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SPED 775 IEP Analysis Assignment

The purpose of this assignment was to work with a student who has an adaptive

learning need in order to demonstrate the knowledge and skills on planning and implementing

effective instruction. This assignment allowed us to shadow a student, thoroughly describe the

student, take observational notes, analyze the IEP, interview the parent and the child to create

a MAPS, and articulate any suggestions to improve the current instruction and/or create a

suitable program for this student.

For this assignment, I chose the student that the FBA was conducted on. This was a

student that had a high need, therefore my mentor teacher and I decided that the more data

collected the better it would be for her. The observations and data were collected on multiple

levels. The IEP was analyzed by me and followed up with a conversation between my mentor

teacher and I. This comprehensive document contains all of the observations and suggestions,

including the MAPS.

The feedback left by the professor was on one section (the reflection for future

planning) within the comprehensive document. The narrative about the recommendations was

a bit confusing, so I decided to revise and edit that section in order to make it clearer. Upon

rereading the document, it was definitely unclear as to what the future held for this student.

After multiple IEP meetings, the FBA findings, and the BCBA analysis, it was decided that this

particular student was going to be outplaced. There is another school within the same district

that is more equipped to assist students with severe behaviors. This school was chosen in order

to better assist this student in a self-contained classroom. I also decided to edit the section

about what I would change if the student was to stay within the school. The IEP needed more
specific information in order to benefit the student, aside from the behavior. This is expressed

in greater detail within the comprehensive document.

This assignment contributed to my development as a special educator by opening my

eyes. Prior to this experience, I did not realize the extent it took in order to be in a self-

contained classroom for behavior. By observing, analyzing, and speaking to a variety of team

members I was able to see first-hand and learn about outplacement. I have a whole new

perspective on children with severe behavior disorders. It was difficult to watch the student and

out myself in her shoes. The IEP aside, this student was not given the proper strategies in order

to be successful. The team members tried the best they can, but were not equipped to handle

this situation. As for the IEP, the in-depth analysis allowed me to discover how specific and

personalized an IEP has to be in order to benefit the student. This was definitely a learning