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For a better IIoT By aligning with a solution that

leverages standard technologies,
Know the Right Questions you will not only future-proof
your hardware and software, you
will future-proof your employees.
Leveraging standard technology
provides you access to a much larger
pool of talent to develop and maintain
your IIoT system. Legacy industries
in the fight for talented employees
can offer rewarding technical careers
and growth opportunities to help
attract and retain better people.

Q: What about open-source; is it
just for hobbyists?
Q: How do you start to make A: Before implementation of your IIoT of associated with maintenance,

sense of talk around the Internet of plan, you need to be clear on your unexpected downtime, and failure A: Rich communities and robust tools
Things and other buzz words? comfort with the technology and your will help inform you of your potential have helped open-sourced solutions
appetite for development. The balance gains and an appropriate investment move out of the realm of hobbyist and
A: This is a big questionthe promise of risk and cost between custom level. By following an investment model into industry. Open tools like Linux and
of more insight leading to more value design and turnkey services should be that allows for technology and process Python have been used for a long time

sounds very exciting but it is not a evaluated through the lens of your improvements, you can better prepare in tightly controlled environments and
bolt-on fix. The Industrial Internet company needs. Questions to answer for the shorter-term exploratory costs have provided a foundation for many of
of Things (IIoT) describes a set of in your research could be: What core while you assess the current state and todays embedded operating systems.
embedded technologies and processes competencies does our company need investigate different approaches. In addition, many open-hardware
that promote efficiency and growth to invest in to meet our business goals Many IIoT systems will require platforms are emerging into industrial
in a manufacturing environment. The long-term? Do we need software and sensors, measurement hardware, deployments; however, make sure you
first step is to evaluate what parts, hardware expertise or just an evaluation rugged computing, networking plan for support, liability, robustness,
processes, business decisions, etc., are of our current business? How do we infrastructure, security infrastructure, and longevity of these tools.
costing you time and/or money. With plan to scale in the future? What are enterprise data management, and
a thorough understanding of your some incremental steps that can help us visualization tools and even services Q: How much of a return can I
business, you can use IIoT technologies get to our ideal future state? How can so be sure that you understand expect?
to augment these processes and to we create pilots to estimate benefits and the total costs when calculating
turn measurements into data, insight, costs of full-scale deployment? your return on investment. A: This will vary. Augmenting your
and value. By nature, the IIoT brings together The best way to fully understand the business with IIoT technology generally
The IIoT brings together two independent business functions, impact of your IIoT implementation reduces downtime and provides data
measurement technology from the so stakeholders from IT and operations is to leverage an IIoT platform to aid in making better decisions. This
operations side of business with IT should be brought in to the plan to that can scale from your pilot can increase production, lower prices,
technology like networking, analysis, augment your existing processes. To project to full scale deployment. and create new revenue streams.
and data management. By equipping begin learning about the opportunity Embedded and IIoT technologies
manufacturing and industrial assets of the IIoT, there are many workshops Q: Cant multiple vendor solutions arent all focused on the return on
with sensing, control, local processing, and white papers available. Key areas cause a problem in communication? investment, but also the return on
and network communications, you to look for while doing your research salesthe amount of profit produced NI Embedded Systems combine the
will have access to data that drives are experience within your specific A: Yes, particularly vendors who offer per dollar of sales. All of this must convenience of a proven off-the-
efficiency, safety, and reliability. To industry or one that is comparable, only proprietary or closed solutions. be consideredlabor, resources,
properly scope your investment and partnerships with larger industry This is where learning about the and cost allocation. Companies that shelf platform with the flexibility
ensure you are adding the most value, partners, and industry-standard tools. technology will offer you an upper take advantage of this technology
of custom design. Change your
you will need to understand the hand. The standards common in your will do well if it is applied properly.
business outcomes you are trying to Q: What does this cost? industry and how those will evolve and The best way to apply technology design approach and start focusing
drive and the key measurements that adapt as new technologies arise will is to understand it. Take advantage
on innovation, not implementation.
indicate business performance. From A: This will vary depending on help you build robust systems. of the kits and resources out there
there, selecting the right technology your needs. Factors will include Additionally, future-proofing will that are trying to educate you Learn more at
will be a matter of evaluating the your expected level of service, size be important. New technologies like to grow your company with IIoT
vendors that align best with your of your deployment, environment, machine learning, faster processing, and embedded technology.
business area and ensuring the security requirements, regulatory and advanced security should
measurement, analysis, visualization, issues, etc. Many IIoT applications integrate into your system without
and security can meet your needs. are helping to augment schedule- a complete overhaul. Closed
based maintenance, which is the most end-to-end solutions can get you
Q: How can I find out if this would expensive and unreliable method of up and running fastest, but may not
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