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Abstract:Psoriasis manifests as well defined erythematous papules and

plaques, which are surmounted with large, silvery loose scales. In
homoeopathy, skin ailments they fall under the category of local maladies. As per
directions of Dr. Hahnemann in Organon, local maladies should never be treated
with topical applications. They require internal constitutional medication, based on
through case taking, in order to be cured.

Psoriasis, Psoriasis vulgaris, Chronic plaque psoriasis, Scaly lesions, Kobners
phenomenon, Homoeopathy

Psoriasis is a chronic skin ailment characterized by well -defined
erythematous papules and plaques, which are surmounted with large,
silvery loose scales. The cause is unknown but there are some risk factors
like physical trauma, infections, drugs like antimalarial drugs, NSAIDs
which may trigger this in genetically predisposed individuals. Both the
sexes are equally affected and most of patients are worse in winters.
The commonest form of psoriasis is Psoriasis Vulgaris (Chronic plaque
psoriasis). The lesions are mildly itchy, deep pink to red, surmounted
with silvery, white, loose, lamellar scales. The lesions are more on
extensor surfaces, pressure areas like elbows and knees, scalp,
lumbosacral region and periumbilical area or develop at site of trauma
(koebners phenomenon).


A female patient of age 14 years consulted with bilateral symmetrical well defined
erythematous papular lesions surmounted with silvery scales on both the legs since
2 years. . There was mild itching in lesions.

Past history: Nothing specific

Family history:Mother History of tuberculosis

Father History of tuberculosis


Thermal reaction: Hot patient

Appetite: nothing specific

Thirst: 5-6 glasses per day

Desire: Salty

Stool: once in morning, satisfactory.

Urine: 4-5 times a day.

Perspiration: normal

Built:Medium built

Mind and behavior: Irritable in nature.

Observations: Palms hot to touch

One cheek hot and another cold to touch


1st prescription: On basis of irritable nature, hot patient and one cheek hot and
another cold CHAMOMILLA 200/ 3 doses was prescribed, followed by Sac Lac
30, thrice for 15 days.

2nd prescription: No specific change. Sac Lac 30, thrice for 15 days continued.

3rd prescription: Lesions got slightly better. Continued with Sac lac 30, thrice daily
for 15 days.

4th prescription: After 1 month the lesions again flared up. So repeated
CHAMOMILLA 200/ 3 doses and Sac Lac 30, thrice daily for 15 days.

5th prescription: Sac Lac 30, thrice daily for 15 days.

The lesions got better but were not totally gone.

Now considering the miasmatic background, that is tubercular history of parents
medicine TUBERCULINUM 1M/ 1 dose prescribed, followed by SAC LAC 200,
three times a day for 30 days.

After 30 days follow up, the lesions got totally cleared.

Patients continuously followed for 2 years and here was no appearance of new

Before treatment
During treatment
During treatment
Complete resolution after treatment.

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1. Dr. AmitArora (SMO), Dte of AYUSH, GNCT of Delhi

2. Dr. Udesh Kumar (CMO), Dte of AYUSH, GNCT of Delhi