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Reflection: Prelims


My first exposure to duty on this semester was at the Operating room, First day of school

and also First day at Operating room. I and my groupmates were very nervous at that

moment because it was all our first time on that area. And also never forget that we

should always be in sterile. I could still what my Instructor told us When in doubt do not

touch anything. In the OR you should be always alive, alert and enthusiastic so that

you could attend to what the doctors need. I could say that I did well on the area

because our instructor never failed us to teach the concepts about the operating room

because she oriented us for 4 hours even if shes not paid for that hour. The first thing

that I want to improve to myself was the alertness because sometimes I was carried

away of the operation and watch the operation itself and to the point that Im not

listening already listening to what the doctor was saying but all in all I can say that Ive

had a good performance. Our second rotation was at the BGH Med 3 and all I can say

was that area was very toxic because of many patients even in the hallway but one

thing is for sure that I felt good helping those patients because they looked at us as an

angel unlike at the other hospital they looked at us like just an ordinary student.
Reflection: Midterms


On this term I was duty at SLU surgical ward. We were taught on how to do the pre op

checklist prior to operation. In this area was not so toxic because most of the patients

are either post op and for pre op. but not all cases are just for operation but it was also

like a medical ward because I handled cancer patients. I could say that I did well on

this area because it was just an ordinary ward which I was very familiar with. But one

thing that I want to improve of myself is to drug recite without looking at my notes and

formulate a nursing diagnosis ahead of time. To wrap it up I felt that I did a great

performance on this area. After the Surgical ward we went back to the Operating

room, at this time I could say that there was an improvement of myself and also on my

doing the nurses notes. I could say that did a great performance on this area.
Reflection: Finals


On this term i was assigned at BGH pay ward. My experienced was great in here

because all the rooms were private room and we are all nervous because we thought

that the patients are sensitive to the point that they doesnt want any student nurse just

like the other hospitals but I was wrong and I was shocked because they looked at us

like an angels and they were all kind to us. I could say that I did well on this area

because my composition of nurses notes was comprehensive and my drug recitation

was also comprehensive. I felt that I did a great performance in this area. Our next area

was at community that was at Cuba, Kapangan. Theres no signal on that place, no

wifi and all the people were well disciplined and they had a good nature. It was a

great experience that Ive ever had in my life. It was very peaceful place and

everything went smooth on that duty. It was like were on a vacation and meeting new

people . I could say that I did well on that duty but one thing that I want to improve was

that my attitude that sometimes I was lazy to wake up early but on my performance I

could say that I did well.