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Ministry of Education of Republic of Moldova

Lesson plan

Theme: Pat Simple Tense

Type of the lesson: mixed;
Allotted time: 45 min;
Date: 11.12.2017
Student:Astafi Valentin
Specific Competence Indicators (SCI): Listening, Spoken Interaction, Reading, Written
Interaction, Grammar.
Sub-Competences (SC):
SC1: Participating in a dialogue
SC2: To answer correctly the questions
SC3: To pronounce correctly the words/verbs on past simple
SC4: Extracting verbs at past simple from an unknown text.
SC5: Using past simple to make sentences
Objectives of the lesson. The students will be able:
O1: To speak about last holiday using past simple.
O2: To practise the new vocabulary.
O3: To pronounce correctly verbs at past simple
O4: To using past simple in dialogue.

Visual aids and material: textbook, tables, chalk, pen etc.

Techniques: conversation, reading, writing

Forms of activity: whole class work, pair work, individual.

Stages of the Techniques Teacher s Pupil s Timin
lesson and forms of activity activity g
Introductio Greeting Good morning Good afternoon 1
n children! teacher!
Sit down please.
E How are you today? We are fine!
V Who is absent today? Everybody is
O present.
C Ex. 7, 8 p. 25(if they Ps present their 5
Checking up Whole
T the Class work have homework) homework.
I homework

Phonetic Individual What do you now We learn about 2

drill ( warm Mass work about past simple? past simple last
up ) Can we tell your. We use
something about past the past tense to
simple? Give me talk about
some sentences using something that
past simple happened in the
past. etc.
We went to the
mountain last

E At this lesson we will 15
study past simple
I tense. In the final we
N will answer this
G questions.
When we use past
A How we formed past
L simple?
I Some examples with
S Whole class irregular verbs.
T Gramma work
I r Now who know when A student: We
O we use past simple use the past
N tense? tense when we
Yes, it is correct. We talk about
use past simple when something that
we talk about happened in the
something that was past.
true for some time in Another
the past. student: when
Very good. something
happened again
With most verbs the and again in the
past tense is formed past.
by adding ed
Want-wanted; work-
But we have a lot of
irregular verbs in past
simple. The students
Begin began; be- writing the
was/were grammar in
.(Annex 1) notebooks.

We use did to make

questions with past
simple. Did she play
tennis when she was
Gives me some Did you live
examples. abroad?
Where did you
We use did not to go for your
make negative holidays?
sentences at the past
They did not go to
Spain this year.
You have some
questions? Did you
understand all? Yes, we
understand all

R Feed back Oral Now come to They got home 8

E speech blackboard and write very late last
L Practice sentences with past night.
E simple. They always
C enjoyed visiting
T their friends.
I etc.
Look at the exercise
that I have give you.
Try to put correct The students
form at past simple answered
Annex 2.
Grammar Look at exercise The students 10
review number three....put resolved the
the verbs at past exercise.
simple tense.
(annex 3)
At the final I will
check the notebooks
and get marks.

Now you must write

a small composition The students
about your last writing.
holiday using past
simple tense.
E Home task Now give me your Pupils write 2
X assignment notebooks and your down their
homework is: to learn homework.
N irregular verbs and
when we use past
S simple and make 5
I sentences with
irregular verbs.
I will give you the
notebooks after this
Evaluation I would like to thank Good bye 2
you for being teacher.
Our lesson is over.
Annex 1.

infinitive irregular past

be was/were
begin began
break broke
bring brought
buy bought
build built
choose chose
come came
cost cost
cut cut
do did
draw drew
drive drove
eat ate
feel felt
find found
get got
give gave
go went
have had
hear heard
hold held
keep kept
know knew
leave left
lead led
let let
lie lay
lose lost
make made
mean meant
meet met
pay paid
put put
run ran
say said
sell sold
send sent
infinitive irregular past

set set
sit sat
speak spoke
spend spent
stand stood
take took
teach taught
tell told
think thought
understand understood
wear wore
win won
write wrote
Annex 2.

1. I ___ (to work)

2. You ___ (to stop)
3. We ___ (to walk)
4. He ___ (to jump)
5. They ___ (to sing)
6. She ___ (to read)
7. It ___ here (to be)
8. My brother ___ here. (to come)
9. The birds ___ fast. (to fly)
10. The painter ___ a brush. (to ask for)
11. You ___ at the theater. (to be)
12. He ___ two games. (to have)
13. She ___ good things. (to do)
14. I ___ a student. (to be)
15. You ___ a blue shirt. (to wear)
16. I ___ 2 hours. (to wait )
Annex 3

Ex 3.Put the verbs at past simple.

I sleep-
He plays-
He run-
You speak -
They don't read-
He doesn't feel-
I meet-
He catches-
You wake up-
They leave-