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11/25/2017 Maintain Surcharge Calculation Methods | FICO (Financial Accounting and Controlling) | STechies

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Maintain CO-OM Accrual
Controlling) Tutorial
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Maintain Surcharge Calculation Methods SAP FICO Training Material SS

By: rekha | 18 Aug 2011 6:17 am | 0 Comments

SAP FICO Training Material with
Screen Shots
0 0 0 0 Like Maintain Terms of Payments

Financial Accounting - General
Path to Maintain Surcharge Calculation
Methods Maintain Terms of Payment (T
Code OBB8)
Financial Accounting SAP FI (Financial Accounting)
-->Financial Account Gloabal Setting Module
-->Witholding Tax SAP FICO consultant month end
-->Extended Withholding Tax activitys ?
-->India Forums
SAP FI (Financial Accounting)
-->Maintain Surcharge Calculation methods
Safety stock calculation
In this IMG activity, you specify which method you Maintain Fiscal year Variant
want to use to handle surcharge taxes, according (Financial Year) (Tcode OB29)
to whether you wish your business to show basic How to Calculate Useful life of
withholding tax and surcharges separately, or whether they can be combined. Asset through WDV Method?
Change method of rate calculation
The SAP System offers you two choices: type of movement -> LOANS
You can define tax codes that contain both the basic tax and the surcharge tax. SAP FICO test Material for SAP
exam Solution Consultant
You can define separate tax codes for basic tax and surcharge tax respectively. Financials
Oracle Financials OR SAP FICO
Some tax offices prefer you to show surcharges separately from basic withholding tax; others prefer the for MBA Marketing
two to be rolled into one. You cannot customize this information at business place (tax office) level, so we Stuck in to Maintain the Order
recommend that you use the method that is preferred by the majority of your tax offices. With Cost Calculation Errors
What is the need & use to
For each company code, specify which method you want. calculate mean value in way of
Depreciation method.
Under this option we have to either tick the box against each company code or leave it blank.
How to Calculate Depreciation If
This Controls whether surcharge tax rates are maintained independently of basic withholding tax, We Change any Method in
Depreciation key.
1) Check box ticked: Means Separate tax types and tax codes for basic withholding tax and surcharge.

2) Check box not ticked: Combined tax types and tax code for basic withholding tax and surcharge.


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11/25/2017 Maintain Surcharge Calculation Methods | FICO (Financial Accounting and Controlling) | STechies

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11/25/2017 Maintain Surcharge Calculation Methods | FICO (Financial Accounting and Controlling) | STechies

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