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This study would not have been possible without the assistance and support of those
who guided me in the course of my graduate work. First, I would like to thank Allah SWT
throughout this research. It is by His hands and wisdom in guiding me to finish my work within
the study period.

Second, I would like to extend my thanks to my honourable supervisor, En Mohd Azuan

Tukiar, for his support, encouragement, and academic guidance during the course of my study.
I would like to specially thank his patience and tolerance towards me, in which he always trusts
me that I am able to do it. His diligence, dedication and working attitudes are good examples
for me to follow.

Last but not least, I am grateful to my family members for their love, support and
encouragement. Not to forget thanks to all my friends for their ideas and effort to help me to
finish my work.

This project compares quantity material for the reinforce concrete for all structure of
double storey building design for BS 8110 and EC2 by using ESTEEM software. It aims to
discover the similarity and differences of these 2 codes, investigate which code brings more
benefits in designing, and to familiarize engineers with EC2. Comparisons are made between
the approaches recommended by existing British Standards structural codes and corresponding
Eurocodes. Eurocodes, together with some of the factors which influence its use, is discussed
in the hope that it might be helpful to professionals in deciding its future applications in
Malaysia. Existing knowledge based on British Standards is examined, as is the ability of
Eurocodes to transfer technology in codes of practice and materials standards indirectly from
one country to another. After obtaining the results of designs structures, tables of quantity of
material and its cost are produced to compares the results of BS 8110 and EC2. The cost value
of concrete is higher for EC2 compared to BS8110. After the studies, it was discovered that
Grade 500 steel should be used for EC2, only then the steel ratio for both codes will be even
more similar, with the steel ratio of EC2 being slightly lower than BS 8110. This agrees with
the studies from literature review whereby design based on EC2 are supposed to be more
economical. The quantity and cost of steel reinforcement also lower for EC2 than BS8110.
Conclusion, the design results of EC2 will not give so much impact than current code since the
total cost of design structure only 0.5% slightly higher than BS 8110.