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War Atrocities Poster

Student Name: ________________________________________

Assignment: You are tasked to create a poster highlighting one of the numerous atrocities that
occurred in either the first of the second world war. Your goal is to create a poster to inform a
person who did not know this event took place. Your poster should be visually appealing to catch
the attention of a passerby. Your poster should highlight several factors:

1. Who are the people involved in this event?

2. What happened?
3. What was the motivation?
4. What are some of the statistics of what occurred?

In addition to this create a bibliography of your sources. Write or attach it to the back of your
Scoring Guide

CATEGORY 4 3 2 1
Content Covers topic in- Includes essential Includes essential Content is minimal
depth with details knowledge about information about OR there are
and examples. the topic. Subject the topic but there several factual
Subject knowledge knowledge appears are 1-2 factual errors.
is excellent. to be good. errors.
Organization Content is well Uses headings or Content is logically There was no clear
organized using bulleted lists to organized for the or logical
headings or bulleted organize, but the most part. organizational
lists to group related overall structure, just lots
material. organization of of facts.
topics appears
Attractiveness Makes excellent use Makes good use of Makes use of font, Use of font, color,
of font, color, font, color, color, graphics, graphics, effects
graphics, effects, graphics, effects, effects, etc. but etc. but these often
etc. to enhance the etc. to enhance to occasionally these distract from the
presentation. presentation. detract from the presentation
presentation content.
Sources Source information Source information Source information Very little or no
collected for all collected for all collected for source information
graphics, facts and graphics, facts and graphics, facts and was
quotes. All quotes. Most quotes, but not
documented in documented in documented in
desired format. desired format. desired format.