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Risus Trek Starship Rules


Starships are basically Tools of the Trade, and work similarly. The dice pool
available is created by adding up the combined dice for the players operating the
key systems and dividing by 3 (rounding down). The key systems are as follows:

Command (giving orders)

Flight Control (pilot)
Security/Tactical (weapons)
Operations (miscellaneous fiddling: shield and power control, etc.)
Engineering (mid-battle repairs)

As all Starfleet skills, these include the Starfleet Officer rating, which can also be used
alone if no fully-qualified people can be found. Also, appropriate Specialties could
count as well, depending on GM ruling.

For example, a ship crewed solely by just-graduated cadets operating the Yorktown
(each having only Starfleet Officer (2)) would have a ship Rating of 3 [ (2 5) / 3 },
represented as Yorktown (3).

Once you have the final ships Rating (dice pool), this is the pool used during
combat with enemy vessels. As per the rules, they will have their own Rating say,
an averaged-crewed Romulan Warbird shown as Warbird (6). Combat takes place
as usual, until one side has lost all of their dice. Game effects of combat damage
are left to the GM to settle in dramatically appropriate ways. More specific actions
should be handled via Target Numbers for example, the crew wishes to destroy the
engines of an enemy ship who is unprepared (perhaps Security/Tactical vs TN 10).

The final element is a reflection of the offensive and defensive capabilities of the
ships. For offensive adjustments, increase or decrease the Die Type. For example, the
standard Galaxy-Class starship would have an offensive rating of 1, or d8. So if the
Yorktown example above is a Galaxy Class ship, then it would be Yorktown (3d8),
and the cadets would be rolling d8s during combat. This is similar to the Funky Dice
mechanic, except that exceeding d12 adds another +d2. This second dice
increments as the first. So, the progression would go: d4 d6 d8 d12 d12d2
d12+d4 d12+d6 and on. Of course, its not recommended that you go so

The defensive power of a ship is represented by additional dice. So, if our Galaxy-
Class ship has Improved Shielding (or maneuverability, or whatever), then it gets
perhaps +2 dice.

So our final Rating for the cadet crew in their Galaxy-Class ship is: Yorktown (5d8). Of
course, the enemy Warbird is of similar capability, with perhaps a bit more powerful
weapons. So they are shown as Romulan Warbird (8d10). The odds are against our
bold crew, but perhaps Starfleet shouldnt have sent out a crew of cadets