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Providing a great bar-b-q experience.

Top Flight BBQ, LLC 2016 / 2017

Corporate Catering
Turn to Top Flight BBQ to make your next corporate gathering an
appetizing experience. Breakfast, lunch or dinner ~ we have you covered.
As an added bonus, we offer our services for cocktail parties and special
events. Our attention to detail, personalized service, menus and affordable
prices are just a few things that set our company apart from others.

Our corporate catering can be completely customized to bring your team

to new heights! Our offerings are great way to bring excitement to your
corporate events ~ retreats, employee appreciation celebrations, holiday
parties, marketing functions, team building and a whole lot more! We can
customize your meals with ease and professionalism that matches the tone
you want to set for your special event!

Ask us about our creative way to get your staff having fun and working
together, how about having our culinary staff, lead a hands-on cooking
experience that allows your team to create something delicious together!

Top Flight BBQ, LLC 2016 / 2017

Traditional BBQ Menu
2016-2017 PRICING
GUIDE (Catering)
AS OF JULY, 2016

These are per person prices:

The Trans-Continental (Choice of 3 meats, 3 sides, bread, dessert & drinks) $23.00

The Hanger (Choice of 2 meats, 2 sides, bread, dessert & drinks) $19.00

The Jumpseat (Choice of 1 meat, 2 sides, bread, dessert & drinks) $14.00

Post Meal Drinks $1.50

Coffee / Tea Service $1.50

Appetizers -
Additional Side Dishes $2.00

The package prices include:

Buffet line attendants to assist guests (pouring drinks, keeping the buffet line full, clean-
High quality plastic plates, cups, plastic wear wrapped in napkins which will be
coordinated with the event colors if desired.

Top Flight BBQ, LLC 2016 / 2017

Choosing Your Caterer
Your location, the food and drink for your celebration will consume the largest portion of your event budget. Because
the food is such an important component, youll want to work with a top-notch professional caterer. Many factors
come into play when selecting a caterer, so dont be afraid to ask lots of questions.

Does the caterer specialize in certain types of food or service? Find a caterer who can make a memorable meal. At
Top Flight BBQ, we prepare delicious meats in the old fashioned southern tradition. We use only the highest quality
meats and smoke them to fall off the bone perfection. Using the freshest produce that is locally sourced, we provide
appetizers and side dishes that enhance the experience.

Can the caterer arrange for a tasting of the specific foods you're interested in prior to hiring? (They should.) Schedule
a tasting if you get a good vibe. We offer tastings free of charge for up to six individuals. Our goal is to win over our
potential clients with a quality tasting, while allowing everyone who has a voice in the process the opportunity to make
suggestions and provide feedback.

What is the caterer's average price range? We have a variety of meal packages ranging from $12 per person to $23
per person. Are costs itemized depending on the foods you choose, or is there an all-inclusive flat rate? Top Flight
BBQ has chosen to price via an all-inclusive flat rate. This price includes the food, drinks, buffet line servers, high
quality plastic plates, utensils, napkins and cups. It does not include a gratuity. We endeavor to provide the best
service possible prior to and on the day of the event and leave the decision to give a tip up to the client.

How involved is the caterer in a typical event? We will have a point person to serve as a banquet manager. We will
ask that the event coordinator provide a timeline for event. We can discuss what your needs may be!

Will the caterer provide tables, chairs, plates, table linens, silverware, and more? Do you have to rent tables, place
settings, or other equipment? Or will they arrange for the rentals? While Top Flight BBQ does not have an inventory
of tables, chairs, non-disposable plates and glasses, etc. we have suggestions of great companies to work with!

Who is the main contact? Will the same person you work with when planning also oversee meal service on the day of
the event? (You want this to be the case.) Your designated point person (either Michele Wilson or Diane Pitt) will be
your main contact during the planning process and will ensure that every detail discussed will be executed fully.

Does the caterer handle all table settings? Will they put out place cards or goody bags? The Top Flight BBQ team
sets the tables with plates, napkins and utensils. As a rule, we do not set place cards, favors and centerpieces or
light candles. However, we have a can do attitude and will be happy to assist with these requests. We just ask for
enough lead time and specific instructions.

Will the caterer provide servers? We provide our own serving personnel. They are buffet line servers. This is one way
we keep our pricing structure affordable. The per-person price includes the buffet line servers. How many would they
recommend for the size of your event? Top Flight BBQ recommends one server for every 25 to 30 guests. What will
the servers wear? We wear uniforms (collared shirts, black pants and black shoes). We want your guests to easily
identify who is there to assist them with their needs.

Top Flight BBQ, LLC 2016 / 2017

Will the caterer be willing to include a recipe you provide, like a special family dish, or an appetizer with some sort of
sentimental significance? While we are extremely proud of our menu, we understand that certain dishes can add to
your event. We have the experience to bring one of your own family recipes to life and is more than willing to do so!
Top Flight BBQ is also experienced in preparing vegetarian and gluten free options for your guests that may have
special dietary needs.

Where will the food be prepared? Top Flight BBQ has our own mobile kitchen as well as the use of a commercial
kitchen. The meal preparation begins at our base and the finishing touches are completed at the venue just prior to
your meal being served.

Does the caterer work with fresh and locally sourced foods? Top Flight BBQ uses fresh and sustainably farmed
meats, produce and other foods.

What is your policy on cleanup? It is the standard practice for Top Flight BBQ to clear dinner plates from the tables.
Once dinner service is completed, the Top Flight BBQ team will tear down the buffet line and clean up the service
area. If our clients choose to rent china and stainless steel utensils, a fee will be charged to hire additional staff help
to assist in the cleanup process.

Can you speak to previous clients? (Get at least two references that had a similar number of guests and a similar
menu style.) Since 2007, Top Flight BBQ has catered many special events. We are happy to provide references.

What is the payment policy? To reserve the date, we ask for a $250 deposit. Then, 15 days prior to your event, we
ask for the final headcount and 50% of the balance. The remaining balance is due on or before the day of the event.
A gratuity is typically given just prior to the Top Flight BBQ team departing.

Top Flight BBQ, LLC 2016 / 2017

At Top Flight BBQ we prepare delicious meats in the old fashioned southern tradition. Using only the
highest quality meats, we smoke to "fall off the bone" perfection. We use special blends of tangy sauces
and dry rubs to compliment the hickory smoked flavor. Using the freshest produce that is locally
sourced, we provide dishes that enhance the barbecue experience.

In addition to serving great food, we pride ourselves on providing exceptional customer service. From
the planning stages to the completion of each event, we will assist each client with a high level of
professionalism and care.

Our standard BBQ menu includes:

Pulled Pork Side Dishes
Baby Back Ribs Creamy Macaroni & Cheese
Beef Brisket Slow Smoked Baked Beans
Hickory Smoked Chicken Red Skinned Potato Salad
Lemon Tarragon Marinated Grilled Chicken Chipotle Cole Slaw
Grilled Kielbasa with peppers & onions Garden Pasta Salad
Caprese Salad
Vegetarian Options Fresh Green Salad with Choice of 2 Dressings
Vegetable and Tofu Kabobs Summer Corn Salad
Quinoa Salad with Red Roasted Peppers Green Beans with Country Ham
Fresh Fruit (In Season)
Appetizers Honey Sweetened Cornbread
Cheese Boards (3 cheeses) with Crackers
Vegetable Tray with Dip Desserts
Grilled Kielbasa with spicy mustard Banana Cream Pudding
BBQ Quesadillas Cinnamon Smoked Apples with Vanilla Ice Cream
Fresh Fruit Cups Brownies
Caprese Salad Cups Strawberry Shortcake Bars
Assortment of Cookies
(Chocolate Chip, Sugar, Oatmeal Raisin)

Top Flight BBQ, LLC 2016 / 2017

Alternative Menus
All American Chicken, Beef & Shrimp Fajitas
Steaks / Chicken (Grilled) Grilled Corn & Black Bean Salad
Hamburgers / Hot Dogs Fresh Fruit
Loaded Baked Potato Bar Spanish Rice
Sauted Green Beans or Asparagus
Garlic Mashed Potatoes Cajun
Smoked Prime Rib Roast Shrimp & Chicken Gumbo
Smoked Salmon Jambalaya with Grilled Chicken
Herb Seasoned Rice Blackened Chicken or Shrimp
Roasted Vegetables Cornbread
Shrimp Boil with New Potatoes,
Seafood Corn on the Cob and Onions
Smoked Salmon
Grilled Shrimp Italian
Grilled Tilapia Lasagna
Spaghetti with Meatballs
Jamaican Ravioli with Marinara
Jerk Chicken Fettuccini Alfredo with Grilled
Jerk Shrimp Chicken
Grilled Pineapple Caesar Salad / Garden Salad
Jamaican Style Rice French Bread
Roasted Vegetables

Top Flight BBQ, LLC 2016 / 2017

Breakfast ~ Brunch Menu Options
Fruit Salad
Variety of Yogurt Flavors with Granola
Variety of Fresh Fruits
Bagels Station with Meats, Cheeses and Cream Cheese Spreads
Variety of Danishes & Muffins
French Toast with Powdered Sugar & Syrup
Belgian Waffles or Pancakes with Syrup
Sausage Patties or Links
Thick Sliced Hickory Smoked Bacon
Vegetable Quiche
Egg Casserole (with mild cheddar cheese & ham)
Hash Browns
Biscuits with Sausage Gravy
Biscuits with Butter and Jelly
Coffee (Regular & Decaf) with Creamer & Sweeteners
Variety of Teas with Sweeteners
Variety of Juices
Bottled Water

Top Flight BBQ, LLC 2016 / 2017


Missy Swanson - Harlan - Bride

Don and Patti Petty Parents of the Groom

Dawn Baran - Bride

Corporate Events

Mitch Orndorff
Special Made, Inc.

Danny Wilson Safety Supervisor
Mercury Paper - Strasburg

Patrick Rodgers
Winchester Building Supply

Reunions and Civic Group Gatherings

Jeff Stout Sherando High School FFA Advisor

John Westervelt Kiwanis Coordinator
540.667.2409 (please call between 9 am and 4 pm)

Top Flight BBQ, LLC 2016 / 2017

Catering Contract
308 Morlyn Drive
Stephenson, VA 22656

Client Name:

Full Address:

Date of Function: Meal Service Begins at:

Location of Function:

Type of Event: ________

Approximate # of Guests: Retainer Fee: $ 250.00

Main Contact Name:

Main Contact Number:

Main Contact Email:

Menu Selections: Meal Choice






Special Requests:

General Information and Policies Our professional resources in culinary and service skills afford you complete
assurance that all commitments will be carried out to your satisfaction. The staff of Top Flight BBQ, LLC will
endeavor to make your event worry-free and enjoyable for you, our client and all guests attending. In order to
ensure you and your guests of a well-organized function, we must ask that we both adhere to the following catering

Top Flight BBQ, LLC 2016 / 2017

Payments and Retainer Fee There is a $250 retainer fee on all events, unless prior arrangements have been made.
We accept cash, checks, money orders and credit cards. A 4% processing fee will be added if payment is received by
credit card. Checks should be made out to Top Flight BBQ, LLC. If we receive a payment for services via check
and that payment is returned by the bank, you will be responsible for a $35.00 fee. Any balance due will be paid in
cash, money order, check or credit card no later than the date of the event. Delinquent Accounts - we reserve the
right to assess finance charges on any amount unpaid when due at an interest rate of 2% per month. In the event
that the caterer must seek legal remedies to complete execution of this contract, the client agrees to pay all
reasonable attorney fees.

Top Flight BBQ, LLC must be notified of the exact headcount no later than 14 days prior to the event. Billing will
be in accordance with the guaranteed number.

Buffet Service Time

The buffet will be set up and the food will be ready to be served at the agreed upon time. Meal service typically lasts
for 1 to 2 hours. Arrangements for additional time can be made if needed.

Taxes All applicable state and local taxes will be imposed and paid by the client.

Cancellations If the client cancels a contracted event, Top Flight BBQ, LLC will keep the retainer fee.

Menu Details
Portion Sizes Our menu items are sold on a per guest basis, with portion sizes having been determined by our
experienced catering staff. If you would like information regarding exact quantities, please do not hesitate to ask
Michele Wilson, Owner/Operator.

Food Not Provided by Top Flight BBQ In order to maintain the highest quality control during your event, we
ask that all food items be provided by Top Flight BBQ.

Leftover Food In accordance with Health Department recommendations requiring that food remain within safe
temperature zones for extended amounts of time, leftovers may not be released to you or your guests. We enforce
this policy to minimize the risk of food borne illness to you or your guests due to potential improper storage of
leftover food items. We appreciate your cooperation.

Gratuities Gratuities will be accepted at the conclusion of the event and shared with the event staff.

Damage to Property Caterer and/or its agents will be liable for any damage to property entrusted to its employees,
for the loss of any property. Client assumes responsibility for any damages to any property rented to patron that
may be caused by patrons, members, guests or invitees.

This agreement constitutes the entire agreement between the parties. No modifications or cancellations thereof shall
be valid nor of any force effect unless in writing signed by the Caterer.

The undersigned acknowledges that (s)he has read and accepted all the terms of this Catering Contract and has
executed this Agreement on the: (Date) ___________________________ and by returning it along with the
retainer fee.

Authorized Customer Signature Date

Top Flight BBQ, LLC 2016 / 2017

Michele Wilson, Top Flight BBQ,

Catered Events
LLC Date

Top Flight BBQ, LLC 2016 / 2017

Top Flight BBQ, LLC 2016 / 2017


Top Flight BBQ, LLC 2016 / 2017