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Lesson Plan

Grade/Subject:Grade1/Math Lesson Duration:1hr


General Learning Outcomes:
Use patterns to describe the world and to solve problems.
Specific Learning Outcomes:
Demonstrate an understanding of repeating patterns (two to four elements) by: describing reproducing
extending creating
Students will:
1. Demonstrate an understanding of patterns by coloring Christmas ornaments and pictures

Observations: Key Questions:
Watch how students are coloring their Can students name the next item in line of a pattern?
Christmas ornaments
Do students have their hand up for the SMART
board activity?
Written/Performance Assessments: N/A


* SMART board
* Patterns worksheet
* Patterns coloring
Introduction (20 min.):
Hook/Attention Grabber:
Tell students we are going to be talking about patterns. Explain how the tree on the door looks petty plain so
we are going to decorate Christmas ornaments to cover it, we also have the word Merry Christmas that
needs to be colored and some presents and candy canes. But I dont want just any kind of Christmas door, I
want a door full of patterns. The rule is everything you color has to have a pattern.

Assessment of Prior Knowledge:

ASK: What is a pattern? ANS- a sequence of colors, shapes, objects that repeat in a certain order
ASK for examples students know Write these examples on the board, ask students to finish them and
circle the base (what the patterns foundation is).
Give a couple more examples on the board before moving into the SMART activity

Tell students that we are going to be doing a worksheet together before we start any Christmas coloring
because I want everyone to be experts at patterns, so our door looks amazing.
The patterns worksheet corresponds to the SMART activity.
1. Have student pick out 3 pencil crayon colors. Tell them they must like these 3 colors because they
cant use any more for the worksheet. Whilst they are doing this hand out the worksheet
2. ABAB, have a student come up to the board and create a ABAB pattern by dragging the colored
circles into the correct spot for the pattern type. Then have the other students copy the pattern down
on their worksheet. IE. ABAB = red, purple, red, purple, red, purple
3. Walk around and make sure the students are doing it correctly
Repeat with all the patterns.

Once this is completed now its time for students to color the Christmas pictures show students all the
pictures and go over them.
Christmas ornaments have a blank one, so students can make their own pattern color these then
cut them out.
Candy cane can be any color not just red and white
I want students best coloring because this is for our door and the ENTIRE school will see it.
If students complete one coloring tell them to go put it on my desk and grab another one

Students must come and show me their completed worksheet before choosing what to color, the quietest
table will be chosen first. There are only a few of each because we need a variety of things on our door so
just like the animals remind students that there is no crying or complaining if they dont get the one they
want. There are plenty more to choose from.
Body (35min.):
Learning Activity #1: COLORING
Allow students to color all the various ordinates, presents, candy cane and letters.
REMIND them that this is going to be on our door and they must be using patterns

Closure (5 min.):
Clean up
Ask each team what comes next in the pattern on the final slide of the SMART PowerPoint. When someone
from the team gets it right then give students in that team a candy cane each because I promised them from
yesterday. Point out the pattern in the candy cane when everyone has them. See if students can spot their
pattern ask them to tell their neighbor what kind of pattern their candy can has.

Transition to next lesson:

Get students to sit with their head down. REMIND them that its writing time now and even though they just
got a candy cane they still have to focus on their writing. Since each student is at a different point just
remind them the stages of the elf story. Once they are done they can color their story or color more patterns.

Rules for Candy Canes: Be specific when telling these to students

No poking people
No crunching loudly
No sticky hand keep the cane in the wrapper
If they are being a distraction in any way they will be taken away.