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Ships Log


A Busy Time of Year A Busy Time of Year 1
This has been an especially busy year for the people at Admiral
Regional Agents Meeting 2
Merchants, especially Paul Hinrichs and the Safety Department. One
of the most significant changes to have occurred in the transportation
industry in years is the new federal mandate that all trucks be Happy Holidays 3
equipped with electronic logging devices. The Federal Motor Carrier
Safety Administration has mandated that by December 18, 2017, 2017 Holiday Hours 3
all commercial vehicles manufactured in or after the year 2000 must
be equipped with an electronic logging device to capture the trucks 2018 Dates: Mark Your Calendars! 4
operation, to ensure that the federal Hours of Service rules are met.
This requirement has been the subject of significant litigation by many News and Notes From the
factions in the trucking industry. Learning how to use the electronic log has been a challenge IT Desk 4-6
for the people of Admiral Merchants and all of our independent contractors and drivers
(and everyone else in the industry!). This has been a huge project for Paul and the Safety End Of year Reminders 6
team. First, they had to select a product that would comply with the law, but at a price our
contractors could afford. Second, we had to educate first ourselves and then all of our drivers Office Visits 7
on the requirements of the law and how the product is to be used.
Paul developed a plan which began the gradual implementation of this mandate. That plan Halloween Fever 8
called for all contractors to have ELDs in their trucks and operating by the end of the third
quarter of 2017. It was anticipated that this would give us about two months to iron out any Driver Appreciation BBQ 9
bugs. No one anticipated the number of bugs we would encounter. However, with the help
of every member of the Admiral team, the end is in sight. Of course, I would like to thank Seasons Greetings 10-11
Paul and his team for pulling the laboring oar. However, Mike Griffin and the Contractor
Services team and Doug Milroy along with the rest of the Operations team have been very Updates From Safety 12
involved in the process as well. Wes Dyer, our head recruiter, has been out in the field trying
to help drivers adjust. Finally, Tim Neid has often been on the bleeding edge as we have Credit Requests 13
attempted to implement this technology.
While many in the industry have been dragged to the point of implementation, we remain Dougs Dedications 14-16
hopeful that electronic logs will help our contractors become more efficient, lower their costs,
and improve safety. A Small Taste of Life on th Road 17

This is a very challenging time for our professional contractors. Because of this controversial Friendly Reminders 17
mandate, many have had to learn how to do their jobs all over again. They either have or
will have to change how they do many of the tasks they do every day. They are used to
Document Everything 18
keeping track of their day by use of paper logs. Now, the ubiquitous computer keeps track
of everything. There is a promise that everything will eventually be easier- but now, because
Holiday Greetings 18
of the learning curve and technical snafus, that future seems to be a long way off. No new
technology is ever as easy as its promoters claim. Thanks to every member of the Admiral
team who have worked hard with our contractors as they have ventured into this new arena. Admiral Fun! 19
It has been difficult for our contractors, but the people of Admiral have been standing with
them at every step along the way. Hopefully, that commitment has made this transition a Top Revenue Producing Agents
little easier. Not easy, but a little easier. YTD 20

Wishing everyone a Blessed Holiday Season. Top 20 Drivers By Equipment

Brian Short Type 20
Regional Agents Meeting
On Saturday, November 11, we held our Credit Manager, Julie Cornelsen.
2017 Eastern Regional Agent Meeting in
Cleveland, Ohio. This meeting is intended to update and re-introduce the
services and tools that Admiral offers to help grow our Agents
To give some history on the event, the business, and provide an opportunity for networking. We had
Regional meeting is open to any Admiral attendance from 13 Agents as well as guests, and the consensus
Agent that wants to attend. They are always was that the meeting was very informative, positive, and a little
held on a Saturday and the agenda consists of a business entertaining. Thank You to all who attended!
meeting from noon until 5, followed by dinner. In 2006, we
attended our first meeting in Reno, NV, and from there we We have committed to making this a yearly event again, with
moved around the country yearly. Columbus, OH, Aberdeen, the hopes that the 2018 meeting will take place somewhere in
MD, San Antonio, TX, Birmingham, Al, and Las Vegas, NV the Mid-South. You can look for an announcement of where
have all been visited for this event. In November 2012, the and when in the Spring. We look forward to seeing you there.
Agent meeting was scheduled to take place in Ligonier, PA, As the Holiday Season is upon us, I wish you all and your
but was postponed until spring of 2013, as the outer bands of loved ones a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
Hurricane Sandy dumped a foot of wet snow on that area the God Bless.
weekend of our event. Overall, we have been very fortunate in
our travels for this event.

After a 3-year absence, we hosted our 2017 Regional Agent

Meeting at the Hilton Garden Inn, at the Cleveland Airport.
The meeting was put together by Regional Sales Director Joe
Upholzer, as well as the Sales Team including Mary Alfano,
Mike Fielding and myself. With help and presentations also
contributed by Director of Recruiting, Wes Dyer, Director Brent Layton
of IT, Tim Neid, IT Specialist, Dishon Smoot, and Assistant Sr. VP, Sales

Happy Holidays
Its hard to believe that another year has countless hours trying to adjust to the new tools. I witnessed
almost rolled by. The Holidays are just Minneapolis staff going out to Truck Stops just to help get
around the corner, and these are very special an ELD up and running. All of this just proves what a great
times for most of us. It is a time to be with company Admiral really is, and how much we all care about
our family and friends to share Holiday the success of our Contractor and Agent partners.
meals, and to give thanks for the blessings
bestowed upon us. For those who cant be Although we had to manage our way through ELD regulations
home during the Holidays, we understand how difficult it can and many other hurdles, I believe we can all say we are blessed
be and everyone at Admiral appreciates your hard work and with the profitable year weve had thus far. Its also safe to say
commitment. This year has had many ups and downs, but we that we are all looking forward to the upcoming year and all
all stuck together and came out successful in the end. the opportunities it has to offer.

As we worked our way through learning the new ELD mandate, On behalf of the entire Admiral staff, I want to say Thank
I saw some things that made me very proud to be part of the You to each and every one of you, who have all contributed
great team we have here at Admiral. I witnessed many of our to another successful year.All of you are a critical part in
agents and contractors helping each other learn the systems our success, and we could not accomplish this without your
and new tools that are being introduced to us. I witnessed commitment and partnership. If we stick together and remain
Contractors meeting up on crossroads just to help a fellow committed to each other, how can we lose?!
Contractor learn the new ELD process, and many of those Doug Milroy
meetings took hours.I witnessed Freight Coordinators, Safety VP, Operations
department, and many others in the Minneapolis office spend

2017 Holiday Hours

Admiral will be closed for business on the following days to celebrate the holiday season.
However, please note that our emergency after-hour numbers are always available for you if needed.

Thank You and Happy Holidays

from all of us at Admiral!
Friday, December 22
Christmas Eve (observed) . . . Close at 12 Noon
Monday, December 25
Christmas Day . . . . . Closed
Friday, December 29
New Years Eve (observed) . . . Close at 12 Noon

Monday, January 1
New Years Day . . . . . Closed
2018 Dates: Mark Your Calendars!

March 16-18:
Annual Awards Meeting in Charlotte, NC
March 22-24:
Mid-America Trucking Show in Louisville, KY

News And Introduction

Notes From the IT Desk
Another round of exciting updates for your Admiral web page will be happening in the very near future. The
dispatching of a truck is the most important function the Agents use to move freight. Truck Dispatch Console
allows you access to more information with a simple mouse click. Here are some of the notable changes:
Current & Billed Loads: Now you have easy access to view or modify existing loads, verify which loads were
billed, and have access to copies of loads already billed. Click OK without entering any load type criteria to
see your Current and Billed Loads, based on their individual status. Check out the Truck Dispatch Console
shown below.
EZ Brokerage Rate Confirmation: For those who are able to use the EZ Brokerage function, you will be
able to generate your carriers rate confirmation from the same screen you choose the Printer Friendly from.
Inbound Map Search: This is a new option that was put out last summer (2016), that not many Agents are aware is available.
In the same way you chose the Inbound Radius Search, you now have the option to do the same, but show the trucks on a map.

Truck Dispatch Console

You will get a list of your loads (Current or Billed) after the click of [OK] from the initial landing page for Truck Dispatch

4 Article Continues on Page 5

News And Notes Introduction
From the IT Desk, (Continued From 4)
Truck Dispatch Console Loads Screen

Columns are sortable, like the Inbound Report, by clicking the column heading. A load identified with a Y in Brokered column
indicates the load is brokered (Admiral In-House Brokerage or EZ Brokerage). If you want to update a load, click on the Trip
Number, enter your customer number and the Order Modification page will appear once you have clear credit.

Inbound Map Search

Article Continues on Page 6

News And Notes Introduction
From the IT Desk, (Continued From 5)

When you click on a truck, you see the detail of the truck, just like the Inbound Report, but in a map format. With a map, it
gives you a better idea of where the trucks are headed to (ETA Date).

Thank you all for your cooperation with these updates. The IT Department would like to wish you a very Happy Holiday
Season, and a prosperous New Year!
Tim Neid
Director, Information System

End Of Year Reminders

The end of the year is fast approaching, and mile compared to the current rate of $0.1638 cents.
it is time to plan for the year end activities
We will also distribute the 1099s with your 2017 earnings
of reviewing your settlements in preparation
at the beginning of January. To ensure accurate reporting,
for your tax return. Dont forget to utilize
please review these when you receive them in order to make
the online settlement page, which is a fast
sure the taxpayer ID number is the same number you file
and easy way to get your yearly information.
your tax return under. We strive to be as accurate as possible,
One of the options available to you is a
but understand that numbers can be transposed. Individuals
Summary of all your settlements, which will give you your
should also understand that the SSN and TIN numbers are
total amounts on revenue, deductions etc. This will be very
attached to a company legal name, or the individual name, not
important information to you and your tax preparer when
a DBA name. Thank you for your help in reviewing your 1099
it comes time for you to complete your tax return. This is a
when you receive it, and let us know if any errors occur so we
valuable service that Admiral provides to keep you informed of
may correct our records.
your earnings and deductions, and it is very simple to access the
information. Please visit our webpage under the Settlements All of us in Processing, Settlements, and Accounting wish you
tab to register if you have not already done so. a safe and Happy Holidays and we look forward to a prosper-
ous 2018 with you.
Please also be advised that Admiral was notified by the Oregon
DOT that effective January 1, 2018, all trucks with a declared Kelsey Rossow

6 combined weight of 80,000 pounds will pay $0.2048 cents per Controller
Office Visits
If ever a load happens to bring you through Minneapolis, MN, Admiral would love to host you for a visit! Just give the office
a call and we will gladly assist you in finding the best place to park your truck, and arranging a taxi for you. We will show you
around the office so you can stop at each department, and put faces to all the people that have helped you here at Admiral. You
can pick up any supplies you may need, and someone from the office will treat you to lunch.
Below are some of our drivers that have visited lately.

Dishon Smoot, Jen Hanley-Tuttle, Guy Fontaine Brian Short, Thomas Quinton (Unit 5801) Matt Bunnell, William Floyd Nasby (Unit 6756)
(Unit 6468), Claire Gregory, Lori Harless

Brian Short, Bob Rennie (Unit 5639B)

Mike Griffin, Scott Kasperek (Unit 6620), Kirby Lang, Ralph Pasqualicchio (Unit 6699)
Dave Stedman

Missy Swenson, John Merrill (unit 6799) Kirby Lang, Jerzy Satora (Unit 6168), Janet Kay, Fred Kay (Unit 5243), Missy Swenson
Cecil Gleason (Unit 6787), Missy Swenson

We really do enjoy visiting with our drivers and agents, so if youre ever in the area and can make it work, please know you are
always welcome!
Claire Gregory
Receptionist 7
Halloween Fever!
Admirals third annual Halloween costume contest was once again celebrated in true fashion. We decided on a themed
contest this year, with 18 employees participating in the battle of the decades (and a few with great costumes outside
of the theme as well). Both the 70s and 80s were represented with some great costumes, and the team voted on the top
winners. Everyone in the office enjoyed a delicious pizza lunch, and were all looking forward to next years Halloween
Claire Gregory

Julie Cornelsen, Claire Gregory, Karen Preusser, Doug Milroy

Group Photo

Driver Appreciation BBQ
On Saturday, August 26, Admiral hosted its annual Driver we appreciate their hard work. Prizes were given away, stories
Appreciation BBQ, held at the Speedway Truck Stop in from the road were shared, and lots of new connections were
London, OH. Brian Short, Jim Bemis, Michael Griffin, made. With a little over 80 people showing up, the BBQ has
Doug Milroy, Tim Neid, Megan Erickson, Shawn Morrison, proven to be a great success that gets better each year, and
Karen Preusser, Paul Hinrichs, Brent Layton, Rusty Parker, everyone is already looking forward to next year. Below are a
and Wes Dyer were all in attendance this year. The team had few snapshots from the event.
JPs BBQ catered and everyone said the food was absolutely Claire Gregory
delicious! This event provides a great opportunity for the team Receptionist
to meet with some of our drivers and show them how much

Seasons Greetings
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from all of us at Admiral Merchants

Brian Short Jim Bemis Brent Layton Doug Milroy

President, CEO EVP, CFO Sr. VP Sales VP Operations

Sales Team- Mike, Mary, Joe Accounting Team-Kelsey, Tony, Lori

HR Team- Claire and Augusta IT Team- Dishon, Tim

10 Permit Team-Jessica, Ashley, Megan Processing Team-Becky, Jen, Ann, Lisa

Seasons Greetings

Settlements Team-Rhonda, Patty, Kim Credit/Collections Team-Lauri, Chris, Pat, Jan, Julie, Tyra

Operations Team-FR: Kirby, Carol, Dave, BR: Shawn, Missy, Matt Brokerage Team-Tom, Theresa, Nadine, Nate

Contractor Services Team- Kim, Karen, Bonnie, Mike

Safety and Claims Team- FR: Suzanne, Deb, Karen BR: Steve, Mark, Paul

Van Brokerage: Kim, Doug B Contractor Services Team: Wes Traffic & Security: Mark W 11
Updates From Safety
So much has been happening over the past several months at Admiral, and in the transportation industry in
general. The ELD enforcement date is rapidly approaching, our president has mandated that 2 regulations
be eliminated for each new regulation enacted, the DOT is discussing new options for controlled substance
testing, Admiral is promoting self-dispatching through the Rand McNally devices, and both loads and rates
finally seem to be increasing. Let me address a few of the issues and questions that have been of concern to
Admiral and our professional contractors.

First of all, the ELD enforcement date is approaching. There are no plans, proposals or law suits currently
active that will change or delay that date. On Monday, 12/18/17, the FMCSA will begin enforcement of
the ELD mandate for all non-exempt trucks. Because of that, Admiral will be enforcing a requirement of ELD activation for all
non-exempt trucks on Friday, 12/1/17. We will also be requiring that all training be completed and paper logs be stopped for all
non-exempt trucks by Friday, 12/15/17. That means we will not accept paper logs with your trip sheets and load paperwork after
that date, unless you have a mechanical issue with your ELD that has been documented by the Safety Department. In addition,
the ELD mandate states that you may only use paper logs for an eight day period, and after the eighth day the defective ELD
must have been repaired or replaced. Please make sure you communicate with Admiral and the Safety Department immediately
if you have a mechanical issue with your ELD.

Admiral contractors have also heard from several states to expect increased attention for exempt trucks. Ohio, New York and
Florida have all commented to drivers that they will be spending extra time examining exempt vehicles during roadside inspections.
Ohio and Georgia have also told drivers to expect increased scrutiny of paper logs in the future. If you have an exempt vehicle,
please make sure it will pass an inspection without any violations. This means, among other things, that the tires have enough
tread and do not have any soft or bald spots, the brakes are in adjustment and working properly, the ABS indicators are working,
all of the lights are functioning, the fire extinguisher is charged and secured, the steering mechanism is functioning properly, the
frame does not have any cracks, both the load and any dunnage are properly and firmly secured, there are no oil or grease leaks
anywhere, and that you are wearing your seatbelt including the shoulder strap at all times.

The Rand McNally devices have received a system update that has added an interesting new option. You may now select Yard
Move for short distance driving that does not take your vehicle onto a public highway, and you will not add any time to your
driving total. While moving your vehicle around a shipper or receivers location, or at a truck stop, you will remain on On Duty
Not Driving.

Personal Conveyance can be used on the ELD, and the amount of miles traveled is not restricted by DOT regulation. However,
the DOT does ask Admiral to account for all instances of personal conveyance in excess of 25 miles. Therefore, Admiral does
limit the miles to 25 per day on the ELD. This does not mean you cannot use personal Conveyance for longer distances however.
If you go beyond the 25 mile limit, you simply need to call either Suzanne or myself at the corporate office and we can adjust
your log after we confirm the circumstances.

The DOT has temporarily shelved the regulation requiring speed limiters as part of the presidents mandate to eliminate 2
regulations for every new regulation. However, the DOT is continuing the ELD mandate without restriction. The proposed
regulation allowing for hair sample testing for controlled substances also appears to be moving forward. I will update you further
as more information becomes available.

Finally, our CSA scores continue to be too high in the Hours-of-Service and Vehicle Maintenance BASICs. We need the help of
all of our professional contractors to bring these scores down. The only ways to do that are to allow the scores to reduce over time,
or to add new clean inspections. Please help your fellow Admiral drivers if you see something. The key is to fix the problems
ahead of time and avoid the violations.

If you have any questions about the ELD program, CSA scores or Admiral policies, please call Paul @ 800-972-8864 ext. 8140,
Deb @ext. 8136 or Suzanne @ 8169. Thanks and drive safe!

Paul Hinrichs
Director, Safety

Credit Requests
Processing credit is extremely important, and is a high priority at Admiral. We are here to work with you to
ensure we are providing services for those customers that meet Admirals credit criteria.

The New Account Specialist, Lauri Rice, will assist you in getting an Admiral Credit Account set up for your
customer when you submit a completed Credit Request Form.
The Credit Request Form enables us to begin the Credit Application process; but we need it completed and
submitted to The Credit Request Form can be found on the Admiral website under the Credit tab, then
under the Forms tab, and then simply click to view Credit Request. We suggest that you save a copy to your Desktop for
easy access.

The following information is required and needs to be completed on the Credit Request Form:
Agent Number
Agent Name
Company Name
Contacts Name
Contacts Phone Number, Email Address and Fax Number
Dollar Amount of the load
Dollar Amount you are expecting monthly

Completing all of the information on the Credit Request Form assists the Credit Department with the entire account set-up
process. Once the completed Credit Request Form is received, Credit will work with your customers contact to see if they qualify
for an Admiral Credit account. Completing the entire Credit Request Form and providing any extra information available gives
us a better view of your expectations for your customer, such as project information or size of your loads etc. We appreciate your
assistance with this!

Pat Gegner
Credit Manager

Dougs Dedications
Below are a few pictures of recent loads, as well as the beautiful trucks that deliver them. A special thanks
to all the Admiral drivers who work so hard each and every day to make Admiral a success; this article is
dedicated to you!

Sheila Larsen (Agent 2806)

Daniel McCumbers (Unit 6556)

Sometimes, our drivers take loads that bring them to really interesting places. Scott Kasperek (Unit 6620) for example, recently
found himself hauling through the Arctic Circle in Alaska. He hauled a Boring Machine from Anchorage, AK to Deadhorse,
AK. He also had the opportunity to see some moose prancing by while in Alaska!

14 (Continued on 15...)
Dougs Dedications, continued
Fred and Tammy Haase (Agents 2248) received great recognition of Admiral driver, John Merrill (Unit 6799) on a recent load
he hauled for Fenner Dunlop. Doug at Fenner told Fred and Tammy, I want you to know you have a very good driver, John
Merrill, at Admiral. His calm, patient manner and professionalism is recognized by myself and coworkers. His service to us and
our customers, selfishly, makes my job more enjoyable. I appreciate the quality of Admirals drivers and John is a good exam-
ple. Fantastic job, John!

Steve Bennett (Unit 5811) recently hauled a load that was both large and cumbersome. However, he got the oversized module
loaded and delivered safely. Great work, Steve!

(Continued on 16...)
Dougs Dedications, Continued
Thomas Quinton (unit 5801) sent us a photo of his expertly decorated Christmas truck, as well as one of Santas elves! What
better way to get in the Holiday spirit than by hauling Santa himself in a parade through Sarina, Ontario. Thanks for the fun
photo, Thomas!

It is always great to hear that our drivers and agents are providing excellent customer service to our partners, and if you have any
stories, photos, or feedback on loads, we would be happy to feature them in the next Ships Log issue! Feel free to send them to
myself or to your assigned Freight Coordinator.

Thank you for all you do, and Happy Holidays!

Doug Milroy
VP, Operations

A Small Taste of Life on the Road
I was recently driving home to Kentucky from a trip to Tennessee, and was traveling through Manchester, TN
around 7pm. I-24 was blocked at exit 118 due to a bad accident that had taken place. I sat there in traffic for 3
hours before being re-routed around the accident. I then continued to I-65 Northbound, where I came upon
another accident involving a truck and a car, which had happened in a construction zone in Sonora, KY. It
was a 4-lane divided highway, with a concrete wall between both northbound lanes that were being worked
on. What ensued was a further 2 hour delay standing outside my car while they cleared the accident. All-in-
all that day, I spent a total of 5 hours sitting still due to accidents. After experiencing these delays first-hand,
I thought about how if I were a professional truck driver, these delays would have been really hard on my 14-hour rule.

While I was outside my car in Sonora, I watched both Southbound traffic lanes (also under construction), which were flowing
freely. I was directly across the highway from a rest area, where I counted a total of 32 trucks parked on the exit ramp and along
I65 southbound. The trucks had their marker lights on and were shut down for their 10-hour rest period. What struck me was
when these truckers would be done with their rest breaks and started back driving they would be forced to pull out onto Interstate
65 at very low speed in a construction zone. Dangerous! Dangerous! Dangerous!

Upon reaching home in the early hours, I couldnt help thinking about just how rough our truckers have it out on the road
sometimes. What I dealt with on my travels in one day in my 4-wheeler, they deal with EVERY day in 18-wheelers. It reminded
me what they go through while trying their best to deliver their freight safely and on time. It gave me a new respect for the job
our truck drivers do each and every day. We sincerely thank you for all the hard work and tough hours you all put in; know that
it does not go unappreciated!

Wes Dyer
Director of Recruiting

Friendly Reminders
Dear Admiral Contractors and Agents, Third: Florida Kingpin
I sent this out in the 2015 Winter Ships If your trailer is between over 48 feet and up to 53 feet, and
Log, but thought these friendly remind- your kingpin is greater than 41 feet, you are required to obtain
ers would be helpful to all our contractors a Kingpin Permit in the state of Florida. If you do not obtain
and drivers: this permit and you are pulled over, they can and will give you
a citation. The kingpin is measured to the center of the rear
First: Pilot Car Invoices axle on a tandem, or the center of the axle group if they mea-
If you are using a pilot car service for your trip, please make sure less than 10-0 apart.
sure they are on the Preferred Pilot Car List or make sure that
they are set up and have everything on file to run with Admiral. You can get an annual Kingpin Permit for $30. I spoke with
The Preferred List can be found under the Permits tab on the Florida and they said if anyone wants to contact them to check
Admiral website. If you pay an escort directly; they still need and see if they need one, they will be happy to answer any
to be set up with Admiral, Transflo a copy of the escort invoice questions. Their contact phone number is 850-410-5777.
in with your paperwork, and call the Permits department to let
us know you paid them, in order to reimburse you correctly. If you have any questions, please contact the Permits depart-
If the pilot car company is going to invoice us, please call the ment at 612-843-8270.
Permits department to let us know you had an escort on the Wishing you all a safe and happy Holiday season!
trip, in order for us to make sure all invoices are accounted for
and avoid having to rebill the trip later. Megan Erickson
Permit Department Manager
Second: Port of Entry Permits
If you purchase a single trip oversize/overweight permit at the
port of entry for states such as WY or AZ, please make sure you
Transflo a copy of the permit in with your paperwork.

Document Everything
We all know there are big changes going on in brought into an accident claim.
the industry that are creating new challenges
I am not telling our drivers to interrogate individuals at the
every day. But with all of the focus on changing
scene of an accident; I hope that all of our interactions with
regulations, we sometimes lose focus on the
the motoring public are gracious and respectful. Maintain
growth of litigation in our industry. Billboards
your humanity but recognize the environment that we live in.
for personal injury attorneys are everywhere and trucking
Drivers and Admiral specifically, are unfortunately a more and
companies are lucrative targets for plaintiffs lawyers. I have
more frequent target of lawsuits every day. Make sure that you
seen a marked increase in the personal injury claims over
document everything you can at the scene of an accident, so
the last few years, and my suspicion is that the high volume
that we can do everything we can to contain lawsuits before
of roadside and television advertising is to blame. Lawyers
they get out of control. Photos, witness contacts, and drivers
advertise everywhere; they wouldnt be doing it if they werent
statements are the core of our defense that we cant recreate down
drumming up clients.
the line. Be aware, and be sure to get more information than
The vast majority of claims that Ive seen this year are related you think well need. If a driver claims that he or she is injured
to low-speed collisions with minimal damage to the vehicles. after an accident please dont argue with them, and call for help
Im not saying that someone cant suffer an injury at 2 MPH, immediately. But if a driver is walking around normally after
but the rate of those types of claims is much higher now than an accident, then please note that in the accident statement.
in previous years. If a driver says they are fine or refuses medical attention,
please also let us know that information. Your awareness and
We can combat suspicious injury claims with independent
observation is critical. Even more critical is documenting your
medical exams and professional reviews of medical records,
observations at the time of the accident, either through photos
but that comes at a great cost. Information gathered at the
or your written statement. We appreciate your help with these
scene is essential to help Admiral defend itself, and we rely
matters, as we understand how stressful accident claims can be.
on the drivers to get that information to us. After a collision,
contractors and drivers should always make sure to ask if the As always, if you are involved in an accident, incident, or have
other driver is OK. A few years ago, I gave that advice motivated a cargo issue, the Claims Department is here to help you 24
only by concern for the well-being of the other party. Now, hours a day, seven days a week at the following numbers:
in addition to concern, we unfortunately have to be aware of
8:00 AM-5:00 PM (CST) -- 800-972-8864 ext. 8191
potential claims. If the police come to the scene, ask the officer
to make sure that everyone is alright. If the other party has Outside of business hours 612-991-5923
any sort of cast or brace, then be sure to let us know. There Mark Dooley
are many cases in which preexisting injuries or conditions are Director, Claims Management

Holiday Greetings
As the end of the year approaches, be sure in the Road Use Assessment Fees for over-dimensional loads.
to check your mail box for your 2018 IFTA
For those running a Minnesota plate (which is about 80%
permit and decal, along with your 2018
of the fleet), Minnesota renewal will begin shortly. Before I
Oregon Weight Receipt. The 2018 IFTA decal
am able to renew your plate for the upcoming year, I need to
must be on your tractor by January 1st, 2018
have your Schedule 1 of Form 2290 for July 1st, 2017 through
but cannot be on the tractor before December
June 30th, 2018 and you must have $1,800.00 paid or in
1st, 2017. Also, you will need to have the Oregon Weight
your escrow. I will begin contacting those who do not have
Receipt in your tractor by January 1st, 2018.
this in the near future. Please review the letter accompanying
Recently, Oregon published its Tax and Fee changes for 2018. your IFTA/Oregon renewal for information on whether your
The Weight-Mile Taxes are increasing for tractors with declared Schedule 1 has been received.
weights of greater than 26,000 lbs. For example, a tractor with
As always, if you have any questions, comments, or concerns
a declared weight of 80,000 lbs. will now pay $0.2048 cents
please contact me.
per mile instead of $0.1638 cents per mile in Oregon. This
equates to a 25% increase in the weight-mile tax. Please be Wishing you a joyous and blessed Holiday season, and safe
mindful of this as you are traveling in Oregon. travels to you and your families!
Other fees are also increasing in Oregon. The amount being Karen Preusser
paid for the actual weight receipt is going from $8.00 per Legalization Specialist

addition or amendment, to $8.50. There will also be an increase
Admiral Fun!
When the weather cooperates here in Minnesota, some of the Minneapolis employees take
advantage and ride their bikes to work. Recently, Freight Coordinators Shawn Morrison
and Missy Swenson, along with VP of Ops, Doug Milroy, and IT Director, Tim Neid, rode
to grab lunch at a local favorite: Matts in South Minneapolis. Matts is known for their
Juicy Lucy burgers, and the crew had a blast on a beautiful day! Can you match the rider
to their bikes??

Shawn Morrison, Tim Neid,

Doug Milroy, Missy Swenson

Admiral driver, Mark Beare (Unit 4290) also enjoys a

good ride on his bikealthough his is non-motorized!
While enjoying a bike trail at DuPont State Forest in
North Carolina, he came across a really interesting
tree that he couldnt resist taking a photo of. While
he jokingly says his working is getting in the way
of bike riding, he is enjoying it any chance he gets!
Thanks for the awesome photos, Mark!

On Sunday, October 15, Permit Manager, Megan Erickson was able

to take a few clients to the Vikings/Packers football game at US Bank
Stadium. Patty and Chuck from Schneider Dow, along with Harold
Sparkman (Unit 5088) joined Megan for what turned out to be a crazy
game, with the Vikings winning 23 to 10.

Our VP of Operations, Doug Milroy, was able to snap this great photo
of Agent Loni Chue (2887) and his wife, Dee, while they all enjoyed
the recent Vikings game at US Bank Stadium on Sunday, November
19. The Vikings took home a 24-7 win over the Rams, despite the
Chues hopes ;) What a fun game to be at!






5291 Michael Zavodsky 5680A Tracy and Daniel Hawkins 5943 Jeffrey Winters
3726C Omer Wayne Overby 4195D Marci and Jerry Ketterer 3876 Teresa and David Kern
5958A Daniel Bigboy 6210A Joelyne and Charles Travis Boardman 4241A Robert Norris
4293 Donald Skelton 5414A Diana and Ricky Stovall 6145 Ronald Baird
5555 Jeffrey Smith 6724 David Conn Sr. 5685 Mona and Michael Van Krieken
6363 Markus Gregory McLeroy 5517A Carol and Donald Jack Stevens 5801A Thomas Quinton
5321B David Korhonen 5660A Kim and David Snyder 6589 Dennis Smith
6725 Joe Sweat 5920 David Conn Jr. 6541 Eileen and Darrell Carpenter
5820 James Crowl 5427A Portia and Anderson Mantooth 6256 Wieslaw Wes Rams
2467A Brian Cisler 6404A Ronald Scott 6596 Thomas Denton
2372 Mark Harlan 6361 Michelle and Ed Williamson 6247 Darryl Tasker
6446A Aaron Ratliff 5391A Mark Barrett 3559A Ricky Guile
4622B Paul Hershberger 5664A Andy Davis 4290 Mark Beare
6502A Clifford Masters 6158 Danny Adams 4424 Franklin Chad Keng
4669 Mathew Rocha 5700 Timothy Lancaster 5642B Robert Sulzbach
3994 Royal Elwess 6623 Debbie and Jonny Byrd 3543A Frank Bowers
6009A Lawrence Ayers 6195 Terry Pittenger 6642 Dennis Neilson
5831 Carolyn Pannebaker 6518 David Saunders 5588 Mark Suver
5108 Michael Deshong 5367 Michael Wimberg 6229 Oscar Lockerbie Jr.
5885 Brian Johnson 6163 Allen Veldjesgraaf 6172 Glenn Monteith