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1. The differences and similarities of Drama and Poetry

a. The differences
There are some differences between drama and poetry:
The poetry presents a clear rhythmic form, chooses words wich have a
particular syllabic breakdown to establish a rythm and have different meaning
to the reader WHILE drama musst have the action of characters around plot
choices such as irony and conflict.
b. The similatities
Both of them to be heard, they have a plot, main theme and often bith major
and minor characters.
2. The differences and similarities between Drama and fiction
a) The differences
The drama also represents problems of probablity not exactly the same as
those of the short story
b) The similarities
Both of them present a series of related actions which form a plot (action),
deeply concerned with charactarization, place ephasis upon setting, a play
more deliberately and purposefully than a novel.
3. The differences and similiraties of drama on the stage and drama on the page
a. The differences
Drama on Stage can communicate emotion WHILE drama on Page cannot
communicate emotion
Drama on Stage get response from the audience WHILE drama on page
reader alone with the text
Drama on stage set stands continiously WHILE drama on page described in
stage direction once.
Drama on stage the action continuous WHILE drama on page stop the action,
think over whats been happening.
Drama on stage each performance is unique WHILE drama on page depends
on the reader.
Drama on stage focus on the collaborative work WHILE drama on page focus
on the readers interpretation.
b. The similarities
Both of them are written text and need to present them as drama, they need the
actors and the audiences.