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TPACK Template

Subject English

Grade 11

Learnin Standard 11.1 for communication: The student will make informative and persuasive
g presentations.
Objecti d) Support and defend ideas in public forums.
ve g) use presentation technology

Standard 11.4 for reading: The student will read, comprehend, and analyze
relationships among American literature, history, and culture.
f) Explain how the sound of a poem (rhyme, rhythm, onomatopoeia, repetition,

alliteration, assonance, and parallelism) supports the subject, mood, and theme.
g) Explain how imagery and figures of speech appeal to the readers senses and
Activity Preferably given at the end of a lesson on key poetic devices such as: rhythm,
repetition, alliteration, etc, the teacher will illustrate the use of poetic devices from a
poem such as Frosts The Road Not Taken and how they create, add, diversify, and
support themes and meaning within a poem.

Students can be assigned groups of no less than 3 and no more than 5. Grouping
method can vary depending on the class.

The teacher will have the students read Robert Frosts The Tuft of Flowers, Mending
Wall, Reluctance, and My Butterfly. More or less poems can be used depending on
class size. Poems can be read before class (as homework from the previous class) or in
class, if time allows.

Students will be assigned a poem and choose (or be assigned) poetic devices to look
for in their respective poems.

The students will then create a Canva presentation together that explains the function
of the poetic devices within the poem and how it affects their experience reading the

(Depending on the length of class time this can be done in class or broken up in to
two, one for creating the presentation, one for presenting.)

The presentation should:


1. Retain legible font

2. Establish a clean or subject oriented background.
3. Slides should have, at most, 10 words per 10-lines to remain speech oriented.
4. The students must use textual evidence to support their claims.
5. Be around 10 minutes in length, no more than 15minutes.

Each student will receive their own grade. However, being in a group will allow points
to be added for group interaction during the presentation as long as information is
being added and a presentation segment is not done for another student.

Grading Criteria: (1 point 5 points)

1. Explained the poetic device.
2. Illustrates how this device creates meaning in the poem.
3. Explained its use with an example from the poem.
4. Presentation adhered to guidelines and is used to present.
5. Speaks as clearly, loudly, and concisely as reasonably possible.
6. Bonus (1 Point): Adding new information to one other part of the
Technol Students will use computers/laptops.

ogy Students will use the Canva presentation tool.

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