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Upcoming Activities: ber 1st, the school is hosting a book sale

On Monday, October 30th, the in the cafeteria, dont forget to

students will read the book bring money! Thursday we will
The 13 Nights of Halloween. have firefighters come in and teach
On Halloween, all the students the students about fire safety. We
in the school will march out- will end the week on Friday, No-
side for a Halloween parade in vember 3rd, with an apple picking
their costumes! Parents are field trip!
encouraged to come! Wednesday, Novem-

Monday 10/30: Reading of The 13 Parents: We have a parents conferences

Nights of Halloween starting Wednesday from 4pm-8pm. I
Tuesday 10/31: Halloween parade; will also be holding conferences on
Families welcomed! Thursday and Friday at the same time. If
you cannot make it please email me so
Wednesday 11/01: Book sale *Dont
we can set up a phone conference.
forget to bring money
Students: Keep practicing your two
Thursday 11/02: Fire Safety day
times tables!
Friday 11/03: Apple picking field trip
Hooray I got an A: Congratulations to
*Bring your own lunch*
Devlin Lynch and Alex Gaudelli for
achieving an A on the last math test!