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Incumbancy Particulars of Dy.E.

Cadre Strength = 10
Sl. No. Name of Dy.E.E Name of the sub division Date from whichNative District
1 2 3 4 5
E.E Electrical Division, Guntur

P.A to E.E Electrical

1 U.Anjaneyulu Division, Guntur 28.10.2013 FN
Electrical Sub-Divn.,
2 T.Rama Raju Guntur 28.11.2014FN

Electrical Sub-Divn.,
3 C.Satish Visakhapatnam 31.05.2017AN
Electrical Sub-Divn.,
4 K.V.Ramprasad Kakinada 06.06.2017FN

Electrical sub Division,

5 N.Jacob Vijayawada 01.07.2009
E.E Electrical Division, Kurnool

P.A to E.E Electrical

6 P.Ravikumar A/C Division, Kurnool 31.05.2017AN
Electrical Sub-Divn.,
7 K.B.S.R.Murthy Kurnool 02.08.2017AN
Electrical Sub-Divn.,
8 R.Chidhambaram Kadapa 03.08.2017FN
Electrical Sub-Divn.,
9 K.Kishore Babu Nellore 27.11.2014FN
0/o the Engineer-in-Chief (R&B) Hyd
1 P.Jhansi Rani Dy.E.E dob:-27-01-1965 6/16/2011