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October 3, 2017 [WEEKLY NEWS]

Foreign funds turn off supply, leave expansion in India and overseas.
Indian markets gasping Read More
Foreign portfolio investors pulled out close
to Rs 13,400 crore in September. Foreign Blockchains and responsible business
portfolio investors pulled out close to Rs There are many new uses for blockchain
13,400 crore in September. The Sensex fell that are emerging almost every day. This
1.4% during the month while Nifty lost new way of transacting could support
1.3%. business responsibility in many ways by
Read More supporting green supply chains, measuring
water use, emissions management and
D-Marts rising brand value shows that supporting the sharing economy.
hyperlocal pays Read More
There are many such hidden gems in India,
what we call hyperlocal brands, these are Who gains from the strong rupee, and at
not national, but where they are, they are whose cost?
like 90-100% of market share. For instance, Big industry, who typically borrow abroad
in Tamil Nadu, there is this local soft drink, and import inputs, gain from keeping the
Bovonto, which is giving PepsiCo and Coca- rupee strong. These gainers represent the
Cola a run for their money. Then there is elite of society. Who are the losers from an
Balaji chips, which is giving Kurkure (owned overvalued rupee? Exporters, whether of
by PepsiCos Frito Lay) a run for its money garments, information technology and
in Mumbai. outsourcing services, those who seek jobs
Read More in these sectors, the small and medium
enterprises and overall growth.
How Apple plays with price barriers to Read More
peddle iPhone X to both masses and
classes The future of crypto-financing in India
Apple has cleverly played with mental price A new avatar of blockchain-based financial
barriers to attract high-end as well as price- productscryptocurrency/crypto-token
sensitive buyers. It deploys the the age-old powered initial coin offerings (ICO)is
psychological pricing with 9's, such as Rs gaining popularity as a viable alternative to
9.99. more traditional means of raising capital.
Read More However, it needs to be properly regulated
in order to streamline investment and
Digital to drive FMCG consumption ensure adequate investor-protection
worth $45 bn by 2020: Google India safeguards.
There will be 650 million Internet users by Read More
2020 -- with the highest growth coming from
non-metros owing to increasing mobile Why Warren Buffetts value investing
penetration. This mass reach will have a big model doesnt work in Indian market
impact for FMCG companies and influence Ambit Capital in a report said value
categories such as baby-care and beauty. investing does not always work in the
Read More context of the India market because while
earnings yield of value stocks looks
Keventers to double retail footprint by attractive, these stocks display limited
end of FY18 potential to actually realise those earnings
Milkshakes brand Keventers is looking at given their declining return ratios, excessive
doubling its retail footprint to 300 outlets by leverage and poor accounting practices.
end of this fiscal as it undergoes a rapid Read More

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