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What is MLA

Lilly Grice 9/15/17

MLA stands for Modern Language Association. This style of citations is most
commonly used to write papers and cite sources. Usually when citing in MLA it
consists of the authors name or names, page title, website title, sponsoring
institution/publisher, date published, and the date you found it.
Plagiarism- The practice of taking someone elses work and/or ideas and trying to
pass them as their own work.

Paraphrase- to express the meaning of something that was written or spoken by

someone else using different words.

Bias- having a favoritism towards one thing, person, or group compared, usually

In text citation- helps readers easily find the sources in the works cited page that
correspond to your passage that you references.

In text parenthetical- statement that explains or qualifies something/ help make

something clearer.
What should be included in the header?

Last name
Page number in Arabic numerals.

Wheres it located?

Top right hand corner of your paper.

What is included in a heading and where does it belong?

The heading includes your name, the date, and possibly the class period. This is
located at the top left hand corner of your paper, if youre writing an essay.
Title Formatting-
Guidelines and rules for MLA titles.
Depending on what the title is whether its a book or movie if the title belongs in quotation marks then you should put
a period afterwards.
No titles are underlined. The titles never get both quotation marks and an underline.
Do not write your titles in all capitals unless requested specifically.
Never add a title page unless instructed to by a teacher or professor.
Double space between the title and first line of the text.
Include the heading and the header.
Acceptable fonts-

Times New Roman

Font sizes-

12 pt. Font
In Text Citation-
Print- Both the author and title in ()

Newspapers, magazines, books, and scholarly journal articles

Non print-

Electronic, film, or internet sources

Just the main website

Works Cited Page
Order of appearance- Alphabetical order

Hanging Indent- This is an indent that is on the second and subsequent lines that is 0.5 in. This creates a hanging indent.

Book Citation- Includes guidelines and examples for a variety of books depending on the number of authors, whether the work is a
piece is a larger work, or if the book itself is part of multivolume collection.

Webpage Citation- copying the URL to your paper or web page to give credit.
Citation Websites
Websites you can have make a citation for free include, citation machine and easy bib and Go Biblio