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Application under Rule (9) (1) of A.P.C.S.

(Conduct) Rules, 1964, for

acquisition / disposal of immovable properties
1 Name and designation K.Ramesh Babu, Dy EE(R&B)
2 Scale of pay and present pay Rs.42,590/-

3 Purpose of application - Sanction Disposal of Flat .No. 17,

fortransaction / permission / Prior Brundavangardens Gunur.
intimation of transaction

4 Whether property is being acquired or Being Disposed of

disposed of
5 Probable date of acquisition / End of May 2013.
disposal of property

6 Mode of acquisition / disposal By sale

7 (a) Full details about location viz., Flat No.17, Saitowers Brundavan
Municipal No. Street / Village, Mandal, Gardens 4th lane. Guntur.
District and State in which situated.

(b) Description of the property, in the Not applicable

case of cultivable land, dry or irrigated
Free hold
(c) Whether free hold or lease hold

(d) Whether the Applicant's interest in In full

the property is in full or part (in case
of partial interest, the extent of such
interest must be indicated)
Not applicable
(e) In case the transaction is not
8 Sale / purchase price of the property 12.00 lakhs
exclusively in the name of the
(Market value in the case of gifts)
Government Servant, particulars of
ownership and share of each
9 In cases of acquisition, source or
sources from which financed /
proposed to be financed:
(a) Personal savings

(b) Other sources giving details

10 In the case of disposal of property, Declared in my property
was requisite sanction / intimation statement for the year 1995.
obtained / given for its acquisition. A
copy of the sanction /
11 acknowledgement
(a) name and address should be party
of the Y.Ramakrishna, Guntur
with whom transaction is proposed to
be made
(b) Is the party related to the applicant
? No

(c) Did the applicant have any

dealings with the party in his official
capacity at any time, or is the
applicant likely to have any dealings
with him in the near future ? Through relatives.

(d) How was the transaction arranged

12 Any other relevant
? (whether throughfact
anywhich the body The sale amount of the flat to be
applicant may
or a private like tothrough
agency mention. received is to be given to my
advertisement or through friends and daughter as her share in my
relatives. Full particulars to be given. property.
I, Sri K.Ramesh Babu, hereby declare that the particulars given
above are true. I request that I may be given permission to acquire /
dispose of property as described above from / to the party whose name
is mentioned in item 11 above.
I hereby
intimate the proposed acquisition / disposal of property by me as
detailed above. I declare that the particulars given above are true.

Station: Signature

Date: Designation: