- AgentSadisticPsychopathCESID_2: come what! Hehehe, to growl! You'll see what a laugh!

And then they were grunting between us to indicate that we were going to ask for a drink and do
something, it was too complex what we understood.

Rubn spoke to me in 2013 about people seen as demons and he never had schizoid or strange
behavior, even at this moment that he was telling to me had consistent and logical speech discourse, It was
not like a schizophrenic. I write here because he would be suffering psychological operations of C.N.I.

I had one of the last times that I saw a mark on the bottom tooth, a small brown speck that should
have no meaning except because it was identical to that of Rebeca Yanguas Pinilla had. I prefer to write it.

Las Musas district.

4 members in the family.
Two years later than normal entrance to the University.

5.3.3 Rebeca Yanguas Pinilla

She was my classmate at the U.A.H.

She was my "girlfriend", we gave each other four kisses, for two months the first year of university
(2000) and the CESID with mental control did not leave me touch her ass over the trousers, sure, for two
months when she was 18 years and I was 19. As comment I indicate that the next girl that I met a few weeks
later in two dates we were masturbating in a park and that instead with Rebeca I could not even touch her
trouser literally in two months, CESID controlled me clearly in that way.

I liked her a lot in those times and since it was not a very normal "relationship", it dissolved and I
still liked it, we were still in the classroom and I do not know if there was even mental control from the
CESID to do that I liked more, I liked her for a long time without anything strange on my part even at
thinking level, I didnt having neither jealousy nor hatred to which her boyfriend was later (Raul Nieto
Barrasa, another classmate of the circle group around Madrid), nor obsessions or something rare from my

An agent of the CESID with the device of "synthetic telepathy" controlled me one day at the
entrance door in the University building in the year 2000 or 2001 until made I gave her a kiss in the head,
like paternal. I have never had that thought of parental protection over her or kissing in the head anyone
except on children less than 3 years. As a possibility there was a CESID agent who was an friend of her, it
could also be that she had a protector within the mental control (a sponsored "maruta", like in U731 film
Philosophy of a Knife), another option is that I was being controlled by a CESID agent that like her through
me or even agents foreseeing future operations where they would be investigated in an attempt to involve
their surroundings by imitating paternalism about her. It was a 100% mind control.

She had a behavior that coincided with the operation that I was receiving in 2003 which could only
indicate mental control or direct information from the C.N.I: she gave me two kisses on the neck as a
greeting at a party in Alonso Martinez, in a pub with two floors. The pub was on the corner of the street. It
Pgina 32 de 117
happened on the top floor that was quite dark and I had small cuts of pimple and I had even more cuts on my
neck than on my face and the C.N.I was performing an operation or PSYOP where blood was important
(they was trying to do that I believe I was HIV+, see false reality implantation Operation of the Monarch
program) and C.N.I had previously been marked that day the control in that way, in the way of the blood of
the shave. It seems that somehow caused that she had such behavior to use it in my operation. It was
influence or mind control.

C.N.I performed a perfect cloning of her voice both in tone and expression or his own was used at
the beginning of my operation with open devices in January or February 2005.

She had a mark on a tooth identical to Rubn Gonzlez Abad (brown and small speck) in the suit
below, it is a "nonsense I think" but as I agreed in both I leave written here.

Pornographic models of live webcams have been characterized by trying to look like her many times.
The C.N.I forced me with electromagnetism to see them besides that already I saw cams and even I had seen
some of the models previously without characterizing. Many people in my environment have been
characterized, not just her.

During her wedding an agent of C.N.I transmitted for a second at the level of thought with the
artificial telepathy indicating "I like her". In case that this was prepared it seemed perfect as far as the time of
perception with respect to mine, that is to say, if it was an recorded stimulus/synthetic telepathy
communication it was synchronized perfectly to my visual perception; the C.N.I agents receive my visual
perception and the agent that had the channel of artificial telepathy open in response to me on this time.

As a curiosity I estimate and hope, because they are common names and surnames. I was going to be
named (my parents hesitated about) Javier or David. My name is Javier Ruiz Sobrino and his husband is
named David Ruiz (I dont know his second surname).

Viclvaro district.
4 members in the family.
Entrance with the normal age to the University.

5.3.4 Jos Miguel Moreno Romero

He was my classmate in the U.A.H.

C.N.I agents controlled (override of functions) his nervous system in Riviera Maya (Mexico), in
those times I thought that he was doing the funny thing by changing the tonality of his voice when we was
there taking mojitos on vacations. I did not know about the override of the nervous system technique at the
voice level or the possibility that my surroundings might be under mental control. It was a serious/strong
voice with a slight "outskirts of town", I remember the tone that was generated, it would be similar to how I
imagine the evolution of the voice of a classmate of my school in my childhood, when I was 10 or 12 years
old (Alberto Lpez Gallego), mixed with his and adding a slight; It was a spelling of Madrid or very similar.
Even a C.N.I agent with the voice I imagine as his controller was torturing me years later (2015-2016) to

* As curious thing Alberto Lpez Gallego in those times, in childhood, found an envelope with
dollars; I do not believe anything but imagine one receive an envelope fill of dollars for him and mental

Pgina 33 de 117
control devices for another, the good luck and the bad luck. We both had excellent qualifications at this
age, two best with 5 or 6 years old and its necessary at least average/high IQ.

It is possible a "synthetic telepathy"/"synthetic telepathy-nervous system" on the physical part of

speech control or maybe also knowledge of my private life "only known by the C.N.I"; It was during Carol's
wedding return in 2012 in the car going back to Madrid, that was the first time I really thought of direct
information from the C.N.I or mental control over him. He spoke about a behavior that I would have been
able and he only could estimate this through the knowledge of my intimate life that only the C.N.I agents of
mental control knew. He made a comment supposing my behavior in an "A" situation that could only be
known through knowledge of a "B" situation of my life that was parallel to "A" and that only the C.N.I
agents knew. I thought the possibilities were that he had informed by the C.N.I or that he was being
controlled by C.N.I, I thank more about the mind control possibility.

I perceived other influences or information that he was receiving to facilitate that we separate as
friends, maybe to isolate me or also separate him from my life because I am being tortured brutally. It
seemed behavioral changes about me from their surroundings such as his Valladolid friend that seemed to me
alluding about H.I.V (it is a PSYOP that I received from CESID and C.N.I, only). Also sometimes like his
friends gave information about me, maybe in a rare way: I read facial expressions.

The day that my nephew was born in a clinic near to his house and I had free time I called him to
have a beer accompanied by my sister Esther and he appeared apparently nervous, I do not know if by
mental control, by influences from the C.N.I or for other reason. The nervousness seemed to dissipate to
completely normal throughout the twice beers. He had sat behind him a person very similar to "Asier", a
friend of Alberto who is another classmate of the University; Asier is a strong person and he had knowledge
of martial arts, which left me slightly surprised because I did not know if someone had influenced Jos
Miguel and that he had thought something strange on me, that I had some strange intention. The physical was
reasonable similar with Alberto's friend, it was him or a person trying to look alike.

I have noticed on many occasions that he was influenced by "girls and me", as if I had received some
kind of influence in that direction, like If was not a good thing.

The last day we were in a party in Alcal de Henares, on Alberto's birthday, I thought there was some
strange test about my behavior. Both him and his girlfriend, I believed this was a joke, I did not believe that
they were a serious test also by mind control I didnt tell to anyone about.

By influences and operations and the usual distances of the age and relationships has made us
distance ourselves. The "harassing" isolating me or trying to separate the people from me has been done for
15 years with all my surroundings, more with the "policeman" environments or that could have some kind of
high influence, it is not just with him. C.N.I is trying to isolate me starting from 2002.

The "Cordoba behavior" at holidays: the C.N.I starting from that I was totally drunk performed a
mind control on me at the level of control of the nervous system, my behavior. After an abundant dinner in
wine and alcoholic drinks late in the disco during evening, I left the nightclub where we were and then I
noticed that suddenly we were three people, the reality was that I had left and he was there talking to a girl
who he had met at the disco previously and then starting from a situation in which the three of us had met
there the C.N.I forced my behavior to appear as burdensome. In case of having perceived previous situation
as it was I think I could have escaped or slowed my behavior even still I was being controlled with the
devices but both issues were added, I did not perceive the previous work with the woman and the C.N.I
agent with "override" of the nervous system in addition to an important ethyl state.

Pgina 34 de 117
Guzman el Bueno district.
4 members in the family.
Entrance with the normal age to the University.

5.3.5 Ral Martnez Ruiz

He was my classmate at U.A.H.

C.N.I had information that he could inherit the "cron" disease years earlier than I knew through him.
The C.N.I tried to implant me through artificial telepathy that another people that I know who had the same
beard hairstyle had this disease. I received the idea a lot of times like a false memory but I did not trust this.

Noelia Adan Portero has inserted devices. The first day I met her she was with a friend (Tamara
Gutirrez Fuentes) and according to Noelia although she is not very reliable because she is under mental
control without knowing that, Tamara spoke "look at the bald" (Ral Martnez Ruiz) and then Noelia said "I
like the tall" (me, Javier Ruiz Sobrino). Was it true that Tamara spoke that? Was she being controlled also?
Was it a false memory implanted to Noelia? Noelia and I have devices and we ended up being boyfriends.

El Pozo deVallecas district.

4 members in the family.
Two years later than normal entrance to the University.

5.3.6 Diana Barroso Jimnez

She was my classmate of the U.A.H.

Estrecho district.
4 members in the family.
One or two years later than normal entrance to the University.

5.3.7 Paula Prez Bestilleiro

She was my classmate of the U.A.H.

The day that we were in the house of a friend of her, we were 6 or 7 people from the "circle" of the
U.A.H the about the year 2002 agents of the CESID or C.N.I controlled me to be especially careful with
cleaning there, I always am, by the profession of the parent of the friend of her: a CESID/CNI agent or
former agent, I believe more than a simple agent, more like a group chief with a high salary. That day there
were no events to take into account; we took the first coup of whisky before going out to a party; I remember
only that a glass fell and pour the contents on the floor.

Herrera Oria district.

5 members in the family.
Entrance with the normal age to the University.

6.3.8 Pablo Prez Ferrs

Pgina 35 de 117
He was my classmate of the U.A.H.

Santa Eugenia district.

5 members in the family.
Three years later than normal entrance to the University.

6.3.9 Carolina Atienza Lindo

She was my classmate of the U.A.H.

Villaverde district.
They were four members in the family, the brother died in a car accident.
One year later than normal entrance to the University.

6.3.10 Ral Nieto Barrasa

He was my classmate of the U.A.H.

Usera district.
4 members in the family.
Entrance with the normal age to the University.

5.4 Electromagnetic focused weapons over my surroundings

I think the C.N.I is using non-invasive short-range or medium-range focused devices such as
flashlights or microwave shotguns on me and people in my environment when they are positioned at fixed
places and the C.N.I has been able to transport the equipment to these areas. As an example I believe that
near my parents, sisters and my own house there are mobile operatives of agents of the C.N.I like houses,
vans or vehicles where they have equipment of emission of short/medium range to emit microwaves, type
E.L.F, type control of the nervous system and even maybe of artificial telepathy, all the devices, of course
external communications.

In my last job (CMC Group) I could almost guarantee, almost 100% that these technologies were
used on colleagues, given the influences over them I do not know whether in collaboration with C.N.I or on
the opposite was against their will. I watched people under E.L.F effects (sensation level), it is possible that
at the gestural level by control of the nervous system and I can said, with all certainty, that at level of speech
control over-writing the nervous system on Sara M. (sure) or also Laura M (maybe only).

I believe that focused (short/medium-range) devices have also been used on friends and perhaps even
family members in static areas.

Focused electromagnetic devices (short/medium range) can cover between a few meters those that
are flashlight type and up to 2 km which are shotgun type of microwave according to information taken from
the Internet.

Pgina 36 de 117
6. Operation test devices and test of my psychology (1986-2002)

Tests were performed by CESID (1986-2002) to verify the state of the mental control or the
capabilities of the devices as well as tests of psychology to estimate my ability of resistance to stressors. It is
indicated with probability of veracity that the event is a test of mental control since it could be also a normal
experience of the life.

6.1 Proving reaction to external ideas (artificial telepathy) 1985-1986

Dates: 1985 to 1986.

Probability of veracity: 70%.

It was a mental control with synthetic telepathy testing my reaction to external ideas. It was an initial
control with nervous system control or synthetic telepathy to try to get me to perform a "bad" action or see if
I counteracted the action through logic (in some cases), if I fought the mental control by slowing the action:
test when I receive the idea and then they see if I execute or not.

They were tests between my 4 and 6 years of age. Briefly, two or three times, in which a "strange"
idea appeared (external with artificial telepathy I believe now): on the stairs over my sister where I
controlled, I did not execute the action given that it would hurt hard her, appearance of the idea in a strange
way and I stop it of the same of identical way, rarely; over another boy in the school of the same type,
appearing strangely, but in this case I did, was a soft touch over his leg doing he fell, I executed without
thinking and then appeared a strange sensation of remorse because I did, almost instantaneously, when I
never doing anything to anyone.

6.2 Mental control tests: against will

6.2.1 Escaping from home between 1986 and 1987

Dates: between 1986 and 1987.

Probability of veracity: 99%.

It was a control of the nervous system by "synthetic telepathy" over the physical part or direct
control of the nervous system. It was proof of mental and physical control to make me run away from home
for 15 minutes.

Explanation: I was between 5 and 6 years at the most, at that moment I was scared to go out the
house, in fact I had never opened the door, I did not want to leave, really I did not want it, I did not have
motivation and I had afraid of doing so and a strange feeling, mind control, pushed me out of the house.
After opening the door I went down the stairs and of course I was afraid to leave the building, even less I had
go to the street alone, and the same strange power, external I can say now, pushed me to go out when I did
not want, being afraid to do it and forcing me. Once done, once in the street, I started playing with my
relatives to escape from them, I escaped too good for a child with my age: "hiding" myself to escape of a
parallel search of my parents by street on the left and grandfather by the street on the right, It was search that
went by parallel streets but out of step on time; I was at the end of the both streets; the left hunt came before
the right hunt; I escaped playing with the distance and the time to prevent them from seeing me, hiding
Pgina 37 de 117
behind a kiosk on the right back side when the left search came and quickly changing my position to the left
rear side to escape from the right search. After escape I stayed for a couple of minutes and then I returned to

I'm pretty sure, almost 100 percent, which it was psychophysical control with "nervous system
control device" or synthetic telepathy.

6.3 Control against will: stole objects 1989 and 1991

Dates: first about 1988-1990 and second on 1991-1992.

Probability of veracity: 99%.

In those two occasions the C.N.I forced me to steal a pair of things against my will, to remove two
things in a very strange way. I did not stole anything although those times, even having the possibility at
school, even being at a classroom alone with other guys whom was stolen some objects I did not.

The first of them being in the house of a childhood friend and always being very respectful with
everything, more with a friend (F.J.M.B) and even more because my friend was really carefully with all his
objects, totally ordered, and the object was not very small and the C.N.I forced me to stole a car (Rolls Roice
black and grey who came and go), which I imagine would also be noticed by my friend: a really strange act
for my behavior. I was in his home hundred times and I had not taken anything even not small soldiers (he
had hundreds) that would be not noticed by him.

The second was of the same type over a person with whom I had a good relationship (Manolo), he
was not a friend but we both treat good, in this case also adding a risky act stealing from his pocket three
marbles at the church when I was sit on his right and he had the coat dressed, I let's say with great skill from
my part and risky. I repeat that this type of behavior was totally different from what I had always, really

It was the C.N.I forcing actions against the will.

6.4 One test per year between 1988 and 2004

Dates: every year between 1988 and 2004.

Probability of veracity: 100%.

The best way to test for psychophysical control with the devices is to make you do something against
your own will, to see if they really they "control you mentally. Tests done once a year and each year a
different kind; all appear strangely, all against my own habitual behavior, all very rare, all a single time, all
separated almost distributed on time, once a year approximately. They were functioning tests of mind
control. Verifications / checks of the state of mind control.

6.4.1 Concrete test against will in 1997

Dates: approximately 1997.

Pgina 38 de 117
Probability of veracity: 100%.

The best way to test for psychophysical control of devices is control against your will. I've never
been an exhibitionist, a strange day even for myself something the CESID forced me to leave the window
blind opened while I slept in summer, only one day and strangely; I did never before and have done never
after. I was always careful with this specific issue, with a neighbor of 65 years at the time had not to see me
in underwear and every day I closed the window blind (for years) so she have not to see me, that day,
uniquely, something forced me to leave it opened so that she concretely would saw me (just the opposite
from all my life).

Tests of black point on white paper, white point on black paper: controls against the usual behavior

6.5 Communication and action control 1989-1990

Dates: between 1989 and 1990.

Probability of veracity: 99%.

It was control between 5 to 10 hours to dont and also dont say that I had physical needs while at
school, identical to the control of the communication currently being tested. It was control tests for stopping
necessary actions also control of communication as well as maybe test on humiliations.

I had a physical urge to urinate and the CESID with the nervous system control device prevented me
for many hours that I could do it or even communicate to someone that I need go to the bathroom with
control of communication. I had no problem of needs control, I was between 5 to 10 hours with the need to
go, the problem was to be to enter the bathroom that was available and to not be able to communicate to the
teachers in time of maximum urgency that I need it at classroom.

I will explain it better: I started to need to pee in the morning, between 9 and 11 in the morning
approximately, there was changes of class where the rest of the people went to the bathroom, how I made
previous this day during years, finished the morning classes at 12:30 I was for 3.5 hours in "the dining time"
(lunch time and school outdoors free time) until 15:00 where there was a bathroom available several times
and something, mental and physical control with devices, made it impossible for me, to enter to do pee
having much desire besides the bathroom available; then I began afternoon classes (at 15:00) and after
carrying out 5, 8 or 10 hours (from 8, 9 or 10 a.m.) and making it impossible at the time of maximum
urgency to ask to the teacher for permission with electromagnetic control of communication I was forced to
do pee over myself with the consequent humiliation being 8 or 9 years old; it happened two times: one at
classroom and another one at outdoors time and I said to my mom I fell on a puddle because she asked me.

As summary it was not a problem of needs control, it was the impossibility of carrying out the action
or communicating the urgency when before and after this I could always do it, it never happened to me
before those two times and it never happened to me again; there is only a similar mind control technique in
the Basque Country, we I had 15 to 16 years of age, that is the next document point.

6.6 Action control, Basque Country / Navarra: 1997

Dates: summer of 1997.

Pgina 39 de 117
Probability of veracity: 100%.

While I was on vacation with my family in Navarre and the Basque Country, there is a high
probability that it would be on the campsite of "Las Brdenas Reales" the CESID carried out a control test, I
was prevented from doing my physical needs normally.

I had the bathroom available and empty at 30 meters and I was controlled not to go to the bathroom
and instead of doing my needs inside the caravan into a trash bag, only, as if there was no alternative
bathroom or other alternative available place, cleaning me with toilet roll paper and the rest by normal way, it
does not make any sense, it was a test to show the technology and mind control capabilities to someone. I
imagine that one CESID agent would say to another:

- Agent_1:How do you want to control him to test the devices?

- Agent_2: Well, I do not know ... something strange, It cannot be prepared ... now that it
is shitting that instead of going to the bathroom which is free and at 30 meters from
him ... I do not know ... to do it somewhere else, something against all logic, to do it into
a trash bag in the caravan, it cannot be prepared! Hehehe!.

How I was on vacation in the Basque Country I think it was to show the technology to some CESID
related to those areas; Basque Country Spanish is the terrorist threat zone and there are special divisions of
secret services, police and army there.

I repeat that I had nothing to do, I had no impediments and I was alone because my family was
hiking mountains for several hours, with the bathroom empty, clean and it was about 30 meters of distance
from me. During all vacations for years or other similar places I had never done a similar action having been
in a similar way for 12 or 13 years, it was clearly a mind control test being in an area where there are special
divisions of C.N.I / CESID so it is not a coincidence. I was 15 years old and never did it before and never

6.7 Speech control. Jano report? 1985-1987

Dates: 1985 to 1987.

Probability of veracity: 99%.

It was a speech control and idea, external I can now say, of being an "aeronautical engineer" without
knowing what it was by overriding my nervous system control for speech. I did not heard about, I did not
know what it was and I said something meaningless. I was surprised at the time to say something I did not
know. When I was between 4 and 6 years old a day walking with my father, entering my grandparents' house,
I told him, and already at that moment being a child and moreover without know about the technology the
speech was so strange for me, to say something that had no sense.

Possibly CESID agents planned to become an aeronautical engineer because they saw me ready for,
even I would imagine to enter me into some organization and do industrial espionage. They could introduce
you to an organization like NASA as an example, you could have an impeccable career, being or appearing
as a genius although you can be a fake, you would pass the tests if they wanted helping you with mental
control, no matter how difficult the test would be. They could make you a spy without knowing even that
you are. It looks quite like the eighth report "Jano of the Spanish intelligence services for extract
information and infiltration in high level positions of society mixed with the mind control operations, as even
Pgina 40 de 117
to infiltrate you in politics or into a company or special place, as in a NASA in USA, similar also to
Homeland Tv serie.

6.8 Preventing it from entering the dressing rooms 1987-1997 and 2000-2003

6.8.1 Control into dressing rooms in the school and sports teams 1987-1997

Dates: 1989-1997.

Probability of veracity: 80%.

It was control to not enter wardrobes or at least a rare sensation into. It was an avoidance of
situations of entry into changing rooms at sporting time.

Was it attempts to prevent CESID pedophiles from seeing children of my age? I can assure you that
there are agents of C.N.I that are pedophiles. Was It an attempt that I dont see nudity as normal? I see all my
life nudity as normal.

6.8.2 Dressing rooms at University 2000-2003

Dates: between 2000 and 2003.

Probability of veracity: 100%.

It was mental control trying I did not enter wardrobes or at least I feel uncomfortable or rare into
them at the university. It was a control with the device of "nervous system control" on my nervous system
forcing to make small gestures of head or even at eye level: it was an uncontrolled head-and-eye movement
that I countered as quickly as possible over genital areas of classmates and the gesture was without
perception of sexual attraction on my part and it gave strangeness to myself, not by a sexual fact, but by the
possible strangeness that could generate on third parties.

I have never had a thought, gesture or act gay, I am 100% heterosexual, no days, no minutes, no
seconds, no milliseconds, no nanoseconds of doubt or attraction or sensation by people of my gender; I am
very tolerant with all the people, but I emphasize that hundred percent heterosexual.

This involuntary eyepiece or head movement would accord with mind control devices. It may be
verifiable by my classmates which I played sports and shared a shower but I'm not sure if it was perceptible.
I add some data from the university: I entered with the exact qualification at hundredth level and It was not
vocation; there is or there was another university fellow under mental control (J.M.M.R) and there are
circumstantial clues on at least two other people (R.G.A and R.Y.P) of the classmates group, the group of
people that we became friends is an almost perfect perimeter in the periphery of the city of Madrid which
could indicate a distribution of mental control operations that would not come into personal contact with
each other and as a "final" operation bring them all in a joint "super-operation" of mental control (see devices
insertion and possible operations for more information).

Since 2005 to the date C.N.I like I not be confortable in dressing rooms at sport time moving my
head like at university although I know now about the devices.

Pgina 41 de 117
6.9 Control to avoid high level sport 1989-1991 and 2000

Dates: between 1989 and 1991 and 2000.

Probability of veracity: 80%.

I was controlled to not to perform "high level" soccer sports tests.

It was very good between 8 and 11 years, no longer at this level, even so to give you an idea of my
possible performance as an estimate if I C.N.I allow me now to play I would play as futsal National B level
(near to professional level, 4th division) even National A accord with some of the own torturers and I was
all my life without train at competition level. With this information I only said that had good qualities and I
maintained something of.

My father had a friend in Atltico de Madrid (first soccer division): he was the team manager of
child categories. I was controlled to not have possibility of soccer life ", I think they could not experiment
with a person who was "public" at soccer in the same way; I do not say that I would have done well the
soccer test, I do not believe in fact given my qualities because you have to be a crack, not only a very good
player, or my height since 1.80 meters for soccer is not worth for the goalkeeper position; I indicate that the
CESID impeded me to do the tests to avoid the single possibility.

How does the C.N.I prevent me from competing or even playing sports at good level? With
psychophysical control devices: the CNI agent closes my eyes, moves and shrugs my arms and legs, they
take away the adrenaline...
It was very possibly I was also controlled when tried to test the University futsal team that was a
team with almost professional players National A type or up to Silver Division. I think the C.N.I did it so that
it was not the sportsman well.

Imagine if I had been a decent guy with his friends and family as I have been, who were also well in
university studies as I went until the torture start in 2002, which also had relationships with many girls as I
knew until the age of 17 when CESID began to make it impossible, although the truth is that they never
made it possible me to progress in them, and that I would have also played really good sports, of which I
would rather play for a while only for pleasure... if I had looked a bit like the typical "American model"
sportsman-college-boy and something flirtatious... if all that could be and was not a reality then it would
have been difficult to justify further disinformation operations where agents of CESID or CNI, psychopaths,
were prepared operations to justify or try to justify the subsequent torture for agents who are theoretically not
psychopaths, more profiles of cold people following the order without processing it, more like indoctrinated
profiles which false proofs are prepared for, and thus torture all without remorse.

6.10 Control to avoid fights 1995-2017

Dates: between 1995 and 2017

Probability of veracity: 90%.

Pgina 42 de 117
I was controlled to not to fight even when was been normal or even necessary, only a few times.
I think CESID and C.N.I prevented me from fight because a hit on my head would make that the devices fall
or that I need a MRI scan and the devices were detected.

It was like a total body movements stop during possible fights. I dont like fight but I dont have an
incredible fear about receive a hit or on pain itself: I think I resist the pain well; maybe I have normal fear on
a knife or a gun during a fight but no more.

6.11 Visualization of mental characteristics

6.11.1 Mental characteristics: 1986-1994

Dates: between 1986 and 1994.

Probability of veracity: 99%.

It is a very powerful imagination with loss of logic is known as "dissociation" where you lose
perspective of reality, which is sought in the subjects for mental control experimentation to generate hidden
personalities in memory or also for the test of shock and control operations. These memory zones are hidden
from their own personality through traumas (Monarch Mind Control Trauma Based) which generate the
hidden area of memory. Traumas cause you dont access a memory area in some cases, when the person
tends to dissociate and in that area is stored the information of the personality implanted in the memory
dissociated zone or hidden over oneself; In these experiments, these memory zones (hidden) are activated
and inactivated with electromagnetic stimuli (cerebral electromagnetic pointers with capacity to stimulate /
counter-stimulate the cerebral area or E.L.F brain frequency to do it).

In my case I had a very powerful imagination but I dont loss the logic or the reality, without
dissociation. I was a child who was always looking into the sky, I was imagining but within reality. There
were possible mental test with the Nervous System Control device performing an electromagnetic
stimulation to remain me in imaginative / thoughtful state with E.L.F frequencies, both my sister Beatriz and
me stayed in "babia" (looking the roof) in a somewhat strange way which could indicate the use of E.L.F
waves; It was a possibility of electromagnetic stimulation promoting the imagination or increasing it.

My sisters and parents also have inserted devices. My sisters talk a lot during the sleep; both have a
lot of subconscious activity. I repeat that the traumas in addition to the Monarch program with dissociation
are also used as shock doctrine: shock and behavior modification after.

6.11.2 Psychopath in classroom 1990-1993

Dates: between 1990 and 1993.

CESID could have seen my mind under stress situations. There was a very strong bullying close to
me and I suffered some tension but not too strong. CESID could verify my ability to resist situations of
stress. There was a very hard psychopath in classroom.

One percent of the population is psychopath, in police, firefighters and soldiers is 5% because they
like the risk and have tendency to jobs with high risk also they have tendency to jobs with power as politics
or high positions in business, in the secret services on infiltration and torture missions there is a much higher
Pgina 43 de 117
percentage, in these operations I bet is 15% or 20% sure and in jail about a 30% of the inmates are

The stress or pressure at childhood did not leave me traumatized, it was hard only. I had a terrible
person by you feel real afraid to see him and by which people around you just need psychologist or
psychiatrist ... fear, harassment, blackmail, economic extortion, robbery, aggression, weapons and at the end
not much long time from finish the school he was on prison, which were afraid of him: equal age guys,
younger guys and teachers with who I was 8 hours a day sitting very close and we had three and a half hours
a day time of "free" in a closed space where there was no law, space in which I spent 2 to 3 years playing to
escape the psychopath, playing to dont cross with him in a "disguised" way visualizing what direction he
was going to take and I take a different way in a disguised way before, in a direction in which we did not
meet; my attempt to dont cross with him was fine for what he might have been. It was between 10 and 12 to
13 years. It was not fun and when I finished the school it was a release for me and I did not get traumatized.

In defense of him, I would say that initially he was a shy, reserved child who did not interfere with
anyone, who received more insults than otherwise and by the pressures of the life he exploded.

6.12 Test of resistance to stress: substances 1995-2002

Dates: between 1995 and 2002.

It was test resistance under stress of chemical substances. I have a lot of mental self-control under
effects of substances and I maintain logical ability quite well. I have detected tests with the devices by the
CESID during the use of chemicals.

As a result they would, I imagine, obtain that I have a high resistance to the loss of self-control under
the effects of hallucinogens.

CESID may have made me experiment more or experiment with substances in youth or at least use
the times when I was under conditions to test my ability to tolerate extreme stress.

It is also very likely that the CESID will make an intervention to stop me from moving away from
parties with a youth friend, both went some days to parties.

The tests were soft-shock operations checking my ability to resist psychological impacts or recovery
from suffering while under the influence of chemicals. As example after 8 hours of being "very very
uncomfortable" under the effects of LSD I recovered in 5 minutes to a state of total normality. I add that I do
not lose my head under the effects of LSD, a lot of self-control, maybe even too much to enjoy it fully. I am
the typical person that when get drunk does not do very illogical nonsense more than the drunkenness itself.
There was also some evidence testing my ability to concentrate or memorize under the influence of

6.13 Weakened sentimental and sexual relationships 1995-2007

Dates: between 1995 and 2007.

Probability of veracity: 100%.

Pgina 44 de 117
When I was between 14 and 18, I usually meet a lot of pretty girls counting on 35 girls, who are still
very beautiful in some cases, and when I was going to reach sexuality CESID forced me to cut the
"relationships". Relationships that were from kiss to a little more, to get me away from a normal sexuality
and maybe also a little because CESID didnt like see the girls which were my age at the time, 14 to 18 years

I was not afraid of sex more than the normal fear of age, I wanted to have sex, I was in the
"relationships" easygoing and I broke, distanced myself or let pass the "relationship" by not calling the girls.
I did it in 90% of the cases and I did it 10 or 20 times, the rest was kisses of one night. If I was going to
approach sexual relationships with sexual masturbations or even with penetration and besides I liked the girls
I cut the relationships, without any sense.

If my girlfriend was a "good girl" for the CESID, as example if she would be a daughter of a military
man or a policeman or a blue-eyed and kind-clean-girl, then the CESID would not let me frottage her and if I
was a normal girl maybe CESID let me touch her a little but never advance to sex itself. Before beginning
sexual practices of penetration or masturbations CESID made me break the relationships when I was good
within, causing after leaving them I would be distressed and I had to look for another girl in the same way,
good and beautiful to try to have a relationship and sex.

The CESID prevented me from having sexual normality. They had to separate me from normal
sexuality or sexuality itself in order try I appear as a person with problems or at least that I did not have a
total normality besides, I imagine, CESID did not watch young girls of my age through the device of
"synthetic telepathy" (artificial telepathy) with capture of visual processing.

The control of sexuality is a subject used internationally in the operations of experimentation and
torture on T.I (targeted individuals). I repeat that if you have a normal sex life until 20 or 21 then it is
difficult to make agents thinks that the person has become a "weird" or depraved type in a prepared PSYOP.

A specific control for the avoidance of sexuality was for example during a vacation in Burela
(Galicia) in 1999. I was on holidays in Viveiro and CESID forced me to make a comment (control of nervous
system with technique known as "speech control") to prevent a possible sexual act. I was 17 and the girl over
20, I think 22 or 23, and I add that I never screw up saying things that I should not say so clearly and I really
wanted to have sex, it was an external takeover 100% real, without any doubt. My own comment left me
very surprised without knowing about the inserted devices. CESID made me insinuate, so that they
understood perfectly but did not seem completely done with real intention, the age difference to the girls just
when my cousin could not hear it and the minute later he told me to dont it. It is totally impossible that I
would have made that comment: it was control of the nervous system for speech control sure.

When I reached an age that have sexual practices is really common, from 18, I was increasingly
prevented by CESID from maintaining "relationships" even kisses to avoid sexual normality and
relationships itself.

6.14 Allowed sexual relationships 1998 and 2001

6.14.1 First sexual relations 1998

Dates: between 1998 and 2001.

Probability of veracity: 100%.

Pgina 45 de 117
In 1998, I was allowed to have a relationship with a 16-year-old girl when I was 17, I think because
she was very experienced on sex and then CESID did not care to "throw a couple of sex acts" with her.

It was not a problem to see a very experienced girl through the devices even if she was 16 because
she had had sex with many and it was not rich district ... it was more of the UVA! I imagine that the CESIDs
would say "well, it's from the UVA district, she has fucked a few ... that the kid come released!. We had a
normal relationship of boyfriends for two months: good relationship, with sex, funny, at ease going with her,
no one problem. I cut, meaningless, the relationship thus I had to try to find another "equal" girl, a nice girl
to meet and have sex, just when I was in a good with the much desired sex for a teenager!

6.14.2 Second girl with sex 2001

Dates: 2001.

Probability of veracity: 100%.

I was controlled not to have sexuality except two days with a current friend, Mara, and when I had
gained experience and would have been better I didnt continue meeting her without much apparent sense.

6.15 Result of my psychology in 2002

Date: 2002.

Test results of devices and psychology.

o Use 1: from my childhood to adult, between I was 5 approximately and 21, I was
selected for experimentation of mental control devices for medium/high IQ and
subconscious control capability.

o Use 2: from my youth, 21 years, to the date. I was selected for experimentation of
torture with devices given the mental resistance to stressors and I had not influential
people, policeman, spies, politics, between my surroundings. If torturers like to test
psychological torture with a subject who in two months becomes crazy must force
them to use another subject of experimentation to torture him which would mean the
loss of a subject of experimentation for mental control of another type and make
more noise in the world about mind control. Torturing me has not been necessary a
second subject of experimentation: 15 years of torture and I remain mentally sane.

7. Monarch Operation: traumatization between 2002 and 2005

The operation known colloquially as "Monarch mind control trauma based" is a mental control
program based on traumatization for personality modification or shock and behavior modification (shock
doctrine). As a summary my operation "Monarch" was based on the generation of a brutal shock through the
use of chemicals, invasive mental and physical (psychophysical) control devices, psychological
brainwashing and real time implantation of false thinking (like memories on real time, continuous) and
traumatic false memories implantation until I wait, after two years of operation, confirmation of the
information to commit suicide.
Pgina 46 de 117
7.1 Shock and control: shock doctrine

7.1.1 Main information

Begin: first months of 2002.

Finalization: middle year of 2002.

Duration: between 4 and 7 months.

Objective: generation of shock to initiate behavior modification.

Result: generated a brutal shock that left me close to a heart attack on the initial day and
after the initial day for months in a state of mental shock.

7.1.2 Chronology and details of the operation

The ecstasy multiplies by a hundred all psychological therapy, the time of, and therefore multiplies
by a hundred all trauma, the time of: the ecstasy was used in the 60's as therapy because it made of one
session a hundred sessions.

The use of substances is something that the intelligence services usually do in these operations to
camouflage the torture that they execute before the tortured themselves. The tests of mental control devices
under effects of substances are not perceived by the tortured, the communication or control through them
under effects can be attributed to the use of the same chemicals.

Chronology: Day 0:

Date and duration: beginnings of 2002 during one day.

Previous information: I went to party in a disco in early 2002 in Alicante and return to
Madrid same morning after the event. It was the only time during 2002 that I went to a party
of these characteristics.

Result: I suffered a psychological shock for several weeks and I think I was close to a heart
attack. It was shock to generate control behind him, a shock doctrine/control operation.

CESID agents used or even promoted the use of chemicals, the use of ecstasy. I was returning from
that party and from a state of total psychological calm. I was under effects of ecstasy, in a state drowsy,
relaxed and with sexual appetite already in the car (the driver had not consumed drugs) after the night in the
disco. From that state of total relaxation my state changed in five minutes to a state of brutal psychoactivity
(as example frequencies E.L.F of 17/70 Hz alternates with 2w/cm2 generate psychoactive sensations). I
indicate that I had tried both substances on some occasions and the effects are very differentiable, I did not
understand these psychoactive brutal effects in my body but I did not know of the possibility, of course, of
intracranial devices. The CESID added electromagnetism on the cardiac area to very high pulsations, about
170-180 or even more, besides a cardiac pressure, can be also generated electromagnetically with E.L.F, until
the veins had a dark garnet tone, which seemed to swell and almost bleed without wounds by that pressure
Pgina 47 de 117
and then the CESID added continuous muscle cramps, mounted non-stop, such as soccer cramps in which
the players need someone to help them stretch their twins in 10 seconds, but It was during the four or five
hours car trip over the two quadriceps, where never I have suffered except that day, and the two twins, I
repeat that it was a continuous cramp the four/five hours without lowering the same, without getting cramp,
without a minute of rest except a stop in the middle of the route.

It was a complete trip by car from Alicante to Madrid with the four muscles mounted, with the heart
about 180 beats, with the veins purple and about to explode by heart pressure, with ecstasy that multiply per
one hundred all intensity, with E.L.F psychoactive waves like LSD and this was on a physical level and then
C.N.I added mental pressure by communicating with the device known as "synthetic telepathy", which I did
not know I had, bombarding me with an "idea" repetitively, trying to make me believe that the friend
(Carlos) who was in the car sitting next to me was angry with me for some motivation that I did not know
and that after hours of mental control under and the effects of the shock made me cause a "problem" with
them and at last the CESID also blocked my communication with the psychophysical control devices so that
I could not communicate my state or even ask the rest of the people in the car for help.

I could not even communicate to the others that I was near to a heart attack, with my veins garnet,
with four muscles of my body with a continuous cramp and driving me crazy by the artificial telepathy and
E.L.F waves that I did not know I had, all under the effects of substances that multiply time or intensity by
one hundred. Day 1

Date and duration: from early 2002 to mid or late 2002.

Pre-information: the months following the shock operation, behavior modification operation.

Result: CESID distanced Carlos and Arancha from me and I was in a terrible psychological
state for some weeks or months.

After the psychological impact where the CESID tried to drive me crazy about supposed strangeness
with no basis of reality initially on Carlos and Arancha at the car, I will explain better, the CESID agents
repeatedly introduced an idea with the device of synthetic or artificial telepathy telling me that Carlos was
angry with me and I looked at Carlos 50 or 100 times in which he only seem tired for a sleepless night but
for the shock and with the own mental control devices the CESID made that I verified if this anger was real,
they made that I ask to him if he was angry with me for any motivation, which logically caused his
strangeness. I think that he asked to his girlfriend and present wife, Arancha, by any possible issue, if there
was some possible motivation for anger.

I am sure that this was done to annoy them, since Arancha's father had died in a terrorist attack by
E.T.A (Spanish terrorist group and he was policeman) and Carlos's is a retired Navy and they wanted to take
them away from me making them uncomfortable with me foreseeing future harassment operations over my
surroundings, which really have occurred.

After being in shock CESID and then the C.N.I tried to continue making me behave strangely with
Carlos and Arancha at the level of gesture or way of behavior plus the shock I had suffered that let me in a
rare state. For example the day after the shock where I can remember their face of strangeness or fear
before I would have had some strange idea or would have remained in a rare psychological state on them and
I, on the other hand, tried to normalize the situation under a state of brutal shock, which even increased the
Pgina 48 de 117
Other times that the CESID/C.N.I continued trying to distance me from them was as example the day
that the car of both had broken a glass and when Carlos spoke to me about that the CESID with the devices
of control of the nervous system forced me a strange gesture of nervousness, I felt very nervous talking about
it which would increase the strangeness over them again, that I had lost my head and had done some strange

Another subject for example was a control of communication in which I was not allowed to return or
even to tell him that a CD of his, a very precious object rather than for the economic value more for the
sentimental, that I was going to give him back and one day I tried and didnt find him and a friend of both
who meet Carlos more days was there, Antonio, and a gave to him the CD and I think that this third one did
not remember to give to him; I was incapacitated to a level so that I could not tell him this, that I had tried to
give it back and I had it no longer in my hands, it was mental control over actions and communication.

The strangeness grew until became rarer to meet them. Carlos and Arancha moved out of Madrid a
few years later, and yes, they had distanced from me. I add as data that they changed of house inside the own
city by one located in Street Cervera, they changed their house. The street "Cerberus" that is one of the
possible motivations or sources of the insertion of the devices to my family (see origin of the insertion of the

7.2 Behavior modification: control of the nervous system

7.2.1 Main information

Begin: mid of the year 2002.

End: January, 6, 2005.

Duration: 2 years and half.

Objective: Modification of the gestural/nervous system behavior.

Result: generated a very powerful suffering during the 2 years and half of operation in
addition to causing many discomforts all the people around me.

7.2.2 Chronology and details of the operation Day 1: Main information

Date: from spring/summer 2002 to January, 6, 2005.

Duration: 2 years and half.

Previous information: the C.N.I began, once having generated strangeness due to
the shock at the level of my mental state, to take control of my nervous system to
appear on people around I had lost my head and to make me believe that my nervous
system was out of control.
Pgina 49 de 117
Result: I began to notice strange my nervous system

The first takeover of my nervous system was carried out over the ex-girlfriend of my cousin
(Esmeralda) who is a psychologist in Oliva (Valencia) in the summer of 2002. When my cousin was
returning from walking with him at a distance 30 meters approximately my head and eyes made a gesture
against my will making I look at her tits, I do not know if perceptible by the distance; I saw this gesture as
strange, involuntary and uncontrolled as I did not know about the mind control devices of the nervous system
of the intelligence service.

In my whole life I have never done a gesture to look at a woman in a dirty way, I look all the
woman and no only the tits like a pork. I imagine that the C.N.I performed to annoy a person with knowledge
of psychology and start the control of my nervous system trying I appeared with sexual problems, although
there was no sexual thinking associated with the movements.

At those times the C.N.I had already thought about trying plots about the operation and its origins,
after waking one day that we (the whole family) had slept on the terrace (common area) by the heat inside
the house I came up with thoughts I considered strange (it was the device " Synthetic telepathy "that I did not
know I got) telling me: " they have made you a hypnosis during the night". It was performed by C.N.I to
leave information about hypnosis or the subconscious and psychologists or psychiatrists in my immediate
surroundings. Day 2 Main information

Date: from the end of 2002 or the beginning of 2003 until the 6th of January 2005.

Duration: from the end of 2002 or the beginning of 2003 until the 6th of January

Preliminary information: months after the shock but disconnected in terms of


Result: people around would think I was depraved and I suffered from involuntary
physical movements that almost made me appear as such.

The control that was almost a conditioning by constancy for two years without a break came to levels
in which I could hardly open my eyes or look up so as not to disturb everyone around.

C.N.I made me annoy all the girls near me: friends, girlfriends of friends, relatives ... It was a
constant struggle second by second against what I thought was, at that time, a "disease" of my nervous
system . It was done by C.N.I constantly controlling me in the way of looking at the tits of all the women in
my environment with the device "nervous system control" or "synthetic telepathy control of the physical

It was a very important suffering for me and a big annoyance for everyone around me. I was near to
have serious problems with my friends and even with my family. I imagine that my friends and family they
would have thank that I got depraved by gestures looking very ostensibly the tits of all women like
Pgina 50 de 117
girlfriends of friends, sisters, cousins, aunts and every woman around and for me it was a brutal struggle to
control something that I did not understand, some movements that I considered involuntary and without
sexual thoughts of any kind associated with them which made me suffer terribly because of the annoyance
they generated.

As technique to try to avoid annoying, I practically did not look up from the floor to try to avoid
involuntary gestures, the control with the device of the nervous system or "synthetic telepathy" on the
physical part.

7.3 Implantation of false reality: H.I.V+ carrier and focus of the contagion

7.3.1 Main information

Start: Mid 2002.

End: January 6, 2005.

Duration: 2 years and a half.

Objective: implantation of a false reality in the conscious, of the idea of being a carrier
of H.I.V.

Result: generated a brutal trauma until I wait for confirmation of the information to
commit suicide during the year 2004.

7.3.2 Chronology and details of the operation Day 0

Main information

Date: childhood, between 1985 and 1992.

Duration: during 6 or 7 years.

Result: I stopped remembering this imagination at the age of 10 but the CESID that
had already installed the devices in my body remembered this issue, more so, when
in these operations of the CESID they like much of symbology, mythology and
mysticism: Manglano was "Ra", "Isis" was used as title for other agent and the report
"Jano", Roman god of two faces that looks to the past and the future, of the 80 that
also could cross in my operation of mental control in the year 1986 or 1987, my
family with devices very possibly to be the Cerberus, of the street Cervera 3 that was
changed to number 33 with numerology "Illuminati" and symbology with a triangle
"Illuminati" in the doorway of the building and Noelia Adan (similar to Hades)
Portero (doorkeeper), Noelia Hades of Cancerbero, also has devices.

I had an imagination at childhood which terminologically in psychology is called projective

imagination. It is an open-minded imagination not believed as reality. That is, I opened my eyes in total
Pgina 51 de 117
darkness and the only visualization there are imperfections of the own retina (points) from which I generated
a projective imagination, with the eyes open, that I called "the forest in flames". The imagination was
generated from red and blue dots I deformed imagining. It was a recurring imagination. It was not a vision, I
did not consider it within the plane of reality but being a child was slightly strange to me. At 9 or 10 years
old I stopped having the imagination. It is a very common theme of the infantile psychology in imaginative
children since in those times, too, this ability is much more powerful. I can generate it at will now if the
C.N.I deactivated the electromagnetism on my brain used constantly with frequencies E.L.F. Day 1

Main information

Date: 2001 end or 2002 beginnings.

Duration: 1 day.

Previous information: recurrent dream at childhood called "the forest in flames".

Result: the agents of CESID and C.N.I who like symbologies, numerologies and
mythology and they was in these operations saw the chance or coincidence and
prepared a psychological operation to implant me a false reality.

I fell on a futsal field called "El bosque" (The forest) burning my hands skin as I dragged over, El
bosque is as a very smooth asphalt track. I had a reddish burn on my skin, like all of them. I did not
remember the imagination I called the "forest in flames, it was in an interrogation of the C.N.I in 2010 when
I remembered this. In the C.N.I has always been known, at least since 2007 about the relationship between
chance and operations since the own C.N.I tried since that year that I played with "numbers and chance", as
with cards of destiny and some other nonsense of numbers in which I played jokingly, the C.N.I did it to
attribute to me in liking for numerology, symbology or and thus to blame myself for the operations they had
carried out on me. What is the relationship between "burnt in the forest" and the "forest in flames"? Is it
similar? Day 2

Main information

Date: between the beginning of 2002 and July 7, 2002.

Duration: some months.

Previous information: recurring imagination during my childhood "The forest in

flames" and fall on the futsal field of the "El bosque" (The forest) burning my skin.

Result: CESID or almost C.N.I had the idea of making me a psychological warfare
operation to make me believe that I was a HIV carrier.

Agents of CESID, psychopaths, who like to play with numerology, chance, signals, fortune, destiny
... very common thing in psychopathic personalities; they are not psychopaths of the schizoid type, they are
more psychopathic who like symbologies, chances and mythologies, they are not like Seven or Zodiac
Pgina 52 de 117
The insertion of devices may have been for that too, my family lived in Cervera street number 3 like
the Cerberus, the dog of 3 heads that took care of the hell in mythology, the Hades; the number of the street
changed in 1991 in a strange way to "Cervera 33" (change of several numbers in the street and since then the
sign of the building is a triangle of 3s, as the symbolism and numerology "Illuminati" where 33 is the
number of the chief, of the Christ, the triangle is his symbol and the triangle of three is already the most in
the "Illuminati": CESID operations of disinformation since the 90s and insertion of devices since the 80s. My
ex-girlfriend has intracranial devices also and we was a couple by mental control over both, her name is
Noelia Adan (near to Hades) Portero (doorkeeper), Noelia "Hades of Cerberus", my family are "Cerberus"
and maybe the Adan Portero family is the "Hades of Cerberus".

Returning to the CESID operation on H.I.V some agents of the operation would seek or had
information, I imagine and bet, about events where burns appear on the skin or something red like red spots;
with H.I.V appear red spots on the skin; I think that was how they decided to make a psychological operation
on H.I.V. I imagine that the conversation of making the PSYOP (Psychological Operation of War) came
about as well the CESID / C.N.I agents saw the great "coincidence":

- Agent_CESID_1: What a fuck! He has burned in 'El bosque'! (The forest) LOL, as the
recurring imagination What a sign! What a fucking coincidence, LOL, what could it
be? Something so mystical ...

- Agente_CESID_2: mmmm ... we have to look .... For a red burn I do not see anything
curious... To see by red stain on the skin ... Fuck! With H.I.V appear sometimes red or
purple spots on the skin! We can make a PSYOP so that first Cerberus head (Javier Ruiz
Sobrino) believe to have AIDS and everyone around him have it by himself until he
committed suicide! Day 3

Main information

Date: July, 7, 2002.

Duration: one day.

Previous information: CESID / C.N.I (dates of change of structure and name) had
planned to prepare a psychological warfare operation to make me believe H.I.V
carrier based on a coincidence.

Result: C.N.I created an initial mark of information but did not make me believe that
this was true, that I had chances of having H.I.V.

C.N.I prepared a psychological operation of war to make me believe carrier of H.I.V.

The CNI questioned me seriously through the devices by this operation in the year 2009 December
or January 2010 and asked me for the origin of the operation; this origin was a quasi-identification of the
burn in an asphalt track as a red dwarf or spot that appears on the skin with HIV, the initial time was when I
watched a documentary of Spanish Television (TVE2) on HIV (El SIDA, una muerte inevitable, "AIDS, an
inevitable death").
Pgina 53 de 117
When the C.N.I interrogated me in 2009 I would approximate the identification date to spring or
early summer of 2002 and I indicated that it was before the meal; that I remembered. The exact date after
looking for TV programming information in newspapers is July 7, 2002 at 8:30 pm on TVE2, summer of
2002, before the dinner.

The C.N.I prepared the operation making me to watch the documentary and visual or color
resemblance between my burn with asphalt and red / purple dwarfs or spots that appear on the skin with
H.I.V, a really absurd identification.

After watching the program I went to my computer where agents of the C.N.I made me to see a web
page on HIV and through the devices of mind control of the nervous system and artificial telepathy caused to
I skip parts of the page that would have avoided or prevented me from an initial confusion rather from an
initial information. Making me jump the normal information of the page: I read only three or four lines of the
whole page to prevent me from discarding totally something so absurd, so that I could find some relationship
between an asphalt burn and red spots that appear on the skin with HIV or at least to dont be able to see
information opposite to this.

After viewing the website a C.N.I agent, psychopath I can almost assure, took the control with the
device of "synthetic telepathy" over the physical part (this device can have a total control, such that a brain
gives orders to a nervous system) to "make me cry"; It was not a normal cry, it was more a false moan and
then I (me under mind control by the agent) stopped abruptly; I perceived this cry almost as false or sure as
strange at that time even without knowing of the inserted devices. I added that the crying did not make sense
because I had not believed to be HIV carrier, I had received control and the supposed information but I had
not come to believe it and also the way of crying was not mine: I only cried 4 or 5 times in my whole life and
I had never do it in this way; It was more like a fast forced cry, like a theater performance, and after moaning
a sudden cut in a second to total normality, all when I was alone in the room. Then I was pretending for
myself in the room something that I had not believed? No! It was an agent of the C.N.I taking control with
the device of "artificial telepathy" over the nervous system to do I appeared on myself as "sadness", with the
belief in the idea of HIV carrier or at least rare on myself.

The agent was a bad actor and possibly psychopath by the way of pretending; If you cry a little and
then you stop abruptly and you supposedly think you are H.I.V+ it would only be a valid kind of feeling,
feigned, for a psychopath. Psychopaths "cry" with their eyes open, falsely, to see when they have to stop
"crying", of pretending to cry, that is why in many cases it seems that they suddenly change their state,
because it is a feigned state of sadness, a false cry; sometimes a people you think you know well and who
seems to have feelings one day by lifes chance from a certain visual angle you perceive a cold eyes without
tears when he moans or seems crying, with a false sadness and then he, the psychopath, remove his hands
from the face ceasing to moan and you see clearly how his eyes continue equal than previously and that he
was pretending, his face dont change, only his sound, sometimes in a sudden change to "normal";
Psychopaths change their "feeling" with high speed because they really do not feel and if they are not great
actors they do not understand that a real feeling does not change in a second to the opposite, to normality. I
have never faked a feeling, I have repressed some or internalized, only.

I had a kind of logical struggle between an illogical knowledge that I did not accept as it was the
identification of the burn with asphalt as HIV forced by the C.N.I agents and the C.N.I on the other hand did
Pgina 54 de 117
not let me logically discard the absurd identification both with the information in the computer and maybe
through the mental processing itself (E.L.F frequencies to make the thinking impossible).

I had a sexual contact with "possible" more risk that was my first girlfriend with whom I broke a
condom. It was of more risk because she had a lot of sexual experience but H.I.V contagion is 3 each 10.000
cases, 0.03%, that you have sex without condom with a H.I.V carrier you get the H.I.V.

The shock of information was in a limbo where I did not believe it but I did remember the shock
fact itself, I repeat without belief in the disease. I add a file with the programming of TV taken from the

*Data: I consulted the delegation of urbanism in Madrid to know the date of change from "Cervera
3" to "Cervera 33"; the reply was on September 11, 1991. As an estimate, I believe that the Spanish
intelligence service has modified this date a posteriori at day level, the year may be correct, to continue
playing with chances, how July 7, 2002 was the Day 1 of the operation as the July 7, 2005 in London
attack and then make September 11 a real date of my operation to coincide with the United States attacks of
September, 11 2001. Day 4

Main information

Date: between July 2002 and spring/summer 2003.

Duration: between 9 months and 1 year.

Previous information: initial day of the operation where the C.N.I tried to make
me believe that I was H.I.V+ but I did not believe.

I was without considering burn with asphalt as a possibility of having H.I.V. I remembered
sporadically the information event 2 or 3 times during the 9 or 10 months. Day 5

Main information

Date: spring 2003.

Duration: one day only.

Previous information: C.N.I had tried me believe H.I.V carrier in summer of 2002
and from that time until spring or summer of 2003 the event had appeared in my
head but I dont has the belief in the possibility of being a carrier of H.I.V.

Result: as conclusion there was an alleged influence from C.N.I over Gloria and she
then influenced Antonio or C.N.I prepared it so that it appeared for me as such to use
them in my torture generating a second impact of information, a second shock, in the
H.I.V operation.
Pgina 55 de 117
I think that the C.N.I wanted to continue the operation with external influences and a second
operation of information to continue with the PSYOP.

It was at Carols birthday party (co-worker at the time) in Torrejn de Ardoz in spring 2003. I heard
Gloria (a person from the same job who had a good relationship with our group of friends during those years)
told Antonio (friend since childhood) referring to me saying "look at him (in reference to me), his arms are
very weak, like AIDS"; I indicated that the own C.N.I comment about the possibility of C.N.I agents
imitating Gloria's voice with the V2K (intracranial sound, internal vibration of the inner ear) over my head in
real time, at the moment she vocalized introducing me to the theoretical commentary with the devices; They
were at a distance of 4 or 5 meters from me and it was in a moment of silence in the party when the
theoretical commentary was made. After the supposed comment of Gloria, Antonio tells me personally "I
will donate blood"; The C.N.I agents themselves indicate again the possibility of voice impersonation in real
time when Antonio approached to me, with the device known as V2K (Voice to Skull) making the fake
communication again. The possibility of fake communications makes me strange because he was so close to
me this time and the difficulty that it would have to "supplant" it but I do not see it disposable to 100%, I
would say that it is disposable in high percentage.

The C.N.I at that time gives me psychoactivity (maybe as example with alternating type 17 / 70 Hz
frequencies with 2 w / cm2 of power) generating effects similar to LSD adding to the impact of the
information on H.I.V; At that moment I did not doubt that someone at the party would have given me LSD
without consent but the effects I was perceiving were similar. It was a big psychological impact.

For example I remember myself after the information in the house trying to play cards but I could
not even look up while under effects similar to LSD and information shock. Day 6

Main information

Date: between spring 2003 and summer/autumn 2003.

Duration: 6 months approximately.

Previous information: C.N.I had tried for the second time to make me believe
in the possibility of be H.I.V+ with theoretical influences on my surroundings.

Result: the CNI failed to make me believe that my friends was hiding me
information about H.I.V or that I had it but they generated strangeness.

From this time the agents of the C.N.I tried to make me believe in supposed "plots" from my
surroundings on a disguise of information on H.I.V, I did not succeed, I didnt believe this.

C.N.I start to introduced ideas through the device of synthetic telepathy to modify interpretation of
people's speech, trying to associate "plots" on H.I.V through information associations; I explain this better:
when my friends spoke about a generic topic, a normal topic, C.N.I generated an association of the phrases
they said to "ideas" that agents inserted me through the device of "synthetic telepathy" modifying the normal
interpretation of the same, alluding to AIDS. C.N.I could not do it: I did not distrust my surroundings.
Specific example: Antonio H. and Jorge M. (two friends) talked between them normally about a ham
Pgina 56 de 117
sandwich and they were laughing and the C.N.I tried to insert me through "synthetic telepathy" and E.L.F
cerebral electromagnetism "they laugh because you cut your skin with the ham knife and the blood has
infected your family", from of a ham sandwich and laughs to this interpretation; C.N.I tried it because one
day I had cut myself with a ham knife at a family party and the blood had touched that knife.

C.N.I tried other things like such as making me be physically strange, feeling only physically
because I was mentally calm, when Antonio commented on results of his supposed medical tests or donation
of blood of "Day _3" of the operation: my mind was still at peace. I really didnt know if it was papers from
blood donation or another issue but the C.N.I attempted that. Day 7

Main information

Date: summer of 2003.

Duration: one day.

Previous information: C.N.I had tried to make me believe HIV carrier on several
occasions in addition to trying to make me believe that my surroundings appear
hiding the information over a contagion and they were making allusions to
theoretical contagious. C.N.I had not achieved the objective in any case, I did not
believe it.

Result: the C.N.I did not make me believe in the possibility of belief in HIV but the
strangeness was increasing.

It was party in the area of Alonso Martinez in a large pub/disco on the corner, which has two floors,
with friends of the university (U.A.H). There was an influence or control over Rebeca Y. on the operation I
was receiving on H.I.V, information or behavior coincident with.

The kind of greeting, which are always two kisses on the cheeks, were in that case two kisses on
each side of the neck when we was in the upper floor, it was a dark pub with had not very much light. She
gave me both kisses on the neck after my shave in which I had made small cuts of pimple, I was bleeding
during the shave both the neck and the face but with even more cuts on the neck. The C.N.I had previously
marked on me with mind control devices for the operation and very clearly the fact of "shaving with blood"
during the own shave.

I cut myself during the shave during years in the same way and no one kiss me in the neck like this

The C.N.I somehow made Rebeca Y. get this information, either with influences or mind control.
There are possibilities that other cases of mental control are my colleagues from the University of Alcal de
Henares among them (see insertion of devices and operations in Madrid, circle distributed on the periphery
of Madrid of the U.A.H people).

At that time the C.N.I was increasing Pavlov's conditioning during conscious through the
information associations that generated from peoples comments (see operation DIA 6) and I think

Pgina 57 de 117
subconscious (psychological techniques during sleep for implantation of ideas like hypnotic type) to try to
make me believe HIV carrier.

The situation at the time was: I did not think I was H.I.V carrier but the strangeness was increasing. I
had not been suspicious of supposed Antonio's "diagnostic tests - blood donation" (We share a woman, I
met first the woman a pair of times and years later she was her girlfriend) and I had not believed the ideas
that the C.N.I was trying to implant me (with devices of mental control and conditioning Pavlov) to make me
believe that there was such a possibility and I had not believed in either plots of my friends hiding some
information although the Pavlov's conditioning had increased to the belief in the existence in the disease
added to the previous operations and possible influences. Day 9

Main information

Date: between summer/autumn 2003 and the end of 2003 or early 2004.

Duration: some months.

Previous information: C.N.I had tried with psychological operations to make

me believe H.I.V+ through information, telepathy devices communications,
E.L.F brain electromagnetism and even influences people around me.

Result: until this moment the C.N.I had not make me believe in the real
possibility of the disease but from the plot change they began to achieve the

C.N.I increases the operating conditioning during conscious (synthetic telepathy), subconscious
(hypnosis and artificial telepathy in the subconscious) and forced my increase in drug use: prior to 2002 I did
not smoke hashish with that intensity but from 2002 the C.N.I caused that I smoked almost compulsively and
without associated enjoyment when I was in a terrible psychological state. I think it was forced by
electromagnetic compulsivity and with the mind control itself; there are frequencies E.L.F to generate

The C.N.I tried to leave me in a state of more confusion to try to make me believe that my
environment hid me evidence of knowledge about diseases.

I think that the agents of the C.N.I could not make me believe in a "bad" plot in which people around
was hiding me information on H.I.V and then C.N.I agents began to modify the planning, at the time the
"plot" was changed to make me believe that my surroundings "protected" me from a terrible reality: that I
was really infected and many people in my environment too and I was the initial focus, that is, that everyone
knew that I had H.I.V, that they all protected me from a horrible truth in which everyone was infected and I
was the focus of all and they dont like to hurt me.

I never think about the possibility of doing diagnostic tests for venereal. Did not I think over blood
test during more than two years of operation? Really no! I did not even think of it anytime, it was mind
control. I was mentally controlled during the whole operation, blocked to inaction, blocked from being able
to do for escaping or even being able to think anything to get out of the situation and then the agents get me
crazy though Pavlov's conditioning and mental control. A criminal would have thought at least whether or
Pgina 58 de 117
not to do the diagnostic tests, to hide them in case of doing, not to make them to fool the people, to make
them for a plan... I was mentally controlled with the devices, I never thought about the possibility of doing or
dont the venereal test, I never think about hide or dont, I never think in say or dont. Through cerebral
electromagnetism with E.L.F frequencies it is possible to cut off all ability to generate thought, including the
ability to generate ideas at a basic level like going to the bathroom having the physical desire to do so. 10

Main information

Date: since autumn 2003 or beginnings 2004 until January 6, 2005.

Duration: about one year.

Previous information: the C.N.I had modified the "plot" of the psychological
operation in which everyone protected me against a terrible truth: "I was HIV+ and
everyone around me was H.I.V+ for me".

Result: after more than two years of operation I expected a confirmation of the
veracity of the information to commit suicide. I was waiting that the people who
protected me in the "plot" told me the truth; that made "real" the information, to end
my life, I was a strong decision. It was not the possible existence of the disease in
me, it was the belief that all my surroundings was HIV+ and I was the focus that
made it terrible, it was like a honor hara-kiri.

The CNI increased the Pavlov's conditioning in the conscious (synthetic telepathy) and subconscious
(hypnosis and devices) to make me believe that everyone had HIV+ and I was the supposed initial focus, that
everyone knew and made a supposed protection against a terrible truth, it is meaningless so it could not
happen: that you are a carrier of a contagious disease such as HIV and no one tell to you having the
information. It was done through Pavlov and electromagnetic brain blocks: cutting or blocking logic through
brain stimulation and even the ability to generate ideas.

The time was passing and the people around me were having HIV+ by Pavlov's conditioning: first
one, then another, at the end was almost all around ... I expected confirmation from my surroundings to
commit suicide because they "protected me" in implanted conditioning, they had to tell me. 11

Main information

Date: January 6, 2005 at 11 p.m, 59 minutes, 59 seconds.

Duration: one day.

Previous information: after more than two years of operation I expected

confirmation to commit suicide.

Pgina 59 de 117
Result: the CNI ended the silent operation making me know that I had devices
into the brain, a true gift of Magic kings (Spanish day of Saint Nicklaus).

On January 6, 2005 at 23:59:59 the C.N.I start to transmit in open, that is, letting me know that I
had devices in the brain of "sound" (initially the device V2K I identified it as a sound device) imitating
voices of friends and family telling me that it was the end of everything, that it was a kind of final party
(imitation of multiple voices of family and friends) to tell me the plot about the HIV.

I was progressively aware of the existence of the different devices inserted in my brain: sound or
V2K, "nervous system control device" (Stimoceiver of new generation for control of the nervous system and
E.L.F frequencies or control by "synthetic telepathy" of the nervous system), "synthetic telepathy" or
artificial telepathy device (brain to brain link interface device), micro-cameras in the retina or "synthetic
telepathy" to control the visual part (visual brain processing). 12

Main information

Date: January 10, 2005.

Duration: one day.

Previous information: the C.N.I had performed a psychological warfare

operation making me believe that I was a H.I.V carrier and the focus of the
contagious of all my relatives through psychological techniques (conditioning
and brainwashing), mind control devices, forcing the consumption of drugs
(hashish on a compulsive way) and influences to my surroundings until I wait for
confirmation to commit suicide and after time in that state then secret services
begin the day 6 of January at 25:59:59 to let me know that had mental control
devices inserted in the brain.

Result: I appeared as a person with mental problems to my surroundings.

I locked myself in the bathroom of the CENGRASS (company in which I was working at the time)
saying, forced by the mental control of the C.N.I, that I had AIDS. The C.N.I made me hurt slightly with the
mental control device for the physical part generating a bleeding wound in my body, I do not know if it was
in the nose; then the C.N.I forced me to go to the bathroom and after an half or even an hour locked up
forced me to say it; I was taken to the Ramon and Cajal Hospital with the belief in some kind of psychotic
outbreak or psychological alteration.

*Attached part of entrance in Ramn y Cajal (the first sheet I modified manually to prevent my
parents from seeing the information on cannabis use that I told the doctors). 13

Main information

Date: January 14, 2005.

Pgina 60 de 117
Duration: one day.

Previous information: I had told to my environment that I had AIDS after starting
C.N.I the operation with open devices.

Event: I performed a venereal blood test.

Result: on the 20th I received the results and evidently I did not have the H.I.V or
any other disease.

*Attached the test I performed.

7.4 Implanting false memories: sister rape

Main information

Start: late 2003 to early 2004.

Pgina 61 de 117
Completion: January 6, 2005.

Duration: 1 year approximately.

Objective: implantation of false memory of rape on my sister.

Result: generated a very reasonable doubt of having raped my sister.

7.4.1 Chronology and details of the operation Day 0

Main information

Date: 2001 to 2002.

Duration: 1 day.

My sister Esther fell playing on a swing wounding her genital area in a park, requiring points and
hospital intervention between 2001 and 2002, she was 11 or 12 years old. The accident was in the morning
and I found sleeping in my parents' house, where she also resided, at the date of the accident. Day 1

Main information

Date: between the end of 2003 and the beginning of 2004.

Duration: one year.

Previous information: my sister Esther had an accident in the genital area

requiring surgery.

Result: I began to get the idea of have raped my sister.

C.N.I begin with Pavlov conditioning with the mind control devices in the conscious and the
subconscious to implant me that she really had not got an accident, telling me that when I was asleep she
had entered the room and I had raped her without waking, during my dream. It was an attempt to implant
false memories.

They even made on me vivid controlled dreams (aka "driven dreams", to see characteristics and
functions of the devices). Vivid controlled dreams consist of receiving the transmission from the C.N.I, in
this case visual through the synthetic telepathy the imagination of a torturer or even by viewing images of
similar type (visual process communication) and transmitting them over the tortured in addition to, in this
case, forcing up to ejaculation (E.L.F frequencies may able to force you to do it in a few minutes as in J.M
Rodriguez Delgado experiments) during the same in a supposed reconstruction or facts remember.

Pgina 62 de 117 Day 2

Main information

Date: mid 2004 to January 6, 2005.

Duration: half of a year.

Preliminary information: C.N.I had started Pavlov's conditionings for the

implantation of false memories.

Result: the false memory was almost implanted: I had a serious doubt of having
raped my sister.

Pavlov's condition increased in the direction of making me have a very reasonable doubt of having
raped my sister.

7.5 Summary of Monarch program operations

Main information

Start: first months of 2002.

End: January 6, 2005.

Duration: almost 3 years.

Objective: traumatization until suicide.

Result: traumatization until waiting a confirmation to suicide.

As a summary of these operations I can indicate that I was brutally shocked forcing (at least using
during) me to take ecstasy (last time in my life and unique that year 2002) and the equivalent of
electromagnetic LSD, brutal heart pressure, brutal muscular pressure cramping for muscles four hours and
the device "synthetic telepathy trying become crazy until I was near to an stroke and leave me in shock
(shock doctrine for behavior modification).

After the shock the C.N.I began to modify my behavior through psychophysical control devices at
the physical / gestural level trying to pretend I was depraved or I had very strange gestures when I perceive
the tits of all the people around me from normal girls even to my sisters.

In parallel the CNI started a psychological warfare operation conditioning and controlling me to
make me believe I was HIV carrier through influences over surroundings, mental control devices
(electromagnetic device blocking electromagnetically my ability to think), Pavlovian conditionings in the
conscious and the subconscious, forcing me to use compulsively cannabis without enjoyment to facilitate the
mind control.

Pgina 63 de 117
The C.N.I began from early 2004 to implant me false memories to make me believe I had raped my

The C.N.I left me in a state in late 2004 where I could not even open my eyes to talk to someone
because the control of the nervous system for looking at boobs, everyone was supposedly dying of HIV
and I was the focus of the contagion and I had almost the belief that I had raped my small sister for the
implantation of false memories so I was already expecting a confirmation of the information from my
surroundings to commit suicide on HIV.

It was a Monarch mind control program; it was a brutal state of traumatization.

Time graph where the four Monarch program operations received in parallel are summarized

8. Sexual torture received

Sexually I am a normal person. I also indicate that I am heterosexual and open-minded, that
everyone does what they want but I only have sex with women. I have not and I had not any sexual deviation
at the behavioral level or even at the mental level, at the level of ideation. I am not a pedophile or a pederast,
I am not a zoophile, I do not like my family on a sexual level, I am not eschatological, I am not a sadistic, I
am not a gerontologist and I am not necrophiliac, I do not have any deviation. On the other hand, I also do
not have sexual fetishes: I do not especially like panties or do anything with them, I do not like any type of
special shape, I do not like role changes or disguises especially, I do not like exhibitionism, I do not like
voyeurism, I dont like to dominate or to be dominated. I like women en between 21 years old and they are
well preserved; with women between the ages of 18 and 21, I do not deny that I could in any particular case
maintain sexual practices but normally I prefer older than 21 years old.

8.1 Control of sexuality in adolescence and youth

CESID didnt allow me to have sexuality during adolescence and youth, between 14 and 26 years of
age. Between 14 and 17/18 years of age I met a lot and beautiful girls and when I was going to do sexual
acts, something more than kisses, with the girls the CESID agents forced me through mental control devices
to cut the relationships to get away from normal sexuality and maybe a little to not see young girls (girls of
my age at that time, teenagers) through devices (ability to capture brainwaves at the level of image
processing and body sense).

I was not afraid of sex beyond normal in youth, I wanted to have sex, I was in relationships
easygoing and I broke the "relationship" or I distanced myself without "cutting" by not calling them; I did in
90% of cases. At the maximum of two months of relationship CESID forced this to prevent sexual normality.

The CESID made it approximately 20 or 30 times in the same way with girls which was all
handsome and nice. With almost all of them in a parallel way I was staying with them in a normal relation, I
was advancing and I liked the girls and suddenly without meaning, without special sexual fears or
unconscious issues something (mind control) made me dont call them more o cut the relationship itself
causing that I suffer for it, because I lose girls that I liked and then I had to look for another relationship, for
another beautiful and likeable girl to have a relationship and realize sexual practices.

I think depending of girls money/society level the CESID agents let me put a little a hand over them
if was normal; just kiss them if it was a girl that CESID considered a girl well, as a good girl with blue

Pgina 64 de 117
eyes and kindly; even there was a case that CESID did not let me do nothing even I could not touch her
trousers over when I was 19 years old and she was 18 (Rebeca Y.) and which I liked a lot at the time, I
remember the feeling of not being able to touch her clothes, like a magnet of extreme power that prevents
you from moving in the direction to do it and as an example that I was not very embarrassed on sex the next
girl who I met with the next month in about two dates we were both masturbating in a park; I think this
sexual act was allowed as compensation by CESID because they had let me in the previous "relationship"
kiss only and it was in addition one of the few times that I had some sexuality until 2007, until I was 26: 4
days sex with penetration and some masturbations.

The CESID prevented me from having normal sex. They didnt like to let me a normal sexuality or
sexuality itself and then would "try" I appeared as a person with problems or at least with a not completely
normal sexuality and I repeat, I imagine, that some CESID would not want to see teenagers, from my age at
that time, between my 15 and 19 years of age, through the device of artificial telepathy for visual control.
When I got closer to an age that having sex would have been more normal (18 years and over) I was
controlled to have practically no "relationships", CESID didnt let me even to kiss or touch a little because it
would mean almost certainly that I made sexual practices.

The control of sexuality is a theme used internationally in the operations of human experimentation
of mind control over TI (Targeted Individual).

I remember, for example, a concrete control for the avoidance of sexuality during a vacation in
Burela (Galicia) in 1998 or 1999; being at holidays at Viveiro Village the CESID used the nervous system
control device over the speech nerves forcing me to make a comment (technique known as "speech control")
to prevent a possible sexual relation. I was with my cousin of 20 or 21 years and I was 17 or 18, the girls I
was 22 or 23 years; my cousin told me not to indicate my age to the women and I have been also very careful
with my words during my whole life: I spoke just at the time my cousin could not hear me because he had
gone to the bathroom (the sentence was a soft suggestion for did not seem purposely) insinuating the age
difference to the girls 1 minute after my cousin notice me to dont it. I never said any sentence like that and I
wanted to have the sexual relationship. It were a mental control devices 100% possible, in fact I was
surprised at that time by my "own" phrase. There is no possible mistake or error: mind control.

8.2 Sexual acts allowed by CESID

I was allowed to have a relationship with a girl who was 16 years old when I was 17 (1998). I
believe CESID allowed me to maintain relations with her, because she was very experienced in sexuality
besides she came from a troubled neighborhood (UVA) and then CESID would allow me, they can to see her
naked because she had maintained many relationships and was not a "clean" girl, a police or military
daughter, she was from the UVA and she had maintained many previous relationships. We was dating, a good
relationship, having sex, having fun and easygoing with her, we had no problem. I broke with meaningless a
relationship in two months when I was good and with the very much desired sex for a 17 year old teenager; I
only made penetration sex two times.

I think CESID made me broke quickly so that I did not take sex experience and with "pretty face",
speaking and some sexual experience would have been more difficult to make me look like a weird guy or
rare guy on sex in future operations.

I had two sexual relations with an 17/18-year-old girl, Mara, who was from a close environment
(currently a friend and married with a friend) in 1999 or 2000, when I was about 20 years, and when I was

Pgina 65 de 117
having sex and advancing it would have been positive as a sexual experience I stopped meetings again
without any sense.

I also made coitus one time and received three blowjobs with prostitutes, using condoms, safely, in
a normal way. The C.N.I during innumerable interrogations tried to blame me for possible problems during
these acts but nothing strange happened to me. The first few days when I knew that I had devices into my
brain, the C.N.I introduced me visual communications through the "artificial telepathy" device, which I did
not got until this date, It was with image processing communication introducing images of a sexual act with a
condom break: it could be from the act of a torturer to an torturers imagination at visual level and then the
C.N.I agents interrogated me on the subject asking me Have you broken a condom those days? And I said
no! I had never thought that it would have happened but I told to them that I give the impression for
myself to be remembering something I had not known before. After multiple interrogations over the years I
was able to know that nothing really happened to me and that these visualizations were generated by the
CESID/C.N.I agents.

How I received a psychological operation to implant a false reality on H.I.V, secret services have
been interrogating me constantly for years, as a logical defense on my part, I indicated that if it was true, that
I had broken a condom, and I had not been able to remember it between 2000 and 2005 it was CESID/C.N.I
whom had erased the memory with the electromagnetic technique known as RHIC-EDOM (fast-memory
erasure, Radio Hypnotic Intracerebral Control & Electronic Dissolution Of memory), or in case the memory
is not true (a fact evidenced after a serious interrogation where I was able to remind without
electromagnetism or attempts to modify memories by secret services) it was C.N.I which inserted this
visualization at the beginning of 2005. Therefore I repeat, by OR logic ("modus tollens") the intelligence
service had erased something so I could not have taken it into account OR (second proposition) they
inserted something that was false then it was not true; then as conclusion C.N.I would not have logical
defense to attack me, so in no case I would be responsible for something that theoretically would have
happened. The only event with condoms is that getting one fellatio I changed one because my penis had
reduced in size and therefore it was logical to do so.

I had a lot of contact with girls, but I was not allowed to have sexual acts by mental control. On four
occasions I did something with caution that I would not have needed in a normal life. I had not any disease
and I have not any disease, I had, uniquely, a salivary really soft type cytomegalovirus and I detected like the
vaccine: I didnt take medication: only special cases like babies or people with immune system damaged
need it; in USA between 55%-80% of the population pass the disease along their life.

8.3 Without sexual and sentimental relationships

Between the Year 2001 and April 2007 I did not have any sexual relation.

8.4 Sexual Sodomizations

The C.N.I committed dozens of sexual sodomizations mainly in the initial times in which I knew that
I had mental control devices (2005 January-2005 September) where, in addition to the initial psychological
state of adrenaline and tension C.N.I added the electromagnetic effects by ELF frequencies to brutal and
steady potencies (such as 17/70 Hz with alternating 2 w / cm2) generating psychoactive frequencies similar
to marijuana or LSD according to power in addition to sexual electromagnetic stimulation with E.L.F
frequencies also on the genital apparatus; All this was done for opening me on sex within the operation of

Pgina 66 de 117
torture when I was knowing about the devices and the loss of privacy by them because initially had not any
sexual desire.

As a result they made me begin to masturbate inside the torture, in the beginning forced and later as
of my own will.

8.5 Sexual abuses (350) received during couple relationships

C.N.I has committed more than 350 sexual abuses during my partner relationships between 2007 and
2017, both with my only girlfriend and other girls.

Definition of sexual abuse with psychophysical control devices: interventions during acts of
sexuality with sound device/V.2.K making comments about the girl and myself, interventions with cerebral
electromagnetism and physical impediment to perform with normality the movements and even in some
cases attempts to modify or even to perform by the agents through the devices the same, with loss of
intimacy at the psychophysical level by the reception by the C.N.I agents of the touch perception (100%
identical to my own by nervous system device), with the loss of intimacy at the sound level and at the mental
level that can access my own thoughts and feelings during sexual acts and even in some cases using
"synthetic telepathy" emitting thoughts during acts towards my partner and myself, being forced to ejaculate
through the device of control of the nervous system in 99% of the times (stimulation that can make you
ejaculate without touch in seconds or few minutes as in the Jose Manuel Rodrguez Delgado experiments, it
make impossible to carry out normal practices of penetration) and at last I was also forced to not feel
pleasure by electromagnetic stimulation 50% of the sexual acts (I had to fake orgasms when not being able to
speak the reason).

I attempted to seek greater intimacy for the women with whom I was having the relationships by
covering my eyes itself and therefore the device of artificial telepathy in the functionality of image
processing at the cerebral level, I tried to mitigate it by turning off the light, closing my eyes, putting on
masquerade that prevent my own vision

As a metaphor of couple sexual abuse, I think it would be the equivalent of locking up a person
under torture in a chamber with cameras, sodomizing the person with drugs like LSD and remote sexual
stimulation in the genital area so that after a time the person has relationships with himself (masturbation)
and once torturers introduces a woman, my girlfriend for example, in the "room with cameras" and based on
a trust, false confidence at the end, implanted by mental control the C.N.I agents communicating over him
and controlling the person mentally to make him believe that they would not abuse on thirds parties, of his
girlfriend because she didnt nothing, and then torturers start to abuse both during sex with control of the
body and genital areas with a kind of remote stimulator / counter-stimulator of the genital area which can
even control movements of the body of the abused couple with devices, adding also the perception of the
nervous system of the abused receiving all tact, all body sense, as if it were his own, forcing ejaculation in
99% of the cases preventing normal penetration sex and making the couple feel no pleasure in ejaculation in
50% of the occasions, also emitting thoughts (special device) and voices (sound) over the couple and adding
electromagnetic brain and physical stimulation during sexual acts impeding normal or even own movements.

The C.N.I performed it so many times, hundreds, that it ended up being a conditioning through
sexual abuse to modify the kind of sexual practices. I was forced with my girlfriend about 250 ejaculations
with the device preventing normal vaginal penetration and inciting, after hundreds of times almost
conditioned, to perform oral sex in order to continue with sexual practices. I think that force me to ejaculate
hundreds of times was done to see if I lost or broke some condom, thing that never happened to me,

Pgina 67 de 117
continuing some seconds more with the penetration or even that I continue doing oral sex and get a disease. I
had never done unsafe sexual practices prior to 2007 but after hundreds of abuses of this type I performed on
four time unsafe oral sex practices forced by the CNI agents themselves with women I had met that night in a
bar, disco or nightclub, It was not with prostitutes.

As a result I will indicate that I did not break any condoms in the 350 sexual abuses and I did not
drop any condoms by forced ejaculation, I did not have any venereal disease; I had only a salivary type,
really soft: cytomegalovirus that as example in U.S 70% of population pass through their lives and I detect
the anti-bodies, like the vaccine; I didnt take any medication; and I have received about 350 sexual abuses
during couple relationships.

As an estimate, without having received comparative abuse, I think can be labeled as making touches
without consent or force you to touching someone and I think it is softer to be raped, forced fellatio or
perform forced masturbation. I feel humiliation and helplessness because I was receiving it and not being
able to defend myself besides the lack of intimacy and pleasure.

I had not normal sexual acts in my whole life because of torture, some acts better than others but
never really well.

8.6 Sexual abuses (600) during masturbations

The C.N.I has committed more than 600 sexual abuses during my masturbations between 2005 and
2017 with the same techniques for abuses in couple. Agents perceive every stimulus that I have, emitting
thoughts on me, with men connecting on me by synthetic telepathy device (I am heterosexual), forcing
myself to feel no pleasure in some cases, forcing me to ejaculate, forcing me to masturbate in some cases
with E.L.F over will and sex frequencies also even without sleep if I didnt masturbate and without visual
intimacy by seeing me through the devices.

8.7 Electromagnetic (2) rapes

I have received two electromagnetic rapes during couple relationships by C.N.I. To define these
"electromagnetic sex rapes" is to see in third person my own nervous system by the using of
"electromagnetic GHB" or electromagnetic stimulation with ELF of the cerebral area of decision making or
will (short-circuit with electromagnetism brain will zone) added to the control of my nervous system with the
device of artificial telepathy over the physical part performing a total control of my body movements
(technique known as psychic driving / override of the nervous system). I repeat there is a total loss of control
of one's own nervous system, seeing it practically from a third-person perspective, without being able to
control my own movements, maybe is not strong as G.H.B but it is really difficult to stop it more even under
the influence of any substance as alcohol for example.

In the year 2008 with Noelia, who was my girlfriend at the time, one agent used electromagnetism by
short-circuiting the will with E.L.F, electromagnetic stimulation to stop my own movement of the body and
then controlling my movements through the device of artificial telepathy on the nervous system in addition
to inserting his thought, through the apparatus of "artificial telepathy "of excitement in doing so, of how
excited I was having sex with my girlfriend through my body.

In the electromagnetic violation of the year 2011 (June or July) the torturer and electronic rapist
tried to imitate my way of performing oral sex to the girl I had just met that night. He did not do too well in

Pgina 68 de 117
addition, he was a bad imitator of my sex movements, he only knew how to make separate and rigid
movements similar to the ones I do on cunnilingus. So he is an agent of the C.N.I, he is a torturer, he is a
sexual offender and he is a useless person performing sexual practices, I think he is like a ram doing sex, a
person without art: get into, get out, 0 or 1, up or down The C.N.I tried to pretend I was performing
oral sex to the girl, that's why the agent imitated my movements, forcing me to do it without precaution right
after I had done diagnostic tests on venereal and so C.N.I can continue with the pressure on my surroundings
like coworkers, friends and family as well on myself trying to make someone go crazy with a contagion; this
act made it possible to continue making Pavlov's conditioning on the belief in contagious diseases (Pavlov's
experimental neurosis) from this unsafe practice. The torturer controlled me with devices with treachery,
trying to imitate my way of doing oral sex to the girl, so he had prior knowledge of how I perform
cunnilingus. It was during Victors birthday party later the disco.

I estimate that such abuses, without really know about the comparative case, may be like being
forced to masturbate or be masturbated and softer to be raped anally or bucally.

8.8 Forced sexual acts 7-8 times

The C.N.I forced sexual relations in the kind of sexual act or the act itself on seven or eight
occasions approximately by "electromagnetic G.H.B": electromagnetism type E.L.F deactivating or short-
circuiting the will cerebral area.

It was forced with Noelia three times, when it was not once my girlfriend to the act itself: we had not
done anything previously and after drinking, when we were sleeping the C.N.I used mental control with
devices during the sleep adding alcohol; It was forced in my case at least and in her case she did not give
signs of wanting very much previously; I was forced with Noelia once to the kind of sexual act: I was forced
to perform oral sex; I was forced with her a third time with strong short-circuit of will and then C.N.I start to
abuse over both, forced act and the abuses.

I was forced Ana (Basque) in September 2009 to both the act and the type of act. I explain: I tease
visually her only a little during a party, and she tried to kiss me that I refused because I was still with
girlfriend, 15 days after ending my relationship with Noelia, and after that the C.N.I short-circuit my will so I
could not avoid it on a second attempt by her and then C.N.I forced me the ejaculation, forced the sexual act
type and the next forced me to act as a teenager.

I was forced with Azucena (Moratalaz) the first date to act and type of act.

I was forced with Tania (surrounding of Ines and Rebeca) both to the act and to the type of act.

On several occasions I was also forced to masturbate in addition to numerous times with inductions
or pressures to do so.

I was forced on two occasions with same techniques to receive oral sex with women of payment,
with caution but totally against my will.

All were relationships that in a normal life I could have been consented but I did not, I was forced by
electromagnetic control of the brain zone responsible for the will with E.L.F stimulation, I do not think it is
as much as the G.H.B but if almost irrepressible, more when I had consumed alcohol that it disinhibits the
nervous system and the decision making.

Pgina 69 de 117
I think with "electromagnetic G.H.B", knowing about your own devices, in my case at least C.N.I
can make you do something that you could do "theoretically" in a normal life, especially in times of
stimulants such as alcohol that reduce impulse control. I know they cant make me kill, hit someone with no
sense or do something that I considered bad but yes they had me have relations with a woman against my
will I could have consented, like a woman who was not the girlfriend of a friend, who was not a small age
girl and who was not a family member. They could make me do sex with women that I "theoretically" could
do in a normal life, in my case disinhibits at this level.

I estimate that without knowing about your own mind control devices and consuming alcohol or
even without consuming it would be impossible to control yourself in a "normal" way and even in a not so
normal way, which fortunately secret services did not make or try me to perform previous I knew about the
technology. If you dont know about your devices and they short-circuit your will and brain with E.L.F and
the override/psychic driving over your body they could do almost all on you.

8.9 Sexual Harassment

The C.N.I began to influence and harass all my environments, including sexual environments. When
I met a girl, the C.N.I spoke to her after the first meeting or even in some cases (www) previously. I noticed
the influences by their speaking analyses. Some women, I think, were harassed with possibility of diseases.
Some women were harassed or influenced with false information about me. Some women appear as playing
as intelligence agents by influences.

As result I have been forced to practically not have sex. From 2011 I can count seven days being able
to maintain sexual practices and it was forced in one case. The harassment added with the loss of intimacy
over the women at all levels although I tried to mitigate not visualizing their own, have caused that I can no
longer maintain sexual relations.

8.10 Sentimental Relationships

I had not any sentimental relationships in my whole life by torture. I maintained a unique
"sentimental relation" and it was forced with mental control for both, it did not have sense and was an
absolute chaos.

I detected that my girlfriend from 2007 to 2009, Noelia Adan Portero ("Noelia Adan Doorkeeper,
Noelia Hades of Cerberus"), was a mental control operation from the six months of relationship. It was
mental control over Noelia and me (Javier Ruiz Sobrino, first head of Cerberus from Cervera 3 street,
which was changed to number 33 at 90s doing a perfect illuminati triangle of 3s doing a perfect
illuminati dis-information operation, the doorkeeper of the hell who play futsal as goalkeeper also) to
make us boyfriends and then mental control to make chaos between us by the C.N.I.

She was under mental control without knowing of her own inserted devices being into the
relationship "forced" or controlled that, I think, would be for her a terrible boredom being with a supposed
schizophrenic (I, mentally controlled and diagnosed schizophrenic for trying to search mental control devices
in September of the year 2005 and to be locked up in a psychiatric hospital for this reason) that did not speak
practically because I was under mental control without being able to generate practically thought, therefore I
was real a boredom for her, sure.

Pgina 70 de 117
She was controlled or used to keep me under more psychological pressure. I think she has been used
in the meaning of having a role of being controlled to control/pressure others. I was with a woman under
mental control without knowing about her own mind control and it was a chaos. I did not end the
relationship, because the C.N.I with mental control destroyed it.

So, we both continued with something that did not make sense, she for the own mental control and I
because I saw they was controlling us mentally, it was hard for both; they controlled us to make it hell for me
and doing at the end the hell for her.

In the beginning of the "relationship" start "well", easygoing, given that we are "nice" people, also
there was sexual attraction, maybe by a certain inexperience at the level of relationships in my case and, of
course, by the mental control we was receiving to make us a couple but really we were not very compatible
as the same and after this "good" start the C.N.I with mental control made everything became wrong.

I have to say that with distance and time, once the relationship was over, I thought I should have to
broke it off but from inside and under mind control I was not thinking like that and I did not have all this
perspective... from within we were boyfriend and girlfriend and by the mental control the C.N.I was making
it impossible.

My perspective of her is a person with whom I have shared "concentration camp", "relationship",
"post-relationship" and friendship.

9. Mental torture

CESID and C.N.I is controlling me from approximately since 1986 and torturing me from 2002.

9.1 Without privacy between

It is a loss of physical intimacy through the device of "synthetic telepathy" on visual part control or
image mental processing; It is also a loss of intimacy on tactile level or physical sensations since there is
reception of all touch and body sensation through the nervous system control device, old generation device at
60s was known as Stimoceiver. It is also a loss of intimacy at the mental level through "synthetic
telepathy" capable of capturing the brainwave at the level of thought, at the level of an idea as it is perceived
in the brain itself.

9.2 Humiliation and vexations

9.2.1 Forced to perform humiliating acts

I have been forced to perform humiliating acts by mental control when I did not about the devices
inserted in my brain. The CESID and C.N.I performed for tests of the state of mind control and tests of
devices itself forcing me to perform acts that were against my own will or normal desires and humiliating me
for having me perform those acts during the torture open devices, since 2005, hundred thousand times.

They performed individual tests and humiliations on different subjects; it was a single time each
subject separated on time, almost distributed over time. One theme every time, once a year, always a very
rare thing, always different every year and always against the usual acting or desires for the rest of my life.

Pgina 71 de 117
The best way to check if they really control you mentally is to make you do something against your
own will, to execute real mind control. CESID made tests of mental control since 1988 or 1989 at least,
maybe since 1985, until 2005. There are tests of "white point on black paper", "black point on white paper",
that is, behavior always of the same kind, of the same "color" in life, and suddenly without sense one day a
behavior of opposite color, of total opposite way to the habitual for one only time. In cases of mental control
there will be small actions forced to perform to check the state of mind control and to know that it is mental
control has to be against the will, against normal behavior.

9.2.2 Tens of thousands of humiliations

The C.N.I has committed tens of thousands of humiliations between 2005 and 2015. The C.N.I
performs a potentiation of the humiliation by cerebral electromagnetic stimulation, increasing sensation with
electromagnetism type E.L.F waves.

9.3 Thousands of vexations

The C.N.I has committed thousands and thousands of vexations, constantly, from 2005 to the present
during my most "private" acts as realization of physical needs or showers. C.N.I forced the increase the
mental vexation sensation by brain electromagnetic stimulation with E.L.F frequencies and by means of
"synthetic telepathy" (artificial or synthetic telepathy), increasing the sense with electromagnetism.

As an example of the biggest vexation I have received: I was forced me to not can create any idea
during days with E.L.F frequencies, inhibiting my ability to think, that is to say I could not even make the
idea of whether or not to go to the toilet. I needed to defecate for five days continuously and I was prevented
from brain-building the idea with electromagnetism, that of going to the toilet when I really need, and also to
generate the second idea of muscular control of my own sphincter some of the times that the C.N.I allowed
me to reach the toilet. On the fifth day, needing to defecate without being able to, a C.N.I "let me try to go to
the toilet" at work, let me do that idea, and when I was sit on the W.C, taking me five days with the desire to
defecate, with the shit wanting to leave my body, and then C.N.I agents tried to control my nervous system
with the artificial telepathy device over the muscular control to move my sphincter a little, trying that neither
the idea of sphincter control I could generate over my own body, and how I deny mental control as I can, say
I did not allow this action, then C.N.I agents left me unable to move the sphincter with the poo of five days
almost hanging and then they gave me brain electromagnetic E.L.F waves that multiplied by a hundred all
physical and mental sensation of humiliation, vexation and suffering in addition to electromagnetic
stimulation type E.L.F with frequencies of sexual excitation even generating an erection in parallel. The
C.N.I tried to get me crazy. It coincided with a possible behavior or influence over a co-worker in the
company CMC (Laura M.) because C.N.I did three times this day and two first times she appeared
apparently influenced when I was exiting the toilet with the desire of kill C.N.I agents.

9.4 Threats

C.N.I threats constantly about kill, torture, rape, steal, infect and experiment on all my surroundings.
It is threats for years without rest.

My parents, "Fernando Ruiz Cuevas" and "Mercedes Sobrino Gutirrez", and sisters, "Beatriz Ruiz
Sobrino" and "Esther Ruiz Sobrino", have mental control devices inserted although they do not even know it
since they are silent mind control operations.

Pgina 72 de 117
My only "girlfriend" (Noelia Adan Portero, Noelia Hades of Cerberus) is under mind control also
and maybe even her family members: mind control operations with devices on families in the 80's. Noelia
and I were "boyfriends" in a joint of operations.

It is very possible that there are also operations on the group of people that we became "friends" in
the university (U.A.H) in another operation of joint operations (see insertion of devices in Madrid); I
detected control over J.M.M.R and there are circumstantial issues about R.Y.P and R.G.A that would indicate
mind control.

I will let you know that my parents had a problem during a trip where my father was driving on a
highway and his legs muscle cramp and prevented him from continuing by risk of accident, I think it was
the C.N.I with devices; There will be a record of the event since the Civil Guard corpse fined my father for
stopping at the side of a highway (Nacional V) to make the change of driver. It is because I dont go with
people II I believe is under mind control when they are driving the car on roads faster than 50 Km/h allowed

All this supposed mind control operations have not been "awakened", they are sleeping operations,
so that the threats to do something over my family or surroundings begin from the point of the ability to do
so through the mind control devices themselves with functions such as blocking all muscles, including those
of the autonomic nervous system like the heart

I believe that there have also been threats or harassments from the intelligence services in
information, dis-information and pressure/stalking operations and maybe even electronic harassment with
non-invasive electromagnetic devices to other relatives: friends, family, work, sport environments.

9.5 Experimental Pavlov neurosis on diseases

Between 2005 and 2012 the C.N.I has performed on me multiple Pavlov's experimental Neuroses
over contagious diseases through conditioning by adding brain E.L.F electromagnetism by adrenalinic waves
(E.L.F for adrenal) and psychoactive frequencies waves (as an example 17/70 Hz with 2 w/cm2 is LSD) at
the time of neurosis to force me to take the decision over the theoretical contagion, trying to provoke me a
"mental shock".

The CNI made me believe that I had a contagious disease through Pavlov's conditioning in the
conscious with "synthetic telepathy" (Pavlov's through "artificial" telepathy), conditioning with the "sound"
repeating the idea (V2K device of infrasound, not externally audible) and adding E.L.F-type brain
stimulation for potentiation of Pavlov's conditioning.

On the other hand, at the same time, it was a lie that I was sick by contagious disease because I
performed regularly diagnostic tests for the detection of venereal, which do not always include all diseases
because there are some very unusual and I had not a complete knowledge because there are only 2 diseases
not symptomatic (HIV, syphilis). The CNI, from the basis of these not extremely exhaustive tests and that my
knowledge was not perfect about transmission diseases at those times, started Pavlov's conditioning, the
psychological and electromagnetic techniques, until I got to neurosis, which is much worse than a doubt, that
is to say, it was true that I was contagious (Pavlov) and at the same time I was not contagious (test and logic)
and at times that appeared in my life blood or semen the C.N.I gave me electromagnetism with very
powerful brain E.L.F frequencies psychoactive and adrenalinic type to take a decision over the blood or
semen and a possible contagion in attempts to short-circuit my mind.

Pgina 73 de 117
The effects generated would provoke traumatic or even suicidal reactions in nonresistant or
experienced people.

9.6 E.L.F stimulation to block thinking

I have been forced by C.N.I not to be able to think at full capacity for almost 15 years. I have been
forced to practically not be able to think normally, to being able to think at an average of at most 50% and
increasing the waves to cut off my ability to think until I am for years without, near to a 0%.

By periods:

Between 2002 and January 6, 2005 I was in the Operation of traumatization ("Monarch trauma
base mind control program"), near to cant be able to thinking, in a state of terrible
traumatization (see Monarch program).

Between 2005 and September of 2005 I was under electromagnetic E.L.F effects of adrenaline,
psychoactivity in addition to the initial psychological shock of knowing that I had devices into
the brain, I was without think normally (see resume for more information, year 2005).

Between September 2005 and November 2005 I was in a terrible psychological condition due to
being locked up in a psychiatric hospital because I denounced and attempted to look for mental
control devices in a hospital: the devices test was not made, I was medicated very powerfully as
well as locked up into a psychiatric hospital and it is very possible that the C.N.I also used
effects E.L.F type to leave me in a terrible depressive state, without being able to think (see
closed into a psychiatric for more information).

From November 2005 until the end of 2006 I was forced to take medical drugs for
schizophrenics which made me impossible to think in a normal way added with the depression
itself due to the continuation of the torture, I was in a terrible state watching the TV without
process the information and moving the leg on the sofa.

Between early 2007 and late 2007 I recovered many from the effects of psychiatric medications
but C.N.I continued to generate E.L.F electromagnetic effects that prevented me from thinking
fully, as an estimate would be between 30% and 50% of my capacity. It was without, for
example, normal memory access by E.L.F effects, without being able to imagine by frequencies
and without fully processing data for the same reason.

From July 2008 until the end of 2009 I was forced again to take mental medication some times
by theoretical mental problems; the theoretical mental problems were my first attempt of
political asylum in Damascus (Syria, July 2008), that was rejected and I was repatriated through
the National Police of the Barajas Airport and the workers of the Spanish consulate in Damascus
in communication both with my family. It meant taking into account my attempt as a relapse into
the mental state of schizophrenia. Sometimes I was forced to take medication because Noelia
was my girlfriend and lived with me added to the continuous effects of E.L.F and the torture by
the secret services.

From the end of 2009 to the present the C.N.I increased the power of the E.L.F waves starting to
completely cut off my ability to generate ideas, to think, that is to say, from 2005 to 2009 final
Pgina 74 de 117
months I always maintained all the time some thinking capability even if it was reduced, at least
minimal to think, even under electromagnetic E.L.F effects or medical drugs but from the late
2009 the C.N.I began to increase brain power until I could not generate ideas by
electromagnetism, 0 capability. The C.N.I is doing so incrementally, since the beginning of 2009
where they cut off my ability to think totally only some minutes or hours per day until arriving in
late 2016 and 2017 where I can count the minutes of the day in which I can barely make ideas,
think, by constant cerebral electromagnetism.

I have counted the times that I have been able to think normally, fully, since 2009: criticizing a
film for 15 or 20 seconds in 2010 (Purple Rivers, lousy); talking 20 or 30 minutes in Mexico in
2011 (first minutes when we met a Spanish couple); 3 or 4 hours being able to think about the
second or third week of physical therapy in the work insurance when the CNI broke me the wrist
that have been, maybe, the best hours thinking and talking since 2002 or who knows if even in
my whole life ... although I hope not, I hope that before 2002 at some point I was thinking; I can
add half an hour talking with my parents back in October 2015 although there was some E.L.F
electromagnetism, I was not 100%; I also add half an hour on a trip over Tenerife in 2016 with
information processing, but not 100%; I can add two times a half of hour with my family, not
100%, but I could process the information in February of 2017; I can also indicate the sporadic
sentences, phrases in which I have been able to speak thinking since 2009, since I have been
counted: there have been about 28 sentences in which C.N.I allowed me to communicate fully
for 4 or 5 seconds, letting me to make the sentence with total brain processing.

What people see when they "talk to me" is the agents of the C.N.I doing "override of my
psychophysical functions"/"psychic driving technique" controlling my nervous system over my
own control or leaving my mind blank with E.L.F frequencies and transmitting through the
artificial telepathy apparatus over my mind, then what is the communication of the C.N.I what
people see of me because if I do not say what the C.N.I communicates to me through the devices
I would not say anything because they block all my thinking with E .LF; What people see of me
is my desire to do things, going to do sports, going out to parties when I went out years ago,
trying to work when I worked years ago, with people same, but without speaking me, without
think. Sometimes the C.N.I lets me answer about things I have lived or remind me what I lived
through mind control, or even what I had intuited or accepted as valid and then the C.N.I force
me with the devices to say this or I would be on silent by E.L.F electromagnetism in the brain
when people spoke to me then I have to say the only thing that is into my mind, that is the
transmission from the C.N.I, I only can filter a little the information to speech. I am near to not
remember my voice tone by agents overriding my nervous system.

9.7 Forced conscious control of the autonomic nervous system

I have been forced between 2005 and 2017 to the conscious control of the autonomic nervous system
at the level of automatic sight control and automatic gestures to try to leave me schizoid without rest, I could
almost say that a Pavlovian attempt for the modification of the same besides attempts to do that I appear as a
person who have psychophysical problems.

In some occasions, as example, with the perception of "tits" the C.N.I give me cerebral
electromagnetism just on time of thus making I have a strange gestures or behavior for third parties who
dont know about the devices. I cannot even look at someone normally for years, C.N.I is doing without stop.

Pgina 75 de 117
Initially they tried to force the nervous system to control even at breathing level by
electromagnetically blocking the movement itself, I have read on www that it is done to detect the
frequencies of the autonomic nervous system of the person.

9.8 Closed into a psychiatric

I was closed sane in September, 2005 into a Psychiatric Hospital because I denounce the mind
control and I tried to seek for the devices.

Between 15 to 25 September 2005 I went to the National Police and presented documentation on
techniques and devices in the National Police Station Canillas district (named Javier del Quinto, in the big
complex of buildings for National Police Intelligence division) in which I was given the indication of
perform "electromagnetic tests" (MRI scan) in a hospital to detect the devices and thus obtain something
tangible with which to report the facts and make a complaint.

When I was in the police station I asked ten agents who were leaving on duty to patrol that someone
would go with me for the MRI to have any credibility. Who would believe me if I say that I have to look for
devices inside my head? With a police officer accompanying me, with some authority by my side, the tests
would have been carried out immediately; I insisted on the request to be accompanied to have credibility and
they told me that they needed some proof before they help me, to start an investigation.

I remember that they consulted internally how to detect alleged devices. A policewoman of 1.70 to
1.75 cm with very wavy but not curly hair, light brown, thin or fairly thin with thin or very thin body, she
was not ugly, I estimate which would have between 30 and 35 years in 2005 (she will now be between 42
and 47), asked in the internal area, with the previous disposition of the police station, and returned to indicate
to me to realize "electromagnetic tests, a resonance, a MRI", but they did not agree to accompany me.

Days later to my attempt for help in the police station I tried to perform this electromagnetic test in
the University Hospital of Alcal de Henares, just after doing the tuition to the retake university studies in the
UAH, studies I had lost by the Monarch program of traumatization between 2002 and 2005. After a few
hours in the Hospital waiting and confirming my intention to perform this electromagnetic test I was
transferred by ambulance to the Ramn y Cajal Hospital where I stayed 2 days in the psychiatric wing, I was
taken by person with mental problems. In the Ramon and Cajal Hospital I continued insisting that although it
seemed strange to do the MRI scan to look for the devices but they only tried a CT (for brain injuries,
muscle-brain level) and not a resonance as I wanted; during the CT test the C.N.I gave me brutal
electromagnetism with ELF-type frequencies, I do not know if abnormal results were produced in addition to
generating a brutal muscular control of my tongue to prevent me from communicating what was happening
to the hospital assistant, my tongue was without any control trying to escape angled, twisted from my mouth.
The auxiliary was about 1.55 to 1.60 meters tall, had curly hair black and long with mane around the
shoulders or quite more, medium build and with some fats. After the CT scan, the next day, I was sedated,
transferred and then locked up for two months in the private Psychiatric Hospital doctor Leon.

It can be verified by my stay in the psychiatric Doctor Leon in his registers besides that I can
contribute with some curious data from my stay as for example I was a young person (25 years old) that tried
so much to run in the free time although practically I could only walk fast by medication, or also for a guy
who try to jump the rope monitored by using a rope into a psychiatric although I could not almost jump, I
could give 8 or 10 jumps in a row, no more. Another detail is that I once spoke with a senior military man
who was there and offered me his laptop, maybe he was even a good C.N.I or good military man who
was regretful. As a last detail I commented that there was a "curious" person, a gentleman who wore

Pgina 76 de 117
sunglasses into the hospital and dressed suits instead of pajamas, who copied a little of my "good behavior"
because I picked up my food things.

It had TV and "PlayStation 2" in the room and an electronic chess set; I would to play only two
PlayStation games in two months and I could not play any chess match by my mental state. I indicate with
this information that I was shut up sane for having reported that I was being tortured, that I was in a locked
room with key, that I was with a lot of powerful medication into the body, that I was very possible with
electromagnetism E.L.F on my brain and nothing could be done although in appearance I had certain

From 2005 September I am considered a schizophrenic person and after leaving the psychiatric was
forced to take medical drug for more than a year enabling and assisting the C.N.I mental control. I was in a
deplorable mind state during the first year (2006): I was moving my leg on the sofa and watching the TV
without data processing, totally medicated, paralyzed and depressed.

9.9 Stalking, harassment, neurosis, moobing and disinformation

From 2005 to the date the C.N.I stalks, harasses and pressures with information about my intimate
life or my torture operation to nearby environments or also distributes false information to environments
(dis-information). My surroundings make allusions of C.N.I information or even behaviors.

9.9.1 Mobbing, Stalking, Neurosis and pressure at work

I suffered moobing, humiliations and an experimental neurosis in my last job as C.N.I "played" to
recruit several people with HUMINT intelligence agents to cooperate with them, to pressure me at work with
new resources.

Maybe they, my job fellows, made it without knowing what they really was collaborating with and
even did because they were pressured by the C.N.I; maybe also because they like or even for money.

First times I detected one person who was speaking on topics that I had spoken previous day several
times, it was only possible by influences or mind control: Roco from accounts wing.

I detect information from fellows as if I was some related to terrorism issues.

I detect one person like an infiltration agent trying to know about my private life: Jorge F., like in an
attempt to extract information of me he believe I was like a cold and bad guy and he represented as actor
on same type, even maybe he was this style.

I noticed people influenced with information (Gabriel G., Aritz S.), or maybe with intelligence
content like a guided speech walk and others.

I began to notice knowledge or information of my private life at the level of things that I have only
thought and therefore that It have only been able to be extracted through the device of synthetic telepathy.

After that, I began to receive moobing (started by Antonio R.B.), there were influences on group-
level behavior on me, maybe Javier Ch. continued with the pressure from his second day at the job because
has a friend between my fellows (I dont know if was Antonio N. or Jos P.).

Pgina 77 de 117
I received one Pavlov's experimental neurosis by apparently recruited workers (Purificacin M. and
Marcos J.R.).

I noticed theoretical pressures, coercive type, on many of my fellows in some cases with allusions to
my intimate life that in part the occasions was only known by the C.N.I (Javier Ch.A., Calos N. and others).

Later it was also appearance of people who came expressly to collaborate with the C.N.I, almost like
infiltration agents like Emiliano as possible body guard/spy/policeman with knowledge, Jose Angel as
possible body guard/spy/policeman with knowledge, Irene F.M. as possible infiltration and interrogation
psychological level, Miguel Pe. as possible infiltration psychological level like an actor imitating a
psychological profile, Manuel collaborating with them with information and possible even Javier Pa. or at
least used in joint with them to send me out of the society without very much noise.

It seems also that the C.N.I was using external focused mental control devices positioning around the
company to give E.L.F waves and also overwriting ("override" in programming) of the nervous system over
people at work, maybe to add pressure and control, maybe to test devices. I detected Sara M. was receiving
override nervous system although maybe, I think, she had knowledge about, I detected possible focused
devices on Marcos J.R. with E.L.F waves and other coworkers, maybe possible override of nervous system
over Laura L.M. or also maybe only information and request of collaboration from C.N.I by her behavior.

My mother, who is under mental control although she dont know about, insisted in that: You have
to take to your home some Arab cakes that an Egyptian customer had given to me at work, one of them
have a glass into. Fifteen days later at work my colleagues wanted to change the usual breakfast bar for one
that we had only gone twice and "casually" I got a donut with a very sharp glass, tucked inside. What seemed
prepared being the second glass in a few days; the bar change was suggested by Antonio R.B and Jos P.M.

At final time maybe an attempt to play with me making a contract with a really cold person at job, to
maintain me far from some of them, I have the doubt but some of them appear as; I hadnt any problem with

In summary: pressure, influences, moobing, neurosis, devices and absolute chaos at work. I think
they collaborate by pressures in much of the cases, they treat me normally very much of the time and some
of them during all the time.

9.9.2 Drugged with barbiturates and BZO

I was drugged with barbiturates and benzodiazepines at a party in a period of very powerful cardiac
torture of the CNI over me.

I was on New Year celebration with a friend (Jorge M.) of 2012 and his friends. I do not know
whether by influence or by some agent of the intelligence service infiltrated at the party, I give more
probability to the first event, I think in an influence over friends or a friend of him (Javito) to separate him
from me and the operations that I am receiving. I detected that him, Javito, was some cold during a previous
day in a bar also the C.N.I agents through my devices.

9.9.3 Pederasty stalking

Pgina 78 de 117
I received at 2013 and 2014 what I thought were harassment operations from different groups such as
shopkeepers around and neighbors.

At first time I didnt know if any strange information over one woman worker of the shop because
she seems rare, I didnt know if it was for photos took through the mind control devices for visual
processing or what was the motivation.

I noticed influences on them about "me and an alleged pederasty", that is, I detected possible tests to
verify my behavior: "children alone and people who were watching or observing my behavior behind or
slightly hidden. I do not know if to check my reaction also.

In one case It seems more like an elaborate attempt for which I began to become scared because if
they (C.N.I in joint with people around) was preparing a "dirty" plan like dis-information and false proofs
later to jail me. I explain this: a child ran fast into my portal behind me when I entered and made a
comment, certainly ambiguous, that in case of being answered could make that my answer in case of not
being very careful were or could be misinterpreted" if there was a "recording device" so I did not respond, I
only shout go out!.

Another example, there was a case where I was being recorded with a mobile device, pointing to my
face at very short distance, 1 meter approximately, from the door of a shop 10 meters from my house and in
the way to home by a strong teenager friend of the woman of the shop. I did not know if it was to press me
because the C.N.I had taken pictures through the artificial telepathy device for the visual processing of the
shop woman (about 30 years old, thin) and the C.N.I had harassed or molested her or by the pederast

I detected two attempts more with children; first one with a South-American child who takes some
meters from his parents and maybe there was people watching the scene from the other street side.

The second one maybe prepared by own neighbors and with C.N.I help of information in my own
doorway with some child there.

I detect in those times and later also a pair of rare jumps in my computer, a pair of really incredible
web redirections. Maybe also National Police testing my behavior? I denounce this links or rare webs
without click anything to the National Police and Civil Guard corpses.

It is possible that in this case by chances of life were not harassment from the C.N.I, that It was not a
"Charlie" as they call to incriminate you on some criminal issue by generating false evidences since in those
same times the pederast, kidnapper and serial rapist (pederasta, violador y secuestrador serial de San Blas)
who was detained in 2014 had his house in Madrid, his headquarter to rape, a mere 50 meters from my
former rented house.

I was a "madman" who shouted fighting against "imaginary secret services" in the attic of the Street
Santa Susana 19 (5th floor), where I lived between 2012 and October / November 2014. It is possible that
both operations were crossed in time and space and what initially I attributed to the C.N.I was the National
Police or even tests by the neighborhood or shops with children, who were suffering this.

Last but not least, I had a similar body because the serial rapist is 1.74 meters, 40 years old and
really strong one: he took the child on his car, drug them and the rape in his house. I am an athletic person
with a strong build, I am 1.80 meters tall, I was 32 to 33 years old at the time, but I do not have a driving
license and I do not even have to do it, and even less I have had behaviors or even thoughts of pedophile or

Pgina 79 de 117
pederastic type: I like woman over 21 or 22 about, only although with girls between 18 and 22 maybe in a
special case I would realize sexual practices but It is not normal for me.

9.9.4 Other stalking

The C.N.I sometimes threatens me with the possibility of doing something with fluids (blood,
semen) of my body using them in some real crime.

I have been and continue being threatened from the C.N.I with the possibility of disseminating false
information to other intelligences and these want to kill me like I were a supposed Spanish agent.

I have detected "games", I think from the C.N.I making people to collaborate, I think paid and non-
spy, by groups of nationalities to walk around my home as a warning, that is, first walk groups of people
from an ethnic group or country as they initially seemed to me English Speakers or even from U.S, then
changed to as example Colombians, Peruvians, Indians, Romanians, Russians, East-Countries ... I think in a
kind of collaborations or as "actors" to threaten me with possible kidnapping or even murder by foreign
secret services or mafias.

9.9.5 Dis-information, infiltration, pressure and stalking on surroundings

By influences from C.N.I agents, secret services HUMINT agents who have gained their trust, of my
relatives or environments, or also maybe infiltrated between them, people around like at work (It is not only
in the last job), sports, neighbors, family and different groups of friends are playing with the information of
the operation. Secret services are trying to isolate me, since 2002.

I think secret services are using in some cases on fixed places focused mobile devices of mind
control, E.L.F type, nervous system control type (psychic driving or override of nervous system) and it
would be also on synthetic telepathy level. As example near to my house, near to my parents house and
maybe also over my sisters houses I think there are mobile equipment for external focused mind control
of short-medium range also over my psychiatric doctor, sure at E.L.F and nervous system level (Marif B.)
and I dont know if in a synthetic telepathy level.

In some case, even, they are imitating (not too well) psychological and physical behaviors similar to
those that occur when you receive mental control. I repeat that I believe they do it by some kind of influence
or pressure received from the intelligence service itself: infiltration and dis-information operations. Spanish
secret services are conformed by former policeman, former civil guard corpses, former military also civilian
and then Secret services has a lot of friends between this police corpses and they are doing dis-information
over the people who could help me.

There was in the past dis-information and stalking information on my surroundings since 2002, as
example controlling my behavior to molest Carlos/Arancha because they had suffered terrorism yet (ETA
attack killed the father of one), maybe over friends with family in military corpses Jos L./Ana, I think over
Jorge H. because family policeman, over Jose M.M, over Antonio H, over my whole family and friends.
C.N.I is trying to isolate me.

10. Physical torture

10.1 Torture over the digestive system

Pgina 80 de 117
C.N.I has induced electromagnetically digestive cuts for 7 or 8 years brutally, between 2005 and
2013, continuously and at a lower level from 2013 to the date.

In the period between 2005 and 2013 I suffered digestive cuts continuously, five meals per day, 365
days a year without rest. They did it on me thousands and thousands of times without rest.

C.N.I performs electromagnetism on the stomach/intestine muscles with the nervous system control
device and E.L.F, generating a brutal muscular tension that cut off my digestion, stomach cramp, causing a
lot gas accumulated. I had to prevent gas from leaving my body because I was at the office and it was not
worth going to the toilet, they were hundreds of gases constant by stomach cramps with electromagnetism on
muscles. The digestive cut caused me so many gases that continued until the next meal where I have to stop
this by closing my sphincter with muscles and then the C.N.I made a new stomach cramp,
electromagnetically induced with brutal muscular pressure, during that new meal that made them multiply
almost exponentially by the existence of previous ones and that I was closing my ass with muscles what
produces even more tension: I did not leave 50 gases of the previous digestive cut while it was in the table
with the coworkers added to a new digestive cut that multiply the gas almost exponentially until the next

I was under brutal stomach cramps for 7 or 8 years 24/7/365 without rest until the stomach became
somewhat intolerant to food and the appearance, seems like, of having perforations of the stomach at this
time, with the sensation that the gases expanded by zones external to the stomach.

The present feeling is of the intestine as a direct conduit, as if all food were not very well digested
and expelled, as if the gases came very directly after the meal, as if some valve of the stomach were damaged
and did not stop the entrance of air. I cannot take a couple of beers or even eat normal and then be
comfortable with people around later. It is not a normal life.

From 2012 until the end of 2016, although at a lower level the stomach cramps have continued, and
from the end of 2016 C.N.I has increased again, although not at levels of older times.

I add that I should eat quite more than normally is necessary because I need to eat a lot of food for
torture because I need defenses, nutrients and be muscle strong to resist own torture.

10.2 Molars torture

The C.N.I has broken me 17 or 18 molars by means of pressure and waves over my own molars
nerves by nervous system control device.

That is to say, the C.N.I controls me constantly to pressure against own molars very strong and many
hours per day without rest since 2005, much more time and strength than bruxism in addition to
electromagnetism with the devices over the molar nerves to weaken them.

The previous review to 2005 I did not have any cavities and I had not broken a tooth before that year.
Between 2005 and 2008 the C.N.I broke 3 molar fillings. It was at the initial times of torture and I at those
times I did not know the types of devices and the C.N.I deceived me with the possible insertion of new mind
control devices into the fake-teeth (mental control dental devices known as "tooth-implants") and therefore I
did not replace the pieces; I went to clean the broken teeth or fillings but I did not want new implants; I

Pgina 81 de 117
repeat that the C.N.I deceive me by ignorance and by the own mental control; I believe that those implants
are "old".

The other 14 or 15 molars that I have been broken by C.N.I progressively, they did by continuous
pressure from 2008 to the present. Now I cannot almost chew and I really havent to go to the dentist since I
need general anesthesia that could be expected, in case the C.N.I/people who help them acceded to the
operation the possible extraction of my mental control devices, which are the only tangible evidence of
torture, of the evidence of torture of more than 100,000 years of indictment against the C.N.I. In addition it is
possible to stop the heart with a control device of the nervous system during the operation simulating a
natural death in the operating room and the C.N.I itself has ever indicated to me that possibility, about kill
me under general anesthesia of molars, like my pet (guinea pig) died, like Im for the secret services.

As main idea C.N.I would like to kill me also I dont like general anesthesia giving unconsent access
to remove my brain devices, my unique evidence of torture. I cant almost chew and I cant repair my mouth.

10.3 Torture of joints and muscles

10.3.1 Muscular and articular injuries

Almost all the joints and muscles of my body are destroyed by the C.N.I torture.

I have injuries in the back and neck possibly chronic by forced movements. C.N.I changed by muscle
strength at gym, during sports or with forced positions.

The C.N.I sprained my two knees twice, chronically injuring both of them in the inner knee. They
did forcing them to bend them with movements that I cant do with the artificial telepathy device forcing
control of my nervous system against my will.

The joints of the shoulders were chronically injured forcing positions with the devices preventing
lateral and frontal movements with weight or power.

They forced me a gesture with the devices that sprained my ankle and I had not fully recovered.

The elbows appear to have chronic lesions.

I have micro hamstring ruptures throughout the whole body by electromagnetic muscular tension.

As resume all injuries are generated by forced positions in the gym, sports or gestures themselves
with the devices; they changed abruptly the muscular power forcing gestures with the device of mind control
of the nervous system and I modify the movements and my whole body is destroyed.

10.3.2 Tiredness or fatigue chronic

I am receiving constant pressure by means of adrenaline induced with E.L.F during the 12 years and
without muscular rest to recover. Even trying to rest I do not recover my muscles; I do sport from the
beginning with fatigue.

10.4 Torture with bone breaks

Pgina 82 de 117
10.4.1 Hand broken in forced accident

The C.N.I broke my wrist bone forcing a bicycle accident with the device "Synthetic telepathy" or
artificial telepathy over the control of the nervous system and the addition of E.L.F frequencies

The accident was forced by the C.N.I forcing dis-inhibition with the E.L.F waves device short-
circuiting the zone of sensation of "fear" and after that physical control with the artificial telepathy forcing
me to allow to accelerate the bike and when my bike was accelerated and I tried to regain control of the
C.N.I controlled me with the physical control device so that it did not have very much strength in the arms
and ability of reaction to avoid the fall.

As a result I broke the scaphoid, I needed surgery and nails and I was recovering for some months.

10.4.2 Broken toe

C.N.I broke to me a toe in spring of 2016.

The C.N.I forced with the device hit on the big toe of my left foot against a very solid wood twice
times the same day, the first one I was quite dizzy.

The C.N.I broke it to me and with knowledge of having broken my toe they did not indicate anything
and then I continued exercising and I dont healing the injury well.

In August of 2016, about 5 months later, I detected the broken finger that prevents me for 6 months
to practice sports and that I have not recovered yet well.

The C.N.I when it was in recovery force me to do movements to make worse it. As example when I
was about to recover after 6 months without being able to play sports or to bend the foot well the C.N.I on
17/12/2016 forces a strong blow with mind control devices with a very heavy object by controlling me with
to impact on the exact area of the injury trying to break it again, an objective that they failed to achieve.

I do not know if it is already chronic.

10.5 Cardiac Torture

I am receiving constant pressure and cardiac torture between 2005 and 2017.

I am suffering brutal accelerations and constant heart pressure for more than 8 years in the period
between 2005 and 2013 with adrenaline through stimulation of the adrenal gland and over the heart itself
with E.L.F frequencies and in the period between 2013 and 2017 I have not got very much rest.

The stress that I have suffered is not comparable to the heart pressure of job stress receiving moobing
with which I can compare or with use of substances that temporarily accelerate your heart with which I can
also compare, it is more closer to a drug with heart pressure without resting 15 or 20 hours a day, 365 days a
year, for 8 years, plus periods of years where I had no heart resting during sleep because I slept an average of
5.5 hours and I lost about 500 grams per night; I indicate that the C.N.I interrogated me for 4 hours under

Pgina 83 de 117
electromagnetic effects comparable to E.L.F drugs and 500 grams in the approximate weight loss for it, 4 of
the supposed 5 hours of rest under interrogation stress.

It is very possibly that I die younger due to lack of cardiac rests, electromagnetic cardiac
accelerations, sustained stress for 15 years, arrhythmias electromagnetically induced with E.L.F (0-1 Hz).

The comparison as the own C.N.I agents tell to me is to have got the engine of a car with brutal
accelerations trying to destroy it and without a day's rest for 15 years then as result the engine is working
but the life of it has been reduced.

I try to think that I will live to old age but logic tells me that my heart has suffered too much to reach

10.5.1 Modification of breathing to influence heart rhythms

Between 2010 and 2012 C.N.I modified with mental control devices (artificial telepathy) over the
physical part to modify the kind of breathing and to decontrol it during sports practices which the modified
heart rhythms in addition to electromagnetically induced cardiac accelerations during the same sports efforts.

10.5.2 Electromagnetic arrhythmias in sports efforts

Between 2011 and 2012 the C.N.I played with cardiac recovery modification experimentation after
sports (running, gym) causing electromagnetic arrhythmias with E.L.F frequencies after each attempt of
heart beats recovery to the normal, it was during months without rest.

I do not know if it was a possible intention to generate injuries in the heart or a muscular
experimentation to modify the heart recovery rhythms, that is to say, to test the implantation of arrhythmias
in the heart by means of electromagnetism with conditioning of Pavlov: repeating the arrhythmia to see if my
heart was learning or, I repeat, maybe "only" to injure it.

10.5.3 Brutal heart torture

Between late 2012 and February 2013 C.N.I generated a brutal "dead-end" heart pressure. It was
brutal stress heart rate and E.L.F frequencies generated with the device without exercise to relieve stress, to
normalize heart rhythms through soft sport, since injuries and torture prevented me from exercising.

It was a possible attempt from the C.N.I to force a stroke or a heart disease. I was under a brutal
stress that made me at times unable to breathe normally, with a lack of oxygen from adrenaline and torture,
under moobing at work, with the heart in a strange state by changing (arrhythmia) and slow rhythms
electromagnetically generated adding a cardiac area compression leaving my heart in systole each beat very
much longer than usual, compressed, also adding electromagnetic stimulation in the heart or nearby heart
areas by very powerful and sharp that were like a concentrated itch, It was not a nuisance but almost painful,
I think it was to hurt specific points of the heart.

Everything was done on same time for months without rest. I thank it was electromagnetically
generated every instant and that I had no heart injuries but given the duration, months, in those conditions
without rest I had doubts about the state of the heart. As a colophon I was drugged without consent in this

Pgina 84 de 117
period during the celebration of New Year's Eve party from 2012 to 2013 with benzodiazepines and
barbiturates under the effects of alcohol that greatly reduce the pulsations and can be dangerous at the
cardiac level depending on quantities and very much more when mixed with alcohol.

It was during this period that I asked for help or even sent a resume with my abilities to SVR (FAX),
MOSSAD (www recruitment form), CIA (telephone) and MI5 (telephone) because I thought I was going to
die soon or at least with risk of death.

10.6 Brain torture

10.6.1 Burned brain with electromagnetism

C.N.I burn my brain with electromagnetism until it bleed. It was in spring of 2005.

The C.N.I generates electromagnetic waves by means E.L.F microwaves with a physical control
device at very high power until the sensation was close to a cigarette lighter inside the brain during between
30 seconds and 1 minute, is the most powerful pain I've ever felt in my life. After this electromagnetic
stimulation every night and for 15 days the cerebral blood (drops) accumulated in the back of the throat. I
even made checks to see if the blood could come from the nasal area or from wounds in the throat and it was
not like this: small droplets accumulated in the back of the throat during sleep in a horizontal position
watching the roof.

The exact date is Saturday morning coinciding with the Coslada city festivities in the spring of 2005.
It is possible that the C.N.I will generate an internal cerebral wound by electromagnetism and it is possible
that there was a continuity of the wound I detected in the underwater pressure when I dived to more than 2
meters depth or maybe also the C.N.I was playing to make me think there were sequels stimulating me
with E.LF pain in the brain zone every time I submerged between the years 2005 and 2015.

In 2016 seems the wound is closed or the C.N.I has not given me electromagnetic stimulation when I

10.6.2 Torture on brain and nerves

I have a loss of sensitivity in my left arm. The brutal pains generated electromagnetically by the
C.N.I with the control devices of the nervous system and E.L.F over my brain, my teeth and the
electromagnetism on nerves of the mouth had provoked, I think, to make that my left arm has lost part of the

10.6.3 Brain hematoma

CNI gives me very intense pain in the brain and molars through the control device of the nervous
system until leaves a zone of my brain sore for two days, like a hematoma but in the brain.

10.7 Immune system

Pgina 85 de 117
My immune system, I think, is damaged by the torture, the lack of rest, the sustained stress for 15
years and the continuous electromagnetism throughout this time.

11. Other

11.1 Sport and hobbies

11.1.1 Sports

I received mental control from CESID dont allowing me to do "high level" soccer tests at childhood
and when I was studying at university.

It was very good player between the 8 and 11 years of age, no longer, even so to give you an idea of
my performance the secret services let me play from 2005 about 30% of my capability. I had help in team
of maximum level, Atltico Madrid soccer team, where my father had a friend; he was a people very close to
the manager of child categories. The CESID controlled me so as I havent a chance of sport life; secret
services could not experiment psychological torture with a person who was "public". I do not say that I
would have done well this test, I do not believe in fact given my qualities (you must be a crack, not only a
good player) or my height (1.80 meters for football 11 is not worth for goalkeeper), I indicate that CESID
prevented me from doing the tests to avoid the single chance to get it because I was very good and had a

As estimation of my qualities if secret services let me play normally I would play now in futsal
National B (4th division) and even for division National A (3rd division some years ago) according to some
the own C.N.I torturers; at resume which I mean that I had good qualities and I retain something.

How does it prevent me the secret services from competing or even playing? With psychophysical
control devices: they close my eyes, move and shrink arms, move legs, remove adrenaline... They dont let
me to play, It is just the opposite.

Very possibly the secret services controlled me when I tried to test the U.A.H futsal team; it was
team with almost professional players such as National division or even division of silver (2nd). I think it
was made so that it I could not try to become a "sportsman well", the typical "good guy" on American
college style.

Imagine if I had been a decent guy with his friends and family as I have been, who would also have
done well in college (as I did until start the torture of the "Monarch" program in 2002), which would have
had relationships with many women as many as I knew when I was a teenager until the CESID began to
make it impossible, although the truth is when I was teenager CESID made it was not possible for me to have
sex into the relations, thus appearing more like a flirt guy and not as a retracted in sex and who would have
been a boy Sportsman well, of which he goes more than to play a while for pleasure, of those who competes
... if all that could be and was not would have been then It would have been difficult to justify subsequent
disinformation operations where agents of CESID and C.N.I, who are real psychopaths, attempted to prepare
false information operations, dis-information, what they themselves had already tried to force me, forced to
do the people under mind control, or that they didnt let me to perform, then they could not have justified
torture for those agents who have feelings and are more like adept indoctrinated soldiers following the order
and dont thinking and prosecuting, those theoretical patriots who torture people who believe guilty of any
crime without thinking beyond that, because it is an order, into a secret service and this is geopolitics.

Pgina 86 de 117
The CESID and C.N.I has prevented me from even play other sports, I have not even been able to
play something or perform an action that is considered a pleasure with normality never.

I try to do sports or to carry out activities and the C.N.I through the devices has prevented in each
action without exception I could do it. Since the continuous soccer teams for 12 years in which in hundreds
of occasions, in each and every one of the 500 or 600 matches, the CNI has been humiliating me with the
mental control devices and also destroying the hobby to my teammates. They have destroyed every one of
my sports actions without exception, including my attempts to play any other sport in a less competitive way,
such as paddle, tennis, pin-pon, running, bicycle where every small action has been prevented by the
intelligence services. I repeat that since the "grand finale" of a tournament and dream of a team of 12
people and its effort for a year also even a ping-pong game on a vacation in Mexico taking a mojito. No one
action I have been able to perform in a normal way. The C.N.I moves my arms, hands, legs, close my eyes,
take away my adrenaline, stop gestures or force them with what I go to sports areas rather than practice
sports itself, I move and sweat but I cant compete.

For years C.N.I have forced me to go to practice sports very tired physically adding
electromagnetism and brutal adrenaline; I do not know if to stroke my heart or damage my heart during
sports. As example the season in which I played of local in the pavilion the "Golden triangle" (Tringulo de
Oro) and the C.N.I if to continue playing with the symbologies "Illuminati" took care in trying that would
have a cardiac problem.

I am humiliated and tortured without rest during sports practices by C.N.I.

11.1.2 Trips

In other subjects like trips where someone could believe that I have enjoyed so is more an

Lately I have been traveling alone in almost all cases because the harassment over my surroundings
and the loss or estrangement of relationships that I am progressively suffering after 15 years of torture and
harassment. If I travel with people the secret services do not let me to communicate with them by
electromagnetic blocks and if I do the trip alone just the same, with electromagnetic frequencies that only
allow me to order food or ask a location with difficulty.

11.1.3 Relation

When I try to go out with friends to events such as family, dinners, bars, during and after sporting
events (third time) the C.N.I prevents me from communicating with what it represents more a suffering when
I tried to speak with others without being able to do it than not to do it itself, than dont try to speak with
others, than be alone.

11.2 Studies and jobs

At year 2000 I entered the University of Alcal de Henares without too much vocation for the Degree
in Computer Engineering of Software. I believe I enter this career because I was controlled by the CESID to
carry out the operation where different "subjects", people, under mind control experimentation had to meet
between them there (see insertion of devices and operatives in Madrid).

Pgina 87 de 117
The first two years at the university when my qualifications were positive or very positive although it
was the university beginnings, the typical "crazy years" on studies. From the third year there, 2002, the C.N.I
began with the operations of psychological traumatization of the program known as "Monarch" (see details
of the traumatization operation) by which I was gradually losing my ability to continue with the career until
the year 2004 with virtually no progress since the course of 2002 and in a terrible psychological state. From
the year 2004 I was traumatized to such a level that I did not have the ability or strength to reach the
University, so I tried to stay with someone who did not have homework that day in an area close to mine,
with a friend with free time in the morning or the afternoon.

In September, 2005 I tried, after knowing about the existence of devices into my brain (I know it
since January 6, 2005 at 23:59:59), to recover the studies lost even under torture. I had tried help from
National Police in a duty station a few days before and the police answer was that I need to get proof of the
existence of the devices by means of a MRI scan to which the agents did not want to accompany me; I had
asked them to go with me to have some credibility, and taking advantage of my stay in the faculty to my year
university tuition and the proximity of University Hospital of Alcal de Henares besides being suggested by
the agents themselves I decided to try it there directly. After hours trying there I was moved to the Ramn y
Cajal Hospial and I stayed into its psychiatric wing for two days, then I was drugged, moved and closed into
the psychiatric Doctor Leon for two months, the Doctors didnt try the MRI scan (see closed into psychiatric
for more information).

After I got out of the psychiatric I was forced to take very powerful medical drug for two years, the
first one was terrible for me, which made the study impossible, I lost the career again.

Fifteen days before be closed into the psychiatric through a colleague from the U.A.H group I had
started a job as a computer technician in a project for the company (CapGemini) where people are hired
without a finalized career, studying, which I obviously I lost too.

At the beginning of the end of the year 2006, I began to recover somewhat the capacity to do things,
to think, after the internment in the psychiatric although I was under constant torture and I was also forced to
take medical drugs; then I tried to look for jobs that in this case did not require special qualification, jobs that
did not have links with the computer branch. Late 2006 I started working as a telephone operator in a couple
of companies (Orange, Exhibitions Campo de las Naciones) where I worked for 4 months adding both.

In February 2007, speaking with a colleague from the U.A.H group, she told me about the possibility
of having a job that did not require a university degree finalized, but you must have the knowledge: I had it
and I accepted the job. I was for a year and a half in a computer company (Matchmind) for a bank client
(Isban, Santander Group), during this period the C.N.I did not allow me to develop my work normally by
reducing thinking power with E.L.F waves: E.L.F stimulations on memory making I forget the contents,
reducing processing capability I was also constantly searching for torture information while working and
sending the information to organizations, asking for help; then what the job became a bit of work, a lot in
psychological combat against the C.N.I agents fighting through the devices and more on "job survival" than
in a normal development of my career. In addition to my initial tasks I developed parallel programming tasks
that allowed me to change my company back in July 2008 for better salary.

In July of 2008 after my change of company to Astek I was in a client company of the electric sector
(Red Elctrica de Espaa) where from the beginning I perceived influences on me. I do not know if these
influences were by my theoretical "psychiatric" past or by link between the C.N.I and the operations or also
maybe some worker could have "friendships" close to the C.N.I, the business intermediary was Indra
(develop some software and hardware projects for army and research, it is a really big society), who knows if

Pgina 88 de 117
any Indras friend who does jobs for the C.N.I/Army. I stay for some months working there, with the C.N.I
allowing me to do things with a decent capacity. In parallel to the work I sought information on torture,
asking for help, days I pretended illness to be able to go to embassies to seek political asylum.

After almost a year I was transferred from project where the atmosphere was more relaxed, it was
not negative influences on me, I think there were more positive influences, but the C.N.I torture continued.

In mid-2009 due to staff issues in the main client I was changed to a project in a telecommunications
client (Orange, web applications) where the C.N.I after a start allowing me to work although not at full
capacity they began to increase the torture, the interrogations and the inability over me making I could not
perform tasks normally. I was able to work one out of every three journeys or so, which I did very intensely
and with small advances in the rest of the days, in which I was not allowed to think normally (automatic
tasks), it allowed me to continue without too many problems in the project.

The society, Astek, broke due to financial and management problems in Spain; It was decreed the
suspension of salaries with the consequent and subsequent labor judgments ending the labor contract in
March 2010.

After a few months in suspension and the dissolution of the company in Spain in March 2011,
project in hand I went to another consultancy (CMC Group) to continue with the Orange applications

After a few weeks where I was allowed to work at an acceptable level the C.N.I increased
electromagnetically the torture at the point of making my ability to think, to make ideas, impossible.

C.N.I had begun to increase the electromagnetic torture very markedly since autumn 2009 and I was
already beginning to be under effects that practically prevented me from performing my task adding an
increase of the torture at the physical level from those dates. The physical torture at the cardiac level came to
be of a pressure that made me fear in serious problems, even in death in late 2012 and early 2013 (see details
of cardiac torture). The physical torture also occurred at the stomach level where hundreds of digestive
cramps executed by secret services made me feel like I had stomach perforations that have left my digestive
valves smashed (see details of torture in the digestive system). But not only was I being tortured by the C.N.I
at work, because in some way or by any means, the C.N.I made that I was pressured at the job level with
moobing (Antonio R.B.) and even with the realization of Pavlov's experimental neurosis with information
from the C.N.I itself by colleagues of my job, I think recruited by the C.N.I itself (Marcos J.R., Purificacin
M.). There were also rare project changes, pressures and allusions to intimate life in some cases only known
by C.N.I (Javier Ch.A, Carlos N.); I also detected pressure over my colleagues and even in the final times I
perceived microwave focused devices around the company with electromagnetic radiation, there in the
company, over some workers, both E.L.F type (psychoactivity: anger and even sexual frequencies), type
control (overwriting nervous system speech, psychic driving, maybe over-writing other body movements)
and maybe even artificial telepathy; I think they were focused, short-range devices that C.N.I positioned
around the company building but I dont know if it was with or without knowledge from my colleagues
because there was a lot of information, pressures and even infiltrated agents. I repeat that I could almost
assure that C.N.I hired people from the company itself by capturing them with HUMINT resources. These
who collaborated with C.N.I to increase the psychological pressure I do not know if they did with or without
real knowledge of what or why they were doing it. The torture and inability to work by E.LF frequencies
increased until 2016 when I could not work more than 8 journeys (2 days thinking and 6 days executing
mechanical tasks), adding minutes in a excel during 6 months, in more than 120 journeys, until I was
dismissed in July 2016 in a proper manner and almost gratefully for me, I request for previously.

Pgina 89 de 117
The last year I believe that C.N.I not only captured people with HUMINT but even
introduced/infiltrated people into the company itself for a direct collaboration there; Initially introducing
people who might have dissuaded me from trying something physical because of the pressure I had received
in the moobing and experimental neurosis, body guards like Emiliano or Jos ngel; I didnt think to kick
or kill anyone, I'm not aggressive and I thought CNI was behind them moving the threads, I thought more in
information, confessions and as most in drug and interrogation over but not in kill directly; After that
appeared theoretically infiltrated people who played to investigation over me or also to infiltration (Irene
F.M.) in addition to "get me out of the society" without generating more noise (Manuel, Miguel P., Javier P.)
over other colleagues who did not have knowledge of the Operations or that they had been executed there.
There were people doing gestures really similar to people under mind control that I know or even with
coincidences of information (Laura M.) also one person receiving direct electromagnetic override of the
nervous system by waves (Sara M.) although I think she had knowledge about.

The C.N.I has increased my inability to think, which is the impossibility to work, which has caused
no longer I try to find another job. I am an application analyst in J2EE and JAVA language and there are a lot
of jobs. I will not work as a Software Developer in Spain; my inability to work joined with the accumulation
of torture for 15 years at all levels, sexual, psychological and physical means that I has the only chance of
political asylum or trying risky feats with foreign intelligences, work for them.

The torture has left my body in a terrible state, especially my heart, my stomach and my mouth in
which I have two molars in the same position to be able to chew; mouth which I cannot repair because I
require general anesthesia that could cause the C.N.I remove my intracranial devices or even that C.N.I stop
my heart with E.L.F waves during the anesthesia itself. As a big colophon the C.N.I is increasing the torture
on my relatives with the devices of "mental control", my parents and sisters are under brutal mind control

11.3 Resume of sport, hobbies and work

My apparent normality with a life of trips, with sexual relationships (see sexual torture for more
information), good relationships with family and friends, my multiple sports practices, my good profession
and job and a life of enjoyment in main terms is totally false, is a masquerade that is disappearing now by the
accumulation of years under mind control, the increase of the torture and the isolation but it was only
appearance since in 2002 the operations were initiated and behind this what is really there is to receive
torture and human experimentation. I had not ever girlfriends, I dont know what is love as a couple because
my unique girlfriend is another mind control case and we was couple by the own control, it was a chaos, I
knew girls barely speaking and suffering abuse during sex, my family are increasingly tortured, my friends
and surroundings increasingly harassed and in some cases distanced, in sports activities that are one of the
supposed best of my life I am humiliated and tortured by mental control, I can get a job but I can no longer
maintain a job by the torture and when I got it was under the same torture and even suffering moobing and a
neurosis by recruited people, I travel alone almost always and without capability of communicate even if I go
with someone is worst, it is my reality.

As a final conclusion I cannot work, I cannot speak with friends, family or women, I cannot almost
chew and I am physically shattered even in the heart, my family is becoming more and more tortured then
what, I repeat, I am almost obligated to try a feat like traveling to States United to offer myself to the CIA as
a worker to release my relatives in exchange for half-decent political operations (I tried yet I had no
response) or to attempt political asylum in Russia (I tried and I had no response) or geo-non-aligned
countries with Spain with real risk of death by bringing intracranial devices made USA / Spain. My parents

Pgina 90 de 117
were going to travel to Russia for holiday purposes and my grandmother had an accident three days before
the start preventing it (see my grandmother's accident), maybe it was a forced accident. I dont wait help
from the competent authorities, they dont like intervene, I am denouncing this for more than 12 years.

12. Complaints, requests for help, precedents and appeals

12.1 Complaints submitted

12.1.1 Courts of Plaza de Castilla (Madrid) 2008

Attached photographs of the complaint filed in July 2008 in the courts of Plaza de Castilla.

12.1.2 Committee against Torture of the United Nations (CAT)

The case was referred to the United Nations Committee against Torture (CAT) in 2009 (it may have
been an earlier or later year since I lost the record of the complaint filed electronically.) The response
received: "In crime, do not marry Achieved ".

Pgina 91 de 117
12.1.3 Courts of Plaza de Castilla (Madrid) 2017

Attached photographs of the complaint filed in July 2008 in the courts of Plaza de Castilla.

12.2 Requests for help and information

- In the year 2005 I asked for help or information on devices of cerebral communication. I
tried by email to many neuroscientists of the whole world. I got no response.

- In the spring of 2005, I performed X-rays at the La Luz clinic (Madrid) but the X-ray but
nothing appeared. I dont know if it was changed by the C.N.I or the doctors did not
appreciate anything strange. I pretended head dizziness to do the scan.

- In September 2005 I tried to ask for help at the Canillas National Police Station (Street
Javier Del Quinto), delivering technical documentation over the devices that I had taken
from the Internet. The agents read my documentation and a policewoman officer consulted
internally: she told me to do electromagnetic tests, an MRI. I asked 10 policemen to
accompany me to have any credibility but they told me that without any proof they could not
help me. I tried a few days later to find the devices, to do the MRI, in the University Hospital
of Alcal de Henares and from there I was transferred to the psychiatric wing of the Ramn y
Pgina 92 de 117
Cajal hospital. The MRI was not performed and I was locked in a psychiatric for 2 months
and I was being forced to take drugs for schizophrenics for 2 years, the first of which was in
a terrible psychological state (see enclosure in psychiatric for more information).

- In September 2005 I tried to ask for help by telephone to the National Police to its unit 900
to send patrols from the own psychiatric. Obviously I was not believed and no patrol was
sent. The agent jokes on me that I could be a CIA agent.

- In 2006 I made a complaint through the Spanish Ombudsman. The answer is that without
crime there is nothing to denounce.

- In 2007 send documentation and information to all subdivisions by type of crime at

international level of Interpol by email.

- In 2007 or 2008, I telephoned Interpol Spain. They told me that a prior complaint was
needed in a court or a Spanish police station and that the police themselves have to ask them
to cooperate in order to start something through Interpol.

- In 2007 or 2008 send documentation to Europol by email.

- In 2007 I sent a lot of information to national and international human rights associations by
FAX, telephone and email. I was physically present at Spain UNHCR headquarters
delivering documentation on a pendrive in addition to some other NGO.

- In 2007 I called for help to the Spanish intelligence service itself (C.N.I). I usually try it
through the antiterrorism section. I even sent a C.V (curriculum) ironically telling my case
and indicating that I was an expert in receiving psychological torture with mind control

- In 2007 send documents via FAX and email to police stations of the National Police, Civil
Guard and barracks of the Spanish Army.

- In July 2008 I filed a complaint in the courts of Plaza de Castilla (Madrid)

- In 2008 I sent case documentation to many different US-FBI zone addresses by email.

- In 2008 send case information by email to all political parties in Spain by email.

- In 2008 I sent information to press agencies at national and international level by email.

- In 2008 I continued to request another time help from C.N.I itself by telephone.

- In 2008 I continued to ask for help from the National Police, Civil Guard and Spanish Army.

- In 2008 I went to the Civil Guard citizen attention office at Guzman el Bueno district I
presented the case but I was not given any response.

- In 2008 I telephoned the Civil Guard and after internal redirects I spoke with the section
Alpha 30 which did not seem to take seriously my complaint. I spoke with a man between 50
and 65 with a very hoarse and serious voice.

Pgina 93 de 117
- In 2008 send case information by email to almost all the embassies of almost all the
countries of the world. I extracted a list of 14,000 email addresses from U.N web page. I
only received a response from the Canadian embassy indicating the usual legal steps for the
asylum claim.

- I applied for help in 2008 at the Iranian embassy in Madrid twice. I did not receive help.

- I asked for help in 2008 at the Venezuelan embassy in Madrid on one occasion although I did
not get into it, I was attended at the door by an embassy worker. I did not receive help or

- I asked for help in 2008 at the Argentine embassy on one occasion. I did not receive help or

- I asked for help in 2008 at the Lebanese embassy on one occasion. I did not receive help or

- I asked for help in 2008 at the Canadian embassy on one occasion. I did not receive help or

- In the spring or summer of 2008 I tried to travel to Iran to ask for political asylum and the
flight card payment was canceled by C.N.I, I noticed that when I was in the check-in. There
may have been influences on the airline workers so I would not be sold a second ticket.

- In July 2008 I tried political asylum at Damascus airport (Syria) which was denied after two
days there. I was repatriated after talks between the National Police of the Barajas airport
and the Damascus airport police in addition to the intervention of a Spanish consulate
worker in Damascus. After applying for asylum, I stayed for hours in the area of people
without a visa. I was in conversation with the head of the airport and a Spanish translator
(telephone from Airport chief office) where I presented my case. My family started
proceedings with the Barajas National Police to try to repatriate me. A Spanish consulate
worker in Damascus went to the airport at which time some C.N.I agent controlled me with
over-writing my nervous system functions, the driver's gesture was very similar to that of
JMMR (former UAH fellow of the theoretical group of mental control) or the one of Arn
(fellow in the company CMC): I do not say that they are but there was a body gestural
similar to the C.N.I controller. The asylum was denied to me. The C.N.I had restrained my
attempted asylum to Iran by canceling the flight payment and after that the subsequent
months in which my budget was lower (Iran were 600 and Damascus were about 300 )
some C.N.I agent suggested subtly that Syria was anti-Western as well, in addition to Baaz
as Iran, so even it was suggested by the C.N.I I gave it as valid option. They did not accept
my asylum request what made me think about some kind of plot since I was in the Middle
East with a synthetic telepathy device and no one take me into account. I can add years
later, in 2010, some "Wikileaks" wire spoke of better relations than usual at the level of
exteriors between Spain and Syria that would agree with some supposed accord or good
relation that allowed my "adventure".

- At Christmas 2008 to 2009 I tried to travel to Iran to request political asylum and the
payment of the flight was canceled also by C.N.I. After trying to "check-in" and not being
able to perform it, the C.N.I controlled me with the devices as well as "negotiation" type

Pgina 94 de 117
influences to try again at Christmas after the previous attempt that supposed to consider me
relapsing from schizophrenia and It was a big suffering for my relatives because of the risk it
also assumed.

- In 2009 I submitted my case to the United Nations Committee Against Torture (CAT). The
answer was No crime, no case. Achieved..

- Between 2009 and 2010 I spoke again with the C.N.I asking for help and even threatened to
go with the synthetic telepathy device to the Middle East if they did not intervene to help me
or to stop the torture.

- In 2009 I telephoned the secretariat of the Ministry of Defense and faxed the documentation
requesting help. I spoke with the C.N.I delegate in the Ministry of Defense.

- In 2009 I telephoned or sent information to embassies such as Russian, Cuban and others.

- In 2010 I even sent documentation to armies from other countries such as Venezuelan.

- In late 2000 and early of 2010 I sent FAX in an indiscriminate manner to military
organizations from various countries.

- From the late 2009, the torture over me was increased significantly, making me almost
impossible to ask for help in addition to loss of confidence in the authorities and to an
interrogation, which I received from C.N.I itself. At the end of 2009 where it appeared like if
decent C.N.I agents had come to the operation. This apparent arrival of decent agents made
me initially think on the possibility of an internal intervention. The interrogation prompted
me to know more about the previous tortures I had received, about the previous operations
for which I was and almost continue to be accused by some stupid C.N.I agents, for the
operations that they themselves, CESID and C.N.I, had prepared to generate disinformation
and thus can continue to torture me without moral problems, operations prepared by
psychopathic (with psychopathic disorder of the personality) agents to agents who are not
psychopaths. I think the interrogation was neutral and really hard, where the CNI tried to
deceive me or even force me by introducing false knowledge, with a lot of pressure on me
because it could have supposed that I am considered a real bad person, that if I did not
justify the operations legally or morally for normal people it could have done it for spies
who were already torturing me, with periods of up to 72 hours without sleep adding all kinds
of E.L.F electromagnetic waves comparable to drugs; after many days of questioning, it was
possible to prove that I was not guilty of any crime, but also that I could morally defend my
behavior in a clear way, as I had tried to do until this interrogation then but lacking a serious
one where the truth was sought and in which I was allowed to defend myself. I add that even
though I committed some crime or even having some behavior that was not decent, I would
not justify the torture of a person and the human experimentation, but thanks to the
interrogation I was able to assure my "innocence" that I had always defended against such
operations, operations that CESID and C.N.I had prepared and executed. This positive
"shock", leading me to believe in a possible internal intervention by decent agents, made me
lower the "defenses", which were my continuous requests for political and international
asylum or aid which added to the loss of confidence in the authorities for the years of torture
without help and the increase of electromagnetism incapacitating my possibility of thinking
and therefore of asking for help the interrogation left me as more "innocent" but more
defenseless to get out of the torture, E.L.F summed with good police and bad police with

Pgina 95 de 117
from a good interrogation. I add that practically prior to the interrogation and even more
behind it I was not allowed to process information clearly and access my own memory
through brain E.L.F electromagnetism with which I could not defend myself thinking,
remembering and reasoning.

- Sometimes in 2011, 2012 and 2013 I continued requesting for aid to state police and army
corpses by telephone, FAX or mail more sporadically.

- In the year 2013 when the C.N.I increased the heart torture to brutal levels and making me
think that I could die imminently or at least I was running the risk of death I decided to ask
for help from intelligence agencies like the CIA, MOSSAD, SVR and MI5. All started
because I studied about the operations to know about the origins, then I began to study
psychology of psychopathy, secret services psychology, group psychology, information
analyses and at the end I was telling to C.N.I agents who torture me that I would better than
them as spy and during the cardiac torture appear the idea, if you are really better then you
should work for the CIA, laughing about that, and how I was near to be killed I tried this (see
cardiac torture in 2013 for more information).

- In 2014 after deciding to ask for political asylum in Israel, the C.N.I forced with mental
control that I lose by 5 minutes the flight of my first attempt to Israel.

- In May 2014 I tried political asylum in Israel at the Ben Gurion airport (Tel Aviv). I was
repatriated and I was not granted with political asylum after speaking in the passport area
through a translator and exposing my case.

- In 2015 and 2016 I made communications with the National Police, the Civil Guard and the
C.N.I itself calling their antiterrorist sections to ask for help. They didnt help me. In 2016 I
even warned that it could be my last chance before doing something desperate like trying to
travel to Russia to asylum with the danger that this could run to my life (see information
about my grandmother's accident).

- In March 2016 I decided to ask for political asylum in Russia and after passing the airport
check-in without problems I was denied boarding at on boarding control due lacking of visa.
Russia is a country with special conditions in which the airlines do not allow to travel
without it; in my case when attempting political asylum I did not intend to cross the border
with what intentionally I had no visa because not knowing about such policy. I tried to make
them understand the exceptionality of the case and the no intention of crossing the border but
I was not allowed to. I filed a complaint against Iberia that was rejected (I keep the copy).

- In the following 2016 months I made the procedures for obtaining the Russian visa which I
got. After being on two occasions with a paid flight and visa I was asked from the C.N.I
itself for a while to try to clarify the situation to which I acceded added to the sensation that I
would not be able to arrive even finishing with my life because I have mind control
technology into my body (see information on my grandmother's accident).

- In mid-2016 I made phone calls to inquire about the possibility of asylum in China or Israel.
In the first case they told me the unusual thing and the belief that it would not be possible. In
the second case, they seemed to never answer my calls.

- In February 2017 I made my second complaint in Plaza Castilla Courts against C.N.I.

Pgina 96 de 117
- In March 2017 I presented my case in the National Police Central Station in a not very
normal way, giving to the station policeman and running because they cant take it.

- In February/March 2017 I called C.N.I (counter terrorism section, devices section), National
Police (forms, counter terrorism section), Civil Guard (counter terrorism section) to ask for
help because I was desperate and near to try risky things with foreign intelligence services.

- In March 2017 I went to the United States to offer myself as possible CIA agent to save my
relatives from the torture in exchange for my work in good operations on political level,
information analyses, interrogation I sent my case and my knowledge to the CIA previous
the trip and stay there as a tourist: no response.

- In May 2017 I called C.N.I (counter terrorism section), National Police (forms, counter
terrorism section), Civil Guard (counter terrorism section) to ask for help because I was
desperate and near to try risky things with foreign intelligence services.

- In May 2017 I travel to Moscow (Russia) to ask for political asylum. After ask in the own
frontier, in the airport police duty, in the special telephone and people for asylum seekers and
I was redirected to ask in the immigration office in the town center. I tried there but is
necessary a previous form to meet and it takes days waiting there and I have to come back
to Spain because I would be considered schizophrenic one time more and I dont know If
Russia would like give to me asylum, it was too risk.

- In June 2017 Im beginning contact by email to ask for political asylum in South-America
and I will go to South-America embassies in Madrid. I will let for the last option the black
triad countries: Venezuela, Iran and North Korea because It would be my death.

12.3 Offenses committed by the Spanish intelligence service

I add information about the laws that have been infringed by CESID and C.N.I.

Crimes against Humanity

Human experimentation
Sexual abuse
Rights to privacy
Homicide: there are 178 possible homicides or deaths with thinkable relation to these
operations (see the specific homicides point for more information).

12.4 Features

I have been under mental control since 1986 what between that year and 2002 I think should there
was always someone watching or controlling me.
Pgina 97 de 117
I estimate there are about twenty-five intelligence agents with the exclusive dedication of torturing
me since 2002; the calculation I realize that when I'm awake there are always at least 5 agents torturing me
same time and that when I sleep and wake up by surprise there are always more than one.

A minimum 15,000,000 C.N.I has spent on torturing me (at least 700,000 hours of intelligence
agents torturing me and experimenting mental control) and my estimation is 20,000,000 to 30,000,000
win in salaries by secret service agents in a nearby operation to be between 800,000 and 1,000,000 operating
hours, working hours of agents torturing and performing mind control over me.

I am not counting in this estimation what they, C.N.I agents, would take from the funds reserved for
their own things, the heads of these operatives are commanders of the secret service who are killing and
torturing civilians to experiment, they are 100% psychopaths since they have committed serious
psychopathic acts; I do not think, sarcastically speaking, that they have used a box B from the reserved
accounts of the secret services, for their personal things. What do the operative chiefs have? Are there good
accounts in Switzerland for them? Have they a good villa pay from the reserved funds?

12.4.1 Psychopathy

Definition of severe psychopathic act: Serious psychopathic acts are clearly recognizable and these
are the ones that correspond to the general visualization of the psychopaths that one has, that perverse killer
who in cold blood kills a family or that ruthless individual with a search for blood and a searcher specialized
in incredibly, horrible and Machiavellian pleasures like torture.

In this case: experimentation of mental control, physical and psychological torture with
electromagnetic weapons on families with parents and children for 30 years to even kill some of them. The
serious psychopathic act demonstrates by itself without need of any other action or proof the psychopathy of
the person who performs it. I'm one of those kids that secret services inserted the devices in the 80's.

13. Possible homicides or related deaths

I leave written that there have been 178 possible homicides with potential relationship to the C.N.I or
to my operation. For some reason I do not understand the agents who torture me started to send me
information about deaths that were going to happen, days, weeks and even months before it. Initially there
was a crossroads people in my life that were possible cases of mind control (Alfredo Nieto Centeno or Nancy
lvarez Hernndez) and close to which or on themselves own strange deaths happened; later I even began to
receive intelligence information from the CNI itself before being able to know by press or others channels
(terrorist information or terrorists names who after weeks or months committed attacks like as example in the
Paris attack); from a certain time I was clearly marked by CNI agents with names, places or dates where, to
whom or when deaths were going to happen, from terrorist attacks to suicides (induced) or other type of
accidents or deaths in strange circumstances.

All this information comes to me through the own torture agents of the CNI by the communication
channels : "infrasound" devices (V2K device) or through the artificial telepathy device (frequencies of
electromagnetic BrainToBrainLinkDevice communication) and it reaches me in such a way that cannot warn
of such information to police, military or espionage entities that could stop the attacks; Its more to analyze
the likelihood of truthfulness and then I can indicate whether the CNI agents who torture me had or did not

Pgina 98 de 117
have really such information. In some cases it is doubtful given that I receive large volumes of information
and could coincide with events by mere chance but in other cases it is probabilistically very difficult or even
impossible that it is a coincidence.

13.1 Earthquake of Lorca

Location: Lorca (Murcia, Spain).

Date: May 11, 2011.

Number of deaths: 9.

Estimation of reality/relationship: very low.

It was a rare earthquake according to experts by shallow depth and especially by the earthquake
rebound with bigger intensity than the initial earthquake. From a depth of 10 km, as the HAARP device or
similar geophysical weapons, with an intensity of 4.1 to the rebound with 1 km depth with 4.9 of intensity
that was what caused the dead.

Being 11-M, May but not March, and an earthquake of these characteristics I would check in case of
geophysical tests.

The only link in my life that I do not see any initial relation to the earthquake is at the level of the
names used (the next following dead-operations used the names to inspire) is that a friend of the youth lived
in the street "Lorca" and as the name was called "Braintool" that having mental control operations in my case
I will leave written for any strange connection that I cant understand to the date.

The binding theory that is possible to be a geophysical weapons test or even that it was a warning for
theoretical 11 days investigations or even further elaborated some connection with my surroundings, the
mental control and coincidences of names.

CNI agents itself near to force me to write about this case, I do not believe anything itself but I prefer
to put it on record.

13.2 Madrid flooding

Place: Madrid (Madrid, Spain).

Date: June 11, 2015.

Number of deaths: 1.

Estimation of relationship reality: high or very high.

In my operation since my childhood symbology, mythology and numerology has been used as the
"cerberus" because I lived with my family until 26 (1981-2007) in cervera street number 3, the Hades of
Pgina 99 de 117
Cerberus because my unique girlfriend is called Noelia Adn (Hades) Portero (doorkeeper, Cerberus), as
well as the number 33 because street Cervera number 3 changed his number to 33 without any sense on first
90s and from this there are a triangles of number 3 in the doorway of the building (see insertion of devices
for more information); triangle is Illuminati symbology and triangle of 3 is the most in Illuminati even
33 is the most important number of the Illuminati numerology, the 33, the Christ, the chief; all is a CESID
disinformation operation since 80s. I add that is possible the Jano Report (Roman god and a Spanish secret
services operation at 80s) crossed in my childhood over the year 1986. The Spanish secret services former
chief between 1981 and 1995, A.E. Manglano (R.I.P 2012, head of the intelligence service in times I was
with this technology inserted) was called Ra (Egyptian god) and the new chiefs called new Ra and Isis
(Egyptian god) was used also to title a daughter of a chief of secret services (see section on the origin of
insertion of devices).

When I was communicating through artificial telepathy with the CNI of this operations of torture
over me about numerologies, reminding them the 33 of my operation I said 3 multiplied by 11 a 33 and a
CNI answered "3 multiplied by 11 is 33 as September 11 in New York, March 11 in Madrid and July 11 in
London trying initially with ELF brain electromagnetism to make me think that Londons was a July 11 and
not a 7; at the end the CNI told me or I could access to memory/process thinking and Londons attack was a
7-J, C.N.I missed an 11-J. After some time talking about possible false flags with CNI of this operation
"happened" on June 11, not July, but 11-J after all; It was the great storm of Madrid on June 11, 2015 with
the focus on the Northeast of the capital, I reside in the district of Hortaleza (Northeast). It was the biggest
concentration storm in Madrid of all times in a period of three hours and one of the three rainiest days since
there are measurements, for a hundred years.

I estimate as it was not raining in those times and coincided with 11-J was near and someone of these
operations had the occurrence of using the conspiracy date while testing chemtrails or some other type of
capacity that could generate an atmospheric phenomena like a storm.

One person was dead by the storm and it was flooded the entire Northeast area of the capital. It was
"apocalyptic" and I think it too coincidental.

13.3 Margarita lvarez Hernndez

Place: Mexico D.F City, Mexico.

Date: April 23, 2015.

Number of deaths: 1.

Relational reality estimate: average.

In August 2010 I went to Riviera Maya (Mexico) on a vacation with two friends.

On the 31/08/2010 we did an excursion to search for the whale-shark by ourselves; we were three
(JMMR, DCDD and myself, JRS) together with a couple of Spaniards that we had met in our hotel (Hotel
Bahia Principe located between Playa Del Carmen and Tulum) with whom we hired a taxi. Once arrived at
Isla Holbox about 180 km (4 hours trip) from our origin, island from where the boats goes for search the
whale-shark we met Nancy Alvarez Hernandez who was the only tourist without excursion previously paid,
as we all over the island. When we were looking for crew and speedboat to do the expedition for whale-shark
Pgina 100 de 117
she asked to join the group. Initially it became slightly strange to me since I have mental control devices and
I thought of some kind of "agent" or rare subject given that we were going to intern 4 hours by speedboat in
the middle of the ocean; In addition J.M.M.R has or had devices or is or has been under mental control,
something that I knew later and not at that time (see details on insertion of devices and control operations in
Madrid). After trying the search for the whale-shark and the normal activities of the tour we returned to our
hotel without any mishap.

The next day of the whale shark, 01/09/2010, we were only three again on a trip to Chichen-Itza and
in front of the "sacred zenote of the deaths" was flying a butterfly that hit me in the face. As in these
operations have been used numerologies, symbologies and almost the mystical to inspire themselves, I
remind to the torturers this type of issues by playing like a "shaman" with coincidences. In this case, hitting
me a butterfly on the face, I communicated through the mind control devices to the C.N.I agents It has been
a monarch-type butterfly and kissed me on the cheek, here in front of the sacred zenote where the dead rest I
did it to remind the agents of the CNI the operation of traumatization that I received between 2002 and 2005
that is called Monarch by said butterfly, that transmits the mental characteristics, the way of behaving
through the DNA, if reproduced or not, if migrate or not depending on their genes.

The next day to Chichn-Itz (02/09/2010) we were three again on excursion, in this case direction to
Tulum, and we took bus/"ban" line from the road, we got on the first bus that passed that way, in front of our
Hotels exit, where was into again Nancy lvarez Hernndez and as we already met her previously we
kissed our cheeks to salute, like the butterfly in Chichn-Itz previous day, and two days later and 180 km
from the island Holbox where we had seen Nancy for the first time; It was a very strange chance.

During our stay in Mexico we introduced a Canadian woman, from Canada to Mexico is the
migratory trip of the monarch butterfly although it does not have importance.

These years, between 2010 and 2015, I thought not giving all the veracity: Was Nancy a person in
the Monarch program and was under mental control and were the secret services playing to control her to
make the asshole because I did the Shaman with the butterfly?, Maybe it due to another kind of leverage of
information about her as being asked for collaboration? .

On 05/24/2016 I found out through Nancy lvarez Hernndez herself for the social networks that we
shared that her sister (Margarita lvarez Hernndez) committed a brutal homicide (cut the head of her
mother a put into a flower pot and though out the house their viscera) over the mother of both at 04/23/2015
in Mexico City and Nancy discovered the crime, she was traumatized for a while. The homicide woman was
diagnosed of paranoid schizophrenia.

If there is a possibility that Nancy is a possible Monarch mind control operation and that is
sometimes done against families it is to think; If it were a Mexican police officer I would check if she is a
"Monarch" operative and if there is something strange, if Margarita was also a mental control operation and
was a Monarch program prepared for murder.

There are such programs, people with devices inserted that can be controlled at such level as to
commit murders and in many cases it is done on families.

13.4 San Martn and Tudela

Place: Kabul (Afghanistan)

Pgina 101 de 117

Date: December 11, 2015.

Number of dead: 2.

Estimation of relationship/reality: medium or high

CNI agents who torture me talk to me about thousands of things each day, sometimes there are
names, happenings and almost always have links with my life but on certain occasions I have been able to
perceive or analyze that they communicate to me things about events that I did not know and subsequently I
find later in press or TV, including state issues, intelligence information or events to happen.

In this case I do not know exactly if 15 days, 1 month or until 2 before the Kabul attack against the
Spanish consulate they named "Sanmartn" without associating to anything, association of information very
unusual in my operations, that is to say, usually CNI speaks to me or communicates through the devices
about something I know like "Pinar" and I associate with my school in childhood "Pinar del Rey" but in this
case the CNI indicated me through the Artificial telepathy or V2K devices "Sanmartn" and I did not know
any person with that name, practically I was "interrogated" telling me Sanmartn? I answered through the
devices I do not know any ... at most I sound like a Martin. The CNI replied Martin no, Sanmartn and I
had only read about the South American conqueror and about a Spanish Psychologist of terrorism by some

I did not see the initial motivation by the CNI to leave or even make them attack National Police
agents, but it is true that the CNI itself communicated to me a possible intervention of the National Police
Riot Division to free the civilians from all this torture, which I never believed and I do not believe given
what I am suffering and the no intervention to the date.

This theme about Riot Division began as own plot of the C.N.I agents who torture me, "plot" that I
did not really believe. The plot of the C.N.I itself began with a coworker from my previous company (M.J.R)
who has a family working on Riot Division and to whom, M.J.R, the C.N.I involved causing him to
collaborate in psychological operations over me. I believe he was "recruited" with CNI HUMINT resources
in the IT company to continue the pressure that the CNI applied on me also at work environment (see details
of the operation of psychological torture, moobing, harassment) as I think CNI made with other companions
of that society (P.M., and possible A.R.B) and maybe even like other people between my surroundings.

Resuming, my workmate, M.J.R, had been molested or used and he in parallel, not alluding to a
possible police intervention, spoke that he had a brother in the National Police Riot Division and after this
the CNI agents who tortured me generated a "plot in which the National Police Riot Division were going to
intervene to save civilians under human experimentation and torture, I repeat, plot that I did not and I dont
really believe, and in parallel and for me at that time in an unconnected way (without links) the CNI
communicated to me about "Sanmartn" and after a short time, a few months later as most when terrorist
attacked Spanish consulate in Kabul and died two National Police Riot Division agents who was keeping the
embassy, one of them was surnamed San Martn.

As additions of information: It suspected the possibility that the attackers had information of
"intelligence", that is to say, of how it was the consulate area.

It was again a day 11 (December) and that in my operation many of them are spoken of 11, false
flags, theoretical investigations and others.

Pgina 102 de 117

The theoretical link is that the CNI itself believed that the National Police Riot Division were going
to release civilians under torture and prepared, pay for or incited the attack, or even it could even be another
intelligence that thinks that National Police Riot Division could damage their interests that would have
believed the theoretical intervention and they had access to my operation information.

The N.S.A communicates with the C.N.I in these operations, I dont know more about. I know
because NSA mind control cases which share social networks or mail are being used to communicate with
me through their comments and behavior

13.5 Bruno Hernndez Vega

Place: Majadahonda (Madrid, Spain)

Number of dead: 2.

Estimation of relationship/reality: low or average

Noelia worked six months with the serial killer of Majadahonda: "Bruno Hernndez Vega". He killed
two people using a meat grinder. He killed his aunt and another woman who was renting a room to his aunt.

Noelia Adan Portero was my girlfriend between 2007 and 2009 and has mental control devices. I am
the keeper or the first head of Cerberus, because living with my family in the street Cervera 3 (similar to
Cerbero in Spanish, Cerberus the dog with 3 heads?) that changed to be 33 in the 90s making a triangle of
numbers 3 in the doorway of the building and she is Noelia Adn (Hades) Portero (doorkeeper, Cerberus).

I leave it written just in case, many dead and coincidences around these operatives. As main idea I do
not think it has a direct link with the operations. The "binding" theory would be the theoretical use of internal
mental control devices (intracranial) or even external devices (focused type) to make he murdered two
starting from an initial psychopathic personality; Noelia after the crime spoke to me about his behavior and
he was really sure psychopath of schizoid type; it should be easy to see for psychologies, psychiatrist or
agents who control Noelia and know about profiles.

I leave a paragraph extracted from his interview with a state psychologist after his arrest (translated):
The detainee's symptomatology is due to the presence of stereotyped behaviors and a settled, polymorphic
delusion, continued over time and systematized conspiracy, governmental, technological, futuristic, about the
new world order, secret factual powers and secret technological projects.

13.6 Arona Building - Los Cristianos

Place: Arona, Los Cristianos (Tenerife, Spain)

Date: April 14, 2016. Number of deads: 7.

Estimation of relationship reality: low

Pgina 103 de 117

In my trip planning to Tenerife for the week after Easter 2016 the agents of the CNI mark me in the
map the town Arona by the resemblance in the name with the mesh society for electromagnetic protection,
Aronia, that could block the devices transmission by protection of isolation for laboratory.

I went a week of vacations to Tenerife and the day that I had an excursion contracted to the Island of
La Gomera departing from Puerto de la Cruz the agents of the CNI make that with influences over the guide
I lost at half of the route the excursion, in the change of transport in the port of Los Cristianos, changing
from bus to boat; I understood that we have one hour between bus and boat so I decide to go to take pictures
and have breakfast in a relaxed way and when I return to the port I am informed that the boat had left 5
minutes after our initial arrival.

It has never happened to me and so I think it more an influence on the guide although the C.N.I with
the devices may have I misunderstood the information; the guide was said was near to call the Guardia Civil
because my "loss", which he telephoned to my hotel that same night; as a guide description I indicated that it
was a person who speak 7 languages, about 45 to 50 years old and something bald working for the company
"Travel Sport Canarias".

Retaking the excursion, there was no possibility of catching another boat to link the excursion or to
make the visit by my own what I decide to go to Los Cristianos tourist information to let me know what to
do. When I was going to tourist information I think the C.N.I had paid or requested collaboration to foreign
people, Nordic appearance or very white English, to tests my behavior. The initial influence over the
foreigners I perceived in the own port exit, in the parking zone, where a foreign with very rare gesture, like
scolding me, looks at me like marking something rare; I am an expert at reading facial expressions and it is
not an absolutely usual gesture. After requesting information on tourism information I was walking through
Los Cristianos in the way to the bus station and that's when I detected the theoretical tests that were carried
out with girls (10 to 14 years old) accompanied by mothers, of Nordic appearance also, who had a behavior
that was curious or too casual as postures, I have no problem with it, I have never had action or even thought
of the pederast type. The recommendation of tourist information was to visit the Arona town because there
were some walking routes, a church so I went there by bus, I ended up going to the town that the CNI had
marked me in the planning of the trip and to which I had no intention of going.

Once in Arona the CNI with the devices communicates to me or pretends through a "stanivslaski" of
mental interpretation as if some of the torturers were from Arona also as if some of the inhabitants were
positively influenced, as if I were well received, although the latter is not very clear, could be gesture
kindness without further ado. I repeat that there was a sense of familiarity about the area from the C.N.I
agents when I climbed a cross in high areas of the town from where I took some photos to the views.

Less than a month later a building was dropped in an explosion to be determined in Arona
municipality (Los Cristianos). I do not believe something but before so much coincidence of information,
casualties and subsequent deaths I leave a record.

13.7 Alfredo Nieto Centeno

Place: Madrid (Madrid, Spain)

Date: December 30, 2009.

Number of deaths: 1.

Pgina 104 de 117

Relation estimation: very high

Alfredo Nieto Centeno was an alleged case of mental control by C.N.I. He contacted me by e-mail
( at 04/03/2008 by locating me through the unofficial international lists of people
under mental control; we, the T.I or individual targeted, have made such lists when we find ourselves in
similar situation in our different countries.

On the mails he indicated that had been under mental control for 20 years and it could be perceived
that his mental state was not normal but on the other hand it could mean the use of electromagnetic mind
control devices that can alter your psychological state or that you appear as for other, modify it momentarily.

Alfredo Nieto subsequently contacted me though telephone to ask about my condition, he called very
psychologically altered. In the late 2009, from September or October, the C.N.I intensified torture over me; it
was the time where the total cuts of the emission of thought, of the capability to think by means of
electromagnetic blocks with frequencies E.L.F.

In same late 2009 C.N.I introduced me through the synthetic telepathy device thoughts that were like
"cries" of pain and hate; it could coincide with the transmission of someone dying.

In these final months C.N.I gave me small dizziness with frequencies E.L.F that were a threat to be
my final times, that is, they got me dizzy indicating that it was an electromagnetism prior to my death; In
some specific case I did it not being in view of the rest of colleagues at work and I moved quickly to the area
where they were in case I collapsed.

During late 2010 I learned through the same tortured lists that Alfredo Nieto Centeno had died by
cancer on December 30, 2009.

There are two possibilities; the first is that Alfredo Centeno Nieto was a real case of mental control
and then they connected to me through the own CNI devices and internal channel connections that realized,
they would link their artificial telepathy channel output to my in channel of synthetic telepathy; On the other
hand the CNI would have information about his possible imminent death, his terminal state of cancer, maybe
possible that the CNI imitated through telepathy that he was a case of mental controland the C.N.I agents
made a "Stanislavski" of someone dying and transmitted to me by the Artificial telepathy.

In case he was a real case of mental control circumstantially could coincide with the increase of the
torture that I received in the final period of 2009, that is to say, that the most terrible of his torturers came to
my operative once he was already in dead end condition and also, I repeat, the dizziness and the
transmissions would be certain, could be direct communications from his device to mine.

It was a cancer caused by intracranial transmissions 24/7 for 20 years plus the weakening of the
immune system by torture? It was effects on "intercellular calcium" by constant electromagnetism?

13.8 Suicide of Nstor GC

Place: Toledo (Toledo, Spain)

Date: May 13, 2015.

Pgina 105 de 117

Number of deaths: 1.

Estimation of relationship/reality: very high

The CNI marked me identically than with "San Martn" the name Nstor. The C.N.I communicated
to me or "said" with the device of artificial telepathy ("Synthetic telepathy") or the V2K (infrasound):
Nstor. I indicated to the CNI that I did not know anyone with that name, that I had only heard about one in
my childhood who was a child too and I saw only a few minutes and C.N.I answered me "those Nstor no"
through Synthetic telepathy or V2K.

There are many suicide issues in the operations and many times C.N.I have been marked the Civil
Guard as a possible body trying to free civilians under human experimentation and torture.

As a more binding detail I did the day before his death the gesture shot in the head guided by the
C.N.I agents itself, it was how he committed suicide. The head shot I did it on Thursday, May 12, 2015 at
noon (between 2:00 p.m. and 3:30 p.m.) guided by the own CNI agents who tortured and controlled me at
that time, forced with the nervous system control device and in reference to themselves by the torture that
was receiving at that moment, that is to say, the C.N.I was torturing me and made me do the gesture of
shooting in the head with the own devices that I did or I left to make gladly in the way of the own torturers,
that they would suicide because are torturing innocent families. When I made the move to shoot a gun in the
head were in front of me on the table my ex work fellows Irene F.M. and Antonio R.B.; the gesture I made
just when I was sitting at the table to eat, they were already sit, after heating my food; I add the table location
as data: we were at the second table, the bottom, in the second and third seats and they had in front of the
window leaving the cupboards behind themselves and I was facing them in the second seat on the opposite
side. I made the movement trying to hide it before them with what I do not know if they could perceive the

I add that numerology, symbology, mysticism and coincidences have been used in the operations I
have received. I am the "Cerberus" to live in the street "Cervera 3" as possible origin of the insertion of
devices, street that happened to be "Cervera 33", numerology and symbology "Illuminati" with 33 as head
"Illuminati" and triangle of threes as an "Illuminati" symbol on the sign of the building in disinformation
operations of CESID since the 1980s, which was my girlfriend and is under mental control and was so called
Noelia Adan Portero, "Noelia Hades of Cerberus , with what seems that they were playing back the
intelligence services with chances and random for the implantation of devices. Resuming to the suicide of
Nestor I added that it was Friday 13, the 13 also has been used like symbology or numerology in the
operations. I add that the number 172, Civil Guard Corpse anniversary that was celebrated when he
committed suicide has "appeared quite" in these operations because the CNI has tried to commit suicide with
psychological operations because between 2002 and 2005 I received an operation under the "Monarch"
program in which I expected confirmation of the information to commit suicide, between 2005 and 2013 the
CNI made me multiple experimental neuroses of Pavlov about contagious diseases that could cause people to
commit suicide and my blood donor card that showed a lot for this reason although they have made me stop
to show it since I mentioned this case, to indicate that I am a blood donor and that I am healthy it takes that
number, 172 (in fact I learned it so 314 (number pi) 172 (near bus); with this I simply pointed out that 172
there was quite a lot on the scene, and that numerology is widely used to draw inspiration from operations
and even more a Friday 13.

Nstor G.C was also a Civil Guard captain psychologist and there are many issues of psychology in

Pgina 106 de 117

I doubt if he was a C.N.I collaborator in this operations or in the opposite that he was trying to help
the civilians under experimentation and torture; both that the pressure could in some of the directions, to do
what he did or not to be able to do what he wanted or even I would even think some other kind of strange
connection with operations, as if he were a case of mind control.

These operations of intelligence services for human experimentation and torture have been carried
out on families with children for 30 years. I think as a possibility without "real" knowledge of the situation:
happy party, he was an empathic person or at least with feelings that had been ordered to torture families
and had done it or on the other hand that he was trying help families under torture and he could not, he saw
or thought about his two children as those who have been tortured or are under mind control and
experimentation, as I myself 25 years ago, saw the number 172 (remember my operation), a Friday 13, the
memory of numerology in the operations, the accumulated psychological pressure and committed suicide or I
repeat, including some other kind of strange connection as thinking that he was a possible case of mental
control... I imagine devices of "synthetic telepathy" and make him commit suicide.

The link seems to be direct with these operations without being able to estimate in what direction
from my perspective.

13.9 Gas explosion at Premi de Mar

Place: Premi de Mar (Barcelona, Spain).

Date: September 18, 2016.

Number of deaths: 2.

The CNI agents themselves indicate to me through the artificial telepathy and V2K devices that they
do not believe all this nonsense about associations on names or places that mark me and the later deads
agreeing, and they mark me with disbelief and in a different way than had been done with Sanmartn or with
Nstor: "MAR"; was made many times. The C.N.I marked it with the street sign that I see through the
window, marking only the "Mar" part of the "Mar de Omn" sign, the street where I live.

After 2 or 3 months doing these marks or "associations" there has been an explosion in the town of
Premi de Mar (Barcelona) on September 18, 2016 where two people have died and the cause is for the
manipulation of the gas. Initially, they did not believe in domestic violence, but there have been reports that
indicate otherwise.

On the other hand C.N.I has marked me on many occasions the possibility of killing me or even
killing someone itself by gas manipulation to do it in a disguised way. The binding theory or theoretical
relationship would be that you, the agents of these C.N.I operations, or someone with direct information of
the operation is "playing to kill" to indicate that the agents of this operations had already previously killed in
previous cases with associations over names or places, like Nestor, Arona, Sanmartn, 11-J ...

13.10 Carrie Fisher "Princess Leia/Princesa Lea ("firewood princess")

Location: Los Angeles, California (United States)

Pgina 107 de 117
Date: December 29, 2016.

Number of dead: 1.

Relational reality estimate: high

The CNI with mental control devices forced me to say "firewood princess" (pricesa Lea in
Spanish) by mixing in a play of words with "Princess Leia" (Carrie Fisher), Princesa Leia versus Princesa
lea is really similar spelling. It was done with mental control devices in that way many times, forcing me
to say the princess is made firewood, the firewood princess in a dozen ways. Carrie Fisher had the heart
problem and died a few weeks after C.N.I began to make me say this.

As a fact it havent to be binding Disney has collected an insurance of 47 million euros because
Carrie Fisher dont the agreed films. Is there any bonding? As an estimate C.N.I had knowledge of a possible
heart disease prior to the rest or thinking on business insurance plots that C.N.I knew she would be killed or
even C.N.I have executed for playing, I believe more in the first option, in information of her Illness prior to
the world.

New newspapers information on June, 2017 said was detected a lot of drugs in her blood analyses
like heroin, cocaine, MDMA, barbiturates and others.

13.11 Reina nightclub attack

Place: Istanbul (Istanbul, Turkey)

Date: January 1, 2017.

Number of deaths: 39.

Relation estimate: very low.

In possible deaths described earlier in this document the coincidence is usually that the C.N.I marks
me a name or a place and next there are deaths over people with that name or in that place but in this case the
coincidence could be reversed.

I do not like mega-corporations with giant investors who gain monstrous profits and generate
precarious employment by destroying the competition of small and medium-sized societies that are the basis
for "healthy capitalism".

When I went to buy the supermarket I chose as an example the brand of desserts Reina given that
the supermarket bought its products to Reina to sell them at a lower price as a white brand and same aspect
by placing them close to the Reina products herself, destroying Reina (medium size) in the medium/long

The strange linkage theory that in this case has been used by some intelligence with information of
my operation that would like to do a theoretical false flag in Turkey and had information of what was spoken
Pgina 108 de 117
or transmitted in my operation and the names or places and later deaths in association and decided to use it
for playing. Every time I buy, appear a lot the Reina brand. Normally C.N.I marks me a brand and this was
my mark, my brand Reina.

If it is true who could have committed the attack? Is the Spanish intelligence (C.N.I)? Maybe is the
intelligence of the United States given that if there is communication between C.N.I and them (N.S.A) in
these operations? Does C.N.I communicate with other intelligences such as the Russian who might have
interests in making a false flag in Turkey? Maybe is direct information to the Turkish intelligence of my
operation data? Any other intelligence interested in this type of attack and with information of my operation?
Is it just a coincidence? From my perspective I do not have information to estimate beyond here.

How could it have been executed? As an estimate, I have spoke with the torturers of my operation
about the possibility of using mind control technology for the production of clean false flags attacks
through terrorists or radicals to whom secret services insert mental control technology to carry out attacks by
controlling them based on their already existing radical tendencies.

I indicated that the second brand that I have named the most to fight the system of mega-corporations
is Joshua and the other day I searched on Google for Joshua and appeared almost on first search the U2
concert in Barcelona, I hope it was all a coincidence with Reina and that there is no interest in Barcelona and
false flags. I made a mistake in reading or memorizing, the brand is Goshua.

13.12 Esteban Santiago Ruiz

Location: Fort Lauderdale Airport (Florida, United States)

Date: January 6, 2017.

Number of deaths: 5.

Estimation of relationship reality: high.

The combination of name and surnames has been marked enough for the three words that make up
his name; I have heard about "Esteban", "Santiago" and "Ruiz", but never in a combined manner with the
three words at the same time. Now as a mark of binding information the name Esteban was marked
strangely prior to Esteban Santiago Ruiz's attack, strangely and without associating anyone, it seems like
other deaths.

As an estimate the CNI had information from Esteban Santiago Ruiz and mental control, either
through the FBI/ US intelligence and the own complaint that he presented over mind control or even other
types of theories more crazies as maybe a response to attempted prior mind control attacks with deaths in
Spain as example.

I add information that I knew over my own intracranial devices inserted just this day (January, 6), it
was my twelfth birthday of torture with open devices knowing about. As total sum of time I am since 15
years ago under torture (2002) and since 30 years ago under mental control (mid 80's). January 6 2005
23:59:59 was the first day I knew about my own mind control devices, the nigh of magic kings (St Nicklaus
in Spain).

Pgina 109 de 117

The brother of the attacker, Bryan Santiago Ruiz, seems to have very altered gesture and similar to
that generated with ELF frequencies on the nervous system that I perceived when I was talking on TV about
the events; it was in the ocular movement which is very similar to the one generated with mind control
devices although it could also be due to an altered nervous system or to the use of chemicals but it is really
very similar to the use of ELF frequencies over the nervous system. The name "Bryan" had also been marked
to me before all of this in an unusual way even more than Esteban (I know about Bryan at my childhood but
C.N.I marked me those no.

If I were a policeman, an FBI or similar, I would investigate from the doubt about the possibility that
both, Esteban and Bryan, are or were real mind control cases given that there are programs like the
"Monarch", which I have received, that are performed over families in which there are different roles that
include committing murders through them. There are roles: to be controlled only, to be used for relationships
even relationships with other operations or sex, to be tortured, to commit murder, to commit suicide

13.13 Adriana

Place: Madrid.

Date: February 25, 2017.

Number of deaths: 1.

Estimation of relationship/reality: very high.

The CNI each time I passed in front of the sign of the Street Mar Adriatico 11, the door of the
institute of professional training of image and sound near to my house, marked to me the "Adri" part of the
sign. Adri is the diminutive for Adrian and Adriana names in Spanish.

I know some Adrian and I even know a little some Adriana but the C.N.I through the devices marked
me that they were not them. After many times marking me "Adri" with street sign and one or two months
later at least one patient of my sister Esther, a psychiatric nurse, has been suicide by hanging herself and my
sister and the psychiatrist have found the body. The patient's name was Adriana.

As an estimate C.N.I had information that Adriana wanted to commit suicide or estimated she could
do so through the information they obtained from my sister Esther's own mental control devices, she is also
under mind control. The sign of the street carry number 11.

13.14 Fire Pedrogao Grande

Place: Pedrogao Grande, Portugal

Date: February 18, 2017.

Number of deaths: 64.

Estimation of relationship reality: low to average.

Pgina 110 de 117

As in other cases of name or places allusions and deaths in this case had been speaking over the
name "Pedro" for different reasons, the most important is that Pedro is a recognized case of mind control
(Argentina) by a psychiatrist/psychologist mind control worker interview and maybe human experimenter of
torture in the Argentinian Army at 80s, a case like mine maybe; he spoke how to do that Pedro believe on a
traumatic idea, to implant the idea to him, like a Monarch of traumatization and call the subject of
experimentation a Pedro.

I add that days before, on Friday, June 16, I "talked" with the C.N.I through the synthetic telepathy
on the burnings that C.N.I played before "attributing" themselves like as example the Navas del Rey
village fire years ago; coinciding with my stay in that locality (June 16) CNI brought out the information; for
this fire was enclosed a Civil Guard agent.

The CNI has spoken the subject fire has been named in other occasions attributing themselves or
playing with possibility or probability of attribution as example one burning near Finisterre area which we
border by the road, a small fire in just our step.

The subject pyromania or fire itself like a film "psychopath" has also been sometimes named by the

The possibility is that, as other times, the places or people named in the operation (Pedro) and
wanted to make a "`psycho murder sign" adding the provoked fire because we spoke about days before.

If dont know if it is a coincidence but If were a policeman I would like to check this, if it was
provoked in addition to checking road cameras and cars with relation with these operations and nearby
surroundings who had contact with agents of my operation those week or with access to the operation

Days after I read in different media that firemen believe it was a provoked fire.

13.15 Attack Manchester Arena

Place: Manchester, England.

Date: May 22, 2017.

Number of dead: 23.

Estimation of relationship/reality: low

I was in Norway on vacation and when I came back and spoke over salmon I tried to remember
"Norwegian" word for and the C.N.I laughed how to and even modified my pronunciation that would be
erroneous making me say "salkman" in a rare way.

There have been many games in these directions and also other information of possible jihadists and
their names were given to me in a camouflaged way as in the French attacks (suspects that Turkey warned
France could come to mind: maybe like Hagi by Hadji, maybe Abdel__ by
Abdeslam/Abdelhamid ). The person who attacks in Manchester was called Salman.
Pgina 111 de 117
Did the C.N.I have information over the possibility that Salman was going to attempt an attack? I
read in U.K he was considered low risk jihadist. With bad thinking is it a false flags and mind control
program over him or any other kind of mind-control operation over a real jihadist to make him attack starting
from his initial tendencies? Of the latter I have spoken with the C.N.I about that many times.

13.16 Barcelona attack (Barcelona, Spain)

Place: Barcelona, Spain.

Date: August 17, 2017.

Number of dead: 15.

Estimation of relationship/reality: high.

Previously you should read the points of the attacks at discotheque Reina (Istanbul, Turkey) and
attack Manchester Arena (Manchester, United Kingdom)

As a summary I indicate that deaths described earlier in this document (except Reina discotheques
case) C.N.I agents who torture me marked me prior to those deaths the names or places to whom or where
they are going to happen. In the case of the nightclub Reina the coincidence could be reversed since I chose
the mark "Reina" with other intentions (desserts brand, medium brand to fight against Megacorporations who
destroy medium size brands); Along with the brand "Reina" there was another brand "Goshua" (desserts
also) and when I was looking for it appeared a concert in Barcelona ("Joshua" of U2, I misunderstand the
brand Goshua and I remembered Joshua). As a conclusion before the terrorist attack in Barcelona (August
2017) I told the torturers themselves that there had been many previous deaths due to the "marks/brands"
they gave me and that these two "marks/brands" were my brands even more so when in the first could
already have been used for an attack (Reina), I tell to them (C.N.I torturers) to taken into account, that there
was an attempt in Barcelona to continue playing with false flags or even with the use of mental control to
direct/control terrorists attacks.

As additional information I commented that the first great fright I took it when the newspapers
reported that some terrorists were safeguarded in "La luna de Estambul" (The moon of Istanbul) that made
me think directly in the coincidence with Reina attack of Istanbul, luckily it was not true but unfortunately I
took it later to know the location of the attack of Finland in the population "Turku", really similar spelling to
Turkey. I think some good agents of the operations wants to alert me about the information or link with
other allowed or prepared attacks.

The agents of the C.N.I who torture me occasionally introduce me in a camouflaged way the names
of terrorists sometimes so that I can analyze later the attacks the probability of occurrence of the event with
those names (like secret services databases of business intelligent process for prevention of attacks), but in
this case without previous database and when once the events have already occurred. It was done, same way,
in the attacks of France with the names of suspects that Turkey had warned to France and Europe (the C.N.I
would also have). Maybe it was done also on Manchester Arena attack where they could have had
information about "Salman" and the information could have been gave to me in a similar or camouflaged
Pgina 112 de 117
Were the terrorists in Barcelona following up? Did C.N.I "nicknames" of the terrorist in a
surveillance operation? I noticed from weeks or even months prior to the attacks communications that could
match their names or nicknames:

a) The Houssaine Abouyaaqoub:

o O I got several communications "Hussein/Houssaine" like Sadam Houssaine dictatorship


b) Said Aalla:

o I got several communications with the exclamation "allll laaaaaa" (Spanish language:

I add at this point that the Spanish Civil Guard service gave key information to stop
a possible attack in Holland during a concert of the group "Aalla-Las" where also
had involved a Spanish citizen days after the attack in Barcelona. The attack was
going to be executed gas cylinders, as the preparation they were doing in Barcelona.
As a rare chance, the tour of the Allaa-Las group was canceled in Turkey (possible
Turkey brand/mark another time).

o I got one or two communications "Ouita, Said" (runner).

c) Omar and Mohamed Hychamy:

o I received many communications by "el guerrouj" (runner: Hychamy el Guerrouj).

o I got many communications for "hicham/Hychamy".

d) Younes Abouyaaqoub:

o Not very clearly I got some communications from "yoyes" (terrorist nickname of ETA).

e) Driss Oukabir Soprano:

o Not very clearly there were many tenor references, including some soprano communications.

f) Ripoll (village where the terrorist planned the attacks also some live there):

o The CNI communicated weeks before the attacks "the people (single) of Atalanta / Atlanta"
strangely on numerous occasions in a play on words with a futsal rival team named (Atlanta)
and one of its former players called Ripol. On other occasions the C.N.I named me some
players of this team (the C.N.I name to me everyone I know something in a huge social
radio) but now I was communicated in a different way, It was not by their names. The
communication was made on multiple occasions. Did the C.N.I therefore have information
from someone at Ripol or over the complete terrorist plot?

g) Barcelona:

Pgina 113 de 117

o The CNI asked me through the mind control devices the days before the attack to see if I
could go to Barcelona as a tourist in the near future and there was some C.N.I who like this
and there was some other against my possible trip. I was told that I was in Barcelona almost
10 years ago but I did not see museums and I would have to repeat the trip.

h) The Moroccans, the Bad Moors:

o The CNI literally forced me with the devices of psychophysical control for months to say or
even to shout the "bad Moors" (I was forced by the C.N.I torturers to denominate radical
terrorist jihadists as bad Moors). I even feel that this information, that my screams or
speech had been transmitted to people around my house or other places and those people
who heard me evaluated my behavior, whether if I was a racist asking for collaboration
Moroccan people; I detected this test on me around my house, at the swimming pool and at
the gym in a very concrete way this summer (2017).

o I have sometimes spoken with C.N.I torturers about the possibility of clean false flags
through radical jihadists to which secret services became terrorists through mind control
techniques (this has been spoken also for psychopathic personalities: see a psychopath and
make him commit a murder with mental control like maybe the serial killer Majadahonda in
2015). The C.N.I forced me to denominate these operations on terrorist like "set a chip to a
Moor so that something bursts"; It maybe to use internal mental control (chip) or also
external mind control (external devices of short or medium range) through which induce,
force or direct a terrorist attack.

Was it a false flag for Catalonia independence subject and to play also with mental control techniques? Have
the C.N.I information and they could not to stop it? Is it an incredible coincidence?

13.17 Jihadist attack Turku (Finland)

Place: Turku, Finland.

Date: August 18, 2017.

Number of dead: 2.

Estimation of relationship/reality: average.

The Turku attack (Finland) was perpetrated by an 18-year-old Moroccan jihadist one day after the
Barcelona attack (read the point of Barcelona attack for further details) and the possibility that the latter
Finland attack was in relation to this also with the terrorist attack at Reina in Istanbul (Turkey) it was made
in a place with a pronunciation very close to Turkey (Turku) and so connected by a Moroccan attacker, I
believe that there is a direct connection between the three attacks.

I repeat information from Barcelona point and maybe it is related to the same type of attacks with
controlled or directed "bad Moor" and adding the "mark/brand" Turkey (Turku).

Is there any connection between the C.N.I and the Finnish intelligence or Finnish entities in these
Pgina 114 de 117
In my personal case there could only be a coincidence by the event of Los Cristianos (Arona,
Canary Islands, Spain) (see specific point of Arona for a full description). I explain this point here a little:
C.N.I make me lose with mind control devices an excursion to La Gomera Island at Los Cristianos city
(Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain); it was done to play with mind control doing I went to a town to which I
havent intention to go (Arona) and which had been marked by the CNI agents itself in the trip planning;
then C.N.I agents made me go to play with mental control because they like to test his power of; once I lost
the connecting ship to La Gomera Island at Los Cristianos Port "Nordic" people appeared doing rare things:
a Nordic man cross my path and he was literally angry I dont know because I had lost that transport (I am an
expert in reading facial expressions and It was really strange) and after that Nordic mothers with small age
girls could be asked and required to test my behavior by performing strange postures or gestures (like
showing ass) and then check if I would have behaviors of pederast type or If I would have some tendency or
ideation of this type in case they were also in the C.N.I operation with the mental control devices (I havent
got a pedophile / pedophile behavior or even a pedophile ideation). In short the C.N.I controlled me to play
and then appeared influenced Nordic people doing rare things and a week later fell a building there in strange
circumstances in Arona (Los Cristianos).

14. Knowledge and abilities for secret services

I add below my knowledge obtained during years of study in addition to the mental characteristics
that I have to offer myself as an intelligence worker and this rare way I would try to escape from this
situation, offering myself as intelligence worker to other countries.

14.1 Knowledge

14.1.1 Knowledge of geopolitics and intelligence services

I have high knowledge of geopolitics and the type of actions in intelligence. I have received more
than 100,000 hours of operations or psychological operations (PSYOP) by the CESID (1986-2002) and the
C.N.I (2002-present). I use the intelligence thinking type based on probability analysis for information
analysis, intelligence cycle. History of intelligence. Knowledge of "psychology in secret services" by
knowing the type of profiles used on psychological level and very advanced knowledge of psychology
(psychopaths, empathy, psychology of coercive groups, psychology of torture, psychology of terrorism)
itsE.L.F. Real knowledge of the type of operations that are executed by the secret services which is necessary
for the analysis of the information, that is to say, I know how the secret services actually operate at the level
of the type of operations, not at the level of how they are executed in detail. I have not worked for secret
services or parallel agencies.

14.1.2 Knowledge of torture and psychophysical torture with electronic devices

I have high knowledge of psychology of torture. I have received some 100,000 hours of torture on an
ongoing basis. I have been tortured in shifts 24/7 by 5 secret service agents in parallel per shift which could
be a total of 25 agents a year to torture me exclusively as a one-time dedication. I have studied for hundreds
of hours on the theory of psychological torture. I have knowledge of psychology of the torturer and
psychology of the tortured. I could clearly torture with "synthetic telepathy" at idea level but I will not.

14.1.3 Psychology of terrorism

Pgina 115 de 117

I have high knowledge of the psychology of terrorism. I have thousands of hours of terrorism theory
psychology and I have received thousands of hours of terrorism for 15 years 24 hours a day. I have
knowledge of psychology of the terrorist and psychology of people that suffers terrorism. I have knowledge
of history of terrorism.

14.1.4 Psychopathy

I am expert in psychopathy or psychopathic personality. Thousands of hours of psychopathic

psychology study. I have been tortured by a group of agents with a high percentage (higher than 15% or
20%) of psychopaths within the torture group, transmitting in some cases in open: mind to mind, through the
device of "artificial telepathy ", seeing the minds of some psychopaths which tortured me, directly channel.

14.1.5 Body, facial and eyes movement analysis

I am expert in reading eyes, facial and body expressions. I was forced by the operations at I am
receiving to the gestural reading for years to understand what was happening to me around besides reading
technical documentation and that I was already an observer prior to this, I already had a good "social"
knowledge through the corporal readings. It would be good for interrogations as example, more the person
who visualizes than the questioner, at least at the time.

14.1.6 Mind abilities analysis and personal psychology analysis

I have high knowledge in skills analysis and psychology: analysis of people's abilities through
speech and behavior. Analysis of abilities in humans such as speed processing, association ability, abstraction
ability, logical ability, social skills and psychology on other levels such as empathy, psychological tendencies
(narcissistic, sadistic, fears, desires...).

14.1.7 Analysis of information (best characteristic or skill)

I am expert in analyzing information as my best skill. I have been forced, untrained, by my situation
to analysis information continuously for 15 years plus geopolitical analysis independently. Analysis of
political speech or speech of the politician, not at the level of NLP / NPL, but more at the level of
psychology and logic of the argumentation: this is the one that I consider my best characteristic as for
example to help at "political" level to friends governments in an election or at the level of breaking the
discourse of the rival party attacking the logical of their argumentation. I analyzed the psychology of the
person who performs the speech. I have intelligence thinking as a way to analyze information in an
intelligence service.

14.1.8 Knowledge of coercive group psychology, authoritarianism, morality, harassment

I have knowledge of the psychology of coercive groups (Milgram, Bandura, Zimbardo) such as cults,
knowledge of the psychology of authoritarianism such as at the level of orders in military or police,
knowledge of the psychology of morality and knowledge Psychology of harassment for having received
moobing, stalking and even some bullying (I had a hard psychopath very close at school in childhood) in
addition to theoretical study. I have very basic knowledge of social psychology and of psychology at war.

14.2 Own psychological characteristics

14.2.1 IQ

Pgina 116 de 117

I was selected to receive mental control, among other reasons by having a high IQ estimated about or
more than 140, although I have never clearly measured it. People with at least a medium-high average IQ
(100-120) is required to perform mind control test. High learning ability on stress environments since I have
had to work as a software developer under torture during my own life of work, for almost 10 years
developing, even adding in parallel moobing times, neurosis at job by people recruited with HUMINT by
C.N.I and torturing me at the job with electromagnetic reduction of the capacity to process information with
E.L.F waves.

14.2.2 Resistance and resilience

I was selected to receive psychological torture by my mental resistance to stressors, I dont get crazy
in situations of tension such as bullying, LSD effects, strong humiliations provoked by CESID at childhood.
As a result I indicate that I have a high recovery when receiving brutalities and high mental resilience that is
a high adaptability to the extreme and changing adverse psychological environment. It means that I have
been tortured for 15 years brutally and I have never lost my head and then they can continue to do so,
torturing me brutally, and they do not need a second subject of experimentation. The CESID, during my
youth, between the ages of 15 and 20, tested my tolerance to receive impacts or small psychological shocks
under the effects of substances like LSD to estimate my resilience and endurance capacity, without knowing
myself of my devices: I tolerate extreme stress without losing my head.

14.2.3 Group

Group worker and with empathy, I like to be a team worker. I think "warm heart and tempered
mind": empathy and objectivity.

Pgina 117 de 117