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Yessy Anggraini, Anas yasin, Desmawati Radjab

Language Education Program, State University of Padang

Abstrak: Tujuan dari penelitian ini adalah; pertama untuk menerangkan

bagaimana video dapat meningkatkan kemampuan menulis siswa. Kedua, untuk
menemukan faktor apa saja yang mempengaruhi perubahan kemampuan menulis
teks Narrative pada siswa kelas XII IPA.2 SMAN 2 Bukittinggi melalui video.
Penelitian ini adalan Penelitian Tindakan Kelas. Prosedure penelitian ini terdiri
dari perencanaan, tindakan, observasi dan refleksi. Penelitian dilakukan di
SMAN 2 Bukittinggi pada tahun pelajaran20012/2013. Partisipannya adalah
siswa kelas XII IPA2 disekolah tersebut. Instrumen penelitian adalah data
kwantitatif dan kwalitatif. Data-data tersebut di analisa untuk menerangkan
bagaimana kemampuan menulis teks Narrative merka meningkan melalui video
dan faktor apa saja yang mempengaruhinya
Hasil penelitian menunjukkan bahwa video dalam dapat meningkatkan
kemampuan siswa dalam menulis naratif dari siklus 1 sampai siklus 3.
Peningkatan hasil belajar dibuktikan dari nilai menulis siswa dimana mereka
dapat secara bertahap meningkatkan nilai mereka. Peningkatan juga dapat
dilihat dari penampilan siswa dalam belajar selama proses pembelajaran. Siswa
menjadi lebih aktif dan semua siswa terlibat dalam proses pembelajaran. Siswa
lebih antusias mengikuti pelajaran sehingga kelas menjadi lebih kondusif. Dari
penelitian ini juga dapat disimpulkan bahwa peningkatan kemampuan menulis
siswa dipengaruhi oleh empat faktor; kegiatan di kelas, materi, manajemen kelas,
dan pendekatan guru. Dengan menganalisa hasil dari observasi dan tes, dapat
disimpulkan bahwa penggunaan video dalam pembelajaran dapat meningkatkan
kemampuan menulis naratif siswa dan menjadi salah satu cara tepat dalam
pengajaran menulis.

Key words : Writing Skill, Video, Senior High School

speaking but not in writing. Or

INTRODUCTION conversely, the students were good in
In learning English, there are writing but not in speaking. Thus the
four major skills that should be four skills of English should be learnt
mastered by English language thoroughly and integrated. Writing is
learners. The skills are listening, very useful for students as an
speaking, reading, and writing skills. alternative way of expressing their
To be perfect in English, the students ideas, it involves several
cannot learn those skills separately interconnected aspects of language
only based on their area of interests. like vocabulary, grammar, paragraphs
The four skills should be learnt organizations, punctuations, spellings,
integrated because it would not be capitalizations, etc. Through writing,
balanced if the students were good in
Journal English Language Teaching (ELT) Volume 2 Nomor 2, Juli 2014

the students can express their ideas to dictionary to find the suitable words
others in the written forms. they need. As a result, most of the
Teaching writing is very time of learning writing in the
important, because through writing, classroom would be spent to find the
students are hopped to be able to put vocabulary items needed.
their ideas into a piece of writing. Then, the students were poor in
According to Elite Olshtain in Celce grammatical use in sentences. Writing
(2001), writing as a communicative is not only dealing with vocabularies,
activity needs to be encouraged and selecting appropriate words, finding
nurtured during the language learner's ideas to write and developing those
course of study. This opinion is ideas, but also dealing with
strengthened by Raimes who gave the grammatical patterns of sentences
reasons for teaching writing: "We into paragraphs and paragraphs into
frequently have to communicate with text. The students should know how
each other in writing" and "Writing to write in appropriate grammatical
reinforces grammatical structures, sentences such as using simple
idioms, and vocabulary". So, it is present forms, past forms, passive
obvious that writing is an essential voice, etc.
language reinforcing skill and a However, writing sentences
crucial ability because it becomes a grammatically is still hard for most of
means of learning, discovering, the students. In the researchers class,
developing, and refining language from 31 students of class XII IPA.2,
ability. Through writing, the students the result of their writing is very poor,
use the language, trying to express especially in the use of appropriate
their ideas grammar. Mostly or 76 % of them or
There were a lot of causes of about 28 students did the writing by
why writing, especially narrative text, directly translating Indonesian into
of the students in SMAN 2 English and ignored the grammatical
Bukittinggi is low. First, the students correctness. The students could not
had a very limited vocabulary reach MAC for writing that is 75.
mastery of English. Before entering The students did learn grammar,
grade XII, there is a set of tests that but they had not been accustomed to
should be passed by the students. The using the grammar in writing, for
writer in her preliminary study on example, if they were asked to make
many students of class XII.IPA 2 in one simple sentence, they might be
SMAN 2 Bukittinggi found that able to do that. However, the problem
writing of narrative also difficult. It appeared if they were asked to
is shown by their writing test result. arrange the words in a composition,
many of them did not pass the which were not only writing simple
Minimal Achievement Criteria ( sentences but also writing the
MAC ), from 31 students, only about interconnected sentences in a
9 students (20%) could be said to composition. Thats why the MAC for
have sufficient vocabularies to write a the writing skill could not be
paragraph. The rest had poor satisfactorily reached.
vocabulary entries of English. As the There are some approaches in
consequence, even for making a very teaching writing; one of them is genre
simple paragraph, the students spent based approach. The use of genre
much time looking up at the approach in solving the problem in

Journal English Language Teaching (ELT) Volume 2 Nomor 2, Juli 2014

students' writing, particularly in 2012/2013 of SMAN 2 Bukittinggi

generating ideas and organization is through the use of video.
very effective way. According to
Hartono (2005) the term "genre" is METHOD
used to refer to particular text-types, This research is a collaborative
not to traditional varieties of action research where the researcher
literature. It is a type or kind of text, collaborates with other English
defined in terms of its social teacher and work together in a team
purposes; also the level of context conducts to this classroom action
dealing with social purposes. research. Collaborator does not
To overcome the problem in monitor the students only but she will
writing skill narrative teks, there are observe the researcher's activities and
some medias can be used in the performance during the research time.
classroom. One of the is video. There are four characteristics of
Cooper (1991) defines video as CAR (Kemmis and Mc. Taggart,
a supercharged medium of 2004), first it is a collaborative work,
communication and powerful vehicle second, it is not only problem solving,
of information that is packed with but also find out the changing of the
messages, images, and ambiguity, and problems, third, cooperation between
so represents a rich terrain to be the researcher and the collaborator,
worked and reworked in the language and fourth it is to examine the theory
learning classroom. In other words, but to change the situation become
video is the combination of electronic well.
pictures and audio. Those electronic This research was taken place in
combinations cannot be seen as it is SMAN 2 Bukittinggi where the writer
in a CD cassette, but must be played is teaching. It was placed in
with equipment called video cassette Bukittinggi on Jl.Sudirman no 5. The
recorder or video player. position of this school was strategic
There are some factors that because it was near from the main
influence the changes of street, therefore it will not difficult to
studentswriting, some of them are: reach this school. The situation and
are Teaching Material, Classroom condition of this school were also
Activity, Classroom Management and comfort and quite enough for learning
Teachers Aprroach. It means to make process. It had two programs of
teaching and learning process study; they are science class or IPA,
effective , the teacher should pay social class or IPS.
attention on them. To collect the data, there were
To answer the research question some sources that the researcher used
above are : beside she herself as the key
1. To explain how video can improve instrument as she involved in every
students' writing skill of Narrative cycle of the research. There were two
text at XII.IPA2 academic year data were used in this research,
2012/2013 of SMAN 2 quantitative data and qualitative data.
Bukittinggi. The quantitative data was numeric
2. To find out the factors that data taken from (1) the score of the
influence the changes of students' task in each cycle, (2) the score of the
writing skill of Narrative text at tests which was gained at the end of
Grade XII.IPA2 academic year each cycle.

Journal English Language Teaching (ELT) Volume 2 Nomor 2, Juli 2014

Next is the qualitative data considered by the collaborator in

which was taken from the description observation the classroom action
of some factors which caused the research. 1) The focus of observation
changing of the score in the task and can be aimed to the teacher by seeing
the test in each cycle for example the the performance of that teacher such
situation of the class, the way the as the physical performance of the
teacher deliver the lesson, how the teacher, the projection and the voice
teacher manage the class, and so on. of the teacher or it can also be the
The changing was shown on the body language used by the teacher in
graph which was made from cycle 1 the classroom. 2) The focus of
to cycle 3. The sources of this observation to the students such as
qualitative data were observation students interaction in the classroom,
sheet, field notes, and interview. the students response to the lesson,
These instruments were used to see and so on. And 3) focus on the
the development of teaching and context of the lesson, for example the
learning process of the students media and the teaching aids used. It is
improvements in writing. based on Yasin (2010) ideas. Thus,
There are some instruments that the collaborator was given the
are used by the writer of this study . checklists of observation and required
According to Stringer (2004) to get to put a tick in accordance to the
the data in the learning process, it will activities that were done.
use test and task, observation sheet
and interview.

1. Task and Test

The use of this task is to FINDING AND DISCUSSION
measure the students' capability in 1. To what extend video media
writing Narrative text. The writing improve students' low writing
task is given to students after skill of Narrative text .
applying video showing media.
Next was the test. The test was Pre-Cycle
the result of the students writing after In the pre-cycle, the teacher explained
the teaching and learning process was the concept of narrative text to
completed. It was given at the end of students then asked them to sit in
each cycle. The researcher conducted group of four. Next, they were asked
three tests during the research from to discussed the title written on the
cycle 1 to cycle 3. The writing task whiteboard, then,they had to choose
and test were scored based on the which title would be elaborated. After
indicators of writing such as content, that they were asked to write the
organization, vocabulary, grammar draft. After twenty minutes they sit
and mechanism. and ready for the test.
2. Observations The Condition of Students' Writing
The observation was used in Pre-test
order to get the qualitative data of the
research. The information is both
from the teacher and the students.
There are some focuses of
observations that can be the

Journal English Language Teaching (ELT) Volume 2 Nomor 2, Juli 2014

3,20 enjoy in teaching and learning

2,97 3,00 Content process.
3,00 2,90
2,80 2,65
Organization Cycle I
Pre- Test The condition of each indicator of
students' writing in post-test 1 in
Derived on the data above, it cycle 1
can be summed up that the 4 3,58 3,52 3,55 3,65
achievement of the students in writing 2,9 Content
were low, especially in the content, 3
vocabulary and grammar of the 2
writing . It can be seen from the Vocabulary
descriptions of each indicator. Organization
The problems faced by the 0
students in writing narrative essay Post Test 1
included the difficulties in exploring
and expressing their idea, using From the post test result it was
vocabulary and tenses in making found that the mean score of the
good sentences, and difficulties in students' writing was 16.02. It
how to start writing. The students also increased 2.88 point if compared with
found it difficult when they were the students' score in the preliminary
asked to write their idea. Their study result (14.35). There were 6
submitted papers were little writing students from 31 students in the level
without any elaborations. poor (P), 17 students from 31 students
After analyzing the data from in the level fair (F), 6 students from
the pre-test, the researcher concluded 31 students in the level good (G) and
that the skill of the students for 2 students from 31 students in the
writing especially narrative text were level very good (VP).
poor. No indicator was in the level of The result of the post-test in
very good. Thus, in order to improve cycle 1 was also described in the
the students writing skill of narrative diagram. It was shown there were
text, the researcher applied video as a some increasing to the mean scores of
media. The improvement of students some of the writing indicators;
writing skill involved some aspects of Content, Organization,
writing, namely content, organization, spelling/vocabulary and mechanic but
vocabulary, grammar, and for the grammar, the mean score of
mechanism. grammar decrease. The rates of the
In applying video as media, the achievement in the diagram were
classroom activities were varied and different. The highest mean score was
dynamic. There was explanation from on content and for the lowest mean
the teacher, group discussion which score was on Grammar.
was lead by the teacher, individual After analyzing the observation
writing, and pair discussion to revise result in the cycle one, the researcher
or to edit friends paper. In general did reflection in order to evaluate the
the students felt that these kinds of teaching and learning process she did
activities made them comfort and so far. She found the students

Journal English Language Teaching (ELT) Volume 2 Nomor 2, Juli 2014

progress in writing ability. From the table above, it can be

Observation result showed that there seen that there were many
were some improvements achieved by progressions to the students' writing
the students after doing the action. In skill if the researcher compared with
the first meeting they wrote the the students' writing score in cycle 1.
outline based on their note took while The improvement in Content
they were watching the video. and Organization indicator were
Moreover, in this first cycle, higher than other indicators. It could
observer filled the writing checklist, be seen from the students'
writing narrative checklist and composition where their texts
teaching steps in checklist. This organization had been written clearly
checklist were useful to evaluate and and coherently. They had been
reflect the teacher's and students' classified which one as the
activities during the first cycle. Orientation of composition, what was
Based on the students writing as the Complication but the re-
scores, interview results to the orientation were not stated clearly.
students and field note from the This improvement was influenced by
observer, the students' skill in writing the interesting video, which presented
were increased but researcher needed by the researcher for the students, and
to give more attention especially in it was still related to students' daily
Grammar indicator because the mean life like what should or shouldn't do
scores were lower than other in living in society.
indicators. Then, researcher always
Dealing with problems found in controlled the students' activities.
the reflection above, the researcher Before coming to watch the video of
and the collaborator agreed to re-plan Narrative text, researcher also
for an improvement of teaching and provided the students with several
learning process of writing by using cartoon pictures about the topic like
video the picture of some people were in a
Cycle II train, and there was a a girl who was
The activities in the cycle 2 crying on her seat. Researcher also
were similar to those in cycle 1 and gave several questions about the
there was some different emphasis picture. This was useful to stimulate
due to the revised plans. This cycle the students and leading the students
was done in four meetings. to the topic. From the observer field
The condition of each indicators of notes, she noted that the class
students' individual writing work in situation became more vigorous and
third meeting of cycle 2 spirited because the video were
attractive to the students.
3,8 3,71 3,74 In analyzing the students'
3,65 Content activities in formulating the ideas,
3,6 Convention
about thirteen students were able to
3,42 write the composition based on the
3,4 Vocabulary text organization. In Narrative text,
Organization there were three components of the
Grammar text organization; Orientation
Post Test II (introducing the participants and the
background of the story),

Journal English Language Teaching (ELT) Volume 2 Nomor 2, Juli 2014

Complication (the conflict the and the analysis of the data in the
participants have), Resolution ( how second cycle, some plans could be
the participants solve the conflict) and made as reflection of the activities.
re-orientation (the part where the With reference to the observation
reader can get the moral value of the done by the collaborator and the
story). For these good students, they analysis of the data in the second
could present the introduction and cycle, some plans were made as the
background of the story clearly and reflection of the activities in order to
gave some evaluation of why the make some changes or improvements
conflict occure to support the ideas in of the students writing skill of
Complication. For the ending, they narrative in the third cycle.
wrote the sentences those could lead Cycle 3
the reader to the moral value. In The result of the pair task in
choosing the words, they had used the cycle 3 was also described in the
appropriate words and there were diagram. It was shown how far the
variation in building up the achievement of the students in every
compositions. The composition had indicators of writing. The rates of the
been presented in clearly and using a achievement in diagram were
good structure. different. The highest mean score was
To compare the progress of on Content and for the lowest mean
students Mean Score of writing test score was on grammar.
on these cycles can be seen on the
diagram below.

The Progress of Students Writing

Test on Cycle II The condition of each indicators of
70,00% 64,52% students' writing in post-test 3 in
cycle 3

40,00% Preliminary 4,20

30,00% Post Test I 4,00 3,87 Content
20,00% Post Test II 3,80 Convention
10,00% 3,60 3,52
0,00% 3,40
The result of students score still Post Test III
did not achieve the target yet. So,
researcher continued this research to
cycle 3 in order to gain the target of From the diagram above, form
70% of the students had to pass as one of writing indicators get the
MAC. highest level where the mean score
The students writing skill 4.00. It means that the students did
should be improved by revising the not get difficulties in developing the
lesson plan and improving the action ideas and it was presented clearly.
of teaching and learning process in Then, the materials also well
the next cycle. Based on the organized and were clearer.
observation done by the collaborator The improvement of each indicator
of writing from pre-test, Post Test

Journal English Language Teaching (ELT) Volume 2 Nomor 2, Juli 2014

cycle 1, Post Test cycle 2, and Post 25

Test cycle 3. 20 16,35 Individual
6 Work I







4 2,9

Work II
0 Individual
Work III
0 Mean
Preliminary Post Test I Post Test II Post Test III
Content Convention Vocabulary
From the table and figure Based on the table and the
above, it could be said that there were figure above, it was found that in the
some progressions to the students' first cycle, the score of students'
writing if it was compared from the writing test was 16.02 it increased
preliminary study result, post-test 1.67 point if it was compared with
result in cycle 1, cycle 2 and cycle 3. Preliminary Study score (14.35). In
The improvement of each second cycle, the mean score of
indicator of students' writing on pair students' writing test was 18.10 it
task 1, pair task 2, and pair task 3 in increased 1.90 point if it was
cycle I, cycle II and cycle III was also compared with writing test (16.02) in
described in the diagram. It was cycle 1. In the third cycle, the mean
shown how good the achievement of score was 19.84. It increased 1.74
the students in every indicator of point, if it was compared with the
writing. The rates of the achievement second cycle (18.10).
in diagram were different. It can be For Individual Work, the mean
summed up that the students' writing score of the students in cycle in cycle
mean scores in pair task increased in 1 was 19.81. It increased 3.46 point it
every cycle. compared with the mean score in the
The improvement of mean cycle 1 (16.35), and the mean score
scores of Individual Work in cycle I, for of the students in cycle 3 was
cycle II and cycle III was also 20.45. It increased 0.64 point if it was
described in the diagram. It was compared with the mean score in
shown how far the achievement of the cycle 2 (19.81).
students and the rate of the mean In conclusion, based on the
scores in diagram were different. It observation done by the researcher
can be summed up that the students' and collaborator in three cycles, it can
writing scores in Individual Works be concluded that Video Showing can
increased in every cycle. improve students' writing skill. It can
Comparison of Students Mean be seen from many improvements
Score Of Individual Works that the students got during the
research. Most of the students has got
good mark and pass the MAC of
Writing Narrative text.
The data showed that there was
also an improvement to the mean
score of students' achievement from
writing test in each cycle. It can be
seen from the table and figure below:

Journal English Language Teaching (ELT) Volume 2 Nomor 2, Juli 2014

The improvement of mean supported with the interview result

scores in cycle I, cycle II and cycle which was done to few randomly
III was also described in the diagram selected students after the teaching
below. It was shown how far the and learning process. Besides having
achievement of the students in every the result of the students
indicators writing. The rates of the improvement on writing of narrative
mean scores in diagram were text by using video which was held in
different. It can be summed up that three cycles, the researcher also found
the students' writing scores in pair that the improvement was also due to
task increased in every cycle. several factors.
The Progress of Students Writing One, classroom activities. The
Test on the Research activities created by the researcher to
74,19% increase the students writing skill
60,00% had successfully helped the students
40,00% 29,03% ary
to write better. There were many
20,00% Post activities had been done, and varying
Test I
the classroom activities, made the
teaching and learning process become
more active and did not monotonous.
There were also the The students were motivated to be
comparison of the mean scores in pair participated in the learning session
task, which conducted in cycle 1, and to produce good writing result.
cycle 2 and cycle 3. This illustrated Those activities were watching the
the improvement of the mean scores video, pair discussion about the
in every cycle. stories the video, and peer editing of
In conclusion, the students friends writing.
writing skill after conducting the Discussing about the video
research by using picture sequence given made the students forced
achieved better improvement. The themselves to also be participated in
improvement was caused by several the discussion. Seeing their friends
factors: teaching material materials, spoke their mind made the other
the classroom activities, classroom students also try to analyze the video
management and teachers approach. and expressed their opinions into note
These factors was supported each and outline. This session helped the
other to help the students to be able to students to understand the video well
write the narrative text. These factors and to see the development of ideas
encouraged the students to write well. based on the events in the pictures.
2. What factors influence the Next, the activity was pair
changes of students' writing skill discussion of text writing. In this
of Narrative activity, the students work in pairs to
The improvements of the make the outline based on video
students skill of narrative text could given. The benefit of this activity was
be seen on the test at the end of each that the students could share the ideas
cycle. The results were also supported of the story among them. Students
by the pair works of the students in who were weak in writing indirectly
every cycle. The improvement was helped by this activity since the mate
caused by many factors, and those asked them to discuss the ideas and
factors were identified through the the way to write. In the interview, it
observation sheet, the field notes, and

Journal English Language Teaching (ELT) Volume 2 Nomor 2, Juli 2014

was also found that the students lesson in life such as there is a will,
enjoyed writing in pair because they there is a way, or cooperation or work
shared their strength and covered the together made the job easier, and so
weakness in writing. on.
Then peer editing. After the Three, the factor that
students finish their writing in pairs, influenced the improvement of the
they shared it to other pairs to be students writing by using picture
edited or revised. At first, most of the sequence was the classroom
students were reluctant to do this management. The teachers approach
activity since they did not know how was the factor which could improve
to revise the writing. Then the the students writing of narrative text.
researcher guided them to revise by The teacher could manage the noise
giving the explanation of what were and the situation well. Moreover, the
should be corrected. The researcher way the researcher controlled the
said that the students could revise the classroom affected to the result of the
writing from the plot of the story, the students writing especially in term of
features of narrative text, from the vocabulary, language use, and
language use, the grammar, or the mechanism. The teacher noted down
word spelling. After they were any words about the pictures
accustomed to this activity, gradually produced by the students, the
they enjoyed it. It also increased their researcher guided the students to
knowledge of vocabularies, grammar, exchanging from Indonesian to
and mechanism of writing and the English, and the researcher guide the
developing of the story from the students in pairs and individually so
introduction, complication, and that the problems that faced by the
resolution. students during the lesson session
And last was producing final could be reduced gradually.
writing result. After they received And fourth, teacher personal
their papers which had been corrected approach also influenced the result
by other friends, they students learnt of the students learning. The teacher
the correction. They learnt their did not only help the students in the
mistakes such as about the grammar, teaching learning process, but also
the story, and so on. This activity she encouraged and motivated the
gave feedback to the students that the students who showed less interest in
essence of writing was write, and writing or find difficulties in writing.
revise, until the good writing was The teacher and the collaborator
produced. Even for famous authors, never blamed the students if they
their writing should be corrected made mistakes. Hence, she
before published. encouraged them that it is okay to
Two, the material used. make mistake because we can learn a
According to the students, the lot of things from that mistakes.
materials of the pictures used were
interested. In the interview they said Discussion
that mostly they liked the pictures With reference to the findings
because most of the pictures were of this research, it could be concluded
funny and easy to understand, and that video could improve the
moral value from each picture students writing skill of narrative
sequence made them aware of the text of class XII IPA.2 SMAN 2

Journal English Language Teaching (ELT) Volume 2 Nomor 2, Juli 2014

Bukittinggi. The implementation of are structured as three-act "plays,"

this media could reduce their anxiety divided into exposition, development
in learning English. They felt fun and of conflict, and resolution of
happy when producing or writing. So, conflict.... It means video is
if they got difficulties they could ask appropriate media for teaching
the teacher directly without getting Narrative text since generic structure
afraid or shy to the teacher. The of narrative is orientation, conflict
students also said that the teacher and resolution.
always controlled the activities and It could be concluded video
helped them when they had helped the students in getting and
difficulties in finding the unfamiliar generating the ideas from the
or difficult words, word spelling, Watching a video of Narrative text
punctuation, transitional words, and and built it up into a good
grammar. composition.
Analyzing from the research From the interview results
findings which were obtained from conducted to the students, it was
the application of video to improve found that the students were eager to
the students writing skill of narrative write the composition and easier to
text from cycle 1 to cycle 3, the develop their writing because they
researcher found that this media could were accustomed to the title and the
improve or make a better result of the interesting video also can motivate
students writing skill of narrative them to write. As what Stemplesky
text. This improvement was proved (1990) testifies that the use of video
from the results of the students in teaching learning process has some
writing from cycle 1 to cycle 3. The advantages such as : increasing the
progress of the research in students' motivation in learning,
overcoming the problem of writing reviewing the past lesson, providing
skill could be identified from the learning stimulus, activating students'
increasing of average score of the respond, giving feedback and
students that continuously increased accomplishing good practice.
from cycle to cycle, and the numbers Secondly was classroom
of the students who could pass the management. As it was done in this
minimum standard score were also research, the researcher tried hard to
increased from cycle to cycle. make the classroom atmosphere
First, the use of video on enjoyable, every students involved
narrative essay as material to improve and participated in sharing and
the students writing skill had been discussion. The teacher managed the
successful since it answers the pair work, the use of time allocated
questions in the research questions. for task, and monitoring.
The answer of the first question could They were also important
be identified from the increasing factors influence the students
number of the students writing skill changes in speaking skill. The
in each indicator. It was supported by teachers control on students
increasing of the students' writing activities could improve students
scores from cycle 1, cycle 2 and cycle willingness to write. Besides that, the
3. The result of the research proved teacher guidance and reinforcement
the idea of Alberta (2003) said that in during the process of teaching could
Narrative: Since most videos/films help the students in understanding the

Journal English Language Teaching (ELT) Volume 2 Nomor 2, Juli 2014

materials given. Monitoring also Derived from the observation

helped the teacher to use the time as result, as one of the ways to make the
effective as possible whether it will students aware to the aspects of
need to be shortened or extended. writing, the researcher encouraged
Thirdly was the classroom them to evaluate other writing by
activities. The variation activities making some editing and revising.
done by the researcher could lead the Therefore, every pairs exchanged
students to become more active in the their writing to others pairs. This
classroom. They do not feel bored activity was beneficial to maximize
during the teaching and learning the students' writing abilities. This
process. The variations of activities becomes essential factor in writing
also make the classroom atmosphere exercises.
more effective in improving the Subsequently, collaborator gave
students ability in speaking skill. big contributions to the researcher
Using pair work as one of during the research. They discussed
classroom activity for teaching the problems during the research and
speaking influence the improvement tried to find to the solutions together.
of the students speaking skill on Because of that, this research could
transactional and interpersonal text. It run-well. Yassin (2010) statements
was better to overcome the students that teachers can improve their
difficulty in creating their own teaching quality by working together
pronunciation. Through pair work, the with their collaborators, and they can
students can share their knowledge help each other supported this.
and idea in creating their own Besides the writing test scores,
conversation. This is a challenging this research was also supported by
process, one that requires students to synchronize results of each
read and listen to fellow students instrument: observation checklist,
writing with insight, and to make field notes, and interviews. From the
useful suggestions for improvement. observation checklist examined by the
Finally, teachers approach and researcher and collaborator, it was
strategy also influenced the changes found that the students were actively
of students writing skill of Narrative expressed their ideas in the pair and
text. Teacher approach determined group working.
the success of teaching result. As it The result of field notes from
was done in this research, the the collaborator, were found that most
researcher tried hard to have good of the students were excited and
approach to the students. She made actively participate in the learning
the classroom atmosphere enjoyable, process. Even though at the first time
so the students did not feel confidence they were, rather confuse with these
to write in the classroom. Besides activities. After getting some
that, teacher strategy also played instructions from the researcher, they
significant role in improving the were enthusiastic to do the tasks.
sstudents writing skill on Narrative
text better. Through the strategy, the
students could develop their writing CONCLUSION
skill and became more active in the Based on the result of the
classroom. research, it was summed up that the
implementation of Video Narrative to

Journal English Language Teaching (ELT) Volume 2 Nomor 2, Juli 2014

improve the students' writing skill had more active and alive. The
been successful in one of the classes classroom atmosphere was
of the twelveth grade at SMAN 2 more fun and enjoyable.
Bukittinggi. . It was shown by the
increasing of the marks and the Suggestions
averages from one cycle to other Having finished conducting the study,
cycles. The improvements can be the researcher's suggestions are as
shown at each indicator which is follow:
content, organization, vocabulary, 1. Dealing with the positive finding
grammar, and mechanics. of the research, it is suggested to
Based on the result of the the researcher as an English
research findings, some conclusions teacher to use Video in teaching
can be drawn: writing of Narrative text to
1. Video showing for Narrative text enhance students' writing skill.
better improves students' writing 2. It is also suggested for future
skill because of the improvement researcher to conduct further
of students' writing test Narrative research dealing with the use of
text through video in each cycle. Video in other language skills.
2. Based on the result of the research 3. The schools also have to provide
and supported by the instruments the classes with the equipments
of the research in the qualitative needed in teaching writing by
data, the improvement of the using Video
students writing skill on narrative
text by using video was influenced Note : This Article was written
and supported by four important from the writers thesis at Pasca
factors: Sarjana of State University of
a. The teaching material used Padang with advisors consisting of
while the acitivties were very Prof. Dr. Anas Yasin, M.Pd and Dr.
interesting and easy to be Desmawati Radjab, M.Pd.
understood by the students.
They liked most of the the References
topics given. Adegbija, MV and
b. The classroom activities akomogban,MA.2012.
created by the researcher as Instructional Media in
the teacher made the students Teaching & Learning. A
felt motivated in learning Nigerian persfective. Global
since the activities used were Media Journal. African
varied from one meeting to Edition 2012 volume 6. pp.2
another in each cycle.
c. The classroom management. Alberta. 2003. Using Film in the
The teachers guidance and Classroom Senior High
control of the class improved School English Language Arts
the students motivation to Guide to
study in the classroom. Implementation.Cannada:
d. The teachers approach. The Canada Education Journal.
way the teacher delivers the Pp.58-59
lesson made the classroom
situation and interaction

Journal English Language Teaching (ELT) Volume 2 Nomor 2, Juli 2014

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