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IRCA Certified (A17955) BSI Training Academy

ISO 9001:2015
Lead Auditor
Five day course
Gain the confidence to effectively audit a quality management
system (QMS) in accordance with internationally recognized best
practice techniques. Demonstrate your commitment to quality by
transforming existing auditor skills to ISO 9001:2015. Consolidate
your expertise with the latest developments and contribute to the
continuous improvement of the business.

How will I benefit? What will I learn? Who should attend?

Identify the aims and benefits of an Gain the skills to plan, conduct, This course is ideal for anyone
ISO 9001:2015 audit report and follow up an audit in needing to audit an organizations
Plan, conduct and follow-up accordance with ISO 19011 ISO 9001:2015 QMS.
auditing activities that add value Identify the purpose and benefits
Grasp the application of risk-based of a quality management system
thinking, leadership and process Explain the role of an auditor to
management plan, conduct, report and follow
Access the latest techniques and up an audit in accordance with ISO
identify appropriate use 19011 (and ISO 17021 where
Build stakeholder confidence by appropriate).
managing processes in line with
the latest requirements
Understand the arrangements for

BSI certification.
The commitment and enthusiasm shown by the BSI team
to understand our business was commendable.
Vikas Joshi, Continuous Improvement Manager, Coca-Cola

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BSI Training Academy
Day 1 Day 2 Day 3

Welcome & introductions QMS purpose & business benefits Specimen exam: Section 1 & 2
Course benefits Terminology review
Aims, objectives & structure Plan-Do-Check-Act Auditing context of the
First, second & third party audits QMS processes & context organization
Typical audit activities Conformance & compliance Auditing the organizations QMS
Audit objectives, scopes & criterias Role of the auditor planning process
Audit resources QMS documented information Tutorial on body language
Roles & responsibilities Initiating the audit Audit trails
Confidentiality Document review Auditing the organizations
Audit methods Audit plan operational QMS processes (1)
Stage 1 & 2 audits Work documents Auditing the organizations
operational QMS processes (2)
Audit plan Opening meeting
Work documents Observations
Opening meeting Interviewing top management
Audit evidence
Effective communication
Audit findings
Audit meetings
Closing meeting

Day 4 Day 5 Why train with us?

We dont just train you to meet
Specimen exam: Section 3 review Hand in homework: Audit report
Auditing the organizations Final questions/revision standards we create them. As the
operational QMS processes (3) Evaluation worlds first National Standards Body
Nonconformities Introduction to the exam and a founding member of ISO, no one
Closing meeting Exam
knows standards like BSI. Our expert
Audit report Reflection & feedback
Audit follow-up knowledge means a lot and when you
Specimen exam: Section 4 review train with us, you benefit from this
expertise. Our training courses will give
you the knowledge and skills to embed
the standards that matter to you the
most. To promote your professional
development, youll receive a BSI
Training Academy certificate thats
recognized worldwide.

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