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From: Bruce Fernandez
Subject: A Study of the Detection of Gravitational Waves

I dont really know much about physics and writing in the subject, though I hope this peer
review helps.

This review examines gravitational waves, and sources that we have been able to observe that
show us gravitational waves. We also learn about how these gravitational waves are measured
and how they might be measured in the future, and some of the limitations these techniques
currently present and some possible problems in the future.

Major points
I would suggest the author revise the introduction to make it clearer as to what the purpose of
this paper is. Also I would give a little more detail as to what gravitational waves are so we can
better understand the detection methods. I am getting the sense according to the title that the
focus of this paper is more on techniques to measure these waves, so I would suggest splitting
up the methods section into what interferometers are, how they relate to gravitational waves,
possibly why this technique was able to detect gravitational waves as opposed to other
techniques, and its shortcomings. For the future developments is there any studies you can
show that show us why the Laser interferometer space antenna would be more effective in
detecting the gravitational waves. I would also suggest adding a section about the significance
of gravitational waves and why it is worth investing time and effort into it. Also this paper feels
more like a history than a review, maybe you need to look at the techniques and either be
critical or more supportive of the techniques used and try and argue the evidence you find.

Minor points
Pictures might be helpful to better understand some of the points being made, and not sure if
annotated bib is necessary.