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All over the world countries suffer with significant issues such as pollution, human

trafficking, deforestation, waste and other issues. In Norway a issue that needs to be addressed
is air pollution/ air quality. However air quality has improved since the 1990s but not enough
citizens in bigger cities are impacted by this. Between five hundred to two thousand people die
each year due to poor air quality. All ages of people pass from this but the most vulnerable are
Sources of air pollution are burning fossil fuels, industrial process even agriculture and
more release hazardous pollutants released into the atmosphere. Some poisonous gasses
released into the air are carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide, Sulphur dioxide.
Just to explain a few of these and how they are established, carbon monoxide; is produced by
incomplete burning of gas, and Sulphur dioxide is caused by combustion of fuels. Combustion is
a chemical reaction that occurs between fuel and an oxidant. These pollutants produce not only
bad air quality but also diseases. The disease that air pollution can cause are lung disease,
asthma, multiple respiratory illnesses and much more.
There is the problem but what can we do to fix it? Simple solutions on a larger scale. In
larger cities Norway there is not much space as the countryside, point being where there is
some space plant trees. Trees absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen. Limit vehicle that are
on the road, vehicles that produce excessive emissions. With limitations on vehicles place fines
to encourage more environmentally friendly ones. If Norway cannot necessarily place them on
citizens then replace public transportation since that is the way most people travel. Next, place
burn bans or certain things that way they do not release emissions in the atmosphere or limit
when you can burn them. Require big factories and plants to go to more environmentally friendly
equipment and regimens. With requiring big industrial companies to go green make them to
where they have to be a certain percentage on how ecofriendly they have to be.
Norway has many issues within. Issues in Norway consist of waste, climate change,
noise, etc. The most important issue facing Norway right now is air pollution. Air pollution
causes the deterioration of our atmosphere, diseases and even death. Norway can place burn
bans, vehicle limitations and requirements on industrial businesses. The issue of air pollution in
Norway needs to be addressed now.
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