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1 Welcome to SigPloit
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SigPloit is a project that aims to help telecom security Pages 4

researchers and telecom pentesters and even operators
keen to enhance their posture to be able to test against Home

several infrastructure related vulnerabilities. The aim of the 1 Welcome to SigPloit

framework is to provide the up-to-date threats of the
2 Mobile Network Architecture
various signalling protocols used in a mobile network.
3 How to use the SS7 module
The threat space and protocols that SigPloit is concerned
with are those used for roaming operations (between two
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partner operators). Excluding SIP which is used in the VoLTE
and other services in the 4G access layer.
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The project will support all mobile generations:

2G/3G Voice and SMS - SS7

3G Data - GTP
4G Data - Diameter
4G VoIP services - SIP

This wiki will provide a step by step introductory to each of

these protocols along a brief description about the mobile
architecture along with the important nodes and their
functionality.As well as how to use the tool. 1/1