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Table 4.

Summary of different organ systems affected by lupus

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Organ Kidneys Lungs: Central nervous Blood vessels Heart

system system:
Type of Inflammation of the kidneys Some people with lupus In some patients, lupus Blood vessels may In some people with
compromise (nephritis) can impair their develop pleuritis, an affects the brain or become inflamed lupus, inflammation
ability to get rid of waste inflammation of the central nervous system. (vasculitis), affecting can occur in the
products and other toxins lining of the chest cavity This can cause the way blood heart itself
from the body effectively. that causes chest pain, headaches, dizziness, circulates through the (myocarditis and
There is usually no pain particularly with depression, memory body. The endocarditis) or the
associated with kidney breathing. Patients with disturbances, vision inflammation may be membrane that
involvement, although some lupus also may get problems, seizures, mild and may not surrounds it
patients may notice dark pneumonia. stroke, or changes in require treatment or (pericarditis),
urine and swelling around behavior. may be severe and causing chest pains
their eyes, legs, ankles, or require immediate or other symptoms.
fingers. Most often, the only attention. People with Endocarditis can
indication of kidney disease lupus are also at damage the heart
is an abnormal urine or blood increased risk for valves, causing the
test. Because the kidneys are atherosclerosis valve surface to
so important to overall (hardening of the thicken and develop
health, lupus affecting the arteries). growths, which can
kidneys generally requires cause heart
intensive drug treatment to murmurs. However,
prevent permanent damage. this usually doesnt
affect the valves
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