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1. Lying on a couch with her eyes closed, Linda was asked by her therapist to speak of
anything that may cross her mind. The flow of her thoughts is free, and followed with no
voluntary intervention. What method was used in this session?

A. Dream analysis C. Teleology

B. Free association D. Causality

2. Throughout Lindas session, she managed to express these thoughts:

I am thinking of the fluffy clouds I seem to see with my very eyes. They are white and pearly.
The sky is full of clouds but a few azure patches can still be seen here and there...

Clouds keep changing their shapes. They are fluid because they are condensed water

I am thinking I may have an obsession about this water. The doctor has told me I am
dehydrated; there's not enough water in my body. He suggested I should drink 2-3 liters of
water every day. Mineral water or tea!

I thought there is a connection between my need to add salt to my food and thirst. My body
has found itself a pretext - salty food - to make me drink more water. I have a lot of
thoughts about the manifestations of my body, which seem logical and aim at inner balance.
Everybody has in fact got an inner physician in oneself. What need is there of an outside
doctor then? If you allow yourself lie at the will of your free inclinations, with no
assumptions whatsoever, you will have the intuition of making things that may surprise you,
nevertheless useful to your body and securing your health and high spirits.

Based on this information only, what interpretation may be formulated?

A. Linda is a very self-centred person and she tends to think of herself as superior to

B. Linda is not a sociable person and thinks that social interaction not necessary.

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C. Linda is sceptical about the idea of therapy and thinks that she can do fine without
help from others.

D. Linda is used in being pampered and she sees that she is always in need of a guide

3. From Lindas session, what generalization can be generated?

A. Linda may have been an only child and it came as a shock that shes not the center
of attention in her peer group.

B. Linda performs poorly because of her lack of social interaction with her co-

C. Linda has authority issues because she may have been raised by her mother to be
always independent.

D. Linda was pampered by her parents and she was raised by her mother to be
always dependent on others.

4. According to Freud there is a connection between the sleeping state and the waking state
and this might be the key to understanding the unconscious mind. What is this method

A. Free association C. Humor

B. Dream analysis D. Everyday life

5. Freud was known for his emphasis and his methods of understanding the unconscious
mind. According to him, what was the main goal of psychoanalysis?

A. To reveal the clients repressed thoughts so it may be dealt with.

B. To reveal sexual desires and see the connection between a mans action and his
need for sexual satisfaction.

C. To understand the components of the unconscious mind.

D. To reveal future tendencies of the client based on his present attitude and

6. Kyle tends to overeat whenever he is distressed. What Psychosocial stage of development

did he develop fixation on?

A. Phallic stage C. Oral stage

B. Anal stage D. Genital stage

Sigmund Freud Page 2

7. 4 year old Mary gets jealous whenever her father shows affection towards her mother
and oftentimes insists that she will marry her daddy when she grows up. Mary is exhibiting:

A. Projection C. Fixation

B. Oedipus complex D. Electra complex

8. Freud developed the term ______ to describe the instinct of a person to cause
destruction and violence.

A. Eros C. Thanatos

B. Libido D. Regression

9. Marcus' father hits his son whenever he is drunk. Knowing he could not fight back,
Marcus bullies his schoolmates instead. Marcus is showing signs of ___________?

A. Displacement C. Rationalization

B. Reaction formation D. Projection

10. Whenever Daisy has trouble sleeping, she rubs the corner of her pillow. She is exhibiting

A. Identification C. Free association

B. Regression D. Reaction formation

11. Thereses has trouble fitting into her clothes. But every time her friends comment about
her weight gain and advise her to go to the gym, she retorts with These pants totally still
fit. I dont need to go to the gym. Therese may be exhibiting:

A. Repression C. Denial

B. Identification D. Reaction Formation

12. Every time Jenny remembers her ex-boyfriend who had cheated on her, she tries her
best to cast memories of him aside. What defend mechanism may be involved?

A. Regression C. Projection

B. Repression D. Displacement

13. Danielle finds it hard to fit in with her peer group. But upon observing that her friends
idolize Kpop she began to mimic Kpop fashion and trends. What defend mechanism may be

Sigmund Freud Page 3

A. Identification C. Projection

B. Reaction formation D. Displacement

14. Annas parent just got divorced, thus leaving her emotionally vulnerable. But when
asked by her friends how she feels, she replies with, Im Alright. Besides they drove each
other crazy, its a lot better this way. At least I wont hear them bickering with each other
anymore. What defense mechanism is Anna exhibiting?

A. Displacement C. Projection

B. Sublimation D. Rationalization

15. Karen knew she could never talk back to her professor although she had always held
grudge against him for failing her. But on teachers day, she handed him a box of cookies
and gave him a smile. Karen is exhibiting:

A. Regression C. Moral anxiety

B. Reaction Formation D. Identification

Prepared by:

Buenaflor, Maria Joanna T.

Molina, Robienne Anne D.

Tablada, Abegail D.

Sigmund Freud Page 4